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Thursday, December 11, 2014

They are talking about the DNR not enforcing air and water standards on the radio 12 11 2014

They are talking about the DNR not enforcing air and water standards on the radio 12 11 2014

So I have to ask the question regarding the Radium in Waukesha water.  The other day there was a 60 minutes episode with regard to coal ash.  How it has a host of heavy metals in it!  How it is unregulated as a use as a road bed liner.  And they have no issue with seepage of those heavy metals into the water table from that; even though I find it a great concern.

But here is the question I have to ask.  Did some dimwit mix highly radioactive radium industrial waste with coal ash and use it as a road bed liner in an attempt to save on toxic waste disposal costs?

I only ask it, and it seems very remote, because that is the exact kind of thing the dumber and dumber do when given the reigns!

Now the last time I visited an office in Waukesha they had puffy lower cheeks.  I wanted to look that up to see if it was a sign of radium poisoning.  But they would say that molybdenum is more the issue.  Molybdenum from coal ash bedded roads or some other industrial metal waste process?  It is the richest Republican voting county in Wisconsin!  The current Governor is from there.

Whenever you talk to people about the DNR they kind of refer to them like they are an odd breed of Kings aloof or sycophant kings servants?  They say things like the Blue Gills in Lake Mendota are so big because the DNR office is located on that Lake so they look after it so well for that reason.

I might as well make the point again that if you can't eat fish because of mercury.  Because the mercury causes reproductive harm.  How long before those very fish can't produce?  Let me spell out the next part, then there are no fish left?  I want to make some point about Great Britain's involvement in created the CWD Deer disease out at a Colorado Military base circa 1947, but I can't seem to put one together.  Enough.  I have written it all before ad infinitum.

But I worked with some real piece of work guys like that in my life.  They would empty an automotive battery of its sulfuric acid onto the shop floor in order to better clean it; and it would drain directly into lake Michigan.  Just like the miles of feces does every time it rains!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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