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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Here is exactly what is wrong with the American Diet 12 31 2017

Here is exactly what is wrong with the American Diet 12 31 2017

It is the repeating cycle of overeating carbohydrates and then drinking a high calorie stomach acid substitute in order to digest that.

A stomach acid substitute being classified as acidic coffee or phosphoric acid and other acid sodas.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

How to cook a 3/8 inch thick $3.50 Steak to Perfection 12 19 2017

How to cook a 3/8 inch thick $3.50 Steak to Perfection

  1. Remove steak from all packaging and hold it under running tap water to wash off any freezer crystals on it.
  2. Lay steak in the bottom of a pan and sprinkle a tiny about of Au Jus powdered Gravy Mix on it for seasoning. You are probably using ¼ teaspoon at the most for two $3.50 3/8” thick steaks! I used “Spice Time Au Jus Gravy Mix” I think it cost me like $1.19 or a $1.49 or something like that. Purchased at Walmart somewhere.
  3. Add water to pan and let sit for awhile.
  4. Grab steak out of pan and bend it around so that you have bent the frozen parts out of it.
  5. Use the toaster oven function of your microwave oven. Put tin foil on top of the special adapter grill that is used with the toaster oven function and make little depressions in the tinfoil where the grates are leaving about ¼” deep trenches between the grill grates.
  6. Using the toaster oven function cook on one side for 5 minutes, flip the meat and cook for another 5 minutes still using the toaster oven function.
  7. Get a large sized frying pan ready on your stove top on high heat.
  8. Remove steaks from toaster oven and put them in stove top pan. Pour the juice in the wells of the Toaster Oven function adapter in the frying pan with the steaks too.  Sear them on each side. Not very long at all, you will hear them sear on the first side and then turn them. Hear them sear on the second side and you are done. How long is that? Less than 10 seconds total perhaps?

This is the only way that I have found to make thin steaks like that very well! And they were good! I didn't think it could be done.

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

Monday, December 11, 2017

Cooking Secret w/r oatmeal 12 11 2017

Cooking Secret w/r oatmeal 12 11 2017

Oatmeal tastes better if you cook it in a frying pan!  Make it exactly how you would normally but use a frying pan.

The oats cook quicker and therefore more wholly but they retain their natural flavor better.

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Fair and Open Market System 12 09 2017

Fair and Open Market System 12 09 2017

In a Fair and Open market System all Qualified Electorates would own one share each of the stock of all the Corporations in America Consolidated.

The value of those share would be based on the book value of the Balance Sheet of Corporate America.

Hence what would happen is

1. That someone who went into management and messed up badly would not be given a second chance, they would have to do something else.  Hence waste to the economy and national debt would not be created.

2.  There would be no fraud or manipulation in such a system.  And if there was it could be deemed committed by spy's and they would be rightly executed.

3.  Future liabilities created to the country would be mitigated and would not end up lumped in the national debt.  Hence we would become very shrewd about everything and therefore responsible.

4.  There would be little incentive to backstab, belittle or disenfranchise.  Therefore it would indeed be a positive eugenics movement of natural selection whereby the criminal minded would not find a successful place in it. And their instance would naturally be reduced.

5.  Those deemed not even to be qualified electorates would not be empowered over the normal learning middle class.  NLMC= Normal Learning Middle Class.  I like that term.

6.  There would be a concerted effort to bring best products and innovations to market that last.  Instead of the ideas of genius's being buried in the books because they can't be owned due to patent or other rights.   Lasting products, perhaps modularity improvable, would lead to less high landfill mountains.

And yet someone how it would fail too, due to miss busy body wanting to believe she knows best?  Thereby empirical evidence would indeed prove that miss busy body had not place in a meritocracy?

© 2017 Thomas Murphy



1. Wash one plastic bin of mushrooms.
2. Put 1/4 t of clarified butter (ghee) (from Trader Joes) in frying pan and turn heat to high.
3. Pour some Whitehouse Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar over it.  About 2T
4. Put a lid on the pan and let the steam cook it some.
5.  Sprinkle a little finely grained Dolllar Tree sold pure sea salt over it about a 1/4t.
6. Be tossing it with the spatula this whole time.
7. Sprinkle some whole Penzeys brown mustard seeds (Canada origin on label) over it.  About 1/2 t.
8. Peel one clove of garlic and crudely cut it in slices with a knife and toss in the pan towards the end.
9.  You are done cooking it when the mushrooms have softened through.


© 2017 Thomas Murphy
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Friday, December 8, 2017

I believe in Eugenics 12 08 2017

I believe in Eugenics  12 08 2017

How many people will a heroin drug dealer kill over his lifetime by "cheating" high their dose?  Whoever that heroin dealers father is he should have been castrated before he was ever allowed to bear a son or daughter like that.

I also believe that any father who inseminates a woman to have what will be a pimp or child molester should be castrated.

How many people does a psychiatrist kill over his lifetime?  It isn't too hard to figure out is it.  Here are the input variables that should be easy to find.

1. Average number of deaths in the United States per yer directly from psychoative effect drugs.  15,778

2.  Number of psychiatrists in the United States.

3.  Average years of work for a psychiatrist?  Probably 20?

15,778*20/30,000= 10.5

If they work from the age of 24 to the age of 65 the number becomes:

15,778*31/30,000= 16.3  They ice approximately 5 more people if they are allowed to work 31 years instead of 20.

Now lets say that you increase the number prescribing drugs to 45,000 and the deaths go up directly proportional to that number.  It means you are going to have 23,667 deaths per year instead of 15,778.

It amazes me that someone would believe that we need more psychiatrists?  Do the math! That would mean an extra 7,889 deaths per year.

Copyright 2017 Thomas Murphy

Thursday, December 7, 2017

So under Donald Trump if a woman who is a waitress making minimum wage puts a cash tip GIVEN TO HER in her pocket; SHE GOES TO JAIL?

So under Donald Trump if a woman who is a waitress making minimum wage puts a cash tip GIVEN TO HER in her pocket; SHE GOES TO JAIL?
Our leaders in this country don't really think like men and women do they, they think like Transylvanian's.
So if I want to tip the waitress and not the restaurant I should be able to send it directly to her home or wait outside and give it to her directly after she is done with work?
I just don't like it. It is like Convoluted harelip nonsense.
I wonder how long his daughter or wife would last as a waitress?
So he just changed it full circle didn't he. The waitress goes to jail when she is cash tipped? I really don't care to tip the owner of a restaurant. If I wanted to tip the owner of a restaurant I could do that already couldn't I! If I wanted to tip that mentally challenged person they hired as an assistant to the dishwasher I could do that already couldn't I! If I wanted to tip a kitchen full of illegal alien Mexican cooks I could do that already couldn't I!
Purely Transylvanians. Like that weak genetic Romanian Germanic Strain that initially made it all the way to England..
© 2017 Thomas Murphy

"Here restaurant owner I would like to pay you twenty percent more for my food. But don't give any to that waitress who is working her way through college. I want her to have to go work at a strip club at night or in the porn industry so that I can easily proposition her to be my wife." He isn't a class act he is pure filth.

No one should have ever been allowed to sue anyone in this country for accurately describing their character. 

If it isn't a law that you have to pay a waitress at least minimum wage it should be! 

Can I tell you how quickly that restaurant would go under and bankrupt if that family member who is mentally defective, the one with the dented head, were required by the family to be a waiter? There are ethnic grocery stores who hire people like that to bag groceries.  I won't go to one of them because of the lewd commentary spewing out of her life resenting mouth.  For some reason I can still hear it long after I have left the place, in fact for some very mysterious Transylvanian reason I am subjected to that 24-7.

Get your Musky License Plate Right here!

Get your Musky License Plate Right here! Hang it on the wall of your garage, put it on the front of your car where allowed or make a Resonator Cigar Box guitar out of it.…
The Trademark to an illustrated photographic conception of "Musky" is registered with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions and own by Thomas Paul Murphy

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Hunting and Land Owner Preference 12 06 2017

Hunting and Land Owner Preference  12 06 2017

It is amazing how they can come to determinations that are 180 degrees of what they should be.

A landowner who is involved in runoff activities that pollute our waters, thereby leading to greater fish stocking costs, should NEVER be allowed to have a Hunting and Fishing License issued to them.

They can indeed be easily identified.

Same goes for the management of a Corporation that is responsible for pollution.  That management should not be issued hunting and fishing licenses.

Now do you see how quickly this could lead towards the goal of the Clean Water Act?

They've got it all wrong and they get everything wrong.  It is like you took the village idiot with a non-symmetrical mis-shaped head and put him in power behind the legislative scenes.

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

Part II

The "Lobbyists" have been using the pretense of matching costs directly to revenues.  But if you think about the way they go about that; it is complete pretense.  If you matched costs to expenses those Republican Lobbyists who advocate their Down's Syndrome people would not be in this country anymore.

But look at who we have as Governor and the origin of his faulted thinking.  If you look at his upbringing his father was a minister.  So where do the Revenues come from?  Gifts, charity, welfare if you will.  But what the the costs or expenses to that welfare?  Basically it is all based on the reputation of the establishment that is the charity.  So if someone in the community disagrees with it they are considered a cost.  But what does that really make that charity?  It is a pass through organization to the wealthiest contributors in that county isn't it.

So you can see how that is wrong and how it creates liability for a land of the Free.  So how do we change that?

We could establish that a patron cannot contribute over a certain amount because it is deemed public influencing or graft.  We could establish maintenance rates for such facilities and any amounts received above that amount are sent to the treasury?  No because you have the same pass-through effect but more deeply entrenched.  The best way is that it must be immediately returned to the contributor and the staff of that facility may not possess money above a certain level.  It kind of ferrets out what you really believe in doesn't it.  That last stipulation is completely consistent with the will of Christ in Christianity.  So to practice other than that is Religious Fraud.  Now what should the penalty for Religious Fraud be?  Because religion is a belief system like a form of Government is; it amounts to TREASON!

© 2017 Thomas Paul Murphy

Monday, December 4, 2017

Bad News FOR Republicans concerning Entitlements 12 04 2017

Bad News FOR Republicans concerning Entitlements 12 04 2017

"You are NOT ENTITLED to someone elses soul!"

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Sycophant's in Business, Government and Academia 12 02 2017

Sycophant's in Business, Government and Academia 12 02 2017

So The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee gets a Clean Water Research Division and the next thing that we see is Water from lake Michigan being sold to Waukesha County Wisconsin and a plant to make LCD displays going up on the shore of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin because China already polluted their water so badly in the process that they can no longer make them?

So lets put up a big facade!  Lets make everything seem real official.  Then we sell out Wisconsin.   Do you know what it amounts to?  Making sycophanthood seem legitimate!  Make your weakness seem legitimate.  Ostracize anyone who challenges you.  Just unload that matriarchal genealogy on anyone who disagrees with you.

What is the reality of someone in a Government position who  slashes all environmental regulations so that the rich can make more money?  That is a sycophant to the rich.  The context of that word is weak minded person!

And that homosexual priest ringing the church bell supports it all with his un-Biblical commentary like, "No man is an island."  That is matriarchal baloney!  This country as formed by hard working people who were self sufficient and settled on the plain states as they worked their way westward.  Can you hear that mouse like thinking?  "I'll just have a little colloquialism prepared to say for any questions you have of me; doesn't matter if it comes from the Bible or not."

Our current Governor has that Sycophant lets make everything seem official Church boy upbringing doesn't he!  Was his father an alcoholic?  Had a little too much of the church wine himself?  Fathers like that would never have the courage to say to their sons, "I drank around the time I got your mother pregnant that is why you are mentally retarded and can't learn anything; please forgive me."

What is someone who gives tax cuts to the rich?  Again that is a sycophant to the rich.  A weak minded person.  The context of that word means he knows that if he doesn't bend over on a barrel and prostrate himself he is nothing!  And that is not Christ like!  Christ did not prostate himself for Satan!  (And you know exactly that the implication of that is!)

Last night I was watching some videos of people using metal detectors to find coins.  Some of those coins were Roman.  And what did those Roman Emperors look like to me?  They looked Jewish.  And some looked to have Meinharts syndrome?  Oh who knows what the proper term for it is, look at the internet search they just lump all flat nose birth defects to Down's Syndrome, which is caused by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

I mean who are those burly men seeming so happy at the bar restaurant while drinking.  Did you notice one has a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome flattened nose?

"Tom, how come you don't have a job?"
"Because I got a degree in Accounting and Finance, passed the CPA Exam and went to work in the Investment Industry only to make the horrific discovery that it was the Synagogue of Satan that mentally disabled human beings via cursing voices; and it continues to this day twenty six years later."

Sycophant's in Business, Government and Academia polluting the world to human extinction!

© 2017 Thomas Murphy