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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

You Wonder how a big metal ship burns 12 31 2014

You Wonder how a big metal ship burns 12 31 2014

But they do.  It has to do with what is inside of them and also fuel.  Coat something with fuel and it burns and also starts paint on fire and melts metal.  Then indeed articles inside the ship which are supposed to be fireproof burn too??

But here is something interesting.  Coal ash!  Recently there was a Duke Energy segment on 60 minutes about how they left a pile of it unattended and it "mudslid" into the local river, contaminating it with heavy metals.  And how the EPA says' it isn't to be classified as a hazard.

But it is in the drywall of your home!  So what am I getting at?  If it can burn down as part of your home how come it can't be mixed with something and burnt for energy production????

Seems to make sense doesn't it?

Now if they can grind coal add water and an igniter creating Coal Water Fuel Slurry that burns cleaner!  And boy did I lose a bundle of money on that Chinese based company called Sino Clean Energy,(stock ticker symbol: SCEI) even though I haven't sold the stock yet!

How come they cannot create a coal ash water fuel slurry?  If they can burn the coal cleaner by adding water and the igniter how come they can't burn the coal ash?  After all it goes up in smoke when a home burns down?

Yeah I know the Ivy League Wall Street gang are giving me the bum rush again!  I can hear them saying I don't know anything!

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