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Saturday, December 20, 2014

23 Counts of Drugging and Raping and the Statute of Limitations 12 20 2014

23 Counts of Drugging and Raping and the Statute of Limitations 12 20 2014

1.  I can understand the statue of limitations holding true for one instance of a crime but what about multiple instances?  It isn't just one crime at that time anymore, after how many?  Six to be arbitrary.

2.  Drugging and Raping would seem to me to be categorized as a different crime than rape.  The drugging element is more akin to kidnapping a person for a period of time isn't it?  And most people know the effects of alcohol when they drink, I.e. a woman, but when we get into other drugs, illegal ones that is an entirely different story.  It is a felony to put a foreign substance in someone's food because it is considered poison and could kill them; and many people have been poisoned to death in that manner.

3.  Now lets say for the devils sake of argument that these women or some of them were initially paid.  Then the crime of soliciting a prostitute should hold up.  But what about when the man having sex with the prostitute is so cross eyed ugly that she has to take a drug in order to not be traumatized for life from the experience?  Should prostitution even be legal in Nevada?  What kind of odd germs or fungus is your kid going to catch and not know it?  I don't believe it should be legal anywhere in the United States!  I don't believe prostitution should be a refuge of employment for those with low IQ!  Perhaps working in a field would be better for someone like that.  And from a responsible society point of view do you actually want a prostitute to have a son or daughter?  What miserable life is he cast into from day one?  Do you want a daughter to be taught prostitution from her mother, whether she actually teaches it to her or not or just learns it from living with her?

The gist of the article is that the drugging and raping is a far worse crime than just plain raping.  The drugged person doesn't even know what happened to them even though at some level they do and were traumatized from it.  I can hear the devils advocate saying if she was drugged why would it bother her?  The answer to that is like the Republican Party stating women who are raped should keep the child; if it were true then a precedent is being set that women can be drugged and raped or had sex with.  That is just awful!  What kind of court system would ever want a precedent like that to be set.  But do you see how the news in this comedians case serves to set a very bad precedent as an example of what can be gotten away with when you have lots of money?

I never liked him!  I don't believe I should ever have to feel one iota of shame for not liking someone!  For you to preach to me that I should is really the equivalent of you telling me that religion as a business supersedes someone's rights under the Constitution in law.  For you to tell people to forgive rather than seek justice is really your desire to create victims of the human population without them having the ability to do anything about it, and nor should they believe they have a right to not be a victim!  Aha and there is a new legal precedent to set!  You have the right to believe that you have the right not to be a victim! It serves to segregate out those with a predatory nature in our civilization doesn't it!  Who is preaching that you do not have the right to seek justice but instead as victims; just forgive?  One learns to play by the rules because they are not mentally defective and the other needs to create victims in order to live among us because they are mentally defective.

What did success mean to this man who used the money from it to drug and rape many women, many of whom were white?

What would have success meant to me as an individual?  Get a good job, have enough money to pay for a home and raise a family, and do fun things on the weekend.  Okay I hear voices and my dream was long ago destroyed!  I believe that many good Americans had that same principle of what it means to be successful and it taken from them! We don't need that conflict in our lives!  That type of conflict has no place in the United States!  Adult life isn't supposed to be that hard and it doesn't have to be that hard!

Dontre Hamilton, a man who hears voices and was sleeping in the park?  I started hearing voices in 1991 in Chicago.  It is demonic possession by a genetic pre- dater!  When you leave your home or apartment to escape the voices they do become less.  I too went to the park a few times in the bitter Chicago cold and sat on the park bench and wished I could have fallen asleep!

I believe that all banks that participated in the mortgage crisis should lose their corporate charter and become homeless shelters!  I believe that businesses that want to buy adjacent public property though many different types of political machinations and manipulations should also become homeless shelters.


I am starting to rant so I will keep on with it.  The other day on the radio I heard a man with an effeminate homosexual like voice talking about mentoring children.  It really bothered me.  Where does the conversation go to when the boy hears the man talking like a woman and starts to ask questions about homosexuality?  "Is it okay for me to be a homosexual (part time father of mine.)?" Not all men  would answer that the same way!  And the homosexual themselves is only going to answer it one way.  And I am just talking about a young and impressionable mind that has not found its confidence in the world.  Nobody seems to understand my point of view but I will provide it anyway!

But that scene is always going to get worse isn't it, "Earlier today you were asking me about what it is like to be a homosexual, I can show you now."

Now here is my honest standpoint.  Would you want to be that little boy?  Would you want to be in his shoes at that point in time.  If you say yes you are one of the most horrible predator sub species ever known on the planet earth!

These are my beliefs!  My beliefs are indeed subject to free speech!  My beliefs are also my religion!  Are your beliefs your religion?  Very interesting question isn't it!

Now again here is how we ferret out the mentally defective!  If you say that your beliefs are your religion would you like your own beliefs to be applied to you by someone else?  Do you see who cannot be honest with themselves?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2014
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