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Monday, December 29, 2014

Invention Needed Hill Descending Clothe Wings 12 29 2014

Invention Needed Hill Descending Clothe Wings 12 29 2014

If you have ever been to the Lakefront in Milwaukee you will have noticed the pathways up the hill just a little south of Bradford Beach.  People run up that hill!

I have found that hill running is good for my lower back.

One day I ran down the hill.  I did not fall and the adrenaline got pumping as I came to the bottom.  You know how it is when you are running down a hill and your feet can't keep up and your upper body starts to fall forward?

Well this invention would allow people to descend hills at a faster pace!

Essentially it is the same "air brake" principle that a bird uses as it lifts its wings upon landing on ground!  Or that of how an airplane has plates on the back edge of its wings that make the wing profile greater and their increase lofting power and therefore slower speeds upon landing!

The invention would attach primarily to the wrists back of the neck in two places and the belt line.  In principle it should be stitched all along the lower arm length!  perhaps it could be made with two arms one reaches into and a belt at the waist line.  On the front of the chest the arm sleeves could connect with a snap strap.

Anyhow sounds like fun!  And I wonder if it would work!

That day I came down the hill fast was a wonderful experience of EXORCISM!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS. I don't really care if I miss the spelling of a few words!  If I took the time to check all that the voices would have made me one of those stroked out idiots in a wheel chair by now!

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