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Monday, November 9, 2015

Death of the Human Race by Radio Waves 11 09 2015

Death of the Human Race by Radio Waves 11 09 2015

They permeate your entire body!  Essentially they are an electromagnetic emanation created by an electric induced spark.  Just like a spark plug in your car.

Do you sense them?  What happens when you listen to a song on the radio  you are just hearing it.  But in doing so and enjoying it are you also opening up your perception at that moment to let more of the world in?  So to speak?  Now here is the crux.  Are you allowing that magnetic signal to attenuate your body at that same time in coordination with the music that you are listening to.

I would make the claim that you might be attenuating something like your body biorhythms to that EMF broadcast while you are indeed listening to the percussive broadcast that emanates from the speaker.

Now lets say that a voice is representative of a person, their character and what they truly believe in.

Did you ever listen to a Doors song over and over again because it sounded good.  But then you realized that you became sad just like the singer who eventually killed himself?  That is a human empathy understanding type thing?  Can't explain it better or articulate it better than that.  Same goes with Kurt Cobain and his band hole.

But what about the singer that shoots up with drugs?  What about the alcoholic singer like Dean Martin?  What about a gay one?

Are you seeing where I am going with this?  Lets say you could broadcast the soul essence of a person via an electro magnetic wave through the atmosphere.  What would you want people to become like?  Any of those traits? Are those traits those that propagate the human race?  I would say they are anti human race propagation.

Now indeed the Radio was invented by Marconi and he declared to the Pope that he had harnessed the power of God!  Also at the Nuremburg trials the Nazi's admitted that they used every radio type technology to attempt to control a population of 80 million.

Let me make a more extreme example.  Lets say you had a convicted criminal who tortured people, he even ate parts of their body while they were still alive.  Would you want to electromagnetically propagate any essence of that person through the airwaves everywhere?  Hopefully you would be smarter than that, even though you couldn't quite explain why it would be a bad idea.

Would you give a billion dollar banking thief "airtime?"  How about an athlete that bit off someone's ear?  How about a prostitute, whore or pimp?

How about the class clown?  How about the flunky?  How about the lifetime drug abuser?

What a waste!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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Have you ever turned on the AM radio and listened to it and noticed that there was something refreshing about it?  It is amplitude modulated.  Meaning that they signal strength is boosted and also decreased to transmit what amounts to in the conversion process as the different pitch.  It is refreshing because it is more true to you.  You can more readily tell "what is up" with that person on the radio?  Where as Freq (Freak) generated signal is more like a continuous spaghetti noodle coming at you.  You don't really have the insight into the character that the amplitude modulation gives you?

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