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Monday, November 9, 2015

Who is happy when you are happy? 11 09 2015

Who is happy when you are happy?
Who is happy when you are happy and who is sad when you are sad, and why (meaning what are the valid connections.) Factors to consider who really loves you.

Perhaps best articulated, Who is it that can never "share" in your happiness? And who is it that always contributes to "sadness?" Contrary to this a Catholic Priest once stated those who suffer are truly blessed. He knew something about cognitive comparison that you and I would never realize or believe in?

And what about people who project their own personal sadness on others in as many ways as they can?

Love therefore would really be, when a man and a woman are together and they are both happy at the same time!

And therefore just because two people are together of the same sex and are happy together does that really make it love? Discerning and defining the meaning of love. Two friends are happy together but it doesn't mean that they love each other. For love should be only related to male female mating and reproducing.....wait for it....a happy child!

We could use this to define the Devil? That which is very sad when general and normal human beings are happy? That which is very sad when the general level of health and welfare of the human population is in a happy state of being?

Is that which is sad when you are happy really sad because they then have a broken delusion of personal control over you? Again that would define the devil. The devils happiness therefore being attained when it can create a dominion of sadness. A dominion of sadness. Anyone ever meet or know a beast like that in their lives?

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