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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sewing Women 12 17 2014

Sewing Women 12 17 2014

Every United States Community should have designated Sewing Women. Whereby if a man wants something sewed to his specification he can bring it to such women and have one item sewed to his specifications for the fee of 1 dollar never to exceed 2. The women will use the process of first in first out in terms of the workflow. To be further defined that when someone brings an item in to them and a prior person is having more than one item sewed but is finished with the first item of that person the second person with only one item takes hierarchy, with their one item, in the first in first out process to the remainder of the other persons items.

The turnaround time should not be expected to exceed two days from bringing in one item of own fabric to have sewed. And indeed it can just be a roll of fabric with an instruction sheet diagram with finished dimensions on it.

I read in the morning Milwaukee paper that over 3 million calls by those seeking work were disconnected by the State of Wisconsin, or something of that similar wording.

In exchange for providing this service to communities such women are guarantied to keep their homes for their natural lifetime and also guarantied of a stipend for all the food and necessary living expenses.

Nor are they allowed to take a customer on hierarchy because of tips from that customer.

Such a concept can also apply to cobblers, blacksmiths, machinists, carpenters, basically manufacturers and makers of “staple” type items, also typists and for-matters, but not paid for writers (as that is the equivalent of fraud and propaganda.)

Background; apparently there are a lot of women who have nothing to do in our society today and that leads to a lot of trouble! We don't need someone like that stewing and cursing over things alike not having money for infrastructure repair, and the married lives of their neighbors and what they are doing in their homes, etc. Best that people like that are kept busy in a completely alcohol and drug free environment so that there negative influence does not degrade human civilization.

No human being needs the spoiled will of the mentally defective interjecting on their normal thought processes. Such women should never be allowed to sexually objective their bodies and scheme for money and power. No American should ever have to put up with a son that thinks in exactly the same way as a mother like THAT! And rather than them spending their free time with Canines they can develop a cohesive interaction with the community and create a sense of value to it from their newly learned abilities.  Nor should any woman or her son, like that, ever judge the sanity of those who hear voices.

So she gets to put up an official Sewing sign of some sort on her door.  And if any man ever rapes her he is to be sentenced to death.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2014

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