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Friday, December 12, 2014

John Brennan of the CIA another negative for the Irish Image 12 12 2014

John Brennan of the CIA another negative for the Irish Image

They sure like to propagandize a negative image of the Irish by the ones they pick for leadership!

John Brennan supporting torture?

Barrack Obama so many in-completes!

Bill Clinton and national adultery!

Reagan likely had Alzheimer while in office and consulted a Fortune Teller who attended Vassar University.

Carter inept at confronting Reagan!

Kennedy had a lot more credibility and a Russian spy killed him. However we never attacked Russia over it did we? No, we were sending American boys to be tortured and go mysteriously missing in Vietnam!

Was your Irish father a lot better than the ilk that got promoted? Mine was. Mine was a reading teacher! Do you know what the word Quran means? To “READ” What is the core of the Muslim belief system out there in the Middle East desert? To READ to one another! Literacy! From my understanding Mohammad was a Prophet (and the Muslims had many of the similarities of a Jewish tribe!!!). So what they really believe in, whether they practice it or not, whether they even know it or not...the legacy of what they are to believe in is READING! THAT IS THE WILL OF GOD! The English did not want all their citizens to know how to read, that is one of the reasons the Pilgrims broke with them and founded the United States! And it is highly relevant in terms of national and geopolitics. Oh lets make up some false learning standards that are completely unrelated to a child learning from what it is reading! Another construct of madman George Bush.

So why do they create a negative image of the Irish? Because they have always been jealous of the Isle of Man!

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Originally published on 12 12 2014

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