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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Allowing Women and Homosexuals to serve in the Armed Forces is the Worst Mistake the United States Ever Made 12 31 2014

Allowing Women and Homosexuals to serve in the Armed Forces is the Worst Mistake the United States Ever Made 12 31 2014

Empirical Evidence of 23 years in Afghanistan and Iraq prove that! There is no better Evidence than Empirical Evidence! Why? Because there is no better proof of failure than failure!

We are also seeing evidence that the same construct is holding true in the Police Force nationwide!

And if it is holding true in the police force it means it is holding true in Government also!

And if it is holding true in Government it is implies that women should not be allowed to vote!

And what is a person that brags about killing for a living? What is a person who is so proud of their ability to kill normal human beings? And what about women who are like that? And in times of peace? I would have no problem stuffing people that grew up wanting to kill people for a living and career into gas chambers as fast as I could!

I mean what is a woman like that? It is a spoiled little boombalatti that never got the birds and the bee's talk because it would have hurt her feelings so much that she would have killed herself!

Now here is the psychological principle that we use to separate the wheat from the chaff! If a person was willing to die in battlefield conflict, and even be maimed to the point where by arms and legs were missing then working in a farm field or clean factory is not beneath you! We will be making the choice for you! They will be called long term work force development areas!

You will not be there alone! Anyone who has a defective serotonin regulating gene will be there with you! The working conditions will be 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, there will be no repetitive stress injuries or accidents allowed to happen! You will not be able to have alcohol, tobacco or drugs of ANY kind!

The business game has gone too far! How much of the worlds energy has been lost to creating products that don't last? How much pollution has entered our environment because of that! The future liability is insurmountable! Men would have never allowed that to happen!

Again if you thought it was a bragging rights job to serve in the military in times of peace you were mistaken! Our Constitution warned us about you! You do not represent the fabric of this country and what we believe in! What you amount to is hop on board and gang up in violence! Just read what the founding fathers said about you and you will see it is the same thing I am saying!

What do women like this amount to? Odd aggression. Attempting to prove they are something they are not and were never supposed to be! Bad decision making! A non human species female instinct! All signs of mental retardation of the female human sex!

And again it does relate to the new discovery that mice that have a defective serotonin regulating gene are more likely to be homosexual! Serotonin regulates happiness! Therefore how one attains happiness and is motivated to attain happiness! Therefore a defective sr gene means that some of you are on an abnormal path to happiness and don't even know it! All well and good you say? It is until some of us start hearing voices because you find that tormenting the human mind is really what makes you happy! Do you understand yet? Empirical evidence, your failure to act like a human being, tells us you are not one of us! No man would allow the threat of something like you to harm innocent people!

Can you be tested for the defective serotonin regulating gene? Yes.

  1. participation in criminal behavior; proof positive empirical evidence.
  2. Concurrent birth defects.
  3. Visual stimuli physiological reaction graphing.
  4. Blood test?
  5. Minute nerve biopsy?
  6. Admission of homosexual tendency!
  7. Failure to be able to be drug free; again seeking false means of happiness instead of achievement.
  8. Do all actors and actresses really have dissociative personality disorder? Perhaps the best form of trauma recover would be for those who actually were traumatized in War if it is a War movie to play parts in the movie! If a person is a victim of crime or rape, etc! Perhaps only people of that personal experience get to play those parts in the media? Would that not make for a more “real” world? These are the ideas that I BELIEVE IN! What happens to the contrary of a real world? People making millions for pretending to be people they are not and then politically influencing the country; I want to name many names but will just leave it at Ronald Reagan. Who consulted a fortune teller who attended Vassar University for conclusive advice on every decision he made in office! There will never be a better example of truth being stranger than fiction than that! But if you think that is funny you are wrong! It is something we should all be crying over! I don't believe that the spoiled son gets to pretend to be something he isn't for a living and rise to the top power spot of a nation of the free, and the world, by doing so! That is a great horror!

I believe that 4 and 5 are coming. However we don't need them to start the process today!

What happens when you combine a female brain that is on average 10 percent smaller than a mans with the birth defect to the serotonin regulating gene? The real men and women of the world hear voices and the cowards who are behind them will never come forward! How does a female like that raise children? What good do they turn out to be?

Okay to be fair to women! Life should not be as hard as it is for you! You should not be forced to compete with men and bad men in life just to make room and board and feed the kids the low life that sired them and then took off created! That isn't fair! So that has to change too! And nor should you ever have to face recurrent insult by the sons and the daughters of the wealthy and no good in politics and media who label you all kinds of cursing insults! So you like where that is going? In order to get there you have to abandon all alcohol, tobacco and drugs! So you make the choice what kind of world you want to live in! You are going to hate me for this next part. Because women are allowed to vote has the nation become more duped into voting in acceptance of alcohol, tobacco and drugs? Here is what a man would say and how he would think about the drug user (and those of the birth defect to the serotonin regulating gene! I would not feel safe working with that person in any environment! I would not trust that person to come into contact with my food! I would not trust that person to ever represent me in any way as if they can make better decisions than me for me! Don't you dare force us into a corner of having to accept what isn't truthful reality! That is how men think! Now the bad woman thinks in terms of “Nobody will ever know,” and “It is okay as long as I don't get caught,” and “No one will ever believe our victims!”

Do you know what the fate of someone who believes “No one will ever believe our victims,” is? They become their own life's victims faster than the rain makes its way to the sewer!

And do you know what the great horror is? The good woman would never ever conceive of how evil and destructive bad women are to our society! NEVER! And the bad woman has not been accurately portrayed in all her manners of thought, scheming and hatred in the media! Why not? Again to give her what amounts to that type of talk would be self destructive to her! And we don't dare do that! We don't dare take the risk of attempting to teach her something because it makes her very unhappy when we do that! It is like holding your cat up to the bathroom mirror to look at itself, It can't stand the sight of itself and rapidly turns its head in denial! It wants to believe it is something it isn't! And so it is with the defective serotonin regulating gene! It wants to believe it is a human being so bad it would cause them to become mentally disabled from hearing voices in their heads! The lesser logic being if I destroy that which I want to be, then I will become it! Reality is far different than that! What it really amounts to is undisciplined projections of self hatred unto the world!

But I believe this is the cause of it! So sign my petition if I struck some kind of a commonality chord with you.

Only deranged and delusional leadership would deny the validity of empirical evidence! But why do they do it? Because that is how they found a wife! Making promises that they could not be personally responsible in attaining in fulfillment of! And what motivates them? It doesn't matter what happens after they get what they want! We are seeing the ruin of that everywhere! They didn't deserve it but they got it anyway. Why? Because someone else wanted it and life to them was about mimicking someone else! Hence again, if I take what someone else wants I am the equivalent of them! Is indeed the psychology of the primate!

Perhaps it is more like this.  One man seeks a wife because he thinks they will be compatible and there is commonality!  Now another male seeks the same wife not for those reasons but because he wants to feel like he is the man who has compatibility and commonality.  Essentially he isn't motivated by his own thinking in one of the most important factors that create a family!  I do believe a great many people attempt to act as if they have human emotions and never really attain human emotion in their life.  So duo selves like that only feel comfortable in the world if they can create other dual or multi selves (through victimization?) And that would be the inability to understand oneself as a human!  And what a great horror it is for a person like that to project their false sense of normality onto the world!  Transform the world into the least common denominator of a human being?

I would also question if women who joined the military or law enforcement were more likely to be victims of male abuse in the home. Now that would be a responsible question to ask! Did your brothers or father (s) hold you down to the ground a lot?

There was a video on youtube of a woman police officer chase black men around and grabbing at their groins!  I don't know what those women are?  You could see the happiness she derived from it radiate from her!  It was like she was stuck in a psychotic Kindergarden translated world of Red Rover Red Rover!   Big legs, fat round miscegenated pale white faces, talking trash like black girls, likely Italian or Polish or English? And this is the police force that boohed the New Mayor?  This is the exact reason why our Founding Fathers declared that all forms of Gun Control are illegal!   ALL!

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