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Thursday, November 19, 2015

NO TUNING FORKS 11 19 2015 Article based on recent schiz brain research

NO TUNING FORKS 11 19 2015

What is the abstracted shape of an extra fold in the OUTER side front of the brain; it is that of a TUNING FORK!

An external brain fold would seem to be the opposite of an internal brain ventricle. The ventricle develops and is integral to the brain function whereas the external brain fold just represents absence and something that never was and never can be had; a VOID! Hence it is a regressive species trait.

If you don't know what this article is about it is about a recent scientific discovery that people who hear voices do not have a specific external fold/void in the front of their brain. And this is the “other sides” take on the issue! Rebuttal!

The internal brain ventricles are encompassing and enclosing of thought whereas that tuning fork is a void of thought capability. Because the thought process is jumping from fold to fold in external void versus internal it is prone to irrational-ism and decisions based on impulse or lack of reason?

Contrast the eternal Tuning Fork fold to the internal extra ventricular slots that develop in someone who is stigmatized with the label schizophrenia. They are essentially the same brain formations that genius Einstein had. They initially had been termed the process of pruning brain matter that was irrelevant but that isn't even a fair analogy. Because it implies that person has lost intelligence when the grey matter has been lost and that isn't true. What is a better analogy is that that person has a highly developed brain much in the same way that a computer chip has a highly developed map on it. The ventricles represent solidifying of reality concepts into a highly developed brain map.

Someone who is afflicted with what is termed Schizophrenia doesn't have a tuning fork; they don't need one!

Do those with the Tuning Fork Void develop better speech capability? Look at what the brain process must be; bouncing words back and forth from one extension to the other of that fold. It is at best an in-congruent thought process. At grasping at straws cognition. Because it isn't a solid brain mass it doesn't have the ability to accurately depict real world phenomenon and spatial relations. Nor can it abstract on the matter. The best it can do is use verbal ability to attempt to form abstract and invalid concepts of human reason. Glib.

When the tuning fork attempts to concentrate what amounts to the crux of constructs are lost in the gap fold in the external front of that brain because there is no brain matter there to think with.

One could say that those who have an external tuning fork front lobe also speak with Forked Tongue!

So a person hears voices that torment their thoughts? What are they really? They are that tuning fork of another persons brain attempting to tune into human thought and intelligence! In that matter it is a regressive species trait at best. I don't want to say woman thinking because that would be crushing, chauvinistic and mean; even though it is true!

That tuning fork can keep at you all day and night but it can never be human! It can completely wear itself out doing that! Let it know that it is a tuning fork and not the legitimate creative beauty of nature; the essence of music?

Because it is a tuning fork versus an internal non externally voided brain fold it is illegitimate in comparison.

You will know when you are talking to a TUNING FORK brain because they become lost in the conversation and cannot follow the human logic stream. They will verbally accuse you of making decisions for all the wrong reasons; when it is really true of them. Rather than admit their own lost cognition in your presence they use that tuning fork tongue to denigrate you! Why, because that cognitive experience of being lost in terms of intelligence is depressing to them! Now if you know psychology you know that depression is really repressed anger! So look out when you are near one they could blow at you! And it isn't paranoia it is reality. Person who are stigmatized with the label of schizophrenia (in medical fraud by the Tuning Forks I might add) are up to 13 times more likely to be a victim of violence than a perpetrator of it!

Now you will also know when you are talking to a Tuning Fork, (and this is an example of a better Tuning Fork type of person, a more friendly type) because they will attempt to guess at what you are saying and do so in a nice manner when indeed they cannot process what you said via that void in the key functioning front of the brain. But you might not even notice that they are guessing. Which can indeed cause problems because their offtrack logic stream can assert itself and keep going when indeed it is invalid from its origin and start. But you indeed then have to work your way back to that defective junction while the Tuning Fork continues speaking, hence the Tuning Fork wins to the detriment of all of humanity. So a better tuning fork will pretend to know what you are saying when it doesn't have the cognition to understand it in hopes that you will explain. But they don't want you to know it! But you will be able to tell. Pretending has an equivalency to pre-TENSE? Pre-TENSE does not belong in the United States Government or rather any Government in the world at this stage of human development!

And because you don't have that void in the external front of your brain it is very frustrating to be with people who have it, you don't suffer fools gladly or they cause unneeded angst. In other words it is a mystery to you how they can be so stupid and so fluent at it and made it that far in life!

Does a Tuning Fork of a person ever just sit and think constructively about things? Or is that something they find extreme anxiety in doing! If you hear voices and they increase in intensity when you are attempting to concentrate you know whole hardheartedly that the tuning fork has extreme anxiety with regard to its inability to think for itself. Hence it needs your human thoughts like a sponge soaks up water!

And you can't blame someone when they are born with a birth defect. But is there anything wrong with explaining it to them and telling them why it is a detriment to human civilization and perhaps you might recommend that they don't have children?

Does a tuning fork have trouble being imprinted by its father or mother? The better and more valid question is, “Does a father or mother who is a Tuning Fork even have the ability to imprint the minds of their children that have Tuning Fork brains!” If they did we would not be hearing voices! A Tuning Fork can only teach someone else who has a void external front brain fold how to compensate for it by being a Tuning Fork.

And I want to be fair and show human empathy on the matter, can you imagine how miserable you would be if you were a male that had a Tuning Fork brain? You are never going to be happy no matter what! Why not? Your Tuning Fork won't let you! When your Tuning Fork even momentarily stops resonating depression ensues! Contrast this so someone who has an integral front of the brain without that void of fold. They are naturally happy aren't they. And hence you attempt to tune in one them one after another and destroy them by putting them out of resonance via your Tuning Fork? But they can come back and they do! So you mandate they are put on psychiatric medicine the action of the spoil sport of all human history isn't it! But what is that void in the front of the brain externally really like? It is like what is between two labia! Do you know what that really makes you? PUSSY BRAINED!

The movie Close Encounters of a Third kind illustrates the military industrial complex attempting to sync up with the mind of a human being. Via the transmissions of sounds that are emulated until agreement. Which brings me to the next point. No tuning forks allowed! But lets drive it home with its own form of denigration. The Military Industrial Complex is PUSSY BRAINED! Instead of a Tuning Fork I could rewrite this whole article to say they are always trying to wrap, envelop or clench that PUSSY BRAIN around that of a real man or woman's?

So if you do indeed hear voices these are powerful cognitive constructs that you can use continually momentarily throughout your day to defeat them.

The gestalt image of a Tuning Fork thinking is that of the Cro-Magnum shaped head?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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  1. Could a "tuning fork" attempting to imprint from your mind that doesn't have the fold whereas it's does get brain cancer from it? There brain wasn't designed to think like yours? There are 22,850 estimated new cases of brain cancer in 2015. Could it lead to that bad person having a stroke? On average one American dies of a stroke every four minutes! 130,000 Americans die of a stroke every year! It accounts for 5% of all deaths. I am telling you not to cause people to hear voices in their heads because that behavior can kill you via a stroke or brain cancer. Don't get into the habit of it! Don't let the occult lead you into it!

  2. I am also asserting it could lead to decreased resistance to death from drug overdose! I really do care about people you know.