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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Murphy-Accountability for Lies 02 26 2011

How come there is no way to make Politicians Accountable for their lies in the United States.

At the very least we could fine Scott Walker for each lie he has told us.  If Politicians were fined for telling lies there would be a lot less bad ones and a lot more good ones.

Scott Walker did not campaign on the principals he is putting forth.  If he lied to Wisconsin Voters is that not fraud.

Shouldn't our Government leaders be held to the highest standards regarding fraud.

We should fine our Politicians for their lies until they no longer lie.  What would happen then?  Scott Walker would hire what he called "disruptor's" to silence those who knows he is lying.

Is this what passes for the standard in the United States today?  The lying filth or wealth creation?

We need a way to ensure that the low standards Scott Walker represents are not allowed to be part of our country.

Wisconsinites want something better than Scott.

He has been Governor for a very little time and he has created a bad foundation already.

Strong States are built on strong foundations and this is not Scott Walker.

Scott Walkers lies serve to put cracks in the very floors we walk on, and once we fall through he'll be there again to tell to do our jobs.  I am doing the best I can Scott to get likes of you out of power.  We need to rebuild the image of greatness in America and it does not start with you.

I saw Scott speaking on the news today, he looked like a hung over drunken dolt. 

He reminds me of the kind of guys that did not go to college but would sometimes be in the bars to cause trouble, blunt idiots.  Punks who were jealous of every aspect of learning and education.  As a kid he was probably smacked in the head when he tried to think.  Why?  So his family wouldn't be found out and revealed for the feeble minded low grade imbecile's they were.  After all if you don't think you are not likely to make any mistakes right?  And you are also not likely to show that you made any mistakes.

Scott who told you would be a good leader and why??????????

Scott's lies are highly representative of the Republican Party today.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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