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Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Normal Child does something and they get disciplined; you can't do that with a mentally retarded child can you 11 21 2015

A Normal Child does something and they get disciplined; you can't do that with a mentally retarded child can you  11 21 2015

But why is the normal child disciplined?  So that they don't become a danger to themselves or anyone else in the future.

Contrast that to what will always be a danger to themselves and others from day 1.  If you were able to discipline them then it means that they had the ability to learn.  But they don't.

And some parents most effective form of discipline is how disappointed they are with their children when they do something wrong.

How can a parent of a mentally retarded child ever be disappointed in them?

That parent of a mentally retarded child was never disappointed in themselves were they!  Born into wealth?  If they had ever felt disappointment then....  Don't normal people experience disappointment when they don't do well on tests?  I did! And that motivated me to do better the next time.  That motivated me to learn.  So can you motivate someone who has never had to experience disappointment in themselves to learn?  You might end up getting eaten alive if you try to?

And what is a teacher who creates negative expectations in a child?  Aren't they really attempting to foster false self disappointment in that child, when that child is non deserving of it?  Isn't that really an act of envy?

So how can we characterize those who walk among us that envy children; in that and other very negative forms?

The child who responds to parental disappointment loves his parents.  Conversely....and therefore the child who cannot respond to parental disappointment doesn't love his/her parents.

And what does it say about a parent who loves a child that will not love them?  The parents response is that "If I could only love this child more it would develop."  But in this context doesn't it really mean spoil?  "If I could only spoil this child it would love me?"  Who has to spoil a child in order to get it to love you?  Where does that ideology come from?  "If I could only spoil a woman she would love me!"

So does the spoiled woman drink and have mentally defective children?  If he didn't allow her to drink she would not be with him!

I am flushing out the root of all evil and the vine of all evil too!

So what happens to the spoiled child?  It will always live in unhappiness because it will always want to be someone other than itself.  Comparatively in it faulted consciousness it knows that it cannot compete in fairness.  It needs to be someone other than itself; because it could not learn to be a self?

And this leads it to believe that it should be able to control people?  And in doing so it lessens its hatred of self?  By projecting that self hatred on the people it controls?  And that my friends was the cause of the Civil War! ...  And that my friends was also the cause of the Revolutionary War!

The last thing that that parent will ever do is to teach that child self disappointment!  Why?  Because it is fatal to the child.  It is instilling defeatism in someone that who cannot learn very well and therefore cannot change.  To teach that child self disappointment is to teach it defeatism.

So do we have a faction in our society that is this way and has adapted to it by attempting to "teach" the rest of us defeatism?  Without a doubt!

That child has a great advantage in life,  "It is impossible for them to understand ANY reason why someone wouldn't like them!"

That child was given or allowed to have what can be termed, "A Psychotic Lifetime Advantage!"  P.L.A. for short.

And what happens when general society is taught to emulate the successful who have a Psychotic Lifetime Advantage?  We all suffer and pay the price for that don't we!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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