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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Psychiatric War Crimes Trials 12 23 2014

Psychiatric War Crimes Trials 12 23 2014

I believe in the very near future there might be Psychiatric War Crimes Trials in the United States that compare equally to the Nazi War Crimes Trials that followed WWII!

If you agree sign my petition so that we can know what the 1600 Nazi Scientists given freedom in the United States by our highly credible (torturing) Central Intelligence Agency were up to!

First of all we know that Nazi Scientists were creating human trauma through torture!  We also know from the War Crimes Trial that quote from memory of reading, "They did everything possible to create a nation of 80 million dependent minded using radio TYPE technology."  So one easily declares they were involved in mass psychiatry!

I see very few legitimate Aryans today in the world, very few!  And United States soldiers did indeed see Adolph Hitler escape via plane to ....Russia?  What did Hitler also do?  He kidnapped Aryans from their families and had them adopted by Slavic families?  That didn't preserve the Aryan gene pool it miscegnated it!  Hitler himself had the miscegenated gene!  Also many of those Nazi's had Satanic faces!  So if Hitler did indeed escape to Russia it really means that Russia was part of a massive conspiracy!  Putin whose Russian family spoke German declared that 85% of the founders of communism were Jewish!

But lets flush out the facts and force the United States Government to reveal the occupations of ALL 1600 Nazi Scientists repatriated to the United States!  And we will know if you are lying!

What do I believe War is really about?  Targeted genocide of the prophet race (pure human) that does not have the defective serotonin regulating gene from fetal alcohol syndrome, etc!

Theory: all the hatred in the world comes from those who cannot be happy through their own personal achievement because they have a defective serotonin receptor regulating gene!  The serotonin gene is responsible for creating feelings of happiness!  Those who have a non defective one need no alcohol or drugs in their life!  Those who have the defective gene will be dependent on drugs as adults for their happiness; and it eventually kills them!  As well as being a willfully ignorant cause of brain birth defects; fetal alcohol syndrome!  Was Germany a big beer drinking nation?

Pope Francis made the recent comments with regard to high ranking Vatican Clergy, that they gossiped, formed cliques and ....  Basically we need to ask ourselves why these males and males that dominate corporate America act and think like cursing women?  The answer has to be defective genes!  And that is why I can't stand the Pro-life movement!  How many of those children who were put up for adoption have mental birth defects because those parents were alcoholics?  We don't know!  But we do know that as many as 43.5 million Americans have some form of mental retardation known as dyslexia.  Let me be clear with the English language! the word  "Retard" is defined in the dictionary to mean to delay the development of!  Is someone that is a level or two below the norm prone to frustration leading to acts of violence and harassment?  Without a doubt!  And they say that bullying is at epidemic levels!  I believe we might need to segregate that bad bully gene pool from the rest of the population!  Call it a legacy issue from FDR's New Deal!  And it was also Democrats that allowed all the Indian Gambling to flourish, New Deal?  New Deal for who? The wealthy whites who collect fees from it and the Native Americans of Asian descent; Asia being prone to communism for some reason?

Schizophrenia is complete medical fraud!  The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it medical fraud!  I believe that knowing the complete occupations and scientific research of those 1600 Nazi's given freedom in the United States by the CIA in Operation Paperclip will prove that!  So sign the petition!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2014
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