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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Evidence Destruction 12 11 2014

Evidence Destruction 12 11 2014

The mentally defective believe that the logic in a string of premises or analogy can be deconstructed to be invalid.

It is wishful spoiled thinking of the mentally defective to believe that everything is subject to their "law" of verbal manipulation!

We see that right here!  This article should be the basis of a valid objection in a court of law!

"The prosecutor is attempting to deconstruct valid logic, a form of evidence destruction.  They are not of the required level of intelligence to uphold the United States Constitution!"

They can't comprehend it so they seek to destruct it!
They don't believe the Jury actual believes in its validity and has confidence in their comprehension of it so they seek to invalidly deconstruct it?

So how do we clean it up?  If any member of the legal community has a defective serotonin regulating gene you will not have been given a fair trial!

What is the basis of argument used to deconstruct evidence?

"Just because you only have four toes on each foot doesn't mean this is the standard of normalcy in the court system."  I see a lot of legal opinions formed on the four toed basis.

It's an FTB objection, verdict or sentencing?

You can't psychoenergize a person with a defective hippo campus to have a non-defective one!  The results are inferior; like in two steps backward then one forward!

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