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Saturday, February 26, 2011

If you started out an article praising Republicans in some manner and then

If you started out an article praising Republicans in some manner and then changed the focus to one of a critique of their policies as if they were Democratic Policies you could probably quite readily get Republicans to agree with what you wrote.

Try it and you will see.  Pretend you are one and then craft the essay in such a way.  They do not know what the proper policies should be they just know to agree with their leaders.  This is their modus operendi.  They will go down in flames like an air force squadron following an unfit echelon commander.

If you say you agree with their leader on some non issue they will not have the presence of mind to contradict you.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Jazz is the Willpower of Mature Adults 02 25 2011

Jazz is the Willpower of Mature Adults 02 25 2011

     Jazz was invented by black people trying to learn how to play musical instruments while their demonizing oppressors tried to screw it up.  That is where all the different notes and melodies come from, adaptation to mal-influence.  It is the influence of the spoiled child spirit of wealth creation that could not stand someone learning a musical instrument.  The persistence in playing is in effect an adult’s way of disciplining a child by ignoring them.  The idea represented here reads like this, “You can try to screw it up all you want but for all your efforts I am going to keep on playing.”
     How come we no longer hear Jazz on Milwaukee radio, I mean a dedicated station?  It cannot be blamed on demographic influence.  And also we certainly hold ourselves out to be an artistic city and Jazz is said to be the only original art form in the U.S. 
     Do we really need all that iron cross music?
     Do you want to know the real reason we don’t have a Jazz or Classical radio station you can listen to without disruption?  There are a lot of spoiled spirits who can’t stand the sound of it.  Why?  Because it is in effect the representation of the willpower of an adult over that of a spoiled mind.  Many of all ages today in Milwaukee and Wisconsin loathe the willpower of mature adults it is anathema to them.
Has the demographic that created this original art form changed to one of oppressor?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: Murphy-Accountability for Lies 02 26 2011

The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News: Murphy-Accountability for Lies 02 26 2011: "How come there is no way to make Politicians Accountable for their lies in the United States. At the very least we could fine Scott Walker..."

Murphy-Accountability for Lies 02 26 2011

How come there is no way to make Politicians Accountable for their lies in the United States.

At the very least we could fine Scott Walker for each lie he has told us.  If Politicians were fined for telling lies there would be a lot less bad ones and a lot more good ones.

Scott Walker did not campaign on the principals he is putting forth.  If he lied to Wisconsin Voters is that not fraud.

Shouldn't our Government leaders be held to the highest standards regarding fraud.

We should fine our Politicians for their lies until they no longer lie.  What would happen then?  Scott Walker would hire what he called "disruptor's" to silence those who knows he is lying.

Is this what passes for the standard in the United States today?  The lying filth or wealth creation?

We need a way to ensure that the low standards Scott Walker represents are not allowed to be part of our country.

Wisconsinites want something better than Scott.

He has been Governor for a very little time and he has created a bad foundation already.

Strong States are built on strong foundations and this is not Scott Walker.

Scott Walkers lies serve to put cracks in the very floors we walk on, and once we fall through he'll be there again to tell to do our jobs.  I am doing the best I can Scott to get likes of you out of power.  We need to rebuild the image of greatness in America and it does not start with you.

I saw Scott speaking on the news today, he looked like a hung over drunken dolt. 

He reminds me of the kind of guys that did not go to college but would sometimes be in the bars to cause trouble, blunt idiots.  Punks who were jealous of every aspect of learning and education.  As a kid he was probably smacked in the head when he tried to think.  Why?  So his family wouldn't be found out and revealed for the feeble minded low grade imbecile's they were.  After all if you don't think you are not likely to make any mistakes right?  And you are also not likely to show that you made any mistakes.

Scott who told you would be a good leader and why??????????

Scott's lies are highly representative of the Republican Party today.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

Murphy- The Statue of Vincent Fonzerelli for President of the US in 2012

Scott Walker is using taxpayer times and dollars to gain national exposure.
Why?  He is using this publicity to set himself up for the candidacy for President of the United States of America.

Do we really need a President whose idea to help the country become more educated is to cut teachers salaries, in the name of wealth creation.  He could raise taxes but instead he seeks to cut teachers salaries.

Why does Scott Walker not believe in teachers?  Does Scott Walker not value his own education?

If Scott Walker does not value his own education why is he Governor of Wisconsin?  Could it be that the political party that put him in office does not value their own educations either.  I can tell you for a fact already some of them were not able to learn for themselves, they were what I can only term as being "carried" by others in the classroom.

You have to ask yourself who would get into the position of Governor and then reduce the deficit by cutting teachers salaries ahead of anything else.  If you just think of it for what it is, this is the way the mind of a DOLT thinks.  Every word that comes out of Scott Walkers mouth sounds like DOLT speech.  Just look at  him talk.  This is like that punk at school who became popular by mouthing off to people. 

As if the Fonz, Fonzerelli wasn't bad enough for Wisconsin we now have Scott Walker.

Who wants a DOLT for President of the United States or Governor of Wisconsin.

Vincent Fonzerelli for President of the United States.  We might as well put that Statue from Milwaukee at the Washington Capital in the place of the President.

Really, you have to ask yourself who can tell the difference between Scott Walker and the muted bronze still brained statue of Vincent Fonzerrelli.

The Statue of Vincent Fonzerelli for Governor.

I can hear you already we can't part with our statue of Vincent Fonzerelli, no matter how good a leader the statue would make for the United States of America.

God Bless Those Who Think For Themselves

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Murphy- on the recall of Wirch

The man who is leading the recall of Wirch says that he will call the whole thing off if Wirch just comes back.  What is this really saying?  That he likes Wirch!

This man who is leading the initiative to recall Wirch wants to act as if he has the power to be a senator himself.  Does this man not value education?

I agree with the man who is leading the effort to recall Wirch.  And when Scott Walker calls off his WAR against Wisconsin, Wirch should come back.  But not before.

There is a difference between improving the education system and paying teachers less.  You talk to any Police Officer or Fireman and they will tell you I would rather risk my life than stand in front of a classroom full of children.  There is a great pay disparity here already and Scott Walker only wants to make it greater, that is Police and Firemen earn more than teachers.  Have we really got our money out of our police department?  No.  Look at the crime and drugs in Milwaukee.  No Policeman or Fireman would stand in front of a class full of children and they won't arrest drug dealers either, are they part of the same family you have to ask yourself.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Scott Walker is bringing tourist dollars to

02 26 2011

Scott Walker is bringing tourist dollars to Rockford Illinois.  What a minute that is not part of Wisconsin is it.

Scott Walker has done a lot for the State of Wisconsin already, in maknig Rockford Illinois a sanctuary for those residents of Wisconsin whose opinion does not matter to him.

Scott Walker is so such a great communicator that fourteen Democratic.

Democratic Senators don't be fooled by Scott Walkers cajoling words, you are availing yourself of the laws of government as they were written and you are serving as a great example to every state in Wisconsin.

If Scott Walker tries to use force against any of you.  Barrack Obama the President of the United States has ultimate authority over the national guard to stop them.  I wrote about how one faction of the government used the national guard to promote slavery, that essay is on my politics website, (Teddy Roosevelt or Eisenhower search terms.)

The Democratic Senators are true patriots, don't let Scott Walker have you believe anything else.

This Republican agenda has stripped our rights in the name of wealth creation for too long.  This Republican agenda has compromised the health of the public in every conceivable way in the name of wealth creation.

If Scott Walker wants to talk to you let him come to the land of Lincoln personally all by himself, that is what a man would do.

Enough is Enough, Re-establish fairness in the United States of America

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Friday, February 25, 2011

If Scott Walker would let the public vote on the bill and on him....

If Scott Walker would let the public vote on the bill and on him again.

We wouldn't have to hear about either one again.

Back in 1991 Firemen made $40,000.00 as an introductory salary in New York.  I don't know what a public school teacher makes but it is probably more like $25,000.00.

What fires are we not going to put out in the future because we don't have an educated public.  A new generation that hasn't developed common sense a good teacher can teach one.  Firemen should stand with teachers today rather than have to put out more fires in the future.  And Policemen should for the same reason.

Cigarettes are the prelude to using drugs, policemen. If Scott Walker gets his way on teachers what will be next?  He has hinted he would repeal the tobacco ban.  This man does not care about people he cares about money and status.

He has not said that he could tax the richest people in Wisconsin and solve this problem.  But he won't because they put him in office.  If you are sitting on a billion dollars in the state of Wisconsin and you are not spending it to create jobs you are part of the jobs program and our tax base for revenue.  Scott Walker's Conservatives have created this deficit.

Why can't we tax those sitting on billions who are not spending it to create jobs.  Why can't we tax them to for the programs that we need in the state?  There money did not come from out of thin air, they "earned" it from Wisconsinites.

The Republicans have the money to put God forsaken Scott Walker commercial after commercial on television.  Does not each one of those commercials cost about $10,000.00 a piece.  How can Scott Walker afford this?  Are the media companies giving him a sweet heart of a deal on these commercials because they support Scott Walker?  Isn't this against the law?

All that money wasted on television commercials could have taken a big bite out of the deficit already.  But what do they really serve to do?  Grease the media companies to a Conservative basis.  If Scott Walker is paying a fair market rate for the commercials they are gravy money for the media companies.

Scott if you really knew about money that money that went to the commercials would go to pay down the deficit.  And then you would ask those who would put you in office to waste money on those to also chip in for the deficit.  After all if they are willing to blow money on these paying down the deficit would be an easy bill for them.  It is the same lack of accountability.

Explain it Scott how if someone is sitting on a billion dollars of cash "earned" in the United States and living in Wisconsin.  That is where the money for our jobs is, misered away.  Money that was taken out of the system and not put back to work creating jobs or worse put to bad use to hire thugs like you are said to have mention.

Scott you want to call yourself a true conservative.  Call on your big money (Billion dollar) supporters to create a clean environment.  They earned that money from the land of Wisconsin, who is going to pay to have the waters of Wisconsin cleaned.  Our lakes and rivers the toilets bowls for the rich.  Thanks Scott.  Scott lets see you clean the waters of Wisconsin so there are no more warnings not to eat fish or swim in the lakes.  That is what Wisconsin is about.  Not watching tax dollars wasted on television commercials.

 Thanks Scott.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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What do Republican Teachers Who Voted For Walker Have to Say

What do Republican Teachers Who Voted For Walker Have to Say?

We have not heard from them?  It our would be interesting to hear the "Conservative" teacher point of view on this?

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scott Walker Endorses Thomas Paul Murphy

Scott Walker Endorses Thomas Paul Murphy!

     How do I know?  Because he keeps advertising on my websites even though I blocked all politcal adds.  Even though I have been strongly critical of him.  This can only mean that despite all of my constructive criticism of Scott Walker he stil validates and endorses the opinion of Thomas Paul Murphy.  Could it be that Scott Walker really believes exactly the same things as I have written but is doing just the opposite because he is guided by a dark force?  Yesterday when I saw him on the television and looked at his eyes.  I said to myself he looks a little cross eyed.  I wonder is this and indication that each side of his brain does not synchronise with the other through his corps collosum?

Does Scott believe in one thing and yet feel compelled to the opposite? 

    He knows he is advertising on my site. He has to becuase I send him most of my articles so he knows what I am saying.  And I guarantte you what I write is not ignored.  Everyone that I write about someone I try and find their email and send them what I said.

Scott Walker in effect is telling you to pay that twenty five cents at the link on the right.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Home Land Security arrest Scott Walker 02 24 2011

Home Land Security arrest Scott Walker! 02 24 2011
Ministers son Scott Walker, “Considered-but-rejected planting troublemakers amid protesters who have rocked the Capitol..”  *
Is anyone other than me dissolutioned by a minister’s son who would incite violence against public employees?  Do any of you not remember that it is a felony to assault a mail man?  Is not what Scott Walker considered the equivalent of plotting an act of terrorism?  Home Land Security arrest Scott Walker.    

What right does Scott Walker have to initiate surveillance activities against the fourteen patriotic Democratic Senators?  This is also illegal.  Surveillance is the tactic of the weak minded, i.e. Nixon.  Today in the United States surveillance type technologies have been utilized to create what only amounts to a monster race I.e., soulless who think they are someone they are not?  Souls are developed and nurtured through proper parenting, they are not raised this way, they are raised through participating in demonology.  The Bible alludes to this in the story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  These feeble minded imbeciles thought that they could resurrect the soul of Jesus Christ within themselves, the Bible tells of how a man believed that he was the resurrected Jesus Christ and no one would do a thing he told them because he wasn’t.  There was only one and you cannot demonize to become like someone else.  But this is the core belief the feeble minded maintain in delusion to the self and the detriment of the world.

Wake up America this is totalitarism, your rights were not just limited after the suspect 911 attack.  You were made a prisoners to a blood sucking Mongoloid race, who will rob you and this country of everything.  You think I am wrong?  Believe me they are not like us or the great men of the United States throughout its history.  This is government by the stooge minded who obtained wealth and power through coercion and it is sickening horror.  Osama Bin Laden and George Bush might not have been in this one together but the effect is exactly the same as if George Bush had made an agreement with a Middle Eastern country to invoke actions that destabilized the United States by a terrorist attack.  Isn’t it convienent that George Bush was in a School Classroom when the terrorist attacks happened?  It reads like the most perfectly contrived alibi a criminal could ever fabricate.  I am the only one who didn’t notice that he didn’t get the acting right when he was told of the attack?

Where does Scott Walker get the precedent of idea to hire disrupters to incite violence at the protest?  This is the nature of the beast.  Believe it or not there is a diverse race of people that walks among us in this country who do not think for themselves.  They think off of the thoughts of those who were victimized through demonology through organized religion.  Scott Walker is a Ministers son.

The Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church in Milwaukee has hidden $70 million dollars so that it cannot be sued by those who were molested by priest of the Roman Catholic Church.  Where did this money go?  It is paid to all manner of Disrupters as Scott Walker mentioned.  These are people who are not of their own mind who harass those they have been victimized, labeled mentally ill and demonized.  The Roman Catholic Church does not believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ.  So what is the Roman Catholic Church then?  It is populated by a group of men who had weak, evil or no fathers at all.  Its parishioner client is exactly the same.  This is the biggest fa├žade in the history or the world.  They never learned from a loving father they learned by driving someone out of their minds and demonized.  By doing this they created a funnel of wealth creation for what amounts to a lesser race of the dependent minded.  They will do anything to protect this siphon of wealth creation, including hiring disrupters who would incite violence with public school teachers.  Genetically we are said to be all the same, they believe they are not as smart and this is indeed the source of all crime and corruption in the United States.  

If that bill reduced the pay of firemen and policemen it would be a different story. 
If policemen and fireman are really the men of respect they purport themselves to be they would stand proud at the capital with the teachers and say, “If you are going to limit their pay you should limit mine also.  I stand with the teachers.”
Instead in Scott Walkers political actions of propaganda the Democratic Senators of Wisconsin are being made to look as if they are criminals.  They are not they are the last refuge Democracy in this country has to cling to.

Scott Walker is playing the time game.  He thinks that if he says he is delaying the bill until Friday that you will capitulate.  Scott is unlikely to ever drop this bill.  Democratic Senators do not come back until it is torn up.

Democrats of America if Scott won’t pay these Senators hotel checks maybe you and I should bypass the government and set up a fund to pay for their stay.

Someone needs to interview Scott Walkers father the minister, if he is still alive to see what he would say about his son considering hiring thugs to incite violence against government employees.  You have to ask yourself what supremacy militia group is Scott Walker a member of?
Policemen, Firemen and other Government Employees stand with Scott Walker and say that you should not get a pay cut also.  If you wanted to put an end to this you would do so.  If you were truly people concerned for public safety you would lobby to Scott Walker and say, “If they don’t get it I don’t either.”

Scott Walker is a dangerous man and what he represents also poses a great horror to the world.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
*source Journal Sentinel

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To the Fourteen Democratic Senators Start Impeachment Proceedings

To the Fourteen Democratic Senators Start Impeachment Proceedings of Scott Walker

Scott Walker wants you to do your job.  I always believe in making the most of my time.  While you are all together as a group, start impeachment proceedings for Scott Walker.

You represent Democrats and the people of Wisconsin, so indeed THAT IS YOUR JOB!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scott Walker is “threatening to cut more jobs if his bill is not passed. 02 22 2011

            Scott Walker is “threatening to cut more jobs if his bill is not passed. 02 22 2011
Even a child can translate this into what it truly is, dictator speech.
It might also sound like,
“Callahan if my demands are not met I am going to kill a hostage every hour.”
Okay I’m sorry that would be more properly phrased in psycho speech,
“I will kill a hostage ever hour if my demands are not met.”
Or maybe that speech would sound like this,
“Exit your homes immediately.  You are not allowed to bring any of your belongings with you.”
It is all the same it is threatening speech.
What does Scott then want to do next?  He wants to get a nice fire side talk going thinking that it will lure those democratic senators back early as they miss their warm homes.  Don’t fall for it. 
For collective bargaining to work though it should be terms that everyone in the group agrees with.  If you try and eliminate this Scott it is very easy for it to be re-established, it’s called a strike and that is what you have today.
It is quite hypocritical that you state that bringing jobs to Wisconsin was your primary goal and today what do you do?  You threaten to eliminate them.  Because of a budget shortfall? But in the same stroke of the pen you would be potentially giving assets from the balance sheet to an out of state firm for less than what they could be potentially worth because you do not want to take bids for them.  It looks to me as if you have trapped yourself in a web of dishonesty and crooked logic.  Fire employees and give money that was on the balance sheet to out of state firms.  This issue has been brought up and you need to address it specifically.  And I mean specifically.
Scott if you want to create jobs for Wisconsin you need to develop a good and honest vision for growth and you have not done that.  If you develop a good and honest vision for growth that the common Wisconsin resident can understand and APPRECIATE then your jobs will follow the good vision.   It could center around clean renewable energy development.   The jobs follow the vision, cost cutting means less jobs, and growth in areas the state needs work on means greater growth in jobs.  If I were you I would think of the old days when there were WPA.  Work Progress Administration great infrastructure projects were conceived and proud Americans understood them and patriotically helped build America.  Scott make your vision for America one of clean energy and fairness in employment to reach that goal and you will create a much better state.  Lead the world by this example.  The water is not clean until there is no warning from the DNR not to eat fish caught in Wisconsin.  Great actions like I have stated can be implanted only if a vision is formed.  The first step in creating a vision is to create what you might consider to be an outline of a project.  Once you start to put pieces in the outline of your project the idea starts to grow and take shape.  The vision becomes more substantial.  The steps are formed.  Feasibility is estimated. Measures to ensure that costs are not exceeded are put in place.  Issues of quality are the overriding concern.  Questions are asked what could go wrong as the outline is formed into something of certainty.  People get on board who are with initiatives and not themselves.  Team member become goal orientated and not self orientated.  Transparency of project builds trust and confidence in leadership.  The first questions that need to be asked are what is bad by comparison that needs to be better.  Then the questions need to be asked has someone solved this same problem somewhere else and if so how did they do it?  Then you have to ask yourself does my solution really address the problem?  Or is it a false fix. 
Scott if you do win your way and get less pay for teachers, please give the ones who remain a means or program that will help them be more effective.  And I do know that many were attracted to teaching because of the money.  Some were lawyers.  I used to think a lawyer would be someone who was strong enough to handle the situation present in the classroom today.  But then I have to ask myself, “What is the true nature of one?” Some teachers demonize children. Some teachers do not maintain an atmosphere of discipline conducive to learning.  Scott if you have insight into the problem you are not sharing with the public please do so.  If some teachers need to go let it be the ones who demonize.  And how do we figure this out?  My insights into the matter would not be believed.  And I know you have similar insights.   But to summarize them, no student should have to CARRY the weight of the feeble minded of the class.  Some children probably are so filled with chemicals and pollutants that they would be hard to teach.  The drug problem also needs to be addressed as the low educational standards are passed from one generation to another and drugs in the system of the conceiving parents detract from potential.  And crime must be curbed so that children can walk to school without afraid of whomever.  Is that a bad vision, students sitting quietly in every classroom and listening intently to someone they respect and can trust.  Teachers who are in it for the money do not respect those they teach and often feel challenged when asked intelligent questions.  Receiving a challenging question from a student is the best sign a teacher can ever get that he/ she is being highly effective.  Why? Because it shows that a child is listening and trying to learn from the teacher.   If often shows the student does not feel himself less smart than the rest of the class and that they might have the same question in their mind.
And you need to tell us just what your plans are with the Koch brothers?  We know you had plans so you better tell us, we want to know.
And if you are weeding out that is good, but let’s then prevent weeds from regrowing.  Somehow we need to create better teachers and classrooms.
I am not trying to beat you down Scott, I just can’t stand what appears to be corruption and lies in government.

I pray that somebody gets this right in America regarding clean energy.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Monday, February 21, 2011

What did Osama Bin Laden Know that Scott Walker Doesn't?

02 21 2011

What did Osama Bin Laden Know that Scott Walker Doesn't?

That unexpected and temporary disruptions have a lasting negative economic impact on the economy.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Alternative Energy 02 19 2011

Clean Energy to Your Home

The day will come when every window in your current house that faces the daylight sun will be mandated to be a window and a photovoltaic cell in one.

Building Integrated solar panels do not require new construction.  Newer ones are light look like shingles and replace roofs.  External southward facing walls could be easily fitted with panels that capture light from an angle different than their plane.

Someone will need to wires these into your current house.  Most are twenty four volts.  In the future I anticipate that many electrical outlets will also be twenty four volts  along side 120 volts.

Why?  We need a standard because all these black transformers that plug are laptops and other stuff into the walls are going to need to be recycled.  And this low volt outlet would eliminate the need for the transformer on the cord.  

There are some issues with a new low voltage standard to implement but I expect if we look into Tesla research we will find a way to easily bridge this issue at some type of transformer if needed at all at the circuit box.  Otherwise many appliances could be powered directly off of the solar or a storage battery of environmentally benign technology.

But first we have to treat the wounded teachers from the Scott Walker winter massacre.

If we have GFCI and Arc Fault circuit breakers much of the concern with the dangers of DC Current might be able to be mitigated if similar breaker circuits are developed for DC.  I actually put a fuse in the DC circuit from the low voltage transformer to our doorbell because I know they are a short circuiting fire hazard.

Also it should be mandated that all wire splicing connections on new electrical work should be facilitated with a conductive wire glue which makes the connection more conductive through the union at the twist on cap or whatever type of connection it is.

Any Electrician that is serious and true to his trade would want to see electricity conserved in this manner.  And glues need to be developed that do not pose a health risk and are not messy either.

It is a little known fact that due to the malleability factor of metals all mechanically induced wire connections weaken and lose their conductivity at the connection over time.  This is a waste of electricity.

We have one of two choices, we can get smart or go to war over natural resources.  And there are some wars we cannot win.  One is a negative image that has tarnished the United States.  Another would be Blitz Kraig of numbers on our homeland.  Another would be a Nuclear war where no one wins and lastly their is the war against the lowering of our educational standards.  A war we need to fight is one against our popular culture and what it has promoted in the United States.  The founding fathers would not have supported this blood thirsty soul stealing drug inducing nation they would have abhorred it and went to war against it.  Another war we need to wage is against our stodgy ADA of the American dental industry regarding amalgam fillings other types of fillings, there is more being done wrong here than most people could ever be made to understand. 

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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New Jobs for Cable Television Thieves 02 19 2011

New Jobs for Cable Television Thieves 02 19 2011
     Barrack special interests are defeating the HD radio and Television signals with jammers.  I am not saying this is the Cable TV companies, but there needs to be an investigation.  The cable television media charges Americans an enormous amount of money and their news is biased. 
Airwaves on the satellite frequencies that they use to transmit to ground stations are indeed a national asset and not something that should be allowed to be manipulated to create a monopoly of television and wrong thoughts and wrong national policies.
These companies will be found guilty of violating FCC rules, possibly of racketeering and harassment on a national scale.
They are a large employer of blue collar workers and they will need to find other jobs that do not betray the public trust.
Now is the time to change the licensing of Electricians to ensure that standards are created known and followed with regard to clean energy sources such as solar panels and small wind turbines.  Electricians should be certified in alternative energy to maintain their license ship status in every state.  And cable television servicemen should also be required to be licensed in such alternative energy.  After all they do climb up the ladder of the same electric pole the electricians do.
Consider this part of a proactive policy with regards to a new self reliant clean energy policy for the United States of America.           
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Scott Walkers Bill, Timing and Protestors and the Soul Selling Italian Judge 02 19 2011

Scott Walkers Bill, Timing and Protestors and the Soul Selling Italian Judge 02 19 2011
Did Scott Walker spring this bill in the winter because he knew nobody would want to stand in the cold too long to protest?  You cannot tell me that Scott Walker did not foresee a protest at the state capital!!!!
Wouldn’t a more responsible Governor have waited until the start of summer so that school and the educating of children would not be in jeopardy?
Republicans now joined the protest to stand against those whose pay would be cut.
This is what they chanted, “Do your job, Do your job. Do your job.”  They should have added to the end of their chant to make it more appropriate, “And for less pay than before.”
Also on CNN today there was a story that I saw briefly were a judge with an Italian sounding man was found guilty of accepting money to send people guilty of small crimes to a larger type of prison more for hardened criminals.  One woman’s son committed suicide because of this.  The question I have to ask you is, “Why does someone want to pay to have many boys sent to face a harder prison sentence.”  It cannot be because they did not like the boy personally because from what I heard this happened more than once.  It cannot be because they had a vacancy because there are plenty of criminals who have been paroled early.  So what is behind this?  It can only be that those boys were to have their souls stolen.  It is a reality and the Bible tells us of it.
Is this also the modus operand of Scott Walker and the Republicans to reduce the government payroll to the point that actions such as this Italian Judges can go on unaccountable for?
Anyone who would do something like this what I term a crime against humanity because it was done by someone in a position of public trust should get the death penalty.  In my opinion this also applies to priests, of THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH who molested boys.
Now I am not saying all Italians are Satanic like this judge was because I know this is not true, but this is something we need to watch out for because there seems to be a strong pattern of abuse that we need to keep a watchful eye on, especially when it concerns our children.  Now I do not have any children, but one cannot deny a personal experience even when they are a child, that is why I am writing this.
The Democrats are not going to budge in this one and children are going to be out of school for this.  Scott their parents likely work for a living and will not be able to stay home and take care of them during the winter, without jeopardizing their jobs.  And jobs was a word you were concerned about.  If you want to gain any respect you would stall this bill and wait until summer until you brought it back up.  Just something someone with a level head might consider doing.
I just heard a white trash man speaking on behalf of the Republicans on television.  He was saying, “Go back and feed at the trough because pretty soon there won’t be any left.”  Why would a blue collar republican resent teachers so much?  Is it because he never learned a thing from them in his life?  Both of my parents were teachers and I can do everything that blue collar worker can and better.  But for some reason the blue collar worker thinks formal education is something that drains our country of money?  Have I just identified the problem with the Republican Party, “They think that teaching children in schools drains our country of money?”
Another Republican from the now this is key, private sector, was heard saying, “I don’t get a pension.”  It is funny because this man who does not get a pension will probably be the same one to complain about the country paying for universal health care.  You would think he would say, “I don’t get a pension therefore I applaud Universal Health Care because it will help me pay for health care costs in my old age.” Why didn’t he say this?  Because he is indeed the one likely to be feeding at the trough at the expense of Americans in some way.  The inconsistencies of logic tell us what he is in terms of education.  And here is the second point concerning this man, as he is from the private sector why isn’t he able to arrange to put money away in an annuity with another company also in the “PRIVATE SECTOR.”

Republicans in this country today are of a different breed, they are not Abrahams Lincolns and they are a disgrace to the proud history of this country.  There influence on foreign policy over the last four decades has resulted in Americans loosing much of their freedom.  Who are they, these are the low grade imbeciles that got off the boat and where not turned away.  And now they don’t want to go to school anymore and apparently nor do they want their children to have to go to school.  Just sit home and drink a six pack of beer and complain about those who have in learned in frustration to develop the ability to think for themselves.
Republicans keep those insults coming, I enjoy sitting at the writing and sitting at the computer typing.  Don’t you really wish you could do the same?  Maybe you should teach your children to listen to and respect the teachers instead being a distraction to the health of this country like you are now.  I know exactly what a Republican is, it is a hot head who does not have the ability to think.  What it does have is the ability to bark. 
How about this Scott Walker, all of your supporter’s children do not have to go to school anymore.  They can just play all day long and wish they were someone else.  As a matter of fact why don’t you find a way so that they can look through the eyes of someone else rather than face the reality that is in front of them.  You want to know what they would end up like?  Well call them people with the ability to bark.  Wait they already exist?  Who knew?
Do you want to know how they really learn?  From the pain of souls they sold, just like the Italian judge on the news was convicted of today.  The Bible tells us that they are never as good as those they were patterned after in any respect.  Convicted rapists often say of their victims, “I see what they could have been.”  It is time we honestly ask our Republican Party what are you not seeing that we could have been in Wisconsin and the United States.  What you never seem to see is yourselves as you truly are.  Do we have to wait for you to be convicted of crimes before you feel and express guilt and sorrow for what Wisconsin and the United States could have been already.

Enough is enough of you already.  Get!

God Bless Those Who Think For Themselves

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Responsible Media Companies

Are we going to see a debate channel four of the Journal Company, or do you not want the candidate you endorsed to be subject to argument.

Or Journal Company as a matter of oversight do you think a debate is not needed or UNWARRANTED.


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Thomas Paul Murphy Endorses....for Milwaukee County Executive 02 19 2011

Thomas Paul Murphy Endorses Jeff Stone????   02 19 2011

Chris Abele?  You could put water through a strainer and end up with more information about what his plans are for Milwaukee than you would by looking at his campaign website.

Chris Abele in not a self-made investor as he claims to be.  Why not?  Because his father was cofounder of Boston Scientific a very large corporation, and that appears where this generation of the family wealth came from.  With a current stock market value of $11,470,000,000.00  That is $11.47 billion dollars for those who don't know what all the zero's are about.  It came from there but it was not likely derived from there.  His father John founded the Argosy Foundation.  Details of this are sketchy from its website.  But it appears to be a company that invested the family’s wealth for them.  Once founded by the purse strings these are grown as new investors are invited in and investments are made in venture capital investments and startup companies.

Startup companies do provide jobs but I would think that Chris would tell us how many jobs he has created through his Foundation efforts since he came to Milwaukee in 1991.  I.e.  If he really wanted to serve the community of Milwaukee he has had the time and money to do so- to create jobs.  Why aren’t we hearing about this?
Do you know how easy it is for the son of a rich man to become a millionaire?  It works like this, if a father gives a son a pool of money to invest say $20 million dollars (reads $20,000,000.00) when the prevailing risk  free government bond interest rates are 5% the son only has to make one investment in treasuries and he is a millionaire in exactly one year.   Assuming that first years interest all was paid in the form of a management fee. How much work did it likely take for Chris Abele to become a millionaire?  Likely he just made one five minute call to a bank.
I worked at the investment firms, Blunt Ellis and Lowe, Kemper Securities and First Analysis.  People in this business are the most snarling sick, jealous and vile individuals you would ever work with in your life.  I cannot prove they are Satanic, but I cannot deny my personal experience that they are.  One cannot deny personal experience.
Chris Abele is on the board of trustees of many cultural and art orientated activities.  What do the rich often do when they are afforded the time. They engage in artistic snobbery and entrench themselves in the status quota.
Chris Abele has not been using his time and money to create jobs.  From what I read on his website he wants to use the government’s money to create jobs without any details.  In fact all of Chris Abeles hobnobbing would seem to contrast to the roll up your sleeves and get things done type of image presented by Jeff Stone.
Chris Abele appears to have been active in many mental health groups.  If you remember my story telling you about how wealthy Jewish Bankers in England were said to sacrifice children when they did not have time to create genocide in Ireland you will get some feel for the real cause of mental illness in the world.  Some bankers are Satanic and live off of the souls of others.  When given power in office in Milwaukee what kind of jobs will Chris Abele create?  He will hire prison guards for new mental health facilities that Scott Walker will commission.  Abele sounds like a German name to me.  And to me Chris Abele looks to be the kind of person who would insidiously create such a structure hand in hand with Scott Walker.
Do you want to know who I think Chris Abele really is?  I think he is part of a wealth creation occult that should have long ago been exposed for what it is and be prevented from gaining power.
The Milwaukee Journal endorsed Chris Abele and remembers they also endorsed Scott Walker.  Just this past week we saw how Scott Walker likes to try and spring a trap on us.  Are there any other citizens of Milwaukee that find the Milwaukee Journal as a contrary indicator?  After all the Milwaukee Journal has had a monopoly on the newspaper business in Milwaukee for quite some time.  If the Milwaukee Journal has been such a positive influence on Milwaukee how come we need so many jobs?  You would think that responsible journalism would actually help create jobs, and not ones to man the prisons where they want to hold the golden gooses or true intellects and geniuses in.
Chris Abeles endorsement only furthers the status quo of the wealthy that are of feebly dependent minds and many of these are writers for the Milwaukee Journal.  You know who you are so start writing responsibly.  A newspaper should serve to enlighten the people not maintain the status quo of wealth creation.
Is this what Milwaukee and the United States really need- more of those deluded to believe they are more responsible to govern because they have accumulated more money.
To be fair I have asked Chris Abele for his work history including dates of employment and am waiting to hear back.  Any responsible newspaper should have done this for the public already.  But you do not develop practical skills of construction from hobnobbing with women at tea parties, although you might get a false sense that you do.
Wikipedia lists Chris Abele as being involved with many human rights groups.  I have found that families in the investment business have been the worst abusers of human rights in the history of the world.  It kind of reads like Scott Walkers mental health complex where somehow those who where truly evil were not prevented from victimizing others.  For all we know that was Scott Walker wearing a mask who was abusing those patients in the dark?  Scott has just proven he likes to do things in secret.
The perfect crime in wealth creation is when they can silence those they victimized in the name of wealth.  And when that doesn’t give them fulfillment they burn all the books.  Chris hasn’t said specifically what he would do for our schools.
!!!!Stop the presses, I just realized that Jeff Stone is a Republican and they have never done us any good.  So we must wait until we hear more information.  I am pulling my endorsement of Jeff Stone until I see them answer questions.!!!!

God Bless America
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Who’s Next 02 18 2011

Who’s Next 02 18 2011

That is the only thing you ever hear from the feeble minded imbecilles on the television news networks.  Who’s next.  Who’s next.  Who’s next.  Why aren’t they saying things like what Obama is trying to accomplish is a positive thing for this country when you stop to think about it.
Where does the Who’s Next come from?  It comes from the Bible where it says those who sleep with the same woman are all of the same mind.  This is what is called a construct of thought.  You won’t hear about this in your psychology classes because it is not taught there.  It is taught in the Bible.  The Bible is telling us that those who sleep with the same woman are all of the same mind.  If they are all of the same mind then they are not of their own mind.  If they are not of their own mind who’s mind are they of? 
I am going to get a little graphic here and use a reference from the movie “Night of the Living Dead.”  Where the majority of the character ask the same question with blood dripping jowels, “Who’s next!”
They should not be asking  “Who’s next.”  They should be asking themselves, “What am I not that I pretend to be?”  “What do I think I am that I am not, and why am I this way?”
Because they are all of the same feeble mind this leads to a great level of arrogance and ego that will not let them think they are wrong.
The who’s next always ask and want to know when it is their turn to…screw America.
I once saw a program on the discovery channel where a modern day witch was interviewed and she said that she made herself available to all men who needed to use her body.  Do you see who the Who’s Next really are then?  They are Satanic.
Does my essay seem life like fantasy or delusion.  You can only make that case if do not believe in God or the Bible and if that is true you are also by definition Satanic.  Those of the Who's Next, steal souls.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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