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Friday, December 12, 2014

Draft New Legal Standard and Consideration to be applied in every court case 12 12 2014

New Legal Standard and Consideration to be applied in every court case

Did this person act with Human Reason and Human Conscience?

Were this person's actions consistent with Preserving Human Reason and Human Conscience?

There will also be a breakdown whereby just by the nature of a type crime Human Reason and Human Conscience are immediately in question!

Apply the concepts in the two extremes.

  1. A criminal that manually disfigures his victims. He did not act consistent with hR or hC!
  2. A person who takes a cob of corn from a farm field to eat. Did he act with hR and hC? “?” (Is Government keeping food from the poor consistent with acting with human reason and human conscience?) No!                   Now more scenarios to consider;
  1. A man steals 60 billion from the Financial System, his intent whether he was conscious of it or not was to put the land of the free into a Financial Depression whereby citizens die of starvation. Did he act consistent with hR and hC? No!
  2. A man Propagandizes torture to a Nation. Are his actions consistent with hR and hC? No!
  3. A man Propagandizes women who are raped must bear the child.
  4. A man drugs and then rapes 23 women!
  5. Corporate management of a chemical company create fraudulent false research in order to sell more drugs and make more money?
  6. A Politician states we don't have money to keep the environment clean and then spends trillions for a contrived War.
  7. A Man creates a business entity; defining it in such a way that it negates your Constitutional rights to work for him.
  8. A mans son is mentally retarded so he lobbies so that his son is longer defined to be mentally retarded.
  9. A man evicts residents from their homes because the properties are health hazards without having first established a shelter for them to stay at.
  10. A man establishes a religion and teaches a belief system that he does not personally believe in, and will never believe in, in order to make money.
  11. A boy sells or gives drugs to your child that cause delayed development; otherwise known as mental retardation.
  12. A man opens a brothel and sells sex with prostitutes? Is he acting consistent with the concept of human procreation as one thinks of it in terms of applying the concepts of human reason and human conscience?
  13. A man picks up a blow torch in the garage as he see's a another man chasing a woman who has her clothes torn off. She is bleeding from the face and crotch. The man takes the blow torch and immediately burns the assailant to death. Were his actions consistent with preserving human reason and human conscience?  Did they have to commit the act they did in the manner that they did; and how does that relate to hR and hC?
  14. A male figures out how to create a weapon whereby he can aim it at people and his voice controls the intensity of a microwave beam that is directed at them! As he yells at them their flesh and organs dry out and they are burnt! In his defense he states, “I am the decider and I make the decisions!” That is Divine Right isn't it, come to think of it! Divine Right acts in the absence of human reason and human conscience!

    Yeah I know my writing is getting a little scary. But what else is happening? The issues the world is facing are getting scary! And it seems like we haven't as a nation been keeping up with justice!
And I am not good at finding crimes consistent with acting in preserving hr and hc.  I think some acts of rage where a person was pushed too far the concept needs to be applied more.

The Universal Bill of Human Rights defines a person as having a Human Conscience and Human Reason.

Let me give you the definitions from a Dictionary I trust.

Human Reason

Human Conscience

Are there some cultures and countries that do not act with human reason and human conscience to the standard of the United States?  Are we to dip to that level in every interaction and confrontation with them?  Are we to apply our standards to them in a bracketed form when they don't apply in that manner?  How do we spread freedom by condoning the actions of those who torture?  Why would we not demand that countries that we have been at War with are held accountable for all acts of torture before we assume trade with them? 

That foreign person might make a good friend to a wealthy American but are they good for the general American population?

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2014

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