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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Donald Trumps Family Money 11 11 2015

Donald Trumps Family Money 11 11 2015

Per the Wikipedia article on John Trump, Donald's Grandfather.

  "In 1891, he moved to Seattle, Washington, and established a "decadent" restaurant (likely to have also been a brothel)[2] known as the "Poodle Dog" (identical in name and format to a restaurant in San Francisco).[3] It was around this time that Drumpf anglicized his name to Frederick Trump, and became a naturalized United States citizen.

"For single men the Arctic has excellent accommodations as well as the best restaurant in Bennett, but I would not advise respectable women to go there to sleep as they are liable to hear that which would be repugnant to their feelings – and uttered, too, by the depraved of their own sex"',
Trump wrote in a letter to the Yukon Sun newspaper.
Read that very carefully and very slowly and you come to the conclusion it is a whore house!

The Arctic House was one of the largest and most decadent restaurants in that region of the Klondike, offering fresh fruit and ptarmigan in addition to the staple of horsemeat.[2]

Per the German Government John Trump then moved back to Germany to avoid paying tax and serving in the military. And the German Government evicted him from GERMANY in 1902.

So why did Donald say he was Swedish when he was really German? In case he was accused of criminal activity to flee to Sweden? So that he could open bank accounts in nearby Switzerland?

So whore house means prostitution! And can you tell me that members of organized crime don't know who each other are? Do they maintain connections? The Italian mafia was attempting to establish organized crime (Prostitution, drug dealing, gambling?) in Texas at the exact same time that Kennedy was assassinated there. A man highly center in the issue was transporting guns to Cuba and drugs back to Texas in the same boat? And Russia was attempting to partner with Cuba and establish nuclear missile bases there? Where they also bringing the drugs in from Afghanistan poppie fields. There is your FDR connection.

So Putin has been stated to have Aspergers per the FBI. And how do you get it? From drugs, cannibalism DNA, or inbreeding? Stalin promoted anti Semitism and killed 20 million Russian farmers to concentrate the wealth of the country in something given the name Communism. (Has the same prefix as Common Core doesn't it!) Adopted in order to attempt to deal with the spiking rates of autism and other forms of mental retardation. So where does all that Russian Gold come from? Those 20 million Jewish farmers tooth fillings or confiscated wealth? Ever see a Russian woman wearing sandals with Gold thongs? And Donald’s first (?) wife was a wealthy Russian.

So the question I have to ask is pale skin that doesn't tan really a defect from a cannibalism modified gene? As if it is Gods way of saying this person is walking in a dead persons skin? Do people with Down's Syndrome tan? Usually they are pale white. And it was Cathy McMorris Rogers who stated that the Republican Party is the party for families with Downs Syndrome. If that isn't the greatest welfare give away in American History there is none! What hypocrites! They won't pay a living wage but siphon all the money to families with Down's Syndrome members!

So if I am going to stay at a decadent Trump hotel during the Gold Rush where all kinds of unusual sounds are coming out of the next room what do I fear? This is exactly what I fear. Not meant to defame or anything. I fear getting knocked over the head, my hard earned sack of Gold Stolen, my flesh filleted and served as exotic meat and my bones dumped on the edge of an Indian Reservation.

Fast forward.

Donald's Father had a policy of not renting to black people in New York.
Per the Wikipedia biography article on him.

Those mafia boats from Cuba were importing Microwave and radiation based weapons to organized crime in the United States! It is the real cause of Schizophrenia! The Department of Defense admitted way back in 1991 that they have the ability to make a human being hear voices in their head!

So lets say that you are a young black person in New York. You are a good person and you did everything by the book in order to get ahead. You have made a little money and you want to move to a better neighborhood. Donald's father won't rent to you. But it gets worse. They figure out who you are and where you live just like the man with the large sack of hard earned gold going into whore house.

Now Donald Trumps Uncle (His fathers brother was involved in radiation, x-ray and microwave) “Broadcasting” equipment. So you take that device and you aim it at that up and coming black person and it makes them incoherent. He is diagnosed as mentally ill discredited and loses everything. And perhaps even shot by a police officer like Dontre Hamilton who is said to have athletic talent was. And there is the mocking voice directly from the Bible telling you that she controls who has the talents who doesn't.

Now the man who killed John F. Kennedy in Texas had defected to Russia to work at a high technology microwave, radiation, x-ray type defense contractor there called per memory of research, St. Gobain Corporation. So that is the basis for my belief that the mob was really importing the means to drive Americans insane on those boats coming in from Cuba to Texas at the time when Kennedy was killed in Texas and Russian ships were docked in Cuba.

When that black person is evicted from his home because he can't hold a job because he is incoherent from being fried with a microwave device from a far hidden distance then the real estate crook swoops in and offers to buy that building. You don't sell. Then the next time he offers a little less. Then the next time he offers a little less than that. And that indeed can be called the book summary of “The Art of the Deal” by Donald Trump!

What it adds up to to me is one of the most horrific criminals in human history.

Why does Donald Trumps voice sound an awful lot like that of Rosie Odonell? I believe it might be a genetic anomaly that they both have in common.

Barrack what side are you really on? The one that smiles at you when they shake your hand. You like the smiling faces that tell lies don't you!

Donald Trump was sent to military school. And the commentary as to why was to the effect that he was a bad kid. Who would have access to military technology? Those in Military School? Who would want to send your normal apple pie straight American sons to military conflicts with 5 different countries? Both he and his Grandfather evaded military service.

I want to make some comment about whore houses and making passes and beauty pageant contestants but none of them have come forward?

I also want to draw a connection to the two other candidates of Cuban origin plus the failed immigration policy of Jeb Bush regarding Cuban immigrants to Florida. Not to mention the drug trafficking facilitated by George Bush across the Mexican border while he was Governor and then President.

I am asserting that Schizophrenia is medical fraud. The voices are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 11 11 2015 at:

So they had a staple of horse meat at that Trump restaurant hotel.  Whose horses were they?  How many young people go out to California today only to become homeless, abused, in the porn business, etc.  I believe that pimps should mandatorily get the death penalty as a sentence.  It is sexual slavery.  And we fought one of the bloodiest wars in American history in order to stop.  We had a policy of killing the slave master.  We also added anti slavery amendments to our Constitution.

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