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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mandatory UN-Compenstated Legal Representation 12 18 2014

UN-Compensated Legal Representation 12 18 2014
  1. A lawyer gets a man who committed a “horrific crime” like torture, off the hook.
  2. The lawyer was paid a small fortune for his representation.
  3. The Defendant who got off the hook goes on to repeat the same crime the lawyer freed him from justice of.
A. Has that lawyer done a service to his community, Democracy and Human Civilization?

B. Is not the Defense Lawyer in this case the equivalent of the criminal? Because he facilitated the criminal being a repeat criminal. And also because he received a great compensation which can be deemed criminally attained by the criminal?

C. Are there certain types of crimes that should require “Un-Compensated Legal Representation”?

  1. Should people charged in certain crimes not be able to compensate a lawyer for that defense because their money can be deemed criminally attained because of the type of charge or act they committed?       E. If lawyers were not allowed to receive money for certain types of  representations would it lead to a better human civilization; because the lawyer would not seek to manipulate the court and badger the court room?
Again a problem with paragraph heading indexing.

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