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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Inventions Needed 03 02 2013 Light for Watch Band

Inventions Needed 03 02 2013 Light for Watch Band

This is a small light that would slip onto your watch band.  It would be able to laterally focus to the face of the watch as well as focus outward like a flashlight.  It would be powered by button sized batteries.

Background:  Often when it is late at night and the sportsman looks to see what time it is- the buttons are hard to push and often lead to changing the watches settings.  Such a light would remedy this.

It could indeed be incorporated as part of the watchband itself.  - along with an integral compass on the other side of the watch face- and also on the watch band.

This idea also isolates the battery power to the watch from that to the light- thereby leading to a more safe system.  Less energy is diverted from the watch.

LED technology has become very small and yet very powerful.

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As always if that race that chose to raise itself on the energy of someone else's soul was not bombarding me with voices I would indeed patent this myself.   At least I am one that can remember what I have thought of,  about when I thought of it, and make a journal entry of it.  So much for the validity of religions.

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