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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Catholic Priests Where are they Now 03 07 2013

Catholic Priests Where are they Now 03 07 2013

Does anyone wonder where Catholic Priests go when they retire?

I believe that many of them own lake homes in Wisconsin.

A lot of us might like to visit with them.  And that is indeed the nature of what a priest should be.  Someone who welcomes you into his home.  That is how a lot of people in Europe are, they would welcome you into their home.  (Maybe you wouldn't want to go in one in certain European countries where Vampirism got the legend from.  And I don't know if those are the likes of Romania or Poland.)

But anyhow a lot of people might like to know,  where are they now.

So indeed as a matter of being part of a charitable organization one should always have to list all of their home addresses. And if one changes a home address they are required to update the public/government database or be subject to forfeiture of all income received from activities while one was the officer of a charitable organization, whether earned at the charitable organization or from a different source.

It should be very easy to search a Charitable organization database maintained by the government.

What ever happened to the good phone book from ma bell?  It is useless isn't it!  If you want to find out where someone lives you have to pay 99 cents.  We shouldn't have to pay for services that used to be free.  When will they start charging us to go outside or inside to breath air?- these very intelligent and innovative businesspeople?

Where mentally retarded people hired to make the listings in the phone books today?  It is a great waste of paper isn't it!  Do churches profit from ownership of forest lands yielded to pulp mills?

You are free to create a petition regarding charitable organizations based on this article.

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