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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ivy League is the Equivalent of Dowry League 12 31 2014

Ivy League is the Equivalent of Dowry League 12 31 2014

Happy New Year!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Peer review in the medical field is useless 12 31 2014 UPDATED

Peer review in the medical field is useless

Pier review rather than review by justice is indeed the basis of medical fraud!  And it amounts to genocide!

It was mentioned in this morning Journal Sentinel Article with regard to Aurora Health Care not complying with a Federal Inquiry into medical practices!

Pier review?  It is like allowing the head of one organized crime family adjudicate on the head of another organized crime families activities and the result of it be a binding legal decision!

They are just unbelievable aren't they!

It was okay because my golfing buddy said so?

Do you know how that will end up?  Just like the John Doe Investigation did! With thousands of documents as evidence being ordered to be destroyed by a crooked judge!

Do you know how they think?  They being someone covering up high profile crimes?  "How would a beer drinking couch potato look at the issue from their point of view?  That is the only standard I need to think about!  They will just assume there was something about the situation or news story they were not intelligent enough to figure out and go on about there non living standard American life.  A beer drinking couch potato doesn't know what the laws and sentences should be!"  All my life I never could stand people who thought they could pull the wool over the publics eyes!  I loathe them!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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What is Peer Review in the medical industry?  Two queer Doctors in a closet gently stroking each other off!


Unconstitutional Gun Control 12 31 2014 Updated!

Unconstitutional Gun Control 12 31 2014

So according to Federal (Queen boy) law in this case, you can only so many parts to a gun that you assemble be foreign made?  Now I am not being exact.

But you can buy a whole model foreign made gun if you wanted to.

So they do this because they want to protect U.S. Gun makers?  For what the AR-15 that was ineffective in War?

But more to the point you would think a Supreme Court would simply rule that unfair?  How come you can selectively protect certain U.S. industries while things like a common man could make with his own hands flood the market like crazy?  That isn't fair!!!!!  That is war against the middle and lower classes.

I find someone who can work with their hands to be a far more trustworthy person than one who verbally manipulates to make a living!

But here is the George Bush schizo mind.

How come you protect United States Gun Owners while at the same time being a proponent of Gun Control?

And all Gun Control is indeed illegal.  That fact that it hasn't been put to a competent Supreme Court is very disturbing!

Did protecting U.S. gun makers lead to innovation and adoption of a better and more lethal U.S. Rifle?  No!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
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And one more point.  If the leader of organized crime wanted to get a gun, how easy would it be for him to get one in New York?  I bet he would walk out the same day with one without having to wait 2 days!  Something like how John Gotti walked in a department store and right out without paying for Tickle Me Elmo Dolls.   I was in a gun store a very long time ago and I heard the owner tell the customer, there are way's we can get around that too!  Oh and they would always say, oh it was up at the cabin the whole time and I had forgotten I even had it!

Now I take that back about foreign parts in guns!  The free float barrel nuts you get from Ebay from China are out of spec!  The threads are looser, and the base of it runs into the receiver before the thread are tight.  Not only that the threads to thread the fore end on are too small and out of spec.  You won't get them past three turns when you have to go at least 20 to 25.  China is a nation that very meticulously reversed engineered a great many United States products!  You can't tell me this wasn't intentional!  I have never seen a barrel nut or any nut for that matter wobble as it goes on threads of a bolt!  So what could happen?  Catastrophic failure!  The barrel loosens and blows off the front?  And not only that it takes your left hand with it!

Do you know what I think of Asians?  I hear voices you know!  I have been at the same library in Whitefish Bay twice when a pair of Asian girls showed up and giggled and intentionally annoyed me to distract me from concentrating!  Now Asians are not the only ones with the Satanic mindset that do this, plenty of fetal alcohol syndrome white Americans do to!  But one has to wonder if it is the entire Asian race that is of that mind?  And where did all those MIA's go?  Is George Bush's EB5 program really those of the Satanic mindset brought into the United States to play 6od with the normal honest and brave minds of Americans?  And indeed cause a great national debt related to the mental illness that they caused?  Do you know what happened to those MIA's?  They were tortured and tormented until their captors could indeed read their minds!  They were made dehumanized mental slaves!  I want to say a race like that has no place living among human beings!  I want to say we need to segregate them from those who reach adulthood and all the human being genes of their DNA are expressed!

So I said it again.  And I know how someone would like to read it and point the finger at me and say "he has mental illness must be medicated!"  Just look at the facts presented.  And after you do ask yourself, "If he is telling the truth and I do nothing could it not happen to my loved ones at some point in the future?" 

And I have not researched George Bush and CIA Operation 40 as it relates and implicates him in the death of JFK.

But one more point.  How much energy is used to produce Chinese junk that will rapidly become toxic landfill waste!  Should we not be building U.S. products that last and last!  Perhaps one should only need to buy one laptop in their lives and the frame is made out of strong aluminum.  The circuit board sealed and cannot be ruined via water.  The components readily upgradeable and replaceable.  The back of the lid having a solar panel.

Oh and one more point.  I believe that there has to be technology out there that is based on material that has a green color to it that would produce the most efficient solar panel ever?  Or perhaps light brown like a seed that is in rapid absorption stage?  Something like that.

I saw this and it does not belong in the United States!  And neither do those who would operate one!
It is part of an Active Denial system!  Designed to disrupt normal human being thought!  Now if that isn't valid and legitimate grounds for a holocaust I don't know what is!  A crime against humanity is so horrific that it is unrecognizable as being done by a human!  It is unconscionable! And it is punishable by the death penalty in a great many countries in the world!  Torture is indeed a crime against humanity!  And it was propagandized by Bush, Cheney and the CIA!  These are people that we do not want to migrate out of the United States to set up satanic operations in other countries of the world!  And they must be brought to justice!  We defended the Constitution as it relates to slavery with the shedding of a great amount of blood!  I believe our justice system has to bring these men to justice because cruel and unusual punishment is not only a crime against humanity it is also unconstitutional!  It isn't like, "oh I can't do that in the United States as a Citizen but I can have it done to people in other countries!"  Anyone who would think that way never understood a thing their father told them about why you shouldn't do something that is wrong!  "Oh, just because we didn't keep the prisoners in the U.S. that doesn't apply?  Oh that Constitutional provision wasn't specific enough, it didn't say I couldn't do it per that qualification?"  Good God what are you doing here!

If I was President of this country every young male reaching the age of 18 that did not have a defective serotonin regulating gene would receive the highest quality AR-15 on their 18-th birthday.  Or whatever the best U.S. combat rifle is at the time with the most available ammo!  They would also get a box of ammo to go with it and some paper targets.  And of course would have easily had to pass a Hunter Safety course.

Which brings me to the next point.  A person goes to buy a gun.  Why not be required to ask them what they believe the primary rule of gun safety is?  How do they answer?  Do they engage in intelligent conversation or are they attempting to divert you from learning of their irresponsibility?

All gun control is anti constitutional.  And so is making a human being hear voices in their head so that their minds are tormented from oxidative stress?  The founding fathers knew what demonic possession was, they believed it was a reality, and they never wanted us to have to put up with it!


You Wonder how a big metal ship burns 12 31 2014

You Wonder how a big metal ship burns 12 31 2014

But they do.  It has to do with what is inside of them and also fuel.  Coat something with fuel and it burns and also starts paint on fire and melts metal.  Then indeed articles inside the ship which are supposed to be fireproof burn too??

But here is something interesting.  Coal ash!  Recently there was a Duke Energy segment on 60 minutes about how they left a pile of it unattended and it "mudslid" into the local river, contaminating it with heavy metals.  And how the EPA says' it isn't to be classified as a hazard.

But it is in the drywall of your home!  So what am I getting at?  If it can burn down as part of your home how come it can't be mixed with something and burnt for energy production????

Seems to make sense doesn't it?

Now if they can grind coal add water and an igniter creating Coal Water Fuel Slurry that burns cleaner!  And boy did I lose a bundle of money on that Chinese based company called Sino Clean Energy,(stock ticker symbol: SCEI) even though I haven't sold the stock yet!

How come they cannot create a coal ash water fuel slurry?  If they can burn the coal cleaner by adding water and the igniter how come they can't burn the coal ash?  After all it goes up in smoke when a home burns down?

Yeah I know the Ivy League Wall Street gang are giving me the bum rush again!  I can hear them saying I don't know anything!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Question for Black America 12 31 2014

Question for Black America 12 31 2014

Does a black man have a predisposition to being a drug user?

I only ask this as I hear a black man on the radio volleying that marijuana should be legalized.  That is why I have to ask!  If a black radio personality believes it needs to be legalized then that question needs to be asked!

I had thought that in a future world there could be peace!  That communities even if they are of a certain race can live in harmony! Now I know that certain whites seem to have a predisposition to being drug users but I would never extend that belief to encompass all of them as that black man on the radio would seem to imply with regard to it needing to be legalized.  And I don't believe those whites you have a predisposition to be drug users belong in our neighborhoods!

The question is what prevents a black community from degrading to drug use?  Can it be prevented from happening?  How would a black community regulate that from happening?  When the punishment for that crime was left up to them to administer would they do it?  We really haven't seen any black leaders emerge of that point of view.

And from what I hear a black persons belief system is of, "It is okay for them to do what they want as long as they don't get caught!"  So indeed I have found a second negative point in regard to the matter!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Allowing Women and Homosexuals to serve in the Armed Forces is the Worst Mistake the United States Ever Made 12 31 2014

Allowing Women and Homosexuals to serve in the Armed Forces is the Worst Mistake the United States Ever Made 12 31 2014

Empirical Evidence of 23 years in Afghanistan and Iraq prove that! There is no better Evidence than Empirical Evidence! Why? Because there is no better proof of failure than failure!

We are also seeing evidence that the same construct is holding true in the Police Force nationwide!

And if it is holding true in the police force it means it is holding true in Government also!

And if it is holding true in Government it is implies that women should not be allowed to vote!

And what is a person that brags about killing for a living? What is a person who is so proud of their ability to kill normal human beings? And what about women who are like that? And in times of peace? I would have no problem stuffing people that grew up wanting to kill people for a living and career into gas chambers as fast as I could!

I mean what is a woman like that? It is a spoiled little boombalatti that never got the birds and the bee's talk because it would have hurt her feelings so much that she would have killed herself!

Now here is the psychological principle that we use to separate the wheat from the chaff! If a person was willing to die in battlefield conflict, and even be maimed to the point where by arms and legs were missing then working in a farm field or clean factory is not beneath you! We will be making the choice for you! They will be called long term work force development areas!

You will not be there alone! Anyone who has a defective serotonin regulating gene will be there with you! The working conditions will be 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, there will be no repetitive stress injuries or accidents allowed to happen! You will not be able to have alcohol, tobacco or drugs of ANY kind!

The business game has gone too far! How much of the worlds energy has been lost to creating products that don't last? How much pollution has entered our environment because of that! The future liability is insurmountable! Men would have never allowed that to happen!

Again if you thought it was a bragging rights job to serve in the military in times of peace you were mistaken! Our Constitution warned us about you! You do not represent the fabric of this country and what we believe in! What you amount to is hop on board and gang up in violence! Just read what the founding fathers said about you and you will see it is the same thing I am saying!

What do women like this amount to? Odd aggression. Attempting to prove they are something they are not and were never supposed to be! Bad decision making! A non human species female instinct! All signs of mental retardation of the female human sex!

And again it does relate to the new discovery that mice that have a defective serotonin regulating gene are more likely to be homosexual! Serotonin regulates happiness! Therefore how one attains happiness and is motivated to attain happiness! Therefore a defective sr gene means that some of you are on an abnormal path to happiness and don't even know it! All well and good you say? It is until some of us start hearing voices because you find that tormenting the human mind is really what makes you happy! Do you understand yet? Empirical evidence, your failure to act like a human being, tells us you are not one of us! No man would allow the threat of something like you to harm innocent people!

Can you be tested for the defective serotonin regulating gene? Yes.

  1. participation in criminal behavior; proof positive empirical evidence.
  2. Concurrent birth defects.
  3. Visual stimuli physiological reaction graphing.
  4. Blood test?
  5. Minute nerve biopsy?
  6. Admission of homosexual tendency!
  7. Failure to be able to be drug free; again seeking false means of happiness instead of achievement.
  8. Do all actors and actresses really have dissociative personality disorder? Perhaps the best form of trauma recover would be for those who actually were traumatized in War if it is a War movie to play parts in the movie! If a person is a victim of crime or rape, etc! Perhaps only people of that personal experience get to play those parts in the media? Would that not make for a more “real” world? These are the ideas that I BELIEVE IN! What happens to the contrary of a real world? People making millions for pretending to be people they are not and then politically influencing the country; I want to name many names but will just leave it at Ronald Reagan. Who consulted a fortune teller who attended Vassar University for conclusive advice on every decision he made in office! There will never be a better example of truth being stranger than fiction than that! But if you think that is funny you are wrong! It is something we should all be crying over! I don't believe that the spoiled son gets to pretend to be something he isn't for a living and rise to the top power spot of a nation of the free, and the world, by doing so! That is a great horror!

I believe that 4 and 5 are coming. However we don't need them to start the process today!

What happens when you combine a female brain that is on average 10 percent smaller than a mans with the birth defect to the serotonin regulating gene? The real men and women of the world hear voices and the cowards who are behind them will never come forward! How does a female like that raise children? What good do they turn out to be?

Okay to be fair to women! Life should not be as hard as it is for you! You should not be forced to compete with men and bad men in life just to make room and board and feed the kids the low life that sired them and then took off created! That isn't fair! So that has to change too! And nor should you ever have to face recurrent insult by the sons and the daughters of the wealthy and no good in politics and media who label you all kinds of cursing insults! So you like where that is going? In order to get there you have to abandon all alcohol, tobacco and drugs! So you make the choice what kind of world you want to live in! You are going to hate me for this next part. Because women are allowed to vote has the nation become more duped into voting in acceptance of alcohol, tobacco and drugs? Here is what a man would say and how he would think about the drug user (and those of the birth defect to the serotonin regulating gene! I would not feel safe working with that person in any environment! I would not trust that person to come into contact with my food! I would not trust that person to ever represent me in any way as if they can make better decisions than me for me! Don't you dare force us into a corner of having to accept what isn't truthful reality! That is how men think! Now the bad woman thinks in terms of “Nobody will ever know,” and “It is okay as long as I don't get caught,” and “No one will ever believe our victims!”

Do you know what the fate of someone who believes “No one will ever believe our victims,” is? They become their own life's victims faster than the rain makes its way to the sewer!

And do you know what the great horror is? The good woman would never ever conceive of how evil and destructive bad women are to our society! NEVER! And the bad woman has not been accurately portrayed in all her manners of thought, scheming and hatred in the media! Why not? Again to give her what amounts to that type of talk would be self destructive to her! And we don't dare do that! We don't dare take the risk of attempting to teach her something because it makes her very unhappy when we do that! It is like holding your cat up to the bathroom mirror to look at itself, It can't stand the sight of itself and rapidly turns its head in denial! It wants to believe it is something it isn't! And so it is with the defective serotonin regulating gene! It wants to believe it is a human being so bad it would cause them to become mentally disabled from hearing voices in their heads! The lesser logic being if I destroy that which I want to be, then I will become it! Reality is far different than that! What it really amounts to is undisciplined projections of self hatred unto the world!

But I believe this is the cause of it! So sign my petition if I struck some kind of a commonality chord with you.

Only deranged and delusional leadership would deny the validity of empirical evidence! But why do they do it? Because that is how they found a wife! Making promises that they could not be personally responsible in attaining in fulfillment of! And what motivates them? It doesn't matter what happens after they get what they want! We are seeing the ruin of that everywhere! They didn't deserve it but they got it anyway. Why? Because someone else wanted it and life to them was about mimicking someone else! Hence again, if I take what someone else wants I am the equivalent of them! Is indeed the psychology of the primate!

Perhaps it is more like this.  One man seeks a wife because he thinks they will be compatible and there is commonality!  Now another male seeks the same wife not for those reasons but because he wants to feel like he is the man who has compatibility and commonality.  Essentially he isn't motivated by his own thinking in one of the most important factors that create a family!  I do believe a great many people attempt to act as if they have human emotions and never really attain human emotion in their life.  So duo selves like that only feel comfortable in the world if they can create other dual or multi selves (through victimization?) And that would be the inability to understand oneself as a human!  And what a great horror it is for a person like that to project their false sense of normality onto the world!  Transform the world into the least common denominator of a human being?

I would also question if women who joined the military or law enforcement were more likely to be victims of male abuse in the home. Now that would be a responsible question to ask! Did your brothers or father (s) hold you down to the ground a lot?

There was a video on youtube of a woman police officer chase black men around and grabbing at their groins!  I don't know what those women are?  You could see the happiness she derived from it radiate from her!  It was like she was stuck in a psychotic Kindergarden translated world of Red Rover Red Rover!   Big legs, fat round miscegenated pale white faces, talking trash like black girls, likely Italian or Polish or English? And this is the police force that boohed the New Mayor?  This is the exact reason why our Founding Fathers declared that all forms of Gun Control are illegal!   ALL!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Alcohol Has to be THE leading Cause of Violence 12 30 2014

Alcohol Has to be THE leading Cause of Violence 12 30 2014

I think of this as I do empathize with Police Officers worldwide.

If it is directly consumed before acts of violence then I also believe that birth defects and long term brain damage from drinking also make it the leading cause of violence!

Sign the petition to ban it for good!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

How bad an Operating System can Windows 7 be 12 30 2014

How bad an Operating System can Windows 7 be 12 30 2014

Immediately after I save a photograph and then search for it to see where it was saved it takes 16 seconds to find it!!!  You would think that if I just saved it that it would know where it was JUST saved?????

All that money for that kind of operating system performance?

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Ashen Pale Face and Fungus Introduction to Developing DNA (Background to petition to ban alcohol) 12 30 2014

Ashen Pale Face and Fungus Introduction to Developing DNA

Have you ever brewed (made) a beer? The dregs settle at the bottom of the carboy (A large glass keg or keg.)

What was once golden and light brown grain has that color bleached from it into the liquid; and what settles on the bottom of the carboy is pale ashen white. Energy stripped away from it by the act of a fungus (Aka Yeast or Leaven.)

What did Jesus warn us about the Pharisees? “Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees.”

What does the word of God really have to say about Alcohol in the Bible?

What did the Surgeon General say about alcohol?


I am asserting that alcohol is the main cause of the birth defect which causes people to single out individual human being and use novel technological means to talk to them in their heads and create the medical fraud of schizophrenia. The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of them makes it medical fraud!

So what do I believe causes the mental defect of someone like that? Alcohol! And here is a list of other symptoms and problems I believe it causes!

Much like how the fungus in beer strips the grain of its energy and its color and leeches it into the fluid I believe is the same effect on a human being while in the womb or during conception and exposed to alcohol in either the male or females bloodstream; and therefore reproductive elements! Oxygen deprivation is a blood factor and it affects the brain so it does indeed cross any mythical blood brain barrier; just like a broken glass of aromatic perfume fills a whole house with the smell of it!

But specifically here is what I believe. In relation to the tanning ability of the skin I believe it to strip away the gene that causes white skin to be seasonally transitional and tan. So that is an immunity factor! The tan protecting one from the sun. Also protecting the rays of the sun from penetrating through the pale white skin.

I believe many factors like human immunity are stripped of the DNA under the influence of alcohol on a fetus. Another one relates to the serotonin regulating gene! Studies of mice have determined that those that have a faulty serotonin regulating gene are more or highly likely to be homosexual!!!

Serotonin metabolism regulates happiness. A defective gene will likely make a person prone to the use of drugs in order to find happiness rather than from personal achievement. Hence the stripping by the yeast creates a drug dependent person at birth on the very chemical that mal influenced its creation!

Drug induced birth defects should NEVER be considered Normality!

So in addition to immunity factor other human species factors are stripped away from the DNA because of alcohol. And indeed once a development stage has past there is no returning; the damage is permanent!

I also believe that alcohol impairs gene expression that is part of the DNA. One's DNA might appear to read normal however not all of the genes from it were allowed or can be expressed, like a rose that can never bloom. Again bleached away by the fungus! Now I could equate it to a recurrent fungus from promiscuity but that is not the topic here, and in fact alcohol causes promiscuity doesn't it!

Does it also strip an energy factor from human DNA? Often when a person is pale we wonder if they are sick. Have you not seen how the birth defects of Down's Syndrome people also have pale white faces? Many of the mental birth defects would seem to have pale white faces. Gauntness!

Do these factors add up to the creation of a Revanant Race? The human factor has been stripped form their DNA by the time of birth. A Revanant Race would constantly be trying to take that human factor from those born as normal human beings, that life factor, draining their life energy via voices like they were drained of human DNA expression long before birth! A Revanent white race would be the greatest threat to the white race and humanity that ever existed!

What other forms of delayed development or genetic birth defects do I ASSERT it causes?

  1. Criminal mindedness.
  2. Corruption as employment.
  3. Homosexuality. (No species specific heterosexual DNA encoding and gene expression or passed down immunity type factor)
  4. Vocal chord anomalies.
  5. It is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western Hemisphere.
  6. Lisps, stutters, speech defects, and horse tooth receding upper lip gum line during smile.
  7. Diminished capacity for human reason. Impulse based behaviors, self destructive, based on gleeming.
  8. Diminished capacity for human conscience. No accountability for any of ones personal actions! Having no idea how ones actions affect the health and well being of other people!
  9. Astonishment and disbelief in Prophetic type thinking, (proactive thinking and analysis of macro risks)
  10. Down's Syndrome and Autism and the complete list of some 14 or far more labeled genetic birth defects accompanied by mental retardation.
  11. Reading Disorder (dyslexia, as many as 14.5% of Americans or 43.5 Million!)
  12. Hearing and auditory disorders.
  13. Alcohol and drug dependencies wired into the DNA!!!
  14. Birth defects of the eyes, sight and stereoscopic vision!!! (DE-evolutionary!)
  15. Propensity for gang, networked and organized criminal behavior including promoting false religious beliefs often in direct contradiction to other false religious beliefs promoted by same self.
  16. Decreased self awareness of ones own lack of intelligence and societal deemphasation of that!
  17. Disbelief in earned knowledge by those smarter than you.
  18. False and subjective memory system creating and supporting a delusion of self belief system. (Again serotonin gene regulation related!)
  19. Daily denial of personal ignorance.
  20. The belief that any intelligent and true opposition can be deconstructed.
  21. The delusional belief that whatever your best capability in a job is; is indeed the best that there can be!
  22. Projected violence to normal human beings induced by accurate and untenable self comparison by bullies and the adult criminal minded; again caused by alcohol birth defect!
  23. Inability to mitigate ones false belief system.
  24. Inability to learn something in a way that is different from how they initially learned it.
  25. Coveting of delusional memories initially known to not be from ones own life experience but rather through a dysfunctional form of “voyeurism”

    I believe that the fungus in alcohol or alcohol itself strip the human DNA of evolutionary traits, just as the process strips the gold from the grain and leaves pale white ash at the bottom of the large glass bottle!

Petition to ban the sale and production of alcohol in the United States and not trade with any nation that doesn't do the same! To use deadly force to Protect the United States Constitution as it relates to any instance or objection; for the reasons listed above!

Yesterday on the radio I heard the term “Long Term Work Development Area” in relation to a road construction project. I believe that we need complete segregation of those who have impaired DNA that affects mental ability from the rest of the population. Those of us who hear voices will indeed be on the good side! You will only be able to tempt those of your own inferior tribalism and not the brave and proud Americans that are left!

It is not enough to put that warning label on the bottle because many of those babies put up for adoption occur because of one night stands at bars whereby their DNA is impaired from alcohol! This is what the “One Father for All” Christian Pro-life agenda really propagandized! And it has been the greatest detriment to world freedom that could ever be conceived of! “One Father For All” is both Communism and also the cause of Schizophrenia! As in the cursing German based aphorism, “He who has no children raises many!”

So you say that fungus is removed from alcohol by pasteurization and other processes? What happens to cells that die from oxygen deprivation; are they not likely to be subjected to opportunistic fungal degradation? Of course they are, so in effect alcohol creates its own fungus when none is present in it!

Alcohol is the gateway drug to every other drug there is!  First of all it lowers ones inhibition (to try new drugs) while at the same time causing oxygen deprivation based Depression!  Can't get any worse than that!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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New Petition Started 12 30 2014

Why a Group of People Wouldn't like those with Prophetic Thinking Capability 12 30 2014

Why a Group of People Wouldn't like those with Prophetic Thinking Capability 12 30 2014

Because they would all want to believe that they contributed to the thoughts of that persons thinking, so therefore that person should not be given any credit for their own thinking!

The best way to debunk that apparently ancient Jewish belief would be to ask the question, "Wouldn't some of that prophetic thinking capability actually came from that persons own father in contribution?"


Catholic and Protestant Church- One Father for All.  That is a competing form of Communist Government!  Who would ever want a Father who swore he didn't like women; celibate?
Communism- One Mind for All.  85% of the founders of Communism were Jewish.  So it is a form of Government tailored to Jews?
Hitler- Ein, Ein, Ein,  "one, one,  one"
Great Britain- One King ruling by Divine Right (means whatever I say goes, without rational accountability.
The United States Since 1932 "One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry."

And the Pope has something he want's to tell us about Argentina doesn't he?  Does it have something with Adolph Hitler being seen escaping from a plane?  And some believed him to take root in Argentina?  There is something there that the Pope participated in that he wants to ask forgiveness from!  In doing so he has the power to end poverty and hunger.


Women's voices in my head woke me up this morning and I used my mental voice to say this to them, "Suck on your Government issued service weapon as if it is my pecker; you goddamned homo!"  I will admit in a court of law that is what I thought this morning!  Those are my true thoughts!

And what of the Police Department in New York booing their own Mayor?  Very simply this is what I have to say about them.  It became apparent a few years back when their was a gunman on the lose and they fired openly into the public injuring innocent people; that they should not have been issued service weapons!

Now the sad part is that they degraded the justice department through this networked and controlled employment!  I believe that they need to be let go and service weapons tendered.  I also believe that the entire U.S armed services and intelligence gathering operations need to be defunded.

Oh and you wondered what we should do about a Government official that broke the Constitution while in office?  Very simply they don't get a pension and have to fork over all money made from their position.  So that would be a petition right there!  That will get the job done!

Freedom of speech.  I want to ask the Italian man at the swimming pool if he believes in God.  Then I want to ask him, "If God told you to sacrifice that first born son with Down's Syndrome there, would you do it?"


Contrast this to:

The Former United States- A Democracy where everyone's vote counts!

and also George Washington.

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government."  George Washington

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Monday, December 29, 2014

Invention Needed Hill Descending Clothe Wings 12 29 2014

Invention Needed Hill Descending Clothe Wings 12 29 2014

If you have ever been to the Lakefront in Milwaukee you will have noticed the pathways up the hill just a little south of Bradford Beach.  People run up that hill!

I have found that hill running is good for my lower back.

One day I ran down the hill.  I did not fall and the adrenaline got pumping as I came to the bottom.  You know how it is when you are running down a hill and your feet can't keep up and your upper body starts to fall forward?

Well this invention would allow people to descend hills at a faster pace!

Essentially it is the same "air brake" principle that a bird uses as it lifts its wings upon landing on ground!  Or that of how an airplane has plates on the back edge of its wings that make the wing profile greater and their increase lofting power and therefore slower speeds upon landing!

The invention would attach primarily to the wrists back of the neck in two places and the belt line.  In principle it should be stitched all along the lower arm length!  perhaps it could be made with two arms one reaches into and a belt at the waist line.  On the front of the chest the arm sleeves could connect with a snap strap.

Anyhow sounds like fun!  And I wonder if it would work!

That day I came down the hill fast was a wonderful experience of EXORCISM!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS. I don't really care if I miss the spelling of a few words!  If I took the time to check all that the voices would have made me one of those stroked out idiots in a wheel chair by now!

Detroit Lions 20 vs. Green Bay Packers 30 12 29 2014

Detroit Lions 20 vs. Green Bay Packers 30                   12 29 2014

It is very simple, the toe's come down first!  Perhaps it should be a rule for players in a certain position or of a certain weight?  It is how native Americans walk quietly through the forest!  It is how sprinters run!  The toe's come down first and not the stomping heal!  Who uses a stomping heal in a situation like that?  No stomping heals! 

What is best about this is that is serves as a prime example for the young of who should never seek a professional athletic career in our society!

When the toe's come down first they sense what is underfoot, and when it is a person underneath a person a man can instantly adjust!

The fact that it was caught in real time just means that we finally found a way to catch a player who does not even play a sport to the professional level we learned to play it as children!

Why someone like that would be advanced in society is a complete mystery to me?  Or not?  It is the reason the Romans needed the concept of a Universal father?  Because all other adult males were horrible?  Those fathers are horrible today too aren't they!  And the heathen Roman women didn't want a father that had relations with women either did she!  Don't want to see through those eyes and feel you are what you really are when that is going on!  And just read more propaganda from the Bible in support of the concept:  "Man cannot serve two masters!"  What that really means is that a faction of that Roman society did not like to marry men who thought like men!  Instead they needed something they could control!  It is completely false!  Unless a man thinks prophetically like Gods and Prophets do he isn't a man, but rather an mentally emasculated, and criminally minded person which a certain type of woman can be happy with because she can control and hormonally dominate!  If you haven't seen exactly that lesser concept of a man propagandized on American television over the last decades you haven't been watching!

How many people did that ogre step on in grade school and high school in that same manner to get where he is today!  Enough!

I did create a petition about this awhile back!  Have courage to sign it!  Don't be a coward!

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Invention Needed A Watch that only tells me what day of the week it is and the month and date 12 29 2014

Invention Needed A Watch that only tells me what day of the week it is and the month and date 12 29 2014

You can shove the time up your A$$.

If Doctor Phil on television can degrade to non-professional articulation using the terminology "spoiled little bitches" I can use some former drinking language myself!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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The United States will not win a war against the Islamic State here is why 11 29 2014

The United States will not win a war against the Islamic State here is why 11 29 2014

Islam is a religion that doesn't believe in alcohol!  That means they are a lot smarter than we are in the United States!

So you think that the Islam religion is a threat to Israel and Jews and therefore the United States?  No just he opposite is true!  Read your Qur'an or Quran.  That religion was given to Mohamed by a Jew named Gabriel!  They all migrated to the same places together!  The Quran is pure psychology against the mentally defective mind of Satan!

Even if the United were to militarily conquer the Islamic State the United States would lose out and so would civilization!  Civilization isn't about "one mind for all" or "one must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry" those are the concepts of those born mentally defective from alcohol drinking parents in what is scientifically known as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders!

The Islamic religion is the pure religion of Israel before the Wine presses from Judah invaded as is historically written in...I believe Nemihiah (sp?) in the Bible!

There is only one way forward!  And it will exclude those who advocate torture, war and any drugs!  The New World Order also will and must exclude those of brain defects that prevent prophetic type thinking!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Petition to defund and deport managerial members of the Armed Forces including the United States Navy 12 29 2014

Petition to defund and deport managerial members of the Armed Forces including the United States Navy 12 29 2014

That synthetic telepathy is percussive technology and that can only come from the United States Navy!

That fact that it is used against United States Citizens means we are experiencing an insurgency!

How do I know it is percussive technology.  Because I have found a technology that shields the effects of it!!!

The first step would be to create a publicly searchable database of former members of the armed services and intelligence gathering operations and Government functions by division and managerial rank.  To put it very bluntly we have been getting LESS than our money's worth for their services!
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The Imbecilic Jaw 12 29 2014

The Imbecilic Jaw  Draft Article 12 29 2014

Most people tend to think of protruding Jaw men as more handsome.  A lifetime of personal experience tells me that they are highly more likely to qualify as being imbeciles!

How many men can protrude there lower jaws and wrap their lower lips over their bottom teeth like "Vern" did?

If you watched them do this you too would know they were imbecilic!

A great eugenics crime was committed by FDR relating to alcohol and I believe he had one of these imbecilic jaws!

The person with the imbecilic jaw talks like a goofy dog with a mouth full of caramels!

How did Great Britain propaganda of them start in the United States?

Do quite a few with the imbecilic jaw also have what I would term mongoloid encephalographic brain patterns?  I believe in the complete deportation from the United States of all of those with Mongoloid Encephalographic Brain Patterns!

What is the point?  They get into high paying positions of power and what is the result?  They curl that Imbecilic Jaw out at the American People!  We the people have had enough!

I also believe they should be excluded from working in Human Resources and the media.  Why?  Their actions have violated the rights of the people!  Nor should they be in positions propagandizing religion!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Heavy Blanket Spinal Decompression Therapy 12 29 2014

Does wonders for lower back problems.  Buy one large enough so you can wrap in it; the largest size they have!

Only buy this one!  They no longer list it on their website!  However you should be able to find it directly through them or an internet search!

Also this product will protect you from hearing percussive synthetic telepathy based voices!!

It is percussive, United States Navy based technology. How do I know it is percussive? This product will shield you from it! Buy one big enough so that you can wrap in it. But sleep in a manner where you can ensure breathing while sleeping. It will also help cure spinal compression. And it has a "silver" interwoven into it which provides a faraday cage! They won't be psychoenergizing from your life while you are in your bed! Believe it! I have known a few that are in the Navy today and they are pure filth! They would beach wales! In their ranks are FDR who repealed mental retardation causing alcohol and George Bush who advocates torture! There are very few products that I recommend! But this is one!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Easily Help a Relative Quit Smoking

It is just that easy!  But you say I can't tell someone else they can't smoke?  You would really be preventing them from dying of disease related to tobacco use if you did that!  So why don't you want to prevent citizens of the United States from dying a death from addictive substances that are metabolic poisons?  It doesn't make a very good statement about you or your personal integrity does it!  You are selfish with regard to who should be allowed to ruin their lives whereas you yourself would not?  The problem is that it is an addictive substance!  Good lord what kind of human being would not want to prevent fellow members of his country from dying of complications related to an addictive substance!  What a horror you are!  You lose your arguments basis as one should be free to do whatever they choose because of the definition of what an addictive substance is!  What a horror!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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When was the last time you turned on the television or read the news and experienced a sense of normalcy 12 28 2014

When was the last time you turned on the television or read the news and experienced a sense of normalcy 12 28 2014

Not experiencing that sense of normalcy can only come from us not having Normal Leadership anywhere in the world!

I believe this is the genetic defect from alcohol that they have!

It is a lot of attempting to convince us of falsehoods so that we can explain why it is false to the asserter?  At which point they won't remember and will just go on to the next concept they want to willfully deconstruct so that human life isn't really what it is?  An attempt to validate themselves as a feeble minded imbecilic by deconstructing rational thoughts; and upon failure to do so make the process one of attrition!  So that the attrition deconstructs the human being?  It is the sleeping dog that isn't happy when it compares itself toe the working minded human?  Not only do they not like to work, they hate it when you work!  Why?  Because it is something that is very foreign to them!  It is the embodiment of human imprinting, love and brain entrainment between a human father and his son.  Nothing makes them more emotionally disturbed than that; a human being working with their natural professional mind!  Nothing breaks the delusion of self of the defective minded faster than that!  Unravels them!  Hence you hear voices that intrude upon the process; as if it is something that can be stolen from you!  As if by comparison it is such a higher level of a beautiful thing that you had to have stolen it from them; somehow by divine right that competency belongs to them!  Perhaps their mother willed that spoiled belief to them?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Whitefish Bay Property Values Appear to be Coming Down 12 27 2014

Whitefish Bay Property Value Appear to be coming Down 12 27 2014

That as the Stock Market reaches new highs. 18,000.

So if we assume that property values are not manipulated on the local level, like they were with the rigging of the London Interbank Offer (interest) rate that caused the mortgage crisis of ~2007 in the United States, then what determines property values? What someone in the market for a house is willing to pay in your neighborhood.

So what has changed in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin.

  1. A new apartment complex went up behind the main street!
  2. The Whitefish Bay High School is the central office of the Special Education Department of Milwaukee Public Schools per a conversation with a woman walking to work a few years ago.
  3. A new drainage ditch was created at Cahill park because of a flood that caused a lot of rotting type damage in parts of the village.

But as I look at the Whitefish Bay Village Leaves the newsletter put out by City Hall what does it look like to me? It looks like it is marketed to people currently living in the Riverwest Neighborhood. That is what it looks like to me!

But lets look at the list above issues one by one.


A new apartment complex? And the Village Presidents husband is a Real Estate developer that is in on the deal. Wouldn't it be nice if all the village residents got a piece of the pie like he is going to. But if the housing prices are being manipulated by a bunch of Real Estate Saleswomen I always see a table of them when I take my mother out to lunch. Then as the property values come down to lure in more people that are of what they consider a comfortable demographic, then the property taxes should come down too? After all they are based on the value of your property. Can they expect you to pay more when their personal actions have lowered the value of your property? Per my calculations there was plenty of vacant apartment space before that building went up? Do men like apartment complexes going up in their neighborhood? No! Why not? Just seem to be a nuisance of residents that are not of the caliber of the neighborhood! Actually I personally believe that anyone who likes living in an apartment doesn't have as much class as those who don't like them! Essentially a monkey tree with walls to me. Attracting residents who don't have money to buy a house at the current values in your neighborhood; and that lowers property values.

Many stories to tell. I can remember that when I was a boy I went to a friends house. Then we visited his young adult neighbor who lived in the small house next door. And from my memory that neighbor was providing pot to my friend. What am I getting at? Perhaps you never let children under 18 in that apartment complex or any one of them in the Bay without their parents?

I will also tell you a story about Chicago. The South Side of Chicago used to be all Jews I am told. One day (or year) they had just had enough! All the houses went up for sale and they moved out of that neighborhood. Today it is a crime ridden epidemic heroin district. Indeed it was when Barrack Obama lived their too!

Perhaps when residents share the eyes of someone it is best that that someone is always happy in the process of it? The opposite could lower property values?

Is Whitefish Bay getting a bad name for some reason and that is lowering property values? What have I stated is going on here that should never be going on anywhere in the United States? It would be wise to listen to me.

  1. Special Education. You might think that child that can't learn is the cutest thing in the world. But men think about the issue a lot differently. They think that child is receiving privileges and tax payer money that it doesn't deserve! They really think that child would not make a good “on par” friend to any son or daughter I have! So there is indeed a great difference between a persons willful and self serving perception and reality. Our Wisconsin Government made it very easy for them to live in wealthy neighborhoods, and that is a threat to the middle class. You want to believe it is a certain way, and that you can sustain the neighborhood too. The reality is no one wants to deal with your problems and they resent you! How can you tell a normal child not to learn by comparison? It is natural! What isn't natural is to have your normal child suppress their emotions whether they be instinctively laughing when an idiot makes a mistake or hatred for the bullies who do not belong in their classroom? So yes that causes conflict!

  1. Resulted from poor planning? Do you really want a series of village Presidents that don't have the ability to look forward? Do you want ones that create ordinances whereby you can't put solar panels on your roof if someone decides they are not aesthetically pleasing! Had we been able to put them up there we would not have seen the fixed income sustaining Utility industry pass legislation whereby we are fined for doing so. What does that mean? It means brave American sons and daughters went off to an oil war and came back really screwed up, missing limbs and mental trauma! All villages should have gone to what is called Purple Pipe a long time ago! But instead that money went so that the parents of genetically defective children could still live in your suburban neighborhood. It totally defeated natural forces of democracy didn't it! Real Bad!  *******************************************************************************************
    When I was a boy four of us were busted for underage drinking as we came out of a party. The German son who gave it to us and also tried to sell us pot came after us individually and made us pay the fine for one of us telling upon him. One time he is said to have a gun. This was back in 1984 or so. But it was around that time I learned that the Bay had an easier drug policy than the city! It was a misdemeanor to have a little pot when the laws were much stricter elsewhere. And indeed when I went to Catholic School down the block it was in about the 5th grade that they offered me pot and booze in the Boy Scouts. They also attempted to rape me. But the one kid had an English surname Taylor. And I always wondered where kids got the drugs! Very disturbing. I have never been a user of pot or any other narcotics. And that troop was ended. So what is the point? Why was satanic behavior fostered at the private Catholic School? That has absolutely no place in United States neighborhoods! And from what I have heard today the kids are so mean to the school lunch servers, I mean real mean! What am I getting at? There are still spoiled rotten brats here and it hasn't changed at all, in fact it has gotten much worse! So what do children need that they are not getting in their homes? In a word proper discipline! But it is like a friend whose father ran a camp once told me, it never fails the parents are so strict and the kids turn out like 5417! What am I getting at? It is like fake and unmeaningful discipline that isn't effective; it amounts to a projection of self pity onto their children, or rather the hope that if they talk to their children in a manner they believe that an adult should talk to a child that it will make a difference? It likely doesn't because that kid is mentally defective because the parents drank during conception, preconception or the woman while pregnant! That is my theory and it is highly consistent with a documentary I watched on Youtube that stated the School System in the United States really changed into an experimental setting in the 1940's. All well and good but empirical evidence tells us that it has created well entrenched generations that should not be in political power! Not only that it has created generations who need more and more drugs legalized in order to supplant happiness that a normal child or adult experiences from honest achievement! A new world order isn't obtained by bringing in foreigners with EB5 wealth to add to that class of spoiled brat whose behavior cannot be modified by traditional parenting! And nor does the FDR concept of one must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry allocate careers and jobs to those deserving of them! It is a communist wealth concept, and Putin did indeed state that 85% of the founders of Communism were Jewish. I am not trying to be anti-Semitic, I don't need to hear those spoiled voices in my head! Get it?

So that village letter looks like it is being marketed to River West residents. And how did that neighborhood degrade just like South Chicago? What is wrong with recognizing the source of your mind and giving proper credit to it for it providing you with everything? What is wrong with Honest Abe or Washington Government in the United States?

When people don't know their own mind they like to assume that it believes what their will does? The reality is quite different than that!

Can we possibly bring back freedom in the United States? Do you think you have the courage to man up to it? Do you think you have the courage to protect the United States Constitution?

I wrote it again! Hateful things, an image of not how things should be but rather a negative projection of the bartenders daughters that find it necessary to talk to me so that no one can ever prove that they are? The home of the brave right? No.

And what did a man on the Bible radio say the other day? He implied per Biblical prophecy that the United States would completely be destroyed. Then he also said we are not to interpret the Bible to mean what we think it should because that is what he was told at the seminary. Oddly enough he didn't conform to what was told to him by a higher authority did he! But yet he believes he has reached the point of religious license whereby he can break the rule while professing the rule. See that is just the kind of oddity the United States is experiencing today!

You know what it is like? Hey that Journal Writer that lives kitty corner from me and would not write a book review of my first novel “The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper”...well there is an article in the paper about a man in Riverwest who forges his own custom hammer heads for sale, and doesn't it resemble the work I did and published here a long time before;

But for some reason those voices don't want me to perfect novels and books I have written. It is mean spirited far worse than black balling; a crime against humanity! And has no place anywhere in the World!

Oops.  I wanted to say the Village Newsletter really looks like its use has been to market the new apartment complex.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2014

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The History of Tobacco Plantations in the United States 12 27 2014

The History of Tobacco Plantations in the United States 12 27 2014

The distinction needs to be made between the activities of Great Britain and the will of the Puritans.

Bringing slaves to work on tobacco plantations had to indeed have been done by what is the equivalent of Pirates!  Albeit they were called mercenaries and granted limited liability for their actions by the Queen of England in the form of what was called a Corporation.

Now the colonists did indeed have conflict with the Native Americans, the Indians!  Great Britain sided with the Indians and attempted to support them in wars against the colonists!  Great Britain also supported that slave owning South in War during the Civil War to free the black slaves.

Surgeon General's Warning Smoking Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema and May Complicate Pregnancy.

If Great Britain was siding with the Indians and they were, were they also supplying them tobacco?

Okay so what am I getting at?  Read this warning label:
Surgeon General's Warning Smoking Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema and May Complicate Pregnancy
Plus the fact that they are addictive.
Now I believe that the Englishman Warren Buffet who is the richest man to make it in Investing and is of English descent had a large stake in Philip Morris a manufacturer of Cigarettes common stock.
Are the fixed income yields on tobacco debt higher?  I believe they were.  So in effect the rich are able to earn money on their money by investing in that debt.
But also who is footing the bill for all the health care expenses in the Surgeon Generals Warning plus more?  It is the Union of the United States of America!  Now just consider that when you hear chain smoker John Boehner complaining that he wants the Government to be shut down!!!  Extremely bothersome isn't it!  Couple that with the fact that Barrack is a smoker who allegedly has quit!

So a key question for me to research is when those tobacco plantations started!  Now that could not have been Puritan initiative because the Puritans believed in personal responsibility and accountability.  Now what am I getting at?  At some point was there an Great Britain Pirate invasion of the South and parts of the North that involved owning slaves!  Here is why it wasn't a Puritan initiative! Now follow the logic!  The Puritans wanted everyone to know how to read so that they could obey laws and not get arrested!  Arrested means imprisoned!  And what is slavery?  In effect it is imprisoned labor?  I don't see how you can argue otherwise!

So when were the first tobacco plantations and who owned them and via barbaric means brought the slaves here via pirate boats; no less!  It had to have been Great Britain who also aided that economy during the Civil War we fought to free the slaves!! Right!

And were there poppies grown for opium in the United States at some time?  I have to research that too.

And what about Cotton?  Seems very benign doesn't it?  Not when you what was stated on 60 minutes many decades ago, that Organized crime takes 10% of all textile profits entering the United Sates through New York!  Think of that when you hear of how some famous lady just started her own clothing line!

So here are the main points again.  You ban tobacco per the Surgeon Generals warning and our Constitution and what happens to the wealthy of the United States who rely on the fixed income market?  When you can't earn money on your money any more you start to lose money,  then you have to earn it?  So how do they do that?  By very cleverly forcing every United States Citizen to be required to pay for health insurance to treat those of the surgeon generals warning plus a great many more from ailments and afflictions not listed.  So where does that go eventually?  It bankrupts the country and Great Britain Imperialism has won and defeated the United States!  The wealthy will still be wealthy however!

And again it is a piracy of the United States concept and therefore represents an insurgency!  Now it is very hard to ferret out isn't it!  But do you see it more clearly after reading this? 

Let me add this petition part.

Enough is Enough, it is addictive, our Constitution was written to protect our general health and welfare.  The Production for sale or gift should have been banned when the Surgeon General issued this warning.
Surgeon General's Warning Smoking Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema and May Complicate Pregnancy
It hasn't been banned because there are great profits to be made from the illness and death is causes?
Your Constitutional Right to Liberty is blatantly violated when you are sold or given an addictive (and deadly) substance.  Why?  Because it is addictive you are not at LIBERTY to stop taking it!
Now after those health care costs bankrupt the United States what happens?  The reinstitution of slavery with the addition of mandatory organ donation of those who died from any cause; updated per modern surgical capabilities of course!
So in effect cancer causing cigarettes must be defeated in order to save the United States and protect the United States Constitution!  Now what happens when a President who takes and oath to protect the Constitution either knowingly or unknowingly does not?  It is an impeachable offense!  But what happens if you don't catch up to that crime much later after he is out of office?  Now here would be the start of another petition; to prosecute those who failed to protect the United States Constitution while they WERE in office.  Basically it means we can have someone in there that loiters and then the nation goes to tar sands because the next President pardoned them.  We also can't have the wool pulled over our eye's and people who don't understand either knowingly or unknowingly what the Constitution really means and the spirit of why it was created.  A little wordy sentence but you get the idea.  No plausible deniability allowed for ignorance of the Constitution while President!  No propagandizing it to be something that it isn't while in office!  And what of those organizations who have propagandized policy that is clearly anti- Constitutional?  I believe that they represent and insurgency.  Again the founding fathers wanted everyone to be able to read so that they could obey the law!  They believed in drinking alcohol only in moderation!  They would have never wanted mentally birth defective children (from drug using parents including alcohol, updated per current scientific knowledge plus what the Colonists knew!) to be put in the adoption network via the Imperialist Catholic Horrific Roman Empire Pro life agenda!  They also would never want children to be put in foster homes and abused just slave masters abused slaves; that is why, again counter to George Bush's propaganda, Unconstitutional as cruel and unusual punishment!  Can't do that George so what do we do about you and the legions of American Republicans who support you for your Anti-constitutional belief system?  You should have considered that Constitution your God George!
So again sign this petition in order to save the United States and establish freedom worldwide through United States Integrity!  Integrity starts with compliance with the United States Constitution!

What kind of a man allows another man to suffer from an addictive and poisonous substance; who would step back and say it is their own fault when it is addictive?  A Doctor Blood Money!  To me that isn't what the spirit of the United States should be allowed to continue to be!  And the Constitution regarding the full meaning of liberty must be protected!  You are also not at liberty to defer the cost of healthcare for the tobacco using recipients to the general population in order to maintain a bad fixed income market and wealth!  It is taxation without representation in this manner, I do not smoke to get an expensive disease to be treated by the funds of the general taxpayer while supporting the profit of pirating Corporations and nor do I profit from it; how can you foot that bill to me?  It is Unconstitutional!  Right there in the Constitution it is!  So Barrack broke the Constitution didn't he!  That is an impeachable offense.  But he broke it in a manner that didn't seem like he did, didn't he!  As if he was really fighting as hard as he could for health care against the Republicans, etc!  Great form of machination; seem like you are fighting as hard as you can against an opponent when really you are not and you are both going to reach the same point; as pre agreed upon?  Make a show of it!  Give us your best MAli oops, excuse me, Ali antics while at the podium?  You are propagandizing that you are a fighter?  Am  I the only one who saw those Mohamed Ali mannerisms?

It almost seems like I am asking too much to have a clean government!  It shouldn't be that low as for us to have that generalized view of defeat belief should it!!!!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 12 27 2014 at:

And Christ I could get into Sugar Cane in Haiti and pirate rum production and how the mentally defective mind degrades to witchcraft and criminal behavior and Voodoo!  Voodoo being narcotics distribution?  Don't believe me look at the pictures of Meth victims!  Isn't arguable!  Don't attempt to get on television and be the great debater to the contrary because if you do you are really a national shame!


I Know that Evil Mind from Hearing Voices 12 27 2014

I Know that Evil Mind from Hearing Voices 12 27 2014

The next thing it wants to legislate is Mandatory Organ Donations of all Citizens upon any cause of Death.

Let's put a stop to the Evil Mind!

Sign this petition right here!

Now what did I do just there?  I made a prophecy didn't I!  According to the Bible anyone who makes a FALSE PROPHECY HAS TO BE KILLED!  So apparently the ancient Jews are going to rise up and have me killed for making that false prophecy!  Unless of course some one were to read the Prophecy ahead of time and warn everybody never to legislate it because it is bad idea.  But in order for me not to be KILLED THAT PROPHECY HAS TO COME TRUE; that they legislate Mandatory Organ Donations of all Citizens upon any cause of death!  And of course isn't it really an issue of witchipooh saying, "Curses he foiled my plans with his prophecy of them!  So I can not proceed with my plants!  I am really angry what can I do about it because my plans were foiled with his prophecy of what I'd do?   Because I can't continue with my plans that he prophesized (made public)  I am going to have the last say in the matter and declare that he made false prophecy, and it therefore a false prophet and all false prophets must be killed!"  Anyone get it?  It means that those of that persecute the false prophet doctrine did not want to be accountable to the public!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

New Anti-Smoking Initiative Started 12 27 2014

Amazing Tax Receipts Colorado is getting from sales of marijuana 12 27 2014

Amazing Tax Receipts Colorado is getting from sales of marijuana 12 27 2014

Put them on a train to Mexico!

How about all of the money gets sent to the rest of us who have no signs of any drugs in their bloodstream?

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

Friday, December 26, 2014

Who is so dumb that they wouldn't know smoking is bad for them 12 26 2014

Who is so dumb that they wouldn't know smoking is bad for them 12 26 2014

And I don't really care what year in history we are talking about!  Who is so dumb that they don't know smoking is extremely bad for their health?

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 12 26 2014 at:

And when it comes to health insurance why should we pay for it?  You made that idiot choice not us!  Do you know why we have to pay for it?  Because if we didn't the Tobacco companies would eventually end up going out of business from the "Backlash!"

Do you see how Government politics is not for the people but for the wealthy that have great management and shares in business through "Anti Backlash" government policies???

All of those "Anti-Backlash" government policies need to go!  So that we can create the responsible nation we are supposed to be! 

Another "Anti-Backlash" policy relates to drunk driver that kill people!  You start putting them away for life or executing them and pretty soon those "Anti Backlash" policies are going to go away!  I seem to remember high ranking politicians killing people in drunk driving accidents!  Are they laws for the people or laws for those who have money and like to get inebriated!  You don't know how much I want to take away "That" candy from you!  There would be no more mentally retarded spectrum people and therefore none of us would be hearing voices under the FDR Jewish communist doctrine "One Must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry."  It is okay for me to say that when 85% of the founders of that form of government were of that religion!

Personal accountability is none existent because they don't have and know their own minds!


Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Devil Only Makes Money from a Sure Thing 12 25 2014

The Devil Only Makes Money from a Sure Thing; it would trip you so that it could charge you to teach you how to walk.

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Doctor Phil Show Today 12 24 2014

The Doctor Phil Show Today 12 24 2014

I saw him interview a violent child of about 8 to 12 years old. Here is what Dr. Phil didn't see.

  1. He didn't mention how tiring it was for that child to talk to him! What was that indicative of? That child never had to think in terms of a disciplined and respectful manner! It also means that him talking to Doctor Phil was like an alibi front personality! Hence very exhausting for him to keep up “The appearance” What one wonders is where his mind wants to immediately degrade to when he no longer had to talk to doctor Phil.
  2. The eyes are indeed part of the brain. A clear piece of skin forms on the front of the head where they eyes then form from or as the brain develops too! It is creations way of enjoying creation! What do I therefore view farsightedness, blindness, etc as? They are indicative of mental brain birth defects! But the Soda pop glasses are particularly disturbing. I have known at least two people like this in my life and they were both mean bullies. One was a High School drug dealer and the other was a violent and mean kid, whose mother was blind. As I remember he was a violent pederasty homo! (Not to me though, to some Polish boy they put in their sleeping bag on a boy scout camping outing.) That's always what I thought happened when I saw them both in the same bag, and I had told him not to go in that G#d damned tent!
  3. That kid had already demonically possessed Dr. Phil to slap himself and Dr. Phil didn't even realize it! Dr. Phil did indeed slap himself!
    That child hit, punched, kicked and spit on his mother! He threatened to kill his Grandmother. He threatened to kill his mother. His father admitted that he himself was emotionally disturbed in what might be termed the irritable way all his life! And still did not have it together.

Doctor Phil was pretty straight about it, he said that there is going to be a violent conflict between you and this child. This child is strong now and could kill you.

Here is what I thought when I saw the kid, there needs to be a place that children like that can be taken to where they can be said goodbye to forever. And the father should have been sterilized before he ever inseminated the boys mother. If they can get away with Kevorkian killings at every hospital with what is called hospice service through morphine injections then they can do the same with what I believe will lead a trail of violence and traumatized human beings wherever it goes! No it doesn’t belong in the Army at age 18! No it doesn't get to be on television and be all cutesy! No it doesn't get to pretend to know what the best investments to sell you are! No it doesn't get to form a day care center! No it doesn't get to be a teacher or priest around children. No he doesn't get to be an extortionist or tax collector!

But there was one sign of hope! The child indicated that a father law said to him that when his mother wasn't home he would beat his ass. He said that to him just once. But you know what? It doesn't mean anything at all and here is why! The mentally defective are hypersensitive to their rights and false ego being violated! That is why you can't tell them anything for fear of being victimized by them! Touchy isn't the word for it! It is an entirely different psychological construct that hasn't really been documented. It isn't megalomaniac either! It is more of a believe of omnipotence and persecution of those who it feels insecure to! For some reason that belief system is fostered or supported through their interaction with their parents! I happen to know that mental retardation travels from parent to child in a great many cases! Psychotic means a break from reality. So that term doesn't apply to this child either because he is very calculating! Do you know what the term should be? Damianism!

So where is the element of hope with this child; and I don't believe he will ever be a benefit to society! In fact when you hear the term victims of gun violence don't believe it! Some who lose their lives in gun violence might better be termed “Beneficiaries of Gun Violence.”

But here is how if this kid could be helped they could help him and I don't believe they ever will be able to! However that child was forced to behave while talking to Dr. Phil he needs to be made to behave that way 24 hours a day 7 days a week! I want to say put him in a zoo!

I don't know whether they were slavic or polish or Jewish, but you are going to hate me for this, some villages in Poland the children couldn't wait to kill the Jews. This child looks like that is what he waits for; opportunity to harm people! So sure you could set him up in a situation that he doesn’t know is being monitored to see how he interacts with one or two or three other children and a victim child when alone, but good God this child has had all the attention he already deserves in life! He has even been on national television!

And I can give you a few archetypes of children that your child needs to watch out for, and one is that kid with the soda bottle glasses from farsightedness! Why is it antisocial defect? Because human beings learn love through grooming one another, through closeness through a parent holding a child! I believe that is a birth defect of a different race defined in such a manner that it can't see close to it because it doesn't have the genetics of human warmth, caring and love in it's DNA! Another archetype of a bad kid is one that wants to feel your groin when wrestling. Who was wrestling with that kid you ask? His sister that is just as bad as him? Or his drinking father? What I am getting at is that some of us wrestle and we know not to harm and we naturally know the limits. The kid that doesn't again seems to lack a very important human characteristic. And I don't believe it is a do unto others what has been done to me. I believe it is more along the lines of that child's brain knowing it is cognitively different and wondering if other males are males too like it? But what it is really like is a monkey among us attempting to de evolutionize the human race? Which brings me to analogy. They found a boy that had been raised in the wild by monkeys. They tried to “domesticate” it but the other children were scared of it because it didn't keep its hands to itself! So the euphemism they used was that they had to do away with it. Now in George Bushes twisted brain world, you will be expelled from a classroom if you were scared of such a child! If you were scared of a sexually molesting primate child it means that there is something insensitive about you! It means that you are really causing that child's violence because of your fear of it. And the hippy “Bread” band listening to teacher at the religious school will accuse you of wrongdoing because she feels you didn't forgive that child raised by monkeys and therefore it is causing the emotional trauma of the child and its violence to the other children.

My belief was just reinforced, they need to be able to take that odd child, that by Dr. Phils facial expression scared the cr@p out of him, someplace where they can say goodbye to him for good. A good short story to read is by Philip Dick called the Pre-persons.

And when they leave that child and say their final goodbyes they don't need any Church to question them about it later in life and attempt to pitchfork up non-existing emotions! Anyone who watched that show had seen enough of the kid already! Do you know what I think? An odd emotioned priest makes up that how sad all women who had abortions are later in life! He can't handle the counseling needed to talk to her! So he puts the blame for the guilt he internalizes onto us! He doesn't say look that bottle of wine over their causes mental retardation! He doesn't say you should have never conceived a child while under the influence of alcohol because there is a high likelyhood of the child having a brain birth defect akin to mental retardation. Again these are men that don't love women and really have no other place to go in life upon adulthood! If you don't love women enough to marry and love one how can you ever take a stance that they should keep their children! Good God you don't want to be a father to their child or any child but you want them to keep them just the same. What is the construct of that already? It is the priest projecting his self pity into the world with this psychological construct, “I don't like women and couldn't get a real job, perhaps they could justify that I should not have been born too?” That isn't quite the articulation I was looking for but it is fairly close.

I just really want the voices to leave me alone so that I can live a normal life! I am not hear to be what the Prophets referred to themselves in the Bible as, “Hosts!”

But if you believe that the 1600 Nazi's repatriated to the United States might have been involved in torture and creating psychiatric drugs to deaden the minds of their victims as well as using electro magnetic spectrum weapons to torture (including microwave hearing) then please sign my petition, if not enjoy the life you are going to have with progeny like that.

But here is what is going to happen. The next time you watch television they are going to say how that child was really precocious and became such a prodigy and benefit to society! They won't tell you he stole the soul and future of a human being victimized to hear voices for his fear ear minded benefit.

And I really think Dr. Phil is full of Confederate beans; and likely lives a life of existential schizophrenic knowledge!  It is the way he stairs into the camera like, "You ought to be happy now for I have done the work of good!"  What does it look like to me resentfulness or apathy in demanding approval?  Something like that.  "As a fragment of you, I filled your role for you so why do you need to exist?"

Sure get the black boys in the white uniforms that raped and starved people to death at the Milwaukee County Mental Health complex to come to my house as part of an evaluation team?  Who in Gods name do you think you are fooling?

Maybe I write because I know you will never read anything else like this in your life ever!

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