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Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Sense of Time 11 22 2015

A Sense of Time

The voices don’t like it when you have a sense or awareness of time.  They distract you from keeping of it while you are working!  Why?

Time is the element that professionals are measured with and against?  It is what professionals are cognizant of?

Hence those who demonically possess you covet your sense and awareness of time as if it was their own.  It is a form of ownership isn’t it!

How can you successfully steal and divide a skill set if the person using it has a sense of time with regard to it?

And skill sets can or cannot be developed if one has a regard for sense of time as to them?  It depends on who you are attempting to develop the skillset in doesn’t it!

But to deny someone their own sense of time is to deny them their sense of self importance?

Your sense of time to accomplishment must somehow be a blow to the ego of a lifetime pseudo professional?

It hurts them to know how long it took you to do something and how well it turned out when you did?

That which would negatively falsely appraise you lives a lifetime of development based on positive false appraisal!  And hence in the adult world of reality they need to falsely appraise you in order to maintain that same level of comparative happiness?

The idea to mass produce something somebody else thought of without giving them credit?  Isn’t that really hatred of man?  It is diminishing the works of man!  It is defeating the achievement and pride in achievement of man!  It is instilling a sense of futility to those who seek to be men!

That is what China and India are?

Make the work of man not a labor of love!  Making the thinking of men something young boys would detest becoming out of futility.

It takes away the beauty of man!  Makes his works and all of works a process of duplification.  And attempt to demean and therefore control the concept of man as if man can be something that can easily be duplicated!

“The thinking and thoughts of men are not important”, is the impetus for psychiatry.  Can you see the gestalt image of the wealthy spoiled little beast of a child looking through its mansion window and the normal children happily playing together?

So let’s say that it was all a woman’s idea.  If so what would be her motivation?  That no good and real man would have her?  That her father didn’t provide the image of a father to her?

Or rather, if behind every good man is a good woman then behind every bad man is also a bad woman!

So you get a family lineage like this and what is it like?  It is like how a person with a grade of mental retardation can only learn how to do something one way!

How far do you go in hiding the reason for your insecurity from the world?

The tribe that cannot learn from their own chief because they cannot trust him.

The distraction of hearing voices is:  When someone covets your mental time more than they do their own it is really their way of asserting their inferiority and inequality in comparison to you.

But what of the child who distracts the whole class from learning by misbehaving?  Is he not coveting their mental time as his own?  And what do we call this?  It is a mental defect known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

In effect that child lives in a world where it knows it is unequal.  And hence the misbehavior is an attempt to control that situation and empower oneself over it?  It lives in denial from day one!  The other children are listening and learning and it cannot?  Am I the only one who has a problem with children like that attending school systems?

Lets say all goes well with that child.  What kind of a monster will it become in adulthood?  One that seeks political power?  One that wants every once of mental energy left in the nation as his/ her own? 

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2015

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