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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Politician's say 1000's are looking for jobs Businesses say they need 1000's of employees 12 10 2014

Politician's say 1000's are looking for jobs Businesses say they need 1000's of employees 12 10 2014

It is not too hard to figure out who is lying is it! Why aren't they hiring??? Is the question you have to ask.  Is it a form of Imperialism?  Are they waiting for Great Britain immigrants to show up with a resume?

Or is it just an issue of problem people?  I know the issue of problem people all too well!  So how do we handle the problem people?  I believe that to address that issue you have to start with the wealthiest of the problem people first!  When they are reduced in ranks then they find commonality with the unemployed?  They would indeed hire if they were in the same economics boat?  So indeed the best way to create employment is through wealth redistribution!

In my experience they only want to hire a certain type of person that might be termed mentally defective just as the family is?  And often they won't hire someone that is overqualified because it is a blow to the self esteem of the family?  Now what does that mean?  It means that those who are in the high paying careers don't deserve to be there.  So again if they were in the boat that they should be in they would be far more happy people!

Imagine how miserable and spiteful a wealthy son would be of the intelligent up and comers?  The presence of them creates cognitive dissonance; and it can be fatal for the feeble minded son that never had to learn on his own.  Instead of doing something he just stews about how the other men do things and then henpecks at them in the workplace?  (Full disclosure: Writing is doing something, I am not wealthy and I don't henpeck the normal American.)

But we have all worked for those types of males;  they hate men just like cursing hags do don't they.  America was built by men.

Usually if a business needs to grow and expand they will find a way to hire someone.  But I don't believe that is always the case.  From my experience they love to not hire at all!  They also love the concept of only hiring those with professional degrees on a part time temporary basis.  What a slap in the face that is. I am going to go out on a limb here and say there is an archetype of male that is very different than the apple pie American among us.  They like to keep that payroll very small.  If you are in moral conflict with them as an Apple Pie American would be then they don't want you around!  The nature of your moral issue with regard to them isn't really important at all, all that is important to them is that you questioned their authority and it made them rightfully insecure.  So they get to stay while the honest American suffers.  A lot of Tea Party industries could go the way of the "raised building" and we would be a lot better off.  So what do we do with those displaced from odd high paying jobs they weren't qualified for?  Very simply they get to be farm workers!  And perhaps there is some genetic component that makes them god awful people like a defective serotonin receptor which makes them incompatible with living in compliance with the United States Constitution.  Well then we just scientifically have proven that you are not equal!  The principle of equality means that those who are not equal are not paid as much?  Get it?  To make comparisons of equality ends up meaning that you are not equal and should not be paid as much; and therefore that is the only way that the standard of equality can be maintained.  You don't have the right to use drugs and create a brood of genetically birth defective children and unleash them to monopolize the United States employment market!  You don't have the right to create inequality because it violates the standard of equality! You don't have the right to say your ill behavior is normal either as a corollary to that.  You can't torture and then say it is legal; the Constitutions clause that there be no cruel and unusual punishment isn't subject to mal interpretations by the wishful criminally defective minded.  It does not apply only to specific people and specific instance and therefore you can stretch a premise of law or invoke divine right to say it was legal because you did it.  You lessen the standard of equality. Who is going to work for someone who would torture?  Good lord!  You would expect us to work for people who advocate torture?  We are supposed to view people like that as authority?  I wasn't raised to be that kind of person!  So you want to get rid of all the people like me?  If you don't like the good people how quickly would the rest be gone after the good are gone?  How quickly does evil turn on itself in the absence of good?  Again to preserve equality the evil need to be put in their place.  Want to bring all the nations problems to an end that is right where you start.

And how many in our Government today are from the former Confederate slave owning south?  How many Great Britain immigrants are here today in high ranking positions, they supported the south in the Civil War and what we are experiencing today is about the same as the reasons we declared our Independence from Great Britain!  Does that island have room for them all?  We already know that it doesn't; how?  Because they invaded Northern Ireland for that very reason!

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