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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Schizophrenia Is 12 11 2014

Schizophrenia Is 12 11 2014

You versus that which takes two steps backward than one forward.  And doesn't that which takes two steps backward and then one forward object to a person who first thinks before he takes one step forward?

What happens after 30 steps when only on of a 100 people that started on the is 30 steps ahead?

Lets say "A" are the ones who took 2 steps backward and then one forward and define "B" to be the person who always steps forward.

1. The others "A"get mad and then start chasing him "B" in the correct direction?  And after they administer what they call justice they then settle back into the comfort of their 2 steps backwards and one forwards.

After a while of thinking before he "B" takes 1 step forward the person 30 feet ahead doesn't need to think as hard does he?  Why he has learned through synthesis hasn't he!

2.  Let's say that none of "A" know that they will ever be able to catch "B"?  They would never stop howling at him from a distance would they!

3.  But before and during that howling they might also attempt to convince "B" that he went the wrong way!  So "B" runs way back to them (40 steps back!) and when he gets there he gets beat up!  Then they make "B" take medicine to cure his defective thinking!  He ran the wrong way and is therefore a danger to himself and society!

4. "A" could never consider "B" to be their leader because he is incomprehensible to them.  But Community Rule prevails and "A" wins!  What are the implied consequences of historical Community Rule with regard to Civilization?

5. "B" won't compete with "A" because they won't recognize it when he wins and give him any credit for it?

6. "A" will eventually become frustrated after a little while of its own non-performance and project that anger onto "B"  And "A" will start chasing after "B" as if it will provide a solution.  After all "B" did indeed run the right way in the first place!  Now this causes cognitive dissonance in "A" and that is a form of mental illness isn't it?  His brain and thinking isn't working the right way but he has to deny it because it hurts his self esteem if he doesn't?

7. 'Something has to be wrong with "B"'declares A!  We will have to label him in order to negate competition with him!

Conclusion; "A" will seek to manipulate "B" in every way imaginable!

In absolute distance after 30 steps "B" is 40 steps ahead of "A"  And indeed "A" is ten steps behind if he did nothing at all!  So what is the implication when we would be better off if "A" had done nothing at all?

The Schizophrenic lives the live of stepping "B".  A stepping B?  A stepping to be?  Something poetic there.

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