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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scott Walker is “threatening to cut more jobs if his bill is not passed. 02 22 2011

            Scott Walker is “threatening to cut more jobs if his bill is not passed. 02 22 2011
Even a child can translate this into what it truly is, dictator speech.
It might also sound like,
“Callahan if my demands are not met I am going to kill a hostage every hour.”
Okay I’m sorry that would be more properly phrased in psycho speech,
“I will kill a hostage ever hour if my demands are not met.”
Or maybe that speech would sound like this,
“Exit your homes immediately.  You are not allowed to bring any of your belongings with you.”
It is all the same it is threatening speech.
What does Scott then want to do next?  He wants to get a nice fire side talk going thinking that it will lure those democratic senators back early as they miss their warm homes.  Don’t fall for it. 
For collective bargaining to work though it should be terms that everyone in the group agrees with.  If you try and eliminate this Scott it is very easy for it to be re-established, it’s called a strike and that is what you have today.
It is quite hypocritical that you state that bringing jobs to Wisconsin was your primary goal and today what do you do?  You threaten to eliminate them.  Because of a budget shortfall? But in the same stroke of the pen you would be potentially giving assets from the balance sheet to an out of state firm for less than what they could be potentially worth because you do not want to take bids for them.  It looks to me as if you have trapped yourself in a web of dishonesty and crooked logic.  Fire employees and give money that was on the balance sheet to out of state firms.  This issue has been brought up and you need to address it specifically.  And I mean specifically.
Scott if you want to create jobs for Wisconsin you need to develop a good and honest vision for growth and you have not done that.  If you develop a good and honest vision for growth that the common Wisconsin resident can understand and APPRECIATE then your jobs will follow the good vision.   It could center around clean renewable energy development.   The jobs follow the vision, cost cutting means less jobs, and growth in areas the state needs work on means greater growth in jobs.  If I were you I would think of the old days when there were WPA.  Work Progress Administration great infrastructure projects were conceived and proud Americans understood them and patriotically helped build America.  Scott make your vision for America one of clean energy and fairness in employment to reach that goal and you will create a much better state.  Lead the world by this example.  The water is not clean until there is no warning from the DNR not to eat fish caught in Wisconsin.  Great actions like I have stated can be implanted only if a vision is formed.  The first step in creating a vision is to create what you might consider to be an outline of a project.  Once you start to put pieces in the outline of your project the idea starts to grow and take shape.  The vision becomes more substantial.  The steps are formed.  Feasibility is estimated. Measures to ensure that costs are not exceeded are put in place.  Issues of quality are the overriding concern.  Questions are asked what could go wrong as the outline is formed into something of certainty.  People get on board who are with initiatives and not themselves.  Team member become goal orientated and not self orientated.  Transparency of project builds trust and confidence in leadership.  The first questions that need to be asked are what is bad by comparison that needs to be better.  Then the questions need to be asked has someone solved this same problem somewhere else and if so how did they do it?  Then you have to ask yourself does my solution really address the problem?  Or is it a false fix. 
Scott if you do win your way and get less pay for teachers, please give the ones who remain a means or program that will help them be more effective.  And I do know that many were attracted to teaching because of the money.  Some were lawyers.  I used to think a lawyer would be someone who was strong enough to handle the situation present in the classroom today.  But then I have to ask myself, “What is the true nature of one?” Some teachers demonize children. Some teachers do not maintain an atmosphere of discipline conducive to learning.  Scott if you have insight into the problem you are not sharing with the public please do so.  If some teachers need to go let it be the ones who demonize.  And how do we figure this out?  My insights into the matter would not be believed.  And I know you have similar insights.   But to summarize them, no student should have to CARRY the weight of the feeble minded of the class.  Some children probably are so filled with chemicals and pollutants that they would be hard to teach.  The drug problem also needs to be addressed as the low educational standards are passed from one generation to another and drugs in the system of the conceiving parents detract from potential.  And crime must be curbed so that children can walk to school without afraid of whomever.  Is that a bad vision, students sitting quietly in every classroom and listening intently to someone they respect and can trust.  Teachers who are in it for the money do not respect those they teach and often feel challenged when asked intelligent questions.  Receiving a challenging question from a student is the best sign a teacher can ever get that he/ she is being highly effective.  Why? Because it shows that a child is listening and trying to learn from the teacher.   If often shows the student does not feel himself less smart than the rest of the class and that they might have the same question in their mind.
And you need to tell us just what your plans are with the Koch brothers?  We know you had plans so you better tell us, we want to know.
And if you are weeding out that is good, but let’s then prevent weeds from regrowing.  Somehow we need to create better teachers and classrooms.
I am not trying to beat you down Scott, I just can’t stand what appears to be corruption and lies in government.

I pray that somebody gets this right in America regarding clean energy.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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