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Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Highly Paid Farting Pig 12 21 2014

A Highly Paid Farting Pig 12 21 2014

How many of you entered the Professional workforce only to work for a highly paid farting pig?

I did, in the Investment Business.

My mother told me they say Whoopi Goldberg farts on “The View”

So that good little negro that farts at the tea party is the only one left at it? Ever experienced this kind of attrition in what you were taught to believe was the Professional workplace? Doesn't say much for the integrity of Barbara Walters who hired and kept her does it!

“How do you like the new blonde I hired to work on the talk show with you Whoopi?”

“I don't! You know I have worn a white pillow case on my head when I was a girl so that I could pretend to be a blonde. I resent them because I am not one.”

“Well then you know what to do, fart until she leaves!”

Animal farm at best isn't it!

I really don't like to stoop to this level of vulgarity in my writing, however I am just representing the validity of my personal experience and the corroboration of it that other people have experienced too!

The ones who act the most vile and disrespectful to legitimately educated and knowledgeable United States Citizens are the ones who got ahead, and it should NEVER be that way!

Am I afraid of anti-defamation lawsuits! No! Why not? I already know that everyone in the world who hears voices on a scheduled basis should be the beneficiary of the largest anti-defamation lawsuit in the history of the world! And I am going to lobby to see that that happens and is a reality!

If you are in a highly paid position and very rich I would encourage you to lobby to improve the living standards of the poor and homeless because that might be you in the very near future! That is a promise!

If you assume that the wealthy have more class than you then you are greatly mistaken!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2014

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