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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Employee Files 03 28 2013 Update #1

The Employee Files 03 28 2013

There ought to be a permanent national database of Employee Files whereby anyone unsatisfied or insulted by any employee or anyone working in the United States can log in the exact behavior of that individual.


Consumers need to be able to spend their money more carefully.  And to be quite honest there is a lot of immature and spoiled behavior that we shouldn't have to put up with.

Sure you can complain to the employer but it does very little good.  So why can't we be able to lobby to the United States Citizen?  The description starts off like this, "This is not what I am going to put up with!"

If we can create a Craig's list we can also create an Employee List.  If you want to increase employment in the United States you have to start with credible people who act with integrity, maturity and respect for the customer.

And to be quite honest, are their a lot of people that are working in our economy that should not be?  Yes!  We would be better off giving them room and board than letting them ruin the country for the rest of us.

Many of our business functions today could be nationalized and indeed be more Consistent with the Intent of our Constitution!!!!!!

There are good people out there, they just got stepped on by those who never should have been allowed in the country.  We could evict them but they would just come back to haunt us or cause trouble some where else in the world.  So indeed the best thing for them is well articulated public humility!!!!

I want to be able to say, here is what this person really is and this is how they act, and let the whole entire world be able to see it!

And such person will only be allowed one response to each separate written complaint, but the writer can respond in perpetuity with regard to the employee.


And if an employer is playing games with an employee such as making the employee believe that he has the same rights as the other employees and then allowing other employees to do what is against the rules without punishment and then punishing the employee that acts like the other employees, then maybe that employer doesn't get a lone as easy.

Create a list of the bad employers.

1.  Maybe they won't get loans.  (They wouldn't from me if I owned a bank.)
2.  Maybe they never make their way into politics.
3.  Maybe they never find their way into law enforcement or the criminal justice system.
4. Bad neighborhoods turn good.
5. And the credit rating of the United States would become excellent and far better than it is today.


And if;
1. Your kid is giving or selling drugs to other children,
2. You are pointing at your neighbors child and commanding your black lab to kill.
3. Your child is a bully and molesting other children.

Then maybe you forefiet your right to own a home in the United States.
That would likely prevent any further mortgage crisis.

And if, Your wife gives birth to a child;

1.  With downs syndrome,
2.  Is gay and seeking to touch and feel other children of the same sex.

Maybe it is your fault and you lose your right to have more babies, (maybe even that one.)

That would be the best means of population control.


And if your state or community made a law that was against the Constitution of the United States (Whether you knew it or not) then very simply it cannot be recognized and any laws it subverted or superceded must be enforced. 

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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