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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

How to cook a 3/8 inch thick $3.50 Steak to Perfection 12 19 2017

How to cook a 3/8 inch thick $3.50 Steak to Perfection

  1. Remove steak from all packaging and hold it under running tap water to wash off any freezer crystals on it.
  2. Lay steak in the bottom of a pan and sprinkle a tiny about of Au Jus powdered Gravy Mix on it for seasoning. You are probably using ¼ teaspoon at the most for two $3.50 3/8” thick steaks! I used “Spice Time Au Jus Gravy Mix” I think it cost me like $1.19 or a $1.49 or something like that. Purchased at Walmart somewhere.
  3. Add water to pan and let sit for awhile.
  4. Grab steak out of pan and bend it around so that you have bent the frozen parts out of it.
  5. Use the toaster oven function of your microwave oven. Put tin foil on top of the special adapter grill that is used with the toaster oven function and make little depressions in the tinfoil where the grates are leaving about ¼” deep trenches between the grill grates.
  6. Using the toaster oven function cook on one side for 5 minutes, flip the meat and cook for another 5 minutes still using the toaster oven function.
  7. Get a large sized frying pan ready on your stove top on high heat.
  8. Remove steaks from toaster oven and put them in stove top pan. Pour the juice in the wells of the Toaster Oven function adapter in the frying pan with the steaks too.  Sear them on each side. Not very long at all, you will hear them sear on the first side and then turn them. Hear them sear on the second side and you are done. How long is that? Less than 10 seconds total perhaps?

This is the only way that I have found to make thin steaks like that very well! And they were good! I didn't think it could be done.

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

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