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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Automotive Design 12 18 2014 Inventions Needed Updated

Automotive Design 12 18 2014

1. One added safety feature would be that if you got out of the seat with the car in drive it automatically shifts into park.  This prevents someone from coming home putting the foot on the brake and getting out without putting the car in park.  Background; there was a kid who I knew that delivered papers in a van for the Milwaukee Journal.  He got out with the car in drive and got wedged between the door and the jam.  He was an avid pot smoker.

2.  If that much electricity is captured in solar panels it would seem that a similar storage technology based on polysilicon layer technology could store tremendous amounts of electricity at a fraction of the weight of a lead acid or lithium battery.  Background polysilicon is a very lightweight material that in my laymen's understanding has the ability to strip the electron or energy wave form from a ray of light in order to produce electricity.  If it can strip the electron factor then it would seem highly plausible that it would also make the optimum capacitor electron transfer battery system basis.  It would have none of the explosive properties of lithium or the weight of lead or lithium.  In fact that thin layer capacitor could be located in the tubing of a cars frame!  Thereby creating more space inside the car and therefore a less air friction loss of potential energy.  Also the capacitor discharge of that battery to an electric motor would likely break the land speed record!

Not only do I believe that solar panels should be integrated into all the body panels of an automobile to produce electricity, I also believe that they should have a property to capture static electricity and convert it while at the same time reducing air friction on the external signature of the car.

In theory you could create a vacuum effect at the battery/capacitor whereby the efficiency of the solar collector was exponentially exceeded.  And in doing so you could indeed create some very interesting and dangerous time/space astrophysics effects? 

It is a good collector so a transmutation of the technology would also likely be a good "storer."  Can a person collect without storing?  It is almost as if they are part of the same verb.

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