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Monday, November 30, 2015

Childhood Development and Homosexuality 11 30 2015

Childhood Development and Homosexuality 11 30 2015

What son would ever want to watch to watch a hidden video taken of his father having sex with a man? (Pornography videos secretly taken are ubiquitous?)

Upon seeing that, that kid might even commit suicide! He might use a gun. 2/3 of the gun violence deaths are stated to be from suicide. And hence we see a satanic motive for gun control?

What father would ever want to see a video of his adult son having sex with a man?

They don't even understand what their own thoughts and ideas really mean until you explain it to them!  And when you are the one left to teach them reality the results are catastrophic and horrific!  What a burden you have placed on the shoulders of real men! Yet you know no shame because you don't have a human conscience!

What daughter really wants to see her “mothers” kissing in public?

How does something like the above influence childhood development? The highly paid satanic academic minded professor would just broad brush that off and say it has no bearing on childhood development.

How many children have used drugs (further harmful to the brain)? How many children have committed suicide because of the above?

To use drugs is to hate your own brain!

Is the father who marries a whore creating an image of strength for his forthcoming son? Can you imagine the depravity that son experiences?

Barrack Obama, the King of Cowards, tell the world how you got so far in life with an absent father and dumb mother?

I wouldn't want Barack Obama for a son either. Look at what he really believes in as described above! Donald Trumps father loved him so much that he sent him off to military school so that he could be with him more?

On legalization of Drugs

If you banned alcohol and people committed suicide or suicide by cop (in many forms) have you really done anything wrong? No!

Now lets say that you make alcohol legal and a police officer uses it and kills someone? Have you done something wrong? Yes.

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I just realized something didn't I! The effects of alcohol on human thinking last for a lot longer than we are told! And a regular alcohol user is at a cognitive detriment because of that! That is something no one ever wants to admit!

A drunk driver murders an entire family because YOU legalized alcohol. Have you done something wrong? YES!

You falsely represented the danger of a psychoactive substance! You have declared it safe when it isn't!

How come it doesn't bother you when you read someone died because of that? Because you don't have a human conscience!!!!!


Per Federal Gun Laws neither Donald Trump, nor Bloomberg nor Barrack Obama nor George Bush can own a firearm!

Why not?

In order to purchase a firearm you can not have denounced your country! I believe that is the wording on the Federal Form. Torture is Constitutionally illegal because it is cruel and unusual punishment. Gun Control is specifically forbidden by the United States Constitution that forms this country! To advocate Gun control is therefore to denounce your country; hence you cannot own a gun!

Who else may not own a firearm? Anyone who has denounced the rights of those THEY labeled mentally ill.

Perhaps the most thorough test of who should own a gun or not is to give everyone one and see if they kill themselves with it when you do.

So you give the obnoxious sons of organized crime guns and what is the first thing they do with them? They can't help it because of a mental defect! They are going to point them at each other and pull the trigger? I have a completely clean conscience when people like that take the easy way out for themselves.

Give a bunch of squirmy black boys guns and what is the first thing they are going to do? Point them at each other and pull the trigger! They can't help it. They don't know any better! They couldn't listen and learn from anything you taught them.

Now I am going to get very racial here. But when black people can't be trusted with guns it doesn't mean we put forth treasonous gun control as the answer! It means that we have to deport them and any whites or yellows that are just like them. Why? Because we need to maintain our Constitutional standard of human freedom! Do you get it? You don't seem to understand what the world of men is based on! You don't know what the rule of men means do you? You don't see who has had the courage to risk their lives for freedom! You don't know what it means!

And what is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? I believe it has a genetic element and runs in family lines. Barrack Obama's Grandfather or father was stated to have ants in his pants. Attention Deficit means you can't listen. Hyperactivity means that you can't sit still; ants in the pants. When I was a boy the Hyperactive were viewed as spoiled rotten. But what is ADHD? It is the new term for mental retardation. To retard means to delay the development of. And that is being generous because it assumes that they are going to mentally develop and not stay permanently brain damaged brat all their lives.

And I also hear the same childish tone in the voice of Michelle Obama that I do in Donald Trump; whom a linguist stated has the same speech patterns as a child. Please! Please someone! What is the mental defect that falls into! Please label that genetic defect so that we don't have to put up with it as an faulted authority on anything EVER again!

So why is all of this very important? If you can't own a gun because you are spouting Treason they you cannot also be commander and chief of the United States military! Do you follow the logic?

If you can't own a gun because of treason, then you also cannot declare who cannot own one in the United States! It is an act that incites a Civil War.

If you cannot own a gun because you spouted treason then you cannot direct those who have a gun to take away the guns of those who you would love to believe should not have one.

Somehow we need to round up those who are denouncing our country and spouting treason and get them out of here!

Now my posts that have this kind of content and this scathing prose to them get a lot of reads. So I will look for this post read number to skyrocket!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Where did Tesla get his funding from? 11 28 2015

The only reason I ask is because one of the photos in that series has a very expensive looking scientific apparatus.  And Tesla was marking a death ray in Europe before WWI.  So who funded him?  Lets say a foreign bank funded someone like Tesla.  And because of that the United States ends up in a War because of the conflict that military technology caused when sold abroad.  Foreign banks funding United States military technology?  It wreaks of treason.  Foreign ownership?  Foreign workers, management.  Foreign salesforce.  The world isn't supposed to be dominated by a killing machine cartel.  All of those military contractors are Constitutionally illegal because we are not to have a war for more than two years.  Hence their is no reason for their existence.  Now compound that issue with the foreign sales and you see how it is even more unconstitutional.  It gave rise to and entrenched the beast among us.

United State military contractors are the greatest threat to national security that there has ever been!  I know what you are thinking.  "We got it all under control!"  War and hell isn't like that!

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Thomas Paul Murphy
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Aren't cases that settle out of court a little too similar to Blackmail 11 28 2015

Aren't cases that settle out of court a little too similar to Blackmail  11 28 2015

Aren't cases that settle out of court a little too similar to Blackmail; in that the public does not receive whatever benefit knowing the truth might have provided them?

In as much as that is true; how many times has the public been victimized by this in how many different ways?  The credibility or reputation might have saved a member of the American public from homelessness?

Hush money creates a two tiered legal system.  It creates a system whereby the wealthy, no matter how they got their money are more immune to equal sentencing.

The reason cases settle out of court is because their is a whole lot of damning evidence that wealthy person doesn't want to be publicly known.  Hence we get the idea that reputation, no matter how granted equals wealth preservation.  As such are their those who are of equal skill means that will never earn what they should because a reputation of a wealthy person was falsely maintained?

Stuff like this bothers me.  At some point I have to assert that some people should be evicted from the United States just because their money doesn't have integrity behind it.  More to the point their money doesn't represent the values of the United States and our Constitution.  We see this with political figures who advocate torture and or gun control.  Both are unconstitutional and therefore treasonous.  How can people like that represent United States currency with wealth?  They don't, instead they erode it.

I also have to wonder about members of different races working for the United States government.  Are they indeed loyal to us or some other lesser type of Government.  And you know this is true just because of what they believe in.  Religion is your belief system.  You can't take those spots away from a person when it contradicts with Supreme United States law.  It is as if a long knife came in from every other country in the world and took root in the United States and they don't believe what our country is founded to believe.  They don't believe what our forefathers fought and died for.  Their belief an expression of some odd spoiled will.  And it is dangerous to the entire world.  Why?  Because what happens when all of the brave who believed in freedom are indeed impoverished by them?  Who is going to be there to save those who could never have saved themselves in the first place.  One thing that you don't know about the criminal mind is that it believes it is someone else.  It believes in the idealism of being someone else.  As such its thought constructs are not congruent.  As long as that person is alive or they all believe themselves to be their adversary they are okay.  But absent the adversary they attempt to act like they believe the adversary would.  However because their isn't an adversary to be dependent minded to any longer.  It is like a train about to derail.  What functions as thought is something from a brain that had a hammer taken to it.   And indeed a good way to tell is when a person becomes wealthy and famous who do they start to act like that becomes their downfall?  Do you see what I am getting at?  They didn't want to be something they were imprinted to be someone, else.  Their idea of being famous...the happiness they thought they would attain from it...comes from the ability to act just how they believe a famous person they wanted to be would act like.  And that is dangerous to them because it leads to epiphanies that contradict whatever little person is the core of themselves.  Causing depression or psychotic aggression?  How do they abuse power when they never thought for themselves for one moment as they rose to an ultimate power position.  And better yet, who is it among us that loves to promote people like this?  It is also that promoters worst nightmare come true in the end?  Promoting flawed people as a means to increase popularity because it makes a good story?  Never believing the flaw is important or perhaps rather knowing all along that the flaw is representative of a personal weakness in that person whereby cashing in on their downfall will never be a problem to you.

So that is a bunch of mumbo jumbo that was interjected to and broken up by the voices so that it couldn't be exactly articulated as I wanted to.  But perhaps in all my bobbing, weaving and jabbing through that you still get the basic gestalt of what I was saying.

Back to the title.  I wish I kept a list of all the bad policies and legal principles like this that defeat Democracy.  Somebody should do it so that freedom does indeed last and prevail.  Somebody needs to create a playbook to counter the playbook of legal principles that have historically defeated democracies.  And a lot of those principles center around projections of self pity, falsely based human empathy, criminal creed and misconduct normalized by money.

Rather than let people like this defeat democracy wouldn't it be a lot better if we just nicely encouraged them to leave?  And even Russia and China have to know that without a U.S. of strong integrity they are at risk!  Did we not fight on the same side as the Soviet Union in WWII?  Without the U.S. in that War would Russia have survived?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Anything that "they" do that they don't feel guilty for becomes the new normality 11 28 2015

If they had just said Hyperactivity Disorder without ADHD you would have known right away it was a Spoiled Brat 11 28 2018

If they had just said Hyperactivity Disorder without ADHD you would have known right away it was a Spoiled Brat 11 28 2018

If they had only said Attention Deficit you would have known it couldn't listen because it was mentally retarded.

So you put it together and what do you get?  A spoiled brat that is mentally retarded.  Can you breed worse than that?

What is the point?  When you properly label things you can find cures or treatments for them quicker?  The point is that they don't believe there is anything that can be done for these people; so they don't call them what they are!

Conversely they have a very nice name (real mean it is) for people who hear the voices of those who are demonic!!!

So put two and two together and who would think of such a mean name for people who hear the voices of the demonic?  Hmm!  I just can't figure that one out.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Paying someone for a fillet of their flesh to eat. 11 28 2015

Paying someone for a fillet of their flesh to eat. 11 28 2015

We have the Second Amendment that prevents the wealthy from falsely imprisoning you, filleting off your flesh a little at a time and cooking it slowly in a French Crock Pot!

So now that they are lobbying to smoke marijuana as they spend their unearned money what are they going to do for food?  They can't felony false arrest you! They can't keep loads of you huddled together in a Bastille because we have the second amendment that guaranties the right to keep and bear arms!  By definition the wealthy own everything.  What happens when they are high on pot and they close the grocery store and bank doors because they are content?  When it cycles into a vortex where there is no food?  When they are deranged from drug abuse and then need food?

What does the right to bear arms really mean? Does it mean that when someone is venting their sump pump water on your driveway and creating an icy physical disability/death hazard you have the right to go point at that ice slick with a gun and say “No! No!”

The right to bear arms. Does that mean that when you are walking through a drug dealing death core you have the right to have a pistol by your side?

Does that mean that when you go into a bank that participated in a fraudulent mortgage fraud where many Americans lost their homes you have the right to have that sidearm by your side no matter what you did wrong. If you haven't paid for your crime and are not repented you still belong in prison or executed don't you?

Does that mean that when you walk into a Church that had a history of sexually abusing children you have the right to keep that sidearm either exposed or hidden?

Does that mean that when you walk into a courthouse where a crooked judge had the bench for a very long time before he was given a slap on the wrist and retired for it; that you have the right to openly carry one in their?

Does it mean that if you are asked to visit a psychiatrist you never have to go because you have the right to have a gun and they say you can't see them if you bring one in? Does it mean that when he attempts to convince you that stirring your brain with a metal rod is the best option for you and the big black men in white coats will come through the door at any moment; that you have a right to have that gun with you?

Does it mean that you have the right to have a gun with you when you go to prison for stealing a loaf of bread to eat so that the homosexuals in their do not rape you and give you aids or emasculate you, or suffocation based mental retardation? Oh we don't dare give any of those momma's boys in there the death penalty do we!

Does it mean that when young men control your daughters life or another daughters like yours and force her into prostitution you have the right to wear that gun and walk by the place wear they live with it showing? Even an Army Machine Gun set to full auto? You are supposed to believe that right doesn't allow you to protect yourself against gangs and mobs whose numbers outnumber you? What a weak minded effeminate treasonous interpretation of the law we have been forced to put up with!

Your child is being bullied at school and the faculty is doing nothing to prevent it! In fact they seem to be complacent with it! Does that mean you have the right to walk into that parent teachers conference, no matter what is say's on those school doors, wearing a sidearm? Believe it or not that is exactly what it means! That is exactly what the basis of all United Stats Law is! So that bad principle is wearing one too and he draws first when you tell him you will not tolerate his behavior; only you are faster! You acted in self defense, even though you used a deadly weapon! And we need to vet any judges and prosecutors from our criminal justice system that see it any other way!

Does that mean that if you go into a restaurant that someone died of food poisoning at you have the right to have that gun with you no matter what the sign on the door say's?

Does it mean that if you walk into ANY liquor store in the nation who sold alcohol to someone that murdered people in a drunken driving accident you have the right to take that gun in with you?

Does it mean that you have the right to have a gun when you are near any woman who ingested a poison that caused her child to be born with the torment of abnormality?

Does it mean that you have the right to have a gun when entering any hospital that had someone come in for surgery and by accident they removed the healthy arm or leg instead of the bad one? That has indeed happened!

A police car pulls up in front of your house as you are typing something like this. Is it a coincidence? They don't want it written or published. The mayor sent them? You have another right to don't you! It is called Freedom of Speech! Should you ever, ever be subjected to threats from anyone in the United States for reflecting your beliefs, United States SUPREME Law, including FREEDOM OF SPEECH! No, Never!

“Oh they just want to talk to you. They just want to talk to you.” Does your Freedom of Speech also mean that you don't have to talk to anyone that you don't want to! Does it mean that you cannot be questioned by those with frivolous or satanic motivation? Yes.

So how will the wealthy get around that Second Amendment and feed themselves? They will offer you money for a fillet of your flesh to eat? Of course if they can't use their excellent verbal ability to just coerce you into letting them have a fillet of your flesh.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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How can you be mad at Trump for making fun of that New York Times Reporter with the physical birth defect 11 28 2015

How can you be mad at Trump for making fun of that New York Times Reporter with the physical birth defect?

Don't you know that Donald Trumps meanness is a sign of a brain defect all of its own? Therefore he is just the same as the person who has the physical birth defect. You have to learn to forgive and forget what Donald Trump said about that New York Times reporter because doing so is indeed treating someone else with a disability just the same way you who have a disability want to be treated.

Just one day after I wrote that Donald Trump was a military brat that was sent away to school Donald Trump himself proved me right! By making fun of that person with the physical disability.

And just one day after that a Linguistics expert who analyzed Donald Trumps speech stated that he talked exactly like a 4th grader! I see that too. It has to do with outbursts from introverted thought process based on hatred? Owl like sad little girl sounds coming out of his mouth. Do you hear how the voice gets lower and more effeminate? How that is when he is speaking his repressed mind? I believe and I am not an expert or anything like that, it is a sign of a brain defect such as Ausgburgers or Aspergers, something like that.

You see, I have heard voices for over 24 years. And I have learned that we must accept people like Donald Trump so that we ourselves are accepted. The Catholic Church will teach you that “Those who suffer are truly blessed!” That New York Times reporter should thank Donald Trump for making fun of him?

But the beer drinking imbecile breeding American Public love that! And American Women they love that too! Why? They feel Donald who makes fun of someone with a physical disability is a strong man! It gives them great confidence in this “man!” And Donald has indeed been known to like the women hasn't he! He knows how to play that game! To use what the Lord or Satan cast him with to his advantage.

Young men and women who grow up with cigarette smoking Jack drinking parents love Donald Trump for his raw personal strength! Just like that love all of those Professional Wrestling Stars! Don't you ever demean a Professional like Donald Trump! Think of all the young and impressionable minds that he is motivating! Look at how much they like him! Shame on you!

And he is just the right person who the wealthy with better genetics will vote for! Why? He will free them from their enslavement to social security recipients! Young wealthy latent obnoxious children are becoming polarized to Donald Trump! What a great inspiration he is to them! Do you know why? They look at him and this is exactly what they think. My family money will never be compromised with Donald Trump in the office of the President! He will never raise taxes on the rich! In fact he will create ways for us to get more!

He is proof positive that the wealthy have better genetics! The way he saw that mans hand birth defect and pointed it out and made fun of him! That is personal strength, human integrity and character! That is what the American public loves!

No that is a sign of strength! Just like how Romans throwing Jews to lions was a sign of strength too! How weak they were in comparison to those lions who rendered them to nothing. What a great show that must have been! Round up those low life New York homeless that Bloomberg took the guns away from and feed them to the Lions Donald Trump! They would view that as a sign of strength! Think of how much more money you would personally make? It would end up in the nation ending up in ruin and the dollar being worth nothing! But you have that figured out already don't you! A new currency based on your German nationality. One with your head on the new nation of Trump Dollar! Put a picture of you laughing at that reporters birth defective hand below it! How beautiful!

Chastising people who act like Donald Trump does went out with WWII. You are not allowed to defame someone like Donald Trump! You are not allowed to demonize someone like him! He has rights to! How dare you!

When Donald Trump saw that the Reporter became introverted through fear and could not remember what he said??  Then Donald Trump did that Reporter a favor by making fun of him!  He just gave that reporter his comeuppance!  Funny thing is that I hear voices and am forgetful because they distract my memory!

What is Donald trying to do?  Is he really trying to vet those who personally attack him as being weak and eliminate them from journalistic media?  What a strong man Donald Trump is to never accept anyone else's opinion of him!  What personal security this man has!  The public should never have to be subjected with anyone else's opinion of him other than his own!  Do you see how weak and therefore dangerous he really is!  Do you see how a person with a physical defect who could write was a threat to Donald Trump?

Can you tell this is pure sarcasm?  Or are you confused and prone to spoiled emotional outbursts like...... ....
What is the personal integrity of Donald Trump?  What is at the core of his persona?  Who is he really? Think about all that emotion comes out of him and is expressed by him.  Think of what it amounts to?  Donald lets see if you have the strength to reveal that!  Now I do like some of what he say's.  Why?  Because their are elements of truth in it that people without his money have been very scared to express!  But should money allow him to have that power and not the rest of us!  Should the American citizen ever have to put up with that dichotomy?  No!  It is the basis of organized and networked criminal behavior!
Of course if you don't believe any of this stuff that I just wrote about Donald Trump is true; how we should forgive those who cannot contain their negative emotions. If you believe that someone as immature as that should never be any countries leader. If you don't believe he should ever be controlling people or broadcasting on national television. Then you are exactly like me.
Thomas Paul Murphy
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Friday, November 27, 2015

Just so you know 11 27 2015

Just so you know  11 27 2015

"Just so you know Santa Claus can't grant you any presents if you were causing trouble in his workshop."

Copyright 2015
Thomas Paul Murphy
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Humor: Rich People actually believe 11 27 2015

Humor: Rich People actually believe 11 27 2015

"Rich People actually believe that they are enslaved by Americans who receive Social Security."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Humor 11 27 2015

Humor 11 27 2015

"He was a little off.  He looked at you like a lumberjack who didn't know you weren't a tree."

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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A lot of Germans have that look about them.  Some French and Slavic too.  The word Ger in Hebrew means strange, so Ger-man means strange man.  The word Slavic comes from slave!  Very interesting in history that the slavics ended up with a communist form of Government?  They were not able to advance beyond that.

Now here is a test for History professors can you draw a picture using words of what the difference between a Norman, a Huegonaugt, Visigoth, etc is?  And as you read history there were many ethnic groups of people that formed like that which got in trouble.  And indeed there were waves of cannibalism in Europe.  Some immediately preceding and during WW2.  Something to be very wary about if marijuana is legalized. By definition the rich own everything.  When drugs are legalized they will be high all day and those businesses will not be functioning.  Banks won't be open and you won't be able to buy food.  In a nutshell we all (middle class)  starve if marijuana is legalized.  And the rich do indeed use the lower class as a weapon against the middle class!  We are seeing it with failed immigration policy.

The Definition of a Queer 11 27 2015

The Definition of a Queer 11 27 2015

"A queer is a male who thinks of (fixates on?) another mans life more than he does his own."

Your read it here first.  If you would like an example from the movies, the movie "Commando" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is a good example of what a queer is.  You'll know what one is when you see the stove pipe scene.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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What will happen if Pot is Legalized 11 27 2015

Here is what will happen. The rich will smoke pot all day long. Because the rich by definition own everything; nothing will be open for business and there will be no food for us to eat. They will make up different reasons than the truth for why it is happening. And we will all starve to death! While that sick thing gets high and giggles like a freak!

Should "In store only promotions" be banned 11 27 2015

Should "In store only promotions" be banned 11 27 2015

Who wants to elbow around with a crowd of sick people?

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Chicago Bears 17 Vs. Green Bay Packers 13 11 26 2015

Chicago Bears Vs. Green Bay Packers 11 26 2015

What was most interesting about the game was the half time Brett Favre ceremony.

He got more applause than a War Hero ever does!  How much different would our Country be if War Hero's got that treatment rather than homelessness.  Donald Trump say's that he would be good at War; can he name even one modern War Hero?

How many of us live in a world where we can take an Opiate and it makes our jobs better and we earn more money and success?  It isn't a reality for the general population of the United States.  Only in the dreamland of television is that possible!

Do you know what we need?  We need a Constitutional Amendment so that Professional Sports are banned if the United States is engaged in ANY military conflict.  In addition that amendment should include that if the United States is ever involved in ANY military conflict we must cap all corporate salaries in the United States at $40,000.oo through the usual means of doing so.

That just bothers the h3ll out of me!

Do you know what happens when you ban prof sports while we are in a military conflict?  The big oaf get's depressed and get's out of the way of humanity!

There would be no more wars because the wealthy who control the economy couldn't stand to view their big oaf children as unimportant, non famous and useless.  And that spoiled kid would have no place to capture attention that didn't belong to them.

Green and Gold?  Meat packers?  I doubt that these players would even make good meat packers!  Are there any good meat packers around today?  How did the human DNA get in Hot dogs?  Why are two major meat processors leaving operations in Wisconsin. (Oscar Meyer and Tyson)

And as long as I am getting Draconian.  The Catholic Church is going to abide by abortion in the true means it was.  Some babies will not survive Baptismal.  Some children of ANY age will not survive first or second Baptismal.

Can you imagine who was torturing people in French Bastilles?  Was it likely the wealthy son that had Down's Syndrome, Autism, Aspergers, etc?  What is my point?  It happened and it isn't human to do that!

What have we seen going on in the United States?  Many compounds being built.  Do you see what the threat would be?  Do you see how history wants to repeat itself in an evil way?  Do you see how a spoiled will is asserting itself and where it is going?  It has wealth, lots of money, but it has children who can not take care of themselves let alone raise a family and have normal children.  They can't hold their own.  This country was founded on the principal that if you can't work you don't eat!

And why I will never vote for Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton or anyone who wants to legalize drugs.  Do you know what happens when they legalize drugs?  The wealthy smoke pot all day long while the rest of us will starve to death.  It is just that ugly!  Lets see if I can articulate it a little better.  By definition the wealthy own everything.  Therefore while they are getting high all day they will not be working or operating any businesses.  Then they will say there is a food shortage.  They will say you can't get your money out of the bank.  Etc, etc, etc.  It is the wealthy waiting for human beings to die.

Do you know how you clean up that drug problem?  If a person pushes drugs on your children the sentencing should be mandatory death!  A perfect analogy being the Puritans who founded the United States executing Witches and Warlocks for poisoning people!  And that sentencing action shouldn't take too long with a big Hollywood hoopla ceremony about it either.  We don't need our heart strings pulled when we are getting rid of bad apples who have committed crimes against humanity!  That drug problem would end extremely quickly!  If women were not allowed to vote would we have the drug problem?  What am I getting at?  Somethings they just don't seem to understand until you paint the exact ugly picture of what it really means, the potential to affect them, and how you would not want to wish that on other people as victims of it.  Instead we get the, let that person off the hook because who am I to judge.  And this is indeed the last line of this article that I am typing even though it is right here in the middle.  I agree with that too.

Are there some people in the United States who should not be allowed to have their currency converted into United States dollars?  Is a heroin dealers money as good as anyone else's with you?

So you hear voices in your head and you have relatives that begrudge you for it!  They believe themselves to be the bank of the United States.  They believe that you are a drain to the United States economy; because you are disabled by voices.   Here is what you say to them, "The queer with the French Mustache who drives an Ice Cream truck has a job too doesn't he!"

Something about that Favre.  He was never really arrogant was he!  That is what we liked about him?  Or per my memory he was a little arrogant some times?  But it is a French name.  What was the theme of the movie the French Connection?  Something to do with Heroin coming into the United States controlled by France?  Wasn't it?  I can't remember.  I don't believe that the world needs poppy heroin fields or marijuana fields.

But I like to eat Barley flakes for breakfast.  I think that they might be giving me a testosterone boost and therefore I should lay off of them for a while.  But a mans testosterone is stated to peak 1/2 hour after drinking alcohol, due to the alcohol?  But the barley in it has to be boosting it too.  Boosting testosterone while at the same time depriving the brain of oxygen and putting one in a depressive state? 

Just a few more thoughts I have to get off my chest.  So that kid I went to High School with was caught with 16 hard drives full of horrific sexual abuse of children.  What was he doing with it?  Who was he trading it with?  Who else in his network likes that stuff.  Not this ties in with my compound paranoia (?) above.  Was he really looking to create a manual of how to sexually abuse children?  Was he looking to give that manual a name and it be some secret evil test of a satanic religion.  Text none of us are ever supposed to know about.  Text we are forbidden by tribal death to read?  Am I drawing an analogy to something that is part of religion already?  Yes.

I know, you thought you were going to read about a football game and I gave you the bait and switch.  Too bad!

Do you know what I believe might be happening in the world?  That pagan 21 occult I have written about might be getting sick from their own evil will.  Set a nice trap for someone else and you could end up in it yourself.  I don't pity them.  Perhaps I should but I don't.  I am not into all that false religious doctrine of forgiving the criminal who is still victimizing people.

And if I indeed pissed you off and you are a good person of your own cognition; just believe that pi$$ off wasn't meant for you.

But back to that last line of the article above.  Who am I to judge?  Am I really being fair to myself?  Should I really put my feet in the shoes of the criminal in that manner?  The only way I can wiggle out of that conscience is to say that I didn't have the same parents as that person.  I cannot blame myself because I had better parents, better genes, better parents that sought to raise me, better parents who sought to teach me!  Do you get it?  Whatever created the bad person doesn't always apply to us?  We don't always need to feel we should put ourselves in the other persons shoes the criminal and let them off.  We didn't do what that person did.  For whatever reason.  And I am not articulating this as best as I can.  And the truth is that the voices are starting up, distracting my thinking and don't want me to articulate it.  But I will make the final point in that when you forgive every single criminal what happens to human standards?

It is almost as if.  And I will try and be circumspect here.  Two people have birth defects.  They get married and have a birth defective child.  And that goes on and on.  How long before their are dinosaurs roaming the earth again?

People wonder what really killed the dinosaurs?  What if it was the will of God that couldn't stand them.  What if the human form, our minds is the evolution of that will of God?  Perhaps it came on an asteroid.  Perhaps it was hear all along and that is how it asserted itself, through some cosmic energy balancing principle.

Happy thanksgiving and goodnight.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Think of who that Social Security is Really there to protect 11 25 2015

Think of who that Social Security is Really there to protect  11 25 2015

It was instituted in 1935.

What was happening at or around that same time?  The Eugenics movement targeting those who couldn't learn and were labeled genetically defective.  That eugenics movement also targeted Jews by Nazi Germany in Europe.  It targeted blacks in the south of the United States.

Most people don't know, but before the civil war a million blacks were marched down south!

That social security was meant to protect the mentally retarded such as those with Down's Syndrome, Autism, Aspergers, hearing and sight disabilities, cretinism, Wilson's Syndrome, reading disabilities like Dyslexia!

Where do you think the money comes from to attempt to educate people like that?

And when an employee is injured by what really amounts to a negligent manager what do you think protects that manager?  If not Social Security?

When a young man can't graduate from College as Scott Walker could not, what do you think is there for him to fall back on?

What about Newt Gingrich?  He hated Social Security and was adopted!  Where does he think those extra benefits came from?  If you don't know how a balance sheet works with regard to that keep your mouth shut!  Without Social Security Gingrich might have been discarded in the dump after birth just like dogs whose time has expired at the human society.

What about John Boehner?  His father owned a tavern?  How many people blow their Social Security money on alcohol?  How many people end up injured in car accidents from drinking at a bar?  How many get in workplace accidents because they were drinking at a bar the night before?  That Social Security was there to Protect John Boehner!

It was designed to prevent a Civil War or World War?  We provided for a great many immigrants in that manner that were evicted from Europe.  We held out our hand to them!  Some were Italian who were evicted by Mussolini.  He vowed to exterminate the Italian Mafia!  Criminals are indeed mentally defective.

FDR might not have given us Free Healthcare but he gave us Social Security to pay for it as best we could.  Perhaps when he saw a Presidential Candidate such as Huey Long was assassinated by a Doctor for saying he would give free health care...he might have been of that mind but changed it?

Think about that very carefully when you attempt to demonize those who hear voices.  Schizophrenia is indeed medical fraud.  The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it medical fraud.

A former President stated that any political party that attempted to repeal Social Security would be a party that would no longer exist!

Funny thing is that Republican Party has been two faced for quite some time haven't they!  Cathy McMorris Rogers stating it is the party for families with Down's Syndrome while indeed many of the rest of Republicans want social security gone.  George Bush did his best to defeat it.  George Bush himself had a sister who can't read?

Anyone see where I am going with this?  You really don't want to cry Wolf too many times!  The very party that wants it gone is the party that needs it the very most!

You could never have the rise of limited liability Corporations and the personal wealth created by them without social security to pay for all the lifetime mistakes and accidents you caused.

I just don't get you!  What do you think you are trying to prove?  You really don't want to put a Eugenics movement to the test again!  Next time around the people who are disabled by voices won't be the ones exterminated in genocide!

Is Social Security there to protect politicians?  That is likely who it is there to protect the most!  Tell what would happen if we went into another Great Depression because someone looted our Financial System and the .gov did nothing about it.  What do you think would happen to that .gov?  Can I tell you what happened last time?  How they wiggled out of it?  We entered WW2!  They directed the publics anger at a foreign enemy.  And the British did indeed have knowledge of the Japanese fleet whereabouts in the Pacific prior to Pearl Harbor.  But we are told that they didn't tell us.  Is that Social Security really there to protect our current allies like Great Britain?  What would have been England's fate without it and the U.S. entering WW2?  Think about it.

Does Social Security protect the Catholic Church?  Tell me what the fate of a queer priest who sexually molested boys would be in a new Eugenics movement?

Think very carefully!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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To never say "Thank you," because you don't want someone to know how much they did for you 11 25 2015

To never say "Thank you," because you don't want someone to know how much they did for you  11 25 2015

An emotion motivated by spite and usury.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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So if you shoot a Deer that tests Positive for CWD and dispose of it you have to make sure it is in a landfill 11 25 2015

So if you shoot a Deer that tests Positive for CWD and dispose of it you have to make sure it is in a landfill   11 25 2015

That is the gist of what I read in the Regulations.

But what populates landfills?  Birds!  So a bird picks at that diseased deer meat and transfers it by flight virtually anywhere in the state?

Does that make sense?

Government can't even protect us from Government.  If you researched CWD you know that it was essentially created out West by the Department of Defense.  And some of those deer who were experimented on escaped or perhaps even set free.

So Government was negligent, actually the Department of Defense was negligent.  And Government cannot fix the problem it caused because it cost it would cost to much money to properly disposed of deer with a brain based illness?

CWD deer should be incinerated?


There has to be about 35 pages of deer hunting regulations in the manual.  However the Mexicans and Hmong only have to read a summary of those regulations on about 1 page?

This is an attack on white America!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Foreign Countries whose policy is to be more concerned with the United States than their own People 11 25 2015

Foreign Countries whose policy is to be more concerned with the United States than their own People    11 25 2015

That is a dangerous fixation.  There really isn't a cure for it.

When a man fixates on the lives of another man like that he is a queer!

So is it really alright to be a queer?  Is it alright to stand in the way and demonize legitimate men who want to marry a normal wife and raise a happy family?  No it isn't!

By this time in history that mental birth defect should be non existent among the human population!

What does Putin need oil for?  What do they manufacture and export that is of any value?

All they use that oil for is to build a military force.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Monday, November 23, 2015

If Adolf Hitler didn't die in WWII Pope Francis would know it 11 24 2015

Man should be defined as a heterosexual male having the ambition and self confidence based on competancy

Man should be defined as a heterosexual male having many skills and the  the ambition and self confidence based on competency and knowledge learned to master many more skills.

A contraindication of man would be that which resents men developing more skills; and actively seeks to prevent them.

Seems fairly simple and unneeded but it  holds very true in terms of responsibility and integrity.

Man is also therefore highly literate because he has a desire to explain HIS skills and knowledge so that other males can be just as happy a man as he is!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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To use drugs and intentionally have a mentally defective child because 11 23 2015

To use drugs and intentionally have a mentally defective child because  11 23 2015

To use drugs and intentionally have a mentally defective child because, you find great daily camaraderie with someone that has a defeatist based character flaw.

It increases your sense of self worth to appropriate national funds for the care of it?  You can't take care of it but other peoples money can.  That is spite of humanity isn't it!

It elevates yours sense of self importance because you are taking care of someone more needy than you; and doing so with other peoples money.

Being Real Good at throwing a Spoiled Fit shouldn't be a requisite for working in the Financial Industry 11 23 2015

Capitalism has completely failed the United States Environment 11 23 2015

Capitalism has completely failed the United States Environment 11 23 2015

It delegated the government responsibility for pollution control and energy to wealthy investors and therefore it was neglected.

We had some good companies here.  The people here used to be better people to!

And you can try and pick out every flaw of Capitalism and correct it but the problem occurs that you get bad men who will figure out a spoiled way to subvert it all again.

They were the faces of the true human beings who were victimized by the psychiatric occult institution.

They need to be deported for being of the exact same ideology as those we fought in The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, and World War II.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Sunday, November 22, 2015

There is the Underworld Filled by Demons 11 22 2015

There is the Underworld Filled by Demons  11 22 2015

And there is the Upper World where those who are not demon's live; and it is represented by the apex of the pyramids???

That is why they were built?  To always offer a reminder of what one is not?

The Egyptian Pharaohs believed themselves to be Gods and therefore adjudicators just like the Rabbi's tended to their flocks (of people) as shepherds.  But as Jesus implied; not all shepherds were good!  We have had some bad Shepherds in the United States haven't we; and we didn't think that was possible because of something preached to us by them called "Faith."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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That which has the same ideology of the past enemies that we fought in Wars does NOT belong in the United States 11 22 2015

That which has the same ideology of the past enemies that we fought in Wars does NOT belong in the United States 11 22 2015

Can we at least agree upon that?

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Green Bay Packers 30 points at Minnesota Vikings 13 points 11 22 2015

Green Bay Packers 30 points at Minnesota Vikings 13 points 11 22 2015

And what did I see in Coach McCarthy? That anger over what amounts to a game is the worst lessen an adult can teach a young developing mind. They are supposed to learn good sportsmanship and fits of anger is not that. You ought to be able to conduct yourself as a man on the sidelines as a coach.

If you ever had to work with someone like that in Corporate America you would know exactly what I am talking about!


Bridgewater can run! Did you see those legs bicycle gear out of there?


What else did I see? It looked like a Viking was grabbing for the groin of Lacey. We got a glimpse of that camera angle.


What am I seeing? No one seems to know how to tackle the short fast running back. The way that you do that is if you are taller you put your upper body across their shoulders and torso and you use your weight to bring them down.

But the problem with that is that those players on the team are bigger and on average not as fast! A person can indeed be bigger and faster, however that is a rarity. The reason being; not sure? Has to do with how one physically matures? The late maturer might be a lot faster than the early maturer who is more or less an overgrown cretin.

Which brings me to my next idea. How about having different weight classes in football just as is in boxing? If that were indeed true you would have a whole lot less physical disabilities as well as concussion based mental illnesses as I will assert Bret Farve had.

So it would be weight class 200 – 250. 200 and lower. And 250 and above. Now that 250lb and above weight class would be EXTREME ENTERTAINMENT! Why? Watching a quarterback over 250 lbs would be the absolute funniest thing we ever saw on television! Jello flying everywhere! Big fat grandma arm!


But as long as we are dividing it up. (I get to be like Judas at least once in my life.) How about an Ex Convict or Felony conviction league? That would segregate them out.

And as long as we are all about dividing up to create more money. How about a homosexual league? Instead of us guessing why not just segregate out those homosexuals and put them in their own league. How would a league like that compare? Would we even know the difference? They could still wear their hair long. How about nice pink uniforms like they want to do to deer hunters in Wisconsin. And have you ever watched some of those real big men run when they get an interception like Clay Mathews did that one time? It is incredibly funny! So us guy's might for once get a good honest laugh from television.

And they would not have to feel like they need to talk tough like men. Those effeminate laughs and voices could come out and they could just be themselves!


As long as I am talking about what was once okay to call abnormal. There should be absolutely no alcohol or drug advertisements of any kind allowed on television. In fact on all of television they should not be able to show any drink or cigarette in anyone's hands. No bottles allowed on television. We may not be able to get rid of the illegal 21st amendment but there are ways we can clean up this country rather thoroughly without having to do so!

Because of that right there I want to say that Professional Football is about as important to the American economy as circus freaks are.
So a child should never see an adult at a game on television drinking a beer in a cup. But lets be honest. You go to a Milwaukee Bucks basketball game and there is a big baboon woman voiced man getting drunk on beer and you are with your family. Do they really need to get exposed to that crass blue collar behavior? Some arrogant low grade imbecile making a domain of the place in a 25 foot radius? I just have to say NO to that!


I don't know if I like the idea of players having to resort to throwing the ball out of bounds and the receiver catching it with his toes in. It just seems inauthentic to me. It was never an issue when the same players who played offense also played defense. What happens there is everyone faces the same level of exhaustion at the end of the game and it therefore gets interesting. Who is the real warrior that comes back to win it?


And what is wrong with the camera angles and the way that they pan! Just odd and disorientating! And it never used to be that way and while at the same time the camera coverage used to be very good! A guy watching the game likes to feel like he is commanding a Stratego board game? At least that is how we like to see the field and anticipate what would happen. Too much of showing the facial closeups of what amounts to non-academic buffoons!


Didn't get to see the whole game was out running errands; mailing letters, going to the grocery store.


But that was a great touchdown pass of Aron's. Could you feel it was going to be a touchdown when he set up about to throw it like I did?

That right there is what I like about the game the most; completed long passes for touchdowns. And to me it is like, I really don't care which team scores, I just like to see that feet! Why? Because it represents coordinated COOPERATION. Now I could drone on about something like that for another 200 words but I leave you to think about it for yourself.


Do you know what else I can't stand about professional sports?  How it has completely shadowed and displaced the need for a clean environment for those of us who like fishing and hunting.  Your sports section of the paper is just that!  Whose dumb kid ran the fastest etc.  Meanwhile we can't eat the fish because they are full of PCB's and mercury!  The fish can't even reproduce in their own lakes.  A lot of that water smells just like a Brewers porta pottie toilet!  That needs to change.  There is very little coverage of the outdoors in the paper.  As a kid that used to be the best part of the paper.  I can't imagine what a kid looks forward to today in the sports section?  Looking to see which men are this and that?  "Oh whose son is that there?"  Growing up I could have cared less!  What they do in competition really doesn't seem like a very great achievement to me.  I don't see how or why they are idolized?  But then again both of my parents were school teachers.

Perhaps if you want to play professional sports for a living then immediately after high school or college you must first serve two years in something new to be called the American Corps of Engineers.  There you will build infrastructure and drive dump trucks containing contaminated water soil out of our lakes and rivers.  Perhaps if there isn't a place for you doing that you serve as a farm hand in the all Organic Farm initiative.  Perhaps you put solar panels on roofs.  Perhaps you build homeless shelters and manage them.  And the homeless rate you and if you don't get a good rating you don't get to advance to pro sports.  Why not?  You don't have the personal integrity for coordinated cooperation.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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When is the idolatry of Professional Athletes, the way they are talked about really equate to a homosexual pandering to men?

And one more thing in either the way Troy Aikman or Joe Buck stated something.  About the way the quarterback was evading a sack.  "He is in the pocket and scrambling before it collapses."  Doesn't that really sound like the gestalt submarine war talk?  How many young men watch sports, drink beer, listen to that and sign up to go overseas and get their legs blown off?

And  let's be honest, how much of the success of professional sports is due to queers with money wanting, (placating and pandering to) those big men to like them?

How much of our Countries labor is directly tied to alcohol, tobacco and drugs 11 23 2015

How much of our Countries labor is directly tied to alcohol, tobacco and drugs 11 23 2015

That makes it a Satanic economy!

It would take me awhile to collect that data.  And whatever I did come up with would understate it!

Thomas Paul Murphy

From Ted Cruz Thesis "It is meaningless to say that individuals have powers."

This reads like a Communist Manifesto to me!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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A Sense of Time 11 22 2015

A Sense of Time

The voices don’t like it when you have a sense or awareness of time.  They distract you from keeping of it while you are working!  Why?

Time is the element that professionals are measured with and against?  It is what professionals are cognizant of?

Hence those who demonically possess you covet your sense and awareness of time as if it was their own.  It is a form of ownership isn’t it!

How can you successfully steal and divide a skill set if the person using it has a sense of time with regard to it?

And skill sets can or cannot be developed if one has a regard for sense of time as to them?  It depends on who you are attempting to develop the skillset in doesn’t it!

But to deny someone their own sense of time is to deny them their sense of self importance?

Your sense of time to accomplishment must somehow be a blow to the ego of a lifetime pseudo professional?

It hurts them to know how long it took you to do something and how well it turned out when you did?

That which would negatively falsely appraise you lives a lifetime of development based on positive false appraisal!  And hence in the adult world of reality they need to falsely appraise you in order to maintain that same level of comparative happiness?

The idea to mass produce something somebody else thought of without giving them credit?  Isn’t that really hatred of man?  It is diminishing the works of man!  It is defeating the achievement and pride in achievement of man!  It is instilling a sense of futility to those who seek to be men!

That is what China and India are?

Make the work of man not a labor of love!  Making the thinking of men something young boys would detest becoming out of futility.

It takes away the beauty of man!  Makes his works and all of works a process of duplification.  And attempt to demean and therefore control the concept of man as if man can be something that can easily be duplicated!

“The thinking and thoughts of men are not important”, is the impetus for psychiatry.  Can you see the gestalt image of the wealthy spoiled little beast of a child looking through its mansion window and the normal children happily playing together?

So let’s say that it was all a woman’s idea.  If so what would be her motivation?  That no good and real man would have her?  That her father didn’t provide the image of a father to her?

Or rather, if behind every good man is a good woman then behind every bad man is also a bad woman!

So you get a family lineage like this and what is it like?  It is like how a person with a grade of mental retardation can only learn how to do something one way!

How far do you go in hiding the reason for your insecurity from the world?

The tribe that cannot learn from their own chief because they cannot trust him.

The distraction of hearing voices is:  When someone covets your mental time more than they do their own it is really their way of asserting their inferiority and inequality in comparison to you.

But what of the child who distracts the whole class from learning by misbehaving?  Is he not coveting their mental time as his own?  And what do we call this?  It is a mental defect known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

In effect that child lives in a world where it knows it is unequal.  And hence the misbehavior is an attempt to control that situation and empower oneself over it?  It lives in denial from day one!  The other children are listening and learning and it cannot?  Am I the only one who has a problem with children like that attending school systems?

Lets say all goes well with that child.  What kind of a monster will it become in adulthood?  One that seeks political power?  One that wants every once of mental energy left in the nation as his/ her own? 

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Did Egypt really fall due to copper poisoning 11 22 2015

Did Egypt really fall due to copper poisoning  11 22 2015

The last Pharaoh who built the largest of the pyramids made two mining runs to get copper to make tools to build the pyramids with.  All the other Pharaohs only made one copper mining run.

And no pyramids were built after that.

What does it have to say about water and air quality today?  How many different plastic compounds have they found in the Average persons blood?

Was beer highly fermented back then?  Or was it more like drinking a thin grain soup?  Anyone ever drink a wheat soup in their lives?  We have barely. 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Ted Cruz was born in Canada per my memory of the United States Constitution he cannot be President 11 22 2015

Ted Cruz was born in Canada per my memory of the United States Constitution he cannot be President 11 22 2015

The Constitution may not be amended if that "idea" is not valid to the intent and purpose the Constitution.

Perhaps this is why Trump wants to put him in as wing man?  Another way to whittle around the Constitution.

Most mature people would know that if you can't be President because you were not born in the U.S. then you also cannot be Vice President; because it is really "Stand in" in case the President cannot be President whereby the Vice assumes Presidential power? 

Isn't it almost contrived coup how Newt Gingrich tried to assume power after Reagan was allegedly shot?

Reagan who consulted a Vassar fortune teller on every major decision he made?  Newt Gingrich who himself is said to have practiced the occult Jewish Kabala?

So Trump picks Cruz as his running mate?  And Cruz a Hispanic wants to expand Immigration of wealthy foreigners into the U.S?  This indeed tells you just how fickle Donald Trump is.

They are not for the American people they are for subjecting the American people.  It isn't what can I do For the people as President it is what can I do To the people as President!

So really if Ted Cruz were a legitimate legal authority he would recuse himself from his Presidential bid because it violates the tradition of the Constitution!  Do you get it?  If he was really as good and honest American lawyer as he states himself he would take his spoiled self out of the race because it violates original Constitutional provision.

Did they amend that?  If they did so it was because they wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger in as President at that time.  The man who knocked up his Mexican made.  The man who used steroids and likely caused the death of a great many Americans who mimicked him.  The man who wanted to argue to legalize marijuana.  Can't get any worse than that!

What is this all?  It is encroachment of the idiot head and superimposition of that idiot head on the American populace!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

A man divorces his wife, she gets the kids and he doesn't take care of them 11 21 2015

A man divorces his wife, she gets the kids and he doesn't take care of them  11 21 2015

He then remarries.  Should he be allowed to have kids with that second marriage; given the fact that he is neglecting the kids (assumed normal) from the first marriage.

Now if he divorces the second wife after she bears his children, how many times do we let that continue?

What is it really breeding?  Antifamily!

He isn't really having sex in order to have children that he loves and raises.

Copyright 2015 Thomas Paul Murphy
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At least in polygamy the man is attempting to raise all the children?
  Perhaps the polygamy came about in the first place because of bad men who wouldn't raise their own children.  In that respect the man who raises the other children, and I mean actually raises them, is a beautiful man for doing so.
 And what is that man to all those children he is raising?  He is like an Egyptian God to them? ~Having the disciplinary power over them.

Invention Needed a Spinning Reel Fishing Spool knob with a bushing fronted set screw keeper 11 21 2015

Invention Needed a Spinning Reel Fishing Spool knob with a bushing fronted set screw keeper 11 21 2015

I have a working prototype right there.  However as with all
my inventions, in heathen Wisconsin where 1/3 adults is a binge drinking alcoholic..... there is not an honest patent attorney in the entire United States!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Wonder Boy's 11 21 2015

Wonder Boy's 11 21 2015

"I wonder what daddy is doing while he is out on the road?"

"The truth is he is creating more wonder boy's like you."

Copyright 2015 Thomas Paul Murphy
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A Normal Child does something and they get disciplined; you can't do that with a mentally retarded child can you 11 21 2015

A Normal Child does something and they get disciplined; you can't do that with a mentally retarded child can you  11 21 2015

But why is the normal child disciplined?  So that they don't become a danger to themselves or anyone else in the future.

Contrast that to what will always be a danger to themselves and others from day 1.  If you were able to discipline them then it means that they had the ability to learn.  But they don't.

And some parents most effective form of discipline is how disappointed they are with their children when they do something wrong.

How can a parent of a mentally retarded child ever be disappointed in them?

That parent of a mentally retarded child was never disappointed in themselves were they!  Born into wealth?  If they had ever felt disappointment then....  Don't normal people experience disappointment when they don't do well on tests?  I did! And that motivated me to do better the next time.  That motivated me to learn.  So can you motivate someone who has never had to experience disappointment in themselves to learn?  You might end up getting eaten alive if you try to?

And what is a teacher who creates negative expectations in a child?  Aren't they really attempting to foster false self disappointment in that child, when that child is non deserving of it?  Isn't that really an act of envy?

So how can we characterize those who walk among us that envy children; in that and other very negative forms?

The child who responds to parental disappointment loves his parents.  Conversely....and therefore the child who cannot respond to parental disappointment doesn't love his/her parents.

And what does it say about a parent who loves a child that will not love them?  The parents response is that "If I could only love this child more it would develop."  But in this context doesn't it really mean spoil?  "If I could only spoil this child it would love me?"  Who has to spoil a child in order to get it to love you?  Where does that ideology come from?  "If I could only spoil a woman she would love me!"

So does the spoiled woman drink and have mentally defective children?  If he didn't allow her to drink she would not be with him!

I am flushing out the root of all evil and the vine of all evil too!

So what happens to the spoiled child?  It will always live in unhappiness because it will always want to be someone other than itself.  Comparatively in it faulted consciousness it knows that it cannot compete in fairness.  It needs to be someone other than itself; because it could not learn to be a self?

And this leads it to believe that it should be able to control people?  And in doing so it lessens its hatred of self?  By projecting that self hatred on the people it controls?  And that my friends was the cause of the Civil War! ...  And that my friends was also the cause of the Revolutionary War!

The last thing that that parent will ever do is to teach that child self disappointment!  Why?  Because it is fatal to the child.  It is instilling defeatism in someone that who cannot learn very well and therefore cannot change.  To teach that child self disappointment is to teach it defeatism.

So do we have a faction in our society that is this way and has adapted to it by attempting to "teach" the rest of us defeatism?  Without a doubt!

That child has a great advantage in life,  "It is impossible for them to understand ANY reason why someone wouldn't like them!"

That child was given or allowed to have what can be termed, "A Psychotic Lifetime Advantage!"  P.L.A. for short.

And what happens when general society is taught to emulate the successful who have a Psychotic Lifetime Advantage?  We all suffer and pay the price for that don't we!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Quote: He is respectable man, of integrity; he doesn't tolerate any foolishness in the workshop 11 21 2015

Quote:  He is respectable man, of integrity; he doesn't tolerate any foolishness in the workshop 11 21 2015

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Humor: Donald Trump wants you to all be Millionaires 11 21 2015

Humor:  Donald Trump wants you to all be Millionaires 11 21 2015

So therefore as President he would give all of you a Million Dollars to get started just like his father gave him????

Yes indeed he wants everyone to share in that secret of wealth doesn't he?

Either that or he is about as tired of the ugly dumb wealthy as the rest of us are!

But the reality is that as President he will indeed be giving out breaks to the wealthy, etc, that amount to giving them each a million dollars!  You and I of the middle class will never see it though!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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On Donald Trump 11 21 2015

On Donald Trump  11 21 2015

I am not the only one who likes a very good riches to rags story.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Would somebody some scientist please invert the ph scale.

Something that is naturally inverted is hard to remember!  Just as something that is initially incorrectly taught!  The Ph scale is just that!

Perhaps we need to invert all the wealth of those given Ph D's in order to increase general education levels?

Thomas Paul Murphy

Should a Convicted Drunk Driver be allowed to operate a boat and vice versa? I say no! 11 21 2015

Should a Convicted Drunk Driver be allowed to operate a boat and vice versa?  I say no!  11 21 2015

Men really don't understand drunken  driving accidents!  Why not?  Because we are built rugged and tough.  To use an analogy we are built like the people who performed the stunts in the show Jack Ass.

Women, children and the elderly are not built the same way!  What wouldn't kill you would in some cases easily kill them; in a drunken driving crash!  But men don't think about that because it isn't how we understand the world from projecting our sense of self in it?

And everybody wants to be like me but they aren't.  Women like to think like they are men in a great many situations.  It proves to be a false identity for them.  And the reality of the matter is that what I have asserted above about them more likely to die in violent car accident is greater.  It is one of those things I don't feel I need to bring statistics or supporting evidence about either!  It is an element of common sense.

So I think about this in terms of the 21st amendment and how every mafia linked restaurant is stated to have a table 21 in it.


I am not a homosexual but I have to question what the rate of suicide is among homosexuals and latent homosexuals and how it skews gun violence statistics.

They do indeed have the highest suicide rate.

Some of it is attributed to bullying of them.

I may seem like a bully here with some of my commentary, however in this case I believe that the bully should be euthanized.  I want to assert that the bully is interfering with the learning and development of many normal children.  And whether you consider lgbt a development disorder or not is a moot point.  I will assert that people who are bullied might resort to alcohol and drugs later in life that cause a myriad of genetic birth defects we really haven't mapped out yet.

When the spoiled voices are quiet my writing is more true to my conscience.


And what about transgender bathrooms and lockerooms?  Basically the way that men and I mean real men have traditionally thought of it is, when you are changing you are not looking at what the other person is like.  And for example if a gay man is staring at another non homosexual mans butt that could be trouble.  But the non homosexual really doesn't care if you have a vagina and balls?  So what about what is in the female locker room?  If it has a penis it belongs in the male locker room, that should be the rule.  And I don't mean to be cold hearted but that is a negative reality that person is going to have to face.


I really don't like the idea of Down's Syndrome people having sex.  What do I fear?  A future where the stronger with less human intelligence dominate and enslave the normal human race!  Can't get much more horrific than that!


It is like this.  A man is born with only one leg.  When the other children are running around the track how is he really going to feel about himself no matter what?  Do we create another level of competition for him and then assert that it is really the equivalent of the norm level?  The reality is that he isn't equal.

Now to be fair to him I will assert that the criminal minded are mentally defective and not equal either.


What is this proving with regard to the nature of equality?  Are we to say that X has two of something and it is equal to Y's one of the same thing?  Once you start that Y ends up with all the money and power in the world?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Friday, November 20, 2015

Humor: Do you remember how we all laughed at the talent section of the Donald Trump sponsored Miss America Pageant 11 2015

Humor: Do you remember how we all laughed at the talent section of the Donald Trump sponsored Miss America Pageant 11 2015

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The Canal of Schlemm 11 20 2015

The Canal of Schlemm 11 20 2015

That is where/how fluid naturally flows out of the eye and then circulates out of the body through normal means.

So it would indeed be the key to solving Glaucoma.  Glaucoma where pressure increases in the eye until the optic nerve is forced out that back and the person loses their sight.

It wouldn't be too hard to figure out what is disrupting the Canal of Schlemm. 

So why hasn't anyone figured it out yet?

Now I know someone who took a bottle of Occuvite over the time frame on the bottle, a month or whatever it is and claritan 3 days before they had their pressure checked and that pressure had come down from 22 to 16.

An antiallergan likely gets its efficacy because it is antiviral to??????

I myself have relieved eye pressure pain with megadoses of Vitamin C.

But in all the questions I have ever asked about Glaucoma and I have asked Doctors plenty, today is the first day someone told me that term.  Canal of Schlemm.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Freedom of Speech 11 20 2015

The speech that you suppressed might be the very speech that could have saved you.

Put two and two together on Marijuana and the Skyrocketing rate of Autism 11 19 2015

1. Marijuana is the illicit drug used most commonly during pregnancy.
2. The CDC knows of no safe use level of marijuana during pregnancy.
3. The rate of autism as a birth defect is increasing.

4.  Marijuana is being used more and more to the point that powerful lobby groups want it legalized.

How can anyone not link a drug whose use is increasing that has no safe level of use during pregnancy to the increasing rate of the birth defect of autism?

Where is our leadership?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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NO TUNING FORKS 11 19 2015 Article based on recent schiz brain research

NO TUNING FORKS 11 19 2015

What is the abstracted shape of an extra fold in the OUTER side front of the brain; it is that of a TUNING FORK!

An external brain fold would seem to be the opposite of an internal brain ventricle. The ventricle develops and is integral to the brain function whereas the external brain fold just represents absence and something that never was and never can be had; a VOID! Hence it is a regressive species trait.

If you don't know what this article is about it is about a recent scientific discovery that people who hear voices do not have a specific external fold/void in the front of their brain. And this is the “other sides” take on the issue! Rebuttal!

The internal brain ventricles are encompassing and enclosing of thought whereas that tuning fork is a void of thought capability. Because the thought process is jumping from fold to fold in external void versus internal it is prone to irrational-ism and decisions based on impulse or lack of reason?

Contrast the eternal Tuning Fork fold to the internal extra ventricular slots that develop in someone who is stigmatized with the label schizophrenia. They are essentially the same brain formations that genius Einstein had. They initially had been termed the process of pruning brain matter that was irrelevant but that isn't even a fair analogy. Because it implies that person has lost intelligence when the grey matter has been lost and that isn't true. What is a better analogy is that that person has a highly developed brain much in the same way that a computer chip has a highly developed map on it. The ventricles represent solidifying of reality concepts into a highly developed brain map.

Someone who is afflicted with what is termed Schizophrenia doesn't have a tuning fork; they don't need one!

Do those with the Tuning Fork Void develop better speech capability? Look at what the brain process must be; bouncing words back and forth from one extension to the other of that fold. It is at best an in-congruent thought process. At grasping at straws cognition. Because it isn't a solid brain mass it doesn't have the ability to accurately depict real world phenomenon and spatial relations. Nor can it abstract on the matter. The best it can do is use verbal ability to attempt to form abstract and invalid concepts of human reason. Glib.

When the tuning fork attempts to concentrate what amounts to the crux of constructs are lost in the gap fold in the external front of that brain because there is no brain matter there to think with.

One could say that those who have an external tuning fork front lobe also speak with Forked Tongue!

So a person hears voices that torment their thoughts? What are they really? They are that tuning fork of another persons brain attempting to tune into human thought and intelligence! In that matter it is a regressive species trait at best. I don't want to say woman thinking because that would be crushing, chauvinistic and mean; even though it is true!

That tuning fork can keep at you all day and night but it can never be human! It can completely wear itself out doing that! Let it know that it is a tuning fork and not the legitimate creative beauty of nature; the essence of music?

Because it is a tuning fork versus an internal non externally voided brain fold it is illegitimate in comparison.

You will know when you are talking to a TUNING FORK brain because they become lost in the conversation and cannot follow the human logic stream. They will verbally accuse you of making decisions for all the wrong reasons; when it is really true of them. Rather than admit their own lost cognition in your presence they use that tuning fork tongue to denigrate you! Why, because that cognitive experience of being lost in terms of intelligence is depressing to them! Now if you know psychology you know that depression is really repressed anger! So look out when you are near one they could blow at you! And it isn't paranoia it is reality. Person who are stigmatized with the label of schizophrenia (in medical fraud by the Tuning Forks I might add) are up to 13 times more likely to be a victim of violence than a perpetrator of it!

Now you will also know when you are talking to a Tuning Fork, (and this is an example of a better Tuning Fork type of person, a more friendly type) because they will attempt to guess at what you are saying and do so in a nice manner when indeed they cannot process what you said via that void in the key functioning front of the brain. But you might not even notice that they are guessing. Which can indeed cause problems because their offtrack logic stream can assert itself and keep going when indeed it is invalid from its origin and start. But you indeed then have to work your way back to that defective junction while the Tuning Fork continues speaking, hence the Tuning Fork wins to the detriment of all of humanity. So a better tuning fork will pretend to know what you are saying when it doesn't have the cognition to understand it in hopes that you will explain. But they don't want you to know it! But you will be able to tell. Pretending has an equivalency to pre-TENSE? Pre-TENSE does not belong in the United States Government or rather any Government in the world at this stage of human development!

And because you don't have that void in the external front of your brain it is very frustrating to be with people who have it, you don't suffer fools gladly or they cause unneeded angst. In other words it is a mystery to you how they can be so stupid and so fluent at it and made it that far in life!

Does a Tuning Fork of a person ever just sit and think constructively about things? Or is that something they find extreme anxiety in doing! If you hear voices and they increase in intensity when you are attempting to concentrate you know whole hardheartedly that the tuning fork has extreme anxiety with regard to its inability to think for itself. Hence it needs your human thoughts like a sponge soaks up water!

And you can't blame someone when they are born with a birth defect. But is there anything wrong with explaining it to them and telling them why it is a detriment to human civilization and perhaps you might recommend that they don't have children?

Does a tuning fork have trouble being imprinted by its father or mother? The better and more valid question is, “Does a father or mother who is a Tuning Fork even have the ability to imprint the minds of their children that have Tuning Fork brains!” If they did we would not be hearing voices! A Tuning Fork can only teach someone else who has a void external front brain fold how to compensate for it by being a Tuning Fork.

And I want to be fair and show human empathy on the matter, can you imagine how miserable you would be if you were a male that had a Tuning Fork brain? You are never going to be happy no matter what! Why not? Your Tuning Fork won't let you! When your Tuning Fork even momentarily stops resonating depression ensues! Contrast this so someone who has an integral front of the brain without that void of fold. They are naturally happy aren't they. And hence you attempt to tune in one them one after another and destroy them by putting them out of resonance via your Tuning Fork? But they can come back and they do! So you mandate they are put on psychiatric medicine the action of the spoil sport of all human history isn't it! But what is that void in the front of the brain externally really like? It is like what is between two labia! Do you know what that really makes you? PUSSY BRAINED!

The movie Close Encounters of a Third kind illustrates the military industrial complex attempting to sync up with the mind of a human being. Via the transmissions of sounds that are emulated until agreement. Which brings me to the next point. No tuning forks allowed! But lets drive it home with its own form of denigration. The Military Industrial Complex is PUSSY BRAINED! Instead of a Tuning Fork I could rewrite this whole article to say they are always trying to wrap, envelop or clench that PUSSY BRAIN around that of a real man or woman's?

So if you do indeed hear voices these are powerful cognitive constructs that you can use continually momentarily throughout your day to defeat them.

The gestalt image of a Tuning Fork thinking is that of the Cro-Magnum shaped head?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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