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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ashen Pale Face and Fungus Introduction to Developing DNA (Background to petition to ban alcohol) 12 30 2014

Ashen Pale Face and Fungus Introduction to Developing DNA

Have you ever brewed (made) a beer? The dregs settle at the bottom of the carboy (A large glass keg or keg.)

What was once golden and light brown grain has that color bleached from it into the liquid; and what settles on the bottom of the carboy is pale ashen white. Energy stripped away from it by the act of a fungus (Aka Yeast or Leaven.)

What did Jesus warn us about the Pharisees? “Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees.”

What does the word of God really have to say about Alcohol in the Bible?

What did the Surgeon General say about alcohol?


I am asserting that alcohol is the main cause of the birth defect which causes people to single out individual human being and use novel technological means to talk to them in their heads and create the medical fraud of schizophrenia. The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of them makes it medical fraud!

So what do I believe causes the mental defect of someone like that? Alcohol! And here is a list of other symptoms and problems I believe it causes!

Much like how the fungus in beer strips the grain of its energy and its color and leeches it into the fluid I believe is the same effect on a human being while in the womb or during conception and exposed to alcohol in either the male or females bloodstream; and therefore reproductive elements! Oxygen deprivation is a blood factor and it affects the brain so it does indeed cross any mythical blood brain barrier; just like a broken glass of aromatic perfume fills a whole house with the smell of it!

But specifically here is what I believe. In relation to the tanning ability of the skin I believe it to strip away the gene that causes white skin to be seasonally transitional and tan. So that is an immunity factor! The tan protecting one from the sun. Also protecting the rays of the sun from penetrating through the pale white skin.

I believe many factors like human immunity are stripped of the DNA under the influence of alcohol on a fetus. Another one relates to the serotonin regulating gene! Studies of mice have determined that those that have a faulty serotonin regulating gene are more or highly likely to be homosexual!!!

Serotonin metabolism regulates happiness. A defective gene will likely make a person prone to the use of drugs in order to find happiness rather than from personal achievement. Hence the stripping by the yeast creates a drug dependent person at birth on the very chemical that mal influenced its creation!

Drug induced birth defects should NEVER be considered Normality!

So in addition to immunity factor other human species factors are stripped away from the DNA because of alcohol. And indeed once a development stage has past there is no returning; the damage is permanent!

I also believe that alcohol impairs gene expression that is part of the DNA. One's DNA might appear to read normal however not all of the genes from it were allowed or can be expressed, like a rose that can never bloom. Again bleached away by the fungus! Now I could equate it to a recurrent fungus from promiscuity but that is not the topic here, and in fact alcohol causes promiscuity doesn't it!

Does it also strip an energy factor from human DNA? Often when a person is pale we wonder if they are sick. Have you not seen how the birth defects of Down's Syndrome people also have pale white faces? Many of the mental birth defects would seem to have pale white faces. Gauntness!

Do these factors add up to the creation of a Revanant Race? The human factor has been stripped form their DNA by the time of birth. A Revanant Race would constantly be trying to take that human factor from those born as normal human beings, that life factor, draining their life energy via voices like they were drained of human DNA expression long before birth! A Revanent white race would be the greatest threat to the white race and humanity that ever existed!

What other forms of delayed development or genetic birth defects do I ASSERT it causes?

  1. Criminal mindedness.
  2. Corruption as employment.
  3. Homosexuality. (No species specific heterosexual DNA encoding and gene expression or passed down immunity type factor)
  4. Vocal chord anomalies.
  5. It is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western Hemisphere.
  6. Lisps, stutters, speech defects, and horse tooth receding upper lip gum line during smile.
  7. Diminished capacity for human reason. Impulse based behaviors, self destructive, based on gleeming.
  8. Diminished capacity for human conscience. No accountability for any of ones personal actions! Having no idea how ones actions affect the health and well being of other people!
  9. Astonishment and disbelief in Prophetic type thinking, (proactive thinking and analysis of macro risks)
  10. Down's Syndrome and Autism and the complete list of some 14 or far more labeled genetic birth defects accompanied by mental retardation.
  11. Reading Disorder (dyslexia, as many as 14.5% of Americans or 43.5 Million!)
  12. Hearing and auditory disorders.
  13. Alcohol and drug dependencies wired into the DNA!!!
  14. Birth defects of the eyes, sight and stereoscopic vision!!! (DE-evolutionary!)
  15. Propensity for gang, networked and organized criminal behavior including promoting false religious beliefs often in direct contradiction to other false religious beliefs promoted by same self.
  16. Decreased self awareness of ones own lack of intelligence and societal deemphasation of that!
  17. Disbelief in earned knowledge by those smarter than you.
  18. False and subjective memory system creating and supporting a delusion of self belief system. (Again serotonin gene regulation related!)
  19. Daily denial of personal ignorance.
  20. The belief that any intelligent and true opposition can be deconstructed.
  21. The delusional belief that whatever your best capability in a job is; is indeed the best that there can be!
  22. Projected violence to normal human beings induced by accurate and untenable self comparison by bullies and the adult criminal minded; again caused by alcohol birth defect!
  23. Inability to mitigate ones false belief system.
  24. Inability to learn something in a way that is different from how they initially learned it.
  25. Coveting of delusional memories initially known to not be from ones own life experience but rather through a dysfunctional form of “voyeurism”

    I believe that the fungus in alcohol or alcohol itself strip the human DNA of evolutionary traits, just as the process strips the gold from the grain and leaves pale white ash at the bottom of the large glass bottle!

Petition to ban the sale and production of alcohol in the United States and not trade with any nation that doesn't do the same! To use deadly force to Protect the United States Constitution as it relates to any instance or objection; for the reasons listed above!

Yesterday on the radio I heard the term “Long Term Work Development Area” in relation to a road construction project. I believe that we need complete segregation of those who have impaired DNA that affects mental ability from the rest of the population. Those of us who hear voices will indeed be on the good side! You will only be able to tempt those of your own inferior tribalism and not the brave and proud Americans that are left!

It is not enough to put that warning label on the bottle because many of those babies put up for adoption occur because of one night stands at bars whereby their DNA is impaired from alcohol! This is what the “One Father for All” Christian Pro-life agenda really propagandized! And it has been the greatest detriment to world freedom that could ever be conceived of! “One Father For All” is both Communism and also the cause of Schizophrenia! As in the cursing German based aphorism, “He who has no children raises many!”

So you say that fungus is removed from alcohol by pasteurization and other processes? What happens to cells that die from oxygen deprivation; are they not likely to be subjected to opportunistic fungal degradation? Of course they are, so in effect alcohol creates its own fungus when none is present in it!

Alcohol is the gateway drug to every other drug there is!  First of all it lowers ones inhibition (to try new drugs) while at the same time causing oxygen deprivation based Depression!  Can't get any worse than that!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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