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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

In the Newspaper this morning I read 10 30 2018

In the Newspaper this morning I read 10 30 2018

"How a Republican Wisconsin Senators teenage daughter got a tattoo after he killed himself."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Monday, October 29, 2018

A Hidden plan to legalize marijuana and have Illegal Mexican Immigrants do the farming of it for you? 10 29 2018

A Hidden plan to legalize marijuana and have Illegal Mexican Immigrants do the farming of it for you? 10 29 2018

Who really runs the United States?  The Shemp and Shemp Investment Company?

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

To Persecute Someone so that you can participate in their life? 10 29 2018

To Persecute Someone so that you can participate in their life? 10 29 2018

What did Jesus Christ say?  That the scribes had already written how his life was going to end.

So by writing about him they were participating in his life?

What other negative actions had they written for him?

But rather what does it tell you about the psycholigical identity of the Scribes?
What do we know?

1.  They could see the future.
2.  They were Jews.
3.  They were not mentioned as being Gods.

Did they have a fixation on him?  Why?

And what does it say about someone that they would rathe write about someone elses life than their own?  It means you don't have a lot of substance or material on your own life to write about?

But more to the point it might also be like an individual not being able to write about their own life because those memories are far too painful!  It is is a mal adaptive form of self treatment or therapy?  And it just reinforces the negative and weak existence of those who can't write about their own life.  And they can't write about someone elses life in favorable terms can they, otherwise Jesus would have had nothing to complain about then.

Hence they scribe those memories onto someone else?  Write a negative future for them which is a reflection of their own past?

"Come on scribe.  Think.  Think.  Back in time.  When you were just a child!  Remember.  Remember.  Remember how your mother used to talk to you?  Was it baby like?   Remember how she restricted you from doing other things little boys did because all she saw was danger?  Remember how she had you kissing the son of a another woman?  Come on scribe.  Think back.  Remember.  Remember how you sat in school and wanted to cry because you didn't understand anything and couldn't learn?  Think back scribe.  Remember!  Remember how your older sister was so mean to you?  Think back.  Do you now know that you were lied to?"

To see a human beings future.  And persecute them so that you can feel empowered over their future.  To empower yourself over the totality of humanity in this way? "I see where they are going.  But lets see if they can still make it there if I do this to them first.  Hee hee hee.  And if they do then make it I can consider that I participated in creating their future.  Hee hee hee."  What human being thinks like that?

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

What if Political Candidates were required to give their excess campaign contributions back to the party members in equal amounts? 10 29 2018

What if Political Candidates were required to give their excess campaign contributions back to the party members in equal amounts? 10 29 2018

Honest to god, for the work they pay out with that money why don't they just add it up and divide it equally among party members?

What does a television media appearance really amount to in terms of work?  Just talk by those the Bible would say were too dumb to use their own hands?

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

What is a Zionist Occupational Government (ZOG?) 10 29 2018

What is a Zionist Occupational Government (ZOG?)  10 29 2018

That term came up when researching the recent Synagogue shooting.  What does it really mean?

Does it really mean, "A black mamma knows best form of Government?"

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

PS.  If I have the definition of the term wrong please feel free to post a more accurate and detailed one.

Within one second of me posting this 15 people had read it!  That was really quick.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Gasified Polyethylene Glycol 10 28 2018

Gasified Polyethylene Glycol 10 28 2018

How dangerous is it?  I think it is a lot more dangerous than they state.  Is it dangerous enough to give you a heart attack?

What am I talking about?  You might not even know you are smelling it.  It might take you a long time to realize what the smell is coming from?

You have a coolant leak somewhere in your car and it is dripping onto a hot engine block and that Polyethylene Glycol is gasified?

You might see that your coolant reserve container is down about only an ounce?  It shouldn't be down at all!  It should be at a constant level.  Do you see a drip on the bottom of the car?

Apparently it is also a type of sweetener!

I think the gas might be more toxic than the liquid.  No research basis to support it though.

Off topic.

I believe the Formaldehyde in plywood to be very toxic too!  When cutting or sanding it.  Doesn't take a lot to put you under the weather.

I think the chemical industry has had long enough to make substitute chemicals that are safer and mandate the use of them.

It is all about money.

I would be willing to bet that if you started making safer chemicals and mandating the use of them something similar to the mechanical engineering principle of the less parts the better the machine would prove true to chemical engineering.  But we would need a change of national leadership to make something positive like that happen.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Donald Trump got to the idea before I did 10 26 2018

Donald Trump got to the idea before I did 10 26 2018

Saying that if certain countries want us to protect them they have to pay us!  That is also known as a Jizya Tax!

"If we protect you, then jizya is due to us; but if we do not, then it is not due."  source

Did the Jizya tax by the Moors actually help clean up Europe?  Or did it really help corrupt Europe as it defied natural selection?  Meaning those who were lame brain didn't have to go into military service if they paid the Jizya tax?  Hence their population increased?

Or was it more along the lines of if certain types of people want to live here, lame brains, they must pay a jizya tax.  And are therefore encouraged to move away.

Was it really extortion?  "Either you pay us to keep that ADHD spoiled brat or ...because we know someone is ...coming...don't know who...won't be wearing a turban like the color of mine is..." 

The way I read this is:  "Muslim jurists required adult, free, sane males among the dhimma community to pay the jizya,[5] while exempting women, children, elders, handicapped, the ill, the insane, monks, hermits, slaves,[6][7][8][9][10] and musta'mins—non-Muslim foreigners who only temporarily reside in Muslim lands"

They only wanted sane non Muslim males to pay the tax.  The rest were considered to only be temporarily residing in Muslim lands?

flipside:  Muslims look dirty, backward and incapable of technological innovation to me.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Concept of the Corporation now controlling our Foreign Policy 10 25 2018

The Concept of the Corporation now controlling our Foreign Policy 10 25 2018

Somebody should have put their foot down a long time ago and never let it happen!

And also domestic policy.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

"I want to do this for the people," the weak minded Governor thinks.  And then comes to the Conclusion, "But I first better ask the King of XYZ Corporation if that is an okay idea that doesn't step on anybodies toes."

So how has Saudi Arabia Benefited from High Oil Prices 10 25 2018

So how has Saudi Arabia Benefited from High Oil Prices  10 25 2018

I just eyeballed a graph and took the latest daily output numbers to come up with this.  So it might not be worth any accuracy.

Cuffed numbers eyeballed from graph

2001 px What looks to be average for 17 years
Price per Barrel of Oil 38 100
17 years

Saudi Barrels of Oil production per day 10500000 10500000
Days in 17 years 6205 6205
Dollar Value $2,475,795,000,000.00 $6,515,250,000,000.00



But what is the point?  What is Saudi Arabia going to do with 4 Trillion Dollars?  Or better yet that 6.5 Trillion?

They are of the Muslim Religion.

How many of them are there?

About 33 million.

Divide out 6.5 trillion dollars to 33 million people?  $200,000 per person?

6.5 Trillion.  Somehow I think another country has their hand in Saudi Arabia like a puppet and gets a lions share of that 6.5 trillion?

Interesting what they spend their money on.  They are attempting to make the country a better place.  Increasing individual responsibility.

If I had all that oil money I would be putting up solar energy electricity collection stations all over the country.  I would want to produce so much electricity that I could sell it to other countries.

And I really don't like it when foreign countries develop great democratic principles and then get bombed to the stone age.  What does that amount to?  Mean spirited genocide?

Do the Saudis really control the Saudis?

Does the United States have the means to intercept communications between Saudi Arabia and other countries to see who is pulling their strings?

It is a shame that we really don't understand what they believe in in the U.S.?  Something we should have learned in History Class?  Why?  Because it is highly relevant.  But children in the U.S. aren't even being taught to read or write or do math?

What does that read like to me?  A faction of foreign agents came over to the U.S. became teachers and subverted the educational system of the U.S. in order to greatly weaken us?  And good God legalize drugs?  How come it is even being considered?  It is horrific.

Aluminum Castings from China 10 25 2018

Aluminum Castings from China 10 25 2018

Do certain auto parts manufactures use recycled lead from car batteries that might have traces of sulfuric acid in it in their aluminum?

And therefore the aluminum corrodes more quickly and forms chalk metal more quickly leading to costly repairs?

I am going to have to assert that automobiles are not made or assembled as good as people claim them to be today!

I am going to assert that foreign manufacturer of U.S. Manufacturers Cars might be a total failure.


If you look at the Miles Per Gallon Ratings of your new car, say you have a 2011 Buick or Ford?  And you were never getting good mileage on either of them until you replaced a wheel bearing what does it mean?

It means that those were faulty parts to begin with?

It means that those foreign assembly lines didn't understand torque ratings?

It means the engineers who drafted those diagrams might have got the torque ratings off?  Thereby causing more friction?

Watch that Miles Per Gallon digital readout on your car like a hawk!  If you are not getting the stated MPG or GREATER, it might be a faulty wheel bearing straight from the factory.

Also I am going to assert that brake pads tend to form a rust and settle into place in the clips that hold them in the Caliper and take up space, thereby providing tension to keep them where they should be.  This facilitates non hydraulic retraction when the brake pedal is released.  This in turn causes more friction and less gas mileage.  I will assert that every 10,000 miles you should have those points where brake Caliper Grease is applied cleaned, and re-greased.

Why?  In the  name of greater gas mileage and therefore less pollution and waste created.  Isn't it amazing how the Mr. Beanooh' types around us can't put two and two like that together?  If you were talking to one you would lose them right there in a conversation.  And then because they feel effeminated for lack of comprehension determine that you should be placed on psychiatric medicine?

But another reason is that reduced friction causes reduced heat, reduced heat causes less metal fatigue, less metal fatigue causes less metal failure, less metal failure causes less accidents...

Did you follow that?  Now think about that and what costs to our country can you attribute to every place between the comma's of that last paragraph?

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Is that why Aluminum Siding fails?  Sulfuric acid based lead in it?

How about your Aluminum storm door?

They don't use recycled aluminum to make cans?  No, they do.  The average can contains 70% recycled metal per the link below.

How do they keep the lead out of them?  Skim it?

I wonder when the last time a can was tested for lead content? Quite a few good ones!  People are concerned.

Wow look at the results from the Google search!!!

Why is it that Monotheists always want you to believe in someone who had many skills

Why is it that Monotheists always want you to believe in someone who had many skills as if they were a God?  When indeed that person with many skills could be termed to be a Polytheist because of it?

Think of how a cave man would think of a person with many skills?  "Must be a God?"  "Must have many Gods with him?"  "Must believe in many Gods to have all of those many skills?"

Can't follow the logic there either?

But the conclusion is, "Why is it that the Monotheist essentially believe in a Polytheist as being God and persecute anyone who isn't a Monotheist because of it?"

See how wine bottle cork screwed the logic behind religion is?

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

So why did the Moors Invade Europe? 10 25 2018

A good discussion of why the Moors Invaded Europe.

They issued a Tax on non Muslims called the Jizya.  Could one simply avoid paying the tax by converting to Muslim?  "Either you worship the writings of this man or you pay us a tax?"  The Muslims didn't like Polytheism.  But why?  What is that really getting at?  Doesn't it really mean that they don't like it when a man can be more than one thing?  That would make it Satanism?

Now I am cuffing the dates here.  But look at the impact on world history.  You had the Moors invade Europe from perhaps 700 ad to 1400 ad.  A good 700 years.  They took up good residence in Italy?  That is why Italians are olive skinned?  But who would be the only Italians that would have been able to afford that Jizya Tax?  Likely the wealthy Vineyard owners???  If indeed the Muslims didn't abolish that?  But right there that doesn't make sense does it.  Allah didn't like Alcohol.  So  how did the vineyards in Italy survive over those 700 years?  Which means what?  The Muslims/Moors were really about money, has nothing to do with religion at all.

But here is what I believe to be a very important and overlooked historical point.  Look what happened next.

Not long after the Moors were defeated and kicked out of Europe you had Columbus set sail.  Looking for new lands?  Why?  Because Europe as a mess?

I have never written anything pro British in my life?  But lets say you had the Moors conquer Europe.  Then get kicked out about 1400.

Now history books read that they were good leaders?  But what happens in black core poverty neighborhoods?  Isn't it really the drug dealers who rule by acts of hatred?

So was there an element of that to the Moors rule of Europe?  I once read that African women gave their baby boys pot to calm them down.  We know it causes mental retardation when done like that.  Did the Moors bring Cannabis to Europe?  And look at how that as the black population in the U.S. has grown it has also coincided with a motivation to legalize Cannabis?

What am I getting at?  Were the British Colonizations of Africa and elsewhere an initial attempt that a power like the Moors never conquer Caucasians again?

So your original Romans who were Italians were Caucasians.  It isn't fair to say that with that olive skin color that they are Caucasians anymore.  So they have their genealogy in the Moors and were part of one of the most destructive influences on the United States, Organized Crime, AKA Mafia, drug dealing to the point of legalization because you got everyone screwed up with it, prostitution.  Prostitution about how the Muslims treat or treated women or considered them?

They also ruled over India?  Where those of India originally white?

And indeed rather than making statements I am more or less asking questions.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

When the Moors retreated, (were they allowed to retreat?), did they take that wealth (Gold?) back with them?

Isn't psychiatry really a satanic tax on an individuals belief system?  Their belief in themselves?  To develop yourself to be able to accomplish many things makes the snake eyed satanic jealous of you to the point you must be a Polytheist or infidel?  Infidel just means you don't believe what someone else does?

off topic.

Where does the term Halloween come from?  Hallo from Holy?  But ween from??

Dictionary link:

Holy Wish!

To dress up and scare someone in the wish that somehow part of them will be gleamed by you?

Sounds like what everyone who hears voices and is diagnosed as Schizophrenic goes through?

 Would a Jizya Tax on non schizophrenic families end schizophrenia?

Jiz? I have heard Italians refer to semen, sperm, etc as Jiz.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Idea? I should form the "Irish American" Political Party? 10 24 2018

Idea?  I should form the "Irish American"  Political Party?  10 24 2018

Somebody doesn't like the sound of that.  It got a little quiet.

Purpose?  To promote Patriarchal Ideals consistent with the Intent of the Constitution?

To create Patriarchal legislation Consistent with the intent of the Constitution.

To promote fairness.

© 2018 Thomas Paul Murphy

Ever notice that those who are a little mentally defective/lesser have a different idea of what is fair than the norm does?

I am talking about fairness at all levels of success.  In other words you won't be allowed to get to the top by acting like an immature spoiled brat, rude and mean spirited to everyone.  We shouldn't have to put up with that.

And every piece of the legislation created by that party would be referenced from my prior writings?

And foreign nations would be compelled to adopt U.S. Constitutional Standards or lose trade with us,  lose conversion of currency with ours, lose free travel to and from our nation (right there sounds like a good idea doesn't it?  Decrease the incidence of British educated Saudi terrorists becoming familiar with our Country? It wasn't Iraq that attacked us on 911 it was a member of the Saudi Royal Family.  The terrorists educated in Great Britain?

"Why do you want to learn to fly planes." An instructor might ask in flight school?

Can I tell you something about college?  It is a weed out those that we don't like because they can think for themselves?  What am I getting at?  "Why do you want to learn to fly planes?"  Probably wasn't asked.  More to the point was the instruction more like this?  You mean you would like to be a pilot on the East Coast of the United States?  In a certain type of plane?  We have just the simulation program for you?"  Now if I believe it was something more like that don't I have the right to free speech to say it?  May your American Right to Free Speech NEVER be broken.

How come it is taking us 17 years from the event to figure out Saudi Arabia is to blame?  What does that say about us?  That somehow the media transformed our belief system to not lay the blame where it was due?  Do you follow this?  How doped up is the United States?  How conditioned and force fed passively accepted are our belief systems?

Can I do a little math here?  The Profit to Saudi Arabia from Gasoline prices being two to three times what they were over a period of about 17 years?

Could a U.S. President find proof of this and say to them, "Hand it over?"  You colluded to increase prices in the United States which contributed to our National Debt being over 21 Trillion Dollars.  Seriously how much money is that oil/gas price differential over 17 years?  Did U.S. oil companies take those profits and invest in clean energy in the U.S.?  If so we haven't benefited from it.

Do you believe in offering tax cuts to wealthy people in the United States Oil Industry?  On what basis?  Try and convince me that they are all rubbernecks working doing hard work in the geyser oil fields and deserve it?  Doubt it.  More likely Vodka drunks passed out on the side of the bed with their feet on the floor and their butt hanging out; (also the gestalt of how poor black males walk around?)  Passed out at 10 am from drinking at 8am.  Seriously should you be allowed to have a lot of money if that is how you live every day?  What the h3ll does someone like that need money for?

Do you ever look at the behavior of someone and determine from that behavior alone where that person would best belong?  A new concept that could be part of Social Reforms?

It is like, "Look, you are a Gad Damned loser you are not going to be a Fortuitous 500 Corporate Executive."  Notice how I know which rocks to step lightly on?

Democrats all look like Estranged Wealthy LGBTQJ's to me and Republicans all 10 24 2018

Democrats all look like Estranged Wealthy LGBTQJ's to me and Republicans all 10 24 2018

Democrats all look like Estranged Wealthy LGBTQJ's to me and Republicans all look like Snottgrass English to me.

"You have to take your pick.  It is a two party system.  You have to choose."

"No I don't.  This isn't an orphanage and I don't have to choose one of two bad tasting ladles from pots of food."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

If God wanted us to buy stuff 10 24 2018

If God wanted us to buy stuff 10 24 2018

If God wanted us to buy stuff, he would let us earn the money!  He wouldn't have a monkey hissing fit every time we developed a plan to wealth we attempted to initiate.

And God wouldn't be like this either...If God wanted us to buy stuff he wouldn't say, "Here I'll loan you the money so that you can buy stuff and then pay me interest at the same time, because otherwise I will create the society where you won't be able to earn anything.  In fact otherwise I will create the society whereby everyone thinks that there is something seriously wrong with you."  God wouldn't do that to human beings.

But what does "God?" know?  God knows who is able to make the best decisions with regard to comparing features and value to price.  Do you see who loses because of it?  The American Economy does.

How come Donald Trump isn't saying; I can't lower taxes because we have a horrific level of national debt we need to be responsible for?  What is national debt?  It is deferred expenses?  Not really.  What do I think of when I see that $21 Trillion in debt?  It looks like a giant balance of unearned income.  Now someone who made money off of "The borrow" would argue it is because of Social Security?  Someone on Social Security would say it represents the unearned income of the wealthy!

But the wealthy would not have that wealth unless Social Security was given to the poor to use as disposable income.  So here in lies the problem?  Who is allowed to control business?  Should someone who can't make decisions and needs the insurance of limited liability make the decisions?  How does it work?  Wasn't it really meant to protect businesses from being sued by the Mentally Retarded?  But somehow it transitioned into the Retarded running the businesses?  I have seen it this way for as long as I can remember.

Would God design something, manufacture it and sell it to you under the caveat that you can't successfully sue him?  But more importantly what do you think God wants people to be like?  Do you believe that God wants people to be born with irreversible brain damage?  What God is that?  Good God tell me what God you worship?  Seriously, can you hear me getting angry and swearing?  How can you convince yourself of beliefs like that?

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

That national debt to me represents the accumulated unearned income of the Banking/Finance/Corporation/Industry.

And do I believe that Organized Crime puts the small normal businessman out of business by intentionally having someone spill hot coffee on themselves and sue because they were then burned?  I do believe that is an exact function of organized crime in the U.S.  To control who is successful in business.  And also say who is crazy because mean voices are tormenting their human mind.

They always say that the problem is the psychiatric hospitals were all closed 10 24 2018

They always say that the problem is the psychiatric hospitals were all closed 10 24 2018

You know places where they stuck people tormented by voices, for a very long time?

Wait a minute.  Wait a minute.  I have a good response to that which hasn't been brought up or heard before.

Isn't the real problem that the Orphanages were all closed and all the illegitimate were integrated into neighborhoods?

Bingo.  Checkmate.  You don't like that!

© 2018 Thomas Paul Murphy

And to be fair maybe the illegitimate are the only ones who are legitimate today!!!  Their families attacked and broken up by anti constitutional forces?  Because they were normal and had human souls.

Sometimes the illegitimate family member is the most level headed of the family; and I don't believe it can be attributed to humility.  That is what a woman would say; because of the humility.

Bohemian Humor 10 24 2018

Bohemian Humor 10 24 2018

"If you have a Bohemium mother you end up having to take the Potato Salad back everywhere for her.  There isn't a Grocery Store that we bought Potato Salad from that I didn't end up having to take it back to; because she likes Potato Salad but that one wasn't right.

And to be fair, if I took it back there was something wrong with it.  Likely tasted fishy because of Salmonella poisoning.

Which brings up the next point.  How retards are there out there who got that way from eating fishy potato salad because they didn't take it back and just ate it?  Has to be quite a few like that.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

How would Donald Trump feel if I told him 10 24 2018

How would Donald Trump feel if I told him  10 24 2018

That hyperactive Seventh Grade brat, we want them to leave our country!

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

How many car accidents are caused because people are flipping the radio stations because... 10 24 2018

How many car accidents are caused because people are flipping the radio stations because... 10 24 2018

How many car accidents are caused because people are distracted from driving by flipping the radio stations because there is absolutely nothing good to listen to on any of them?

And the person is always hopeful, "There has to be something good on one of these stations?"  But there isn't.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Why even have an AM or FM radio in your car anymore; when you just end up turning it off because there is nothing good on it?

It's funny how famous people time and again turn out to be....10 24 2018

It's funny how famous people time and again turn out to be....10 24 2018

It's funny how famous people time and again turn out to be not what you thought they were.  It makes you ask the question, "Whose place did you take?"

So there are probably some Christians here?  Or at least those who profess a Christian belief system as what they believe as a safe form of propaganda?  And that is what Jesus Christ meant when he said, "The last will be first?"

© 2018 Thomas Paul Murphy

Why the H3LL do we celebrate Valentines Day??? 10 24 2018

Have to read this link before my notes here.

Accordingly he came up with the concept of Trinity?  But what does it really mean?  It is Satan's way of expressing his fixation on the mind of man?  Trying to draw the concept out when it is really Satan's own abnormality which Satan needs to be distracted from?

3 classes of people?

1. Collectors from?
2. Spiritual
3. Material?

A father and son are really one?  Isn't that like a monkey without comprehension watching a father and son working together and can't figure out how they both can be so much smarter than the monkey is?

So Satan attempts to divert the mind of man from materialism?  It uses that as a justification to curse man?

And look at this reference to what has to be homosexuality in Judaism?

"Valentinius' Christology may have posited the existence of three redeeming beings, but Jesus while on Earth had a supernatural body which, for instance, "did not experience corruption" by defecating, according to Clement"

It reminds me of a bunch of drunks sons talking about whether she spits out the fellatio substance or swallows except in veiled dogma reference to sodomy?

The lowest form of beings are materialistic?  What does it really mean?  It means the gypsies have established a church in the neighborhood and are psychologically compelling you to donate because you are bad, because you are attempting to procure a reserve of room and board for your family?

And Valentinius developed his system from Greek Philosophers as well as Paul?  Said to have secret Knowledge from Paul?  Isn't that why the Romans didn't kill Paul?  Make money through religion by him?  But what does it make all of this?  It means the Greek Philosophers, the Romans, the Jews all had the ulterior motive of money?  Why?  How could there by secret knowledge in Religion?  What would there ever be to hide?  Except for how much money you are taking in and where it is going!!!!

Okay but what is the flipside?  I like his views on the origin of the spirit.  And also, most all of his work was destroyed.  Which means it condemned Satan on earth?

Except for this?

He had a wide following.  Any time "they" destroy the work of someone it means that person was on to something good?  It means it was a threat to wealth?  The British destroying Irish Literature?

I need to research this more in order to form a better opinion.

He was Martyred on February 14th?  Where is the story of that in the biography?

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

And with that comment about Jesus above, to be fair to Jesus.  The Roman's captured him, stripped him naked in the courtyard, and dressed him up in women's clothes?   I might make what could be considered a negative comment (hate speech?) about granting too many gay rights and allowing that genetic minority to be empowered over man?

Monday, October 22, 2018

When the U.S. Television media amounts to Infantile Personality Disorder does a U.S. President have the right to shutter their doors? 10 22 2018

When the U.S. Television media amounts to Infantile Personality Disorder does a U.S. President have the right to shutter their doors? 10 22 2018

I believe that he does.

I also believe that other doors in various industries should be shuttered for the same reason.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Somehow I think that the Banking System is running up the National Debt 10 22 2018

Somehow I think that the Banking System is running up the National Debt 10 22 2018

And sending that United States money to foreigners.

I will have to research this a little more.

Sure there are the obvious ways.  Investment Banks shorting the positions of customers investments and that being booked as trading profits.  But it looks like the debt has been rising too fast for that.

So I believe that somehow through some borrowing mechanism false profits or business is being created whereby they are just borrowing from our Government and paying themselves high salaries?

The whole system needs to be gutted and revamped.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Quote 10 21 2018

Quote 10 21 2018

"At best a drunk is a father that isn't around even when he is around?"

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Friday, October 19, 2018

The Advertising World 10 19 2018

The Advertising World 10 19 2018

Can you believe it?  They are actually using the names and images of television personalities you might secretly not like to advertise with by getting you to believe that they passed away!!!!

The emails and website boxes start out like this, "______fans are in morning!"  In order to play on your subconscious wishing they weren't around and click through to see what happened?

What does it mean?  It means that they know without a doubt there are certain television personalities the public absolutely can't stand!

So the question becomes, why are they on television in the first place?  Because they get you to REACT to advertising!!!!

How?  Chief asks?

Because subconsciously the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome American watches that show and thinks whatever that person is advertising is what made them so successful and famous!  If it could make someone as dispicable as that famous maybe it would be good for me too!

And look at the sports commentators?  The dumbest block heads ever!  Again,  "If it made that block head so successful it must be good for me too!"

Look at the news anchor opinions and the radio talk show hosts that are vitriolic against the American man!    Horrific.

Good God!  If that isn't Wiccan Coven America!  Needs to go!  Catapult speed.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Thursday, October 18, 2018

A Debate Tool 10 18 2018

A Debate Tool 10 18 2018

"Don't make the question about anything other than the question."


"Don't make the question about the other candidate."

But perhaps it is okay to make it about the history of the other Political Party?  No.  Not really.  Because that is looking backward and not forward and indicative of the same.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

When they make the question asked to them into an attack on the other candidate it really just reveals that they are of the "vicious" nature.   A vicious nature person is not for the people or for the benefit of the people.  They are more or less a squatting bull dog. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

To Position your Religious based Race and empower them in a Country 10 17 2018

To Position your Religious based Race and empower them in a  Country 10 17 2018

So that controversy makes money for you and the victims created by it are never of your own clan.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Milwaukee Brewers Baseball 10 17 2018

Milwaukee Brewers Baseball 10 17 2018

If you have a player on your team that intentionally kicks a Milwaukee Brewer not only should that player be expelled from the game of baseball but it should be an automatic loss of the entire series for your team!

I didn't see the play, went to bed before that.

If the referees and the officiating crews do not see it this way then there needs to be sanctions placed on Professional Baseball.

Think of the message you are sending to young boys (and girls) in Little League and other sports.  Think of how you are transforming that young mind into that of a beast that thinks, "Look at how successful I can be if I compete dirty at just the right time."  That has no place in the United States.  And anyone who doesn't see it that way doesn't belong here either.

Now I am going to attempt to find a video clip of that.

And to think that these are the kinds of people that you promote to great financial success in the United States.  You are a complete disgrace to our nation and our flag.

I just saw what Manny had to say about it.  And he looks like the cat that bites your leg and thinks there is nothing you are going do about it.

(Disclosure: When I wrote what I did last night I had no idea we had a player named Jesus.)

Do you want to know how weak minded the men in Professional Baseball are?  They let a dirty player define how the game is played.  And that is the problem with out entire nation today.

Didn't find that scene at the below link.

I would write what Henry Ford had to say about Professional Baseball but you would have a crying fit.

Do you know how members of a team feel when another team is allowed to get away with this?  "We did everything by the book and didn't win because the other team didn't play like men."  It is depressing because depression is anger that you have to repress.  It breaks the spirit of the other team, the good man team, right in the middle of a playoff series.

Manny has no shame.  He got where he is in life by being that way.  And it should have never been allowed to happen.  So how do you keep people like that out of the sport?  You can't because of the chain of fools around.  But it is enough justification to require that the athletes in professional baseball be subject to salary caps.

Why allow someone to be promoted to great financial success if you wouldn't even want them to be living in your neighborhood as your neighbor?

Why allow the punk attitutude juvenile delinquents to have an avenue of great success in our nation?  Why let them set an example for other young juvenile delinquents.


And you know what?  The scum flows straight down from the top.

"Donald Trump, what did you do with those tax cuts."
"I used them to buy a $130,000.oo hooker for an hour."

You think that is a person who can manage money?  That is a person who completely mocks the United States dollar.

We need to re-legislate the entire landlord tenant law Federal Reserve system so that people can not take giant loans from banks, buy rental properties with them collect the rents and never pay taxes because the depression claimed on the tax form offsets the rental income of the property that they don't really own 100% mortgage free.  That landlord tenant law is what the British used to kick the Irish out of Ireland.  That and they took their potatoes and gave them back rotten ones so that they all got sick and had to leave.  I doubt there are any Irish left there today.  Genetically flawed with that British gene aka Black Irish?  In other words they don't think like men that have patriarchal genetic lineage anymore.

You I can see that fat faced Republican Farm Woman wanting to dish a load of fat pie mouth out on me already.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

You know how bad you have made this country?  You have made this country so bad that somebody wants to hit someone who thinks and say's things like I do on the head with a bat or club.

And perhaps there is another side to the issue to?  Building a team based on one human mind?  Then humbugging that mind while the team is playing so that they play better or worse?

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

updated How much Immigration can our Environment Support? 10 16 2018 updated

How much Immigration can our Environment Support?  10 16 2018

When you see that the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District can't treat all the waste that we currently "produce" without flushing a lot of it directly into Lake Michigan do you also come to the conclusion that we are "maxed out" already, and could likely use some downsizing to our population?

Is that a legitimate reason to curb immigration?

Or should we just keep adding lanes to the highways to accommodate growth?

I think that we need responsible population control measures in the U.S. because of this.

And forget about how much can we sell as a nation.  Perhaps the waste that we produce that ends up right here in the United States with regard to or attributed to foreign sales isn't worth it!!!

Isolationism?  No.  But I never believed in the global economy hype.  "Oh we have to compete on a global basis."  No we don't.  Some interpretation of this phrase/idea could apply, "We can just be ourselves."  Get it?  Things that shouldn't matter to us shouldn't matter to us.

Global economy?  I view that as a financial based attack on the United States.  Who could honestly see it any other way?  Be competitive in global banking?  Wait a minute those forms of Government are NOT equal to ours and Congress has the right to set the exchange rates of those currencies.  And none of this, "Well they can convert our dollar to their currency through another currency."  The U.S. has the right to set those currency rates.  We pay the countries we pay and we receive currency from the countries we sell to.  How that plays out between the other countries?  Perhaps it is like this.  "Where did you get those dollars?  You never sold anything to the United States because we wouldn't let you.  Therefore it is stolen currency."  And you know what?  That is exactly how I view the foreign currency markets and currency futures.  Really designed to drain the U.S. of currency with the eventual goal of bankrupting us and blaming it on our Constitution.  And thereby attacking the very thing that represents our freedom so beautifully.  Then you all get to hear a froggy toad voice of a birth defective person in your head like I do.

If there are people here who are acting boldly or subversively in offense of the United States Constitution they need to go to a country with a lesser Constitution/gov where by definition they will be happy.

And perhaps it is like this.  On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the most satisfied and one being the least satisfied, "How happy are you with the product of your own mind?"  Can't lie to yourself can you.  See what I am getting at?  Didn't you have every opportunity to develop a life in the United States whereby you were satisfied or happy with the product of your own mind?

Have you been perpetrating mass lies in the United States?  If so why? The only reason could be that you can't compete fairly here.  The only reason being that our standard is far too high for you.  The only reason being is that you desire to destroy the framework of this nation and make it something lesser.  And therefore if you were perpetrating mass lies here you would bre guilty of treason.  Punishment at the very least for that should be deportation.

Politicians read this way to me today.  Either they knowingly misrepresented material facts, that being treason or they unknowingly misrepresented material facts and that being incompetence based negligence.  Either way they are like failing grade people.  So why were they promoted to political candidacy?  Organized crime infiltrating the United States as a religion using that money to promote an unconstitutional agenda.  If in some way you are whittling away at the middle class of the United States doesn't that amount to an unconstitutional agenda?  What do they think of the middle class?  Just a hair above the poor who eat a heal of bread a day with dirty fingers?  Honestly isn't it like they just lumped us altogether like that?  Meanwhile Donald Trump calls a woman he is alleged to pay off $130,000.oo to have sex with and shut up about...he calls her a horse face.  That makes Donald Trump a big fat curled sloppy lip Mrs. Ed Horse kisser?  Oh Christ nothing I didn't ever think of him as being.  Do you think a clown like that can address our nations problems?  Who are you fooling if you believe that?  I mean why don't you buy a jersey of your favorite baseball player or football play and have it say "Arron ____ or Ryan_____ (or whoever it is) Is Really Jesus."  I mean what goes on in your thought process.  A glib this is this way and that is that way without putting any thought to it?  If I were this countries leader I could create a test that could statistically determine if you were an airhead and therefore not a qualified electorate allowed to vote.

And after that you will start more b/s.  Like this, "Jesus Christ say's smoke weed."  Someone that believes that should not have been allowed to graduate from Grade School.  And it does bother me when people like that become successful.  It is as if a foreign Government is rigging our Democracy with that type of destructive and lying propaganda.  "To hate anyone around just for being normal."   Do I believe in eugenics program that prevents groups of people with the agenda of, "To hate anyone around just for being normal," from being around?  I mean so what if I do?  Why should I be forced to lie about my beliefs?  You can't get a more rotten and treasonous Government than one that forces Citizens to lie about their own beliefs.  News Flash, "We have the equivalent of Communism right here in the United States today, and have had it here for a very long time, just because of that."  Now a highly paid professional in virtually any field/industry in the U.S. would read this and claim it made absolutely no sense to them.  Rather than uttering those words why don't you go put a lolly pop in your mouth and shut up or something.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

P.S. I am not too far off with that "Jesus Christ say's smoke weed," comment am I.  And that right there is why the current Pope never should have even been allowed in a Catholic Church.  He once pondered if the Church should consider that?  Good God the rich and famous live in their own high fructose corn syrup vat of confident beliefs.  Sickening.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Humor 10 15 2018

Humor 10 15 2018

"Does one of the new teeth your Grandmother's Dentist put in look like it came out of a horses mouth?"

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Saturday, October 13, 2018

A Woman's Right to have an Abortion? 10 14 2018

A Woman's Right to have an Abortion?  10 14 2018

So they nix that and then what do they go after?

1.  A woman's right to divorce her husband.

Then what's next?

2.  A woman's right to who she is going to marry.

And how did we get there with the wealthy Republican Party Members?  It is as if they are trying to normalize what isn't normal in the United States; prearranged marriages for money.

How does it work among the wealthy?  Wealthy mother of hairlip dyslexic son arranges a date with hairlip dyslexic daughter of wealthy woman from her tennis club.

It isn't a marriage based on love it is based on money.  And again we see that with Leah Vukmir holding herself out as a compassionate nurse then somehow her very cold and calculating business side (that all nurses are required to have?) overules that on issues and she opts for money over human health.

And I doubt that these people know what really motivates them to make the decisions they do based on opinions.  Think about it?  A woman wants a dress like the one another one has.  What about being popular because you say you believe what another woman of your political party said?  It is that shallow isn't it.

Do you really want to know what I think about it?  A woman Senator no matter who she is isn't capable of making the best decisions with regard to the lives of women as a whole in this country.

Hunters versus gatherers.  The hunter gets it the gatherer doesn't.  And there are very few true hunting men around anymore.  But the hunter mind of man gets it this way.  If I take this path through these woods, and cross that board that is over the stream, and then take that path going in that direction,  I will likely find the natural deer trail right there!  In other words we see where it goes and what motivates it.  And it has to do with the male brain being wired differently in the hippocampus.  Men have a much better memory of where they are and what is where they are on a trail.  That type of memory.  It is true.

Then I heard Leah say something to the effect of we don't do environmental type controls that aren't proven?  Which means what?  She doesn't have the ability to analyze the science behind how things work?  Know it is a safe answer for her isn't it.  Because what does it mean?   It means that none of the wealthy corporations are going to be fined for environmental polluting and run out of business from the liability.  Doesn't really matter that lives are likely cut short by cancer causing substance in the groundwater in the Green Bay Area.  "We need that revenue?"  Do you know how weak minded that is?  That is like a sissy is dancing around on stage isn't it?

One thing that I noticed about Republicans is that they have very good verbal ability but no actual logical thinking capability.  That part of their brains, those cells, were long ago dried out by alcohol and the gene expression gone.  In other words they base all of their opinions as asserted beliefs and all of that is based on conjecture!

Let me get at it another way.  Analyze whatever problem our country is facing.  What are all the variables that play into that problem.  A Republican will either gloss over 7/10 of them or say that 7/10 are unimportant because the Republican doesn't have the adult comprehension to intelligently analyze problems.  What is really on their minds?  "What am I going to drink tonight?  I will get a gin and tonic here.  I will have a glass of wine with supper."  Men who think like that are not problem solvers.  They begrudge the very life that God gave them.

And that is it right there isn't it!  The substance user does not experience life to the fullest as God intended them to!  Pretty prophetic isn't it?

Them experiencing life to the fullest is to drink, be promiscuous and get a woman pregnant out of wedlock. And you know what?  Every one of their public policies caters to the fatuous bastard to the exact detriment of the middle class.

But you know what I was really proud of today?  The moderators of this debate on Public Television did not let the candidates get away without directly answering the question.  Now would they have done that if somebody didn't get after them?  Would they have done that if Republicans haven't time and again vowed to cut all funding for Public Television?

I will just say that was refreshing.  It was representative of how a Patriarchal Society works.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Leah Vukmir held herself out as a compassionate nurse and then gave a policy where she cared more about money than human life.

Leah Vukmir held herself out as a compassionate nurse and then gave a policy where she cared more about money than human life.  10 13 2018

That completely discredits her.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

We ought to be able to write on the Ballot "Here is why I can't vote for either of these candidates." 10 13 2018

We ought to be able to write on the Ballot "Here is why I can't vote for either of these candidates."  10 13 2018

The issues today are extremely important.  And each candidate appears to have flawed logic.  Rhetoric that doesn't comply with the intent of the Founding Fathers.

The fact is that they are so off track that it amounts to negligence.

One of these candidates does not address the issues but rather attacks the other candidate.

Neither of these candidates understands what it means to be a man that has to bring home the food for his family.

Both of these candidates are out of touch with reality.  They have no commonality with the average American or the average American life.

The candidate who states that they work in the industry so she knows the most about health care is completely jaded.

These candidates appear to be propagandizing a hidden agenda that will lead to the destruction of our country over time.

These candidates gloss over all the important ideas with glib terminology.

They do not appear to be fighting for American public interests.

This candidate likes to generalize specifics parts of an issue because she doesn't have a comprehensive grasp of the issue.

This candidate cares more about money than people.

This candidate makes bold statements of success that are completely unfounded.

This candidate doesn't respect the right of the other candidate to speak.

This candidate is lying about the issues in order to scare her very own constituency base.

The issue that this candidate is advocating amounts to treason.

This candidate blindly follows and propagandizes what everyone else in her party is doing out of human incompetence based fear.


Yeah I just watched Vukmir and Baldwin debate again.  Do you honestly believe in either one of them?

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

So if we had this option on the ballot the candidates might start to get a hint that the public is a lot smarter than those who have been promoted to "Candidacy."  And that would indeed be a first step towards making America what it was meant to be.

A Gypsy Romany Justice System is: 10 13 2018

A Gypsy Romany Justice System is:  10 13 2018

"You are disqualified as being a witness because legally you are not allowed to mention the color of the skin of the perpetrator that you allege that you saw commit the crime."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy 

"Nor are you allowed to say that a person you allege to be a white collar criminal looks Jewish to you."

Why is America Failing??? 10 13 2018

Why is America Failing???  10 13 2018

For this one extremely simple reason:

"It takes talent to recognize talent."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Friday, October 12, 2018

Couch Potato Humor 10 12 2018

Couch Potato Humor 10 12 2018

"I want to eat something next, but I don't know what."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

A Drunken Driver Hits my boat on its trailer on the Highway 10 12 2018

A Drunken Driver Hits my boat on its trailer on the Highway  10 12 2018

I think that the brand name that is one the bottle that drunk was sucking from owes me a very brand new boat motor and trailer.

That is called strict liablity.

If we had strict liability in place a long time ago you would not see all the feeble minded decisions that you have today.

If we put it in place today there would be a much justified wealth redistribution.

Did that beer baron who sold the hooch to the person that hit my boat really earn that money?  No.  In the most guised immaturity that there is they never recognized the liability for the product that they created as an expense.

No we don't need to be insured.  Whereby you are not paid enough to replace what was lost with a brand new one.  We need strict liability.  Strict liability would have put that beer baron and his brood of snot nosed Oliver thief children out of business a long time ago.  You wouldn't have ever had to put up with a motor mouthing spoiled brat in your life if strict liability were in place.

I believe in strict liability.  You really can't change my belief system.  Sure you can argue with me but it only amounts to a mealy mouthed invalid assertion by yourself.

It is like Jesus Christ said. To the effect of, ~"I know I am right.  And if you follow me a lot of you will be persecuted for being right too."  So am I religious.  I read that as a boy and I immediately thought to myself something like this;  "No, Jesus is not the one who should have taken the cross.  It should not be that way.  We need those evil ones legally executed so that the good like Jesus Christ are not persecuted."

I mean what did you think about that?  If you were a sissified British kid you probably cried when the witch had the tree fall on her and kill her.  I was never happier when the witch got it in that epic movie title need not mentioned.  Pardon me if I don't understand the fatherless bastard matriarchal geneology son that roots for the ugly mean witch.

And I don't believe that the defective children of a Mega Milwaukee Brewery Executive ever belonged in the same good neighborhood as I.  I don't consider myself cold hearted either.

Roe Versus Wade 10 12 2018

Roe Versus Wade  10 12 2018

Do you really believe that the Republicans are being legitimate with heart on this issue?  Tell me this.  What happens when it is no longer a right of the woman to have an abortion?  Whose right by default is it?   It then becomes the Right of the State who can and cannot have children?

Do you see how crafty that could be?

Would it bother me if a drunken drug user mother were not allowed to keep the child born to her?  No.  So can that legal interpretation work out to that?

Will it work out that way?  Superficially it looks to me to be Republican based eugenics whereby the rape a woman and force her to keep their genealogy?

I am here to tell you that any man who thinks he can create a brood of children from many different woman because he is better than me is a pile of sh1t!

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

The Theologians were Satan 10 12 2018

The Theologians were Satan 10 12 2018

So the other day I read the Theologians "books" in the Bible.  They are fairly short just a few pages each.

But something stuck out there.  It was like some of the Theologians leaders were talking to a group of men that just came to their village.  Indoctrinating them if you will.

They told them to work with their hands.  They also said the Jews killed the Prophets and didn't care about anyone.

But here is what bothered me the most.  Basically they objected to those being "indoctrinated" from writing to anyone or reading anything anyone wrote.  So basically they didn't want those men to read and write.  You know as well as I that if you have a skill and don't use it you lose it.

When you are instructed to not read or write isn't part of your freedom lost?

To me it looked like these men had been enslaved in a work camp.

Now this wasn't the first chapter of the bible that has that undertone to it.  Leaders of a village indoctrinating some new men that came to it.  And giving them a bamboozling type speech?

To me the Theologian leaders are just what they declared themselves not to be!

But why did the Theologians want them to work with their hands?  Because that is the favorite way the voyeur retard class can demonically possess you?  Or perhaps it allows that demonic retard class to learn from you?  And hence it makes a savior out of you?  But again, why?  Making a savior out of you is indeed victimization of you.

So indeed the Theologians were Satan.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Now indeed if those Ancient Jews hunted down those who were trafficking human beings and "Profiting" (disambiguated from Propheting?)  from them then those ancient Jews are my kind of people!

Professional Baseball 10 12 2018

Professional Baseball  10 12 2018

I am not naming any names.  But perhaps this is why I don't like the sport.  Do you know what they look like to me?   

"Spoiled Punks."

I have worked with people like that in my life history.  Giving you the evil eye.  Never learned to suppress and dismiss their hatred of what they can never be.  What to say something negative to someone instead of getting with whatever activity they are supposed to be doing, such as school.  Smarting off to those more knowledgeable than themselves.  Acting aggressive rather than civilized.  Chewing gum like mean spirited striptease diva.  Acting like they deserve more than everyone else.  Hot tempered wanting to argue and back it up with violence.  And people can't figure out why so many blacks in the core start an argument and then one shoots the other?  Look at what is propagandized as normal?  Who is that?  It isn't a man, it is more or less his hot tempered mamma out there on the field.

And you also see how that rubs off on all the sore losers who never made it to that level in life.  The fat beer drinking dolts among us think to themselves, if I had only been more of a punk like they are I would have been successful at that.

America doesn't need this.

It has no place here.

If I have to hear all that brain dead loser clan in my head you are going to hear what I have to say about it.  And when it makes you feel lumpy?  Too bad.  You should have had a responsible father instead of a winy drunk mouth.


A long time ago I might have stopped taking sides in professional sports with regard to which team is the home team.  I vote for the team that has the least insolent punk behavior exhibited.  I dare you to get some mealy mouth therapist to attempt to write what is wrong with that.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

The Milwaukee Brewers are playing tonight and I hope they win.

Steam-pipe Potatoes Recipe 10 12 2018

Steam-pipe Potatoes Recipe 10 12 2018

I had some small potatoes that I wanted to quickly bake because I was broiling Salmon in the oven, and it was getting late for dinner.  So here is what I did and they cooked in about 1/2 an hour.

First I peeled the potatoes and then I sliced off a small section of the bottom of each potato so that they would stand upright while in the oven.

I took an apple corer and cored out a "center" from each potato.  If I couldn't get the partial core out I cored all the way through the potato and broke off a 1/2" plug to stick in the bottom of the potato.

Next I put a "blanket" of tinfoil down for each potato.  Enough tinfoil so that I would be able to wrap the top shut by drawing it together there.

I set the potato made to look like a "Steam-pipe" on  the tinfoil.  Next I put a little piece of butter in the Steam-pipe hole.  Maybe it was 1/4" squared.  Then I put about about the same amount of a fresh piece of garlic in that steam hole.  After that I took some msg free chicken soup power and put it in a cup.  I added enough water so that I would be able to fill each hole of each potato with that amount of base mix.  Stirred that chicken base up and poured it into each potato steam hole.  Wrapped the tinfoil over the to and twisted it.  Then I put them on about the third rack down from the broiler element.  While I broiled the salmon.

This was a first time recipe I made on the fly.  So the potatoes were not done till long after the salmon.  Altogether the potatoes only took about 1/2 hour to cook.  The water in them steaming the insides and helping them quick cooker.

After about 10 minutes under the broiler element I took the salmon out and put the potatoes on the second rack from the bottom of the oven and put the oven setting to bake at 375 degrees.

Had I had more prep time I might have added some more spices to the potatoes like black pepper, Rosemary powder, etc.

These potatoes were excellent!  Moist texture somewhat like baked garlic tastes.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

The National Quackery 10 12 2018 (on the opiate epidemic)

The National Quackery 10 12 2018(on the opiate epidemic)

So what happens to the human body when you reward it for experiencing a painful event?  You condition the body to seek more painful events so that it can reward itself?

Do you see where I am with this?  Pain medicines do not work by cancelling the pain, they work by creating a sense of euphoria!  Hence I will assert that even at the cellular level or otherwise you are conditioning that person to cause pain to their body so that they are given a drug that doesn't cancel the pain one for one but rather rewards that person with a sense of euphoria for having that pain.


Little Man Tate went to work for an employer.  Little Man Tate experienced an injury at that employer.  Little Man Tate was prescribed opiates for the pain.  Now Little Man Tate wants you to work for that same employer and can't understand for the life of him why you won't?

Not only has Little Man Tate become conditioned to harming himself.  He is also unwittingly propagandizing the harm of normal human beings.

Little Man Tate would not have any greater skills than that job required?

But who does he look up to then?  He looks up to that manager that put him in harms way!  And he strives to be that same manager.   And how does this thick mick then think as manager?  If an employee is injured it is the employees fault just like it was when I injured myself.  So in effect he wants to become that top of the heap monster.


So indeed what happens when people conceive children while on opiates? Let's cut right to the chase.  That is a kid who chases other kids with a ball pean hammer and bashes at their toes with it.

Why?  So that they will be in the same boat at he is?  More or less it is because his human reward system has been altered to be 180 degrees different than it should be.  Genetically he is, "Injure myself to achieve greater happiness?"  So what is good for me is really good for everyone else.


FDR's family money came from the Opiate Trade with the Orient.  Our Country and Constitution were greatly compromised because of him.


What should your bodies response to pain be?  A complete repulsion from the exact cause of it.  But as I stated the other day, "A retard has no cause to complain."

Someone like this already knows that they are short changed or defeated in life.  Hence they experience more pleasure by making a retard out of a normal human being so that the human being has no cause to complain about them.  Can't stand to see a human being succeed based on their own hands and skills because it is an immediate contradiction to their sense of self and self delusion.

To them that Professional Athlete with poor grammar is the hardest working American that there is.  To me that is a Fairy!

They did indeed change the rules of our Democracy so that those who can think for themselves can't succeed.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Why are women fans of professional sports today 10 12 2018

Why are women fans of professional sports today 10 12 2018

Because "she" believes that those are easy guys to understand?

"Oh, oh, look, he takes that bat and hits that ball."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Humor: How come Saturday Night Live never spoofed Michelle Obama as if she 10 11 2018

Humor:  How come Saturday Night Live never spoofed Michelle Obama as if she 10 11 2018

"How come Saturday Night Live never spoofed Michelle Obama as if she were a Klingon?"

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A Retard has no cause to complain 10 10 2018

A Retard has no cause to complain  10 10 2018

To sum it up that is why the Irish lost the Irish Revolution.  Those only capable of very low skilled labor and employed didn't help them.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Let's say we get into an every man needed War with China or Russia. 10 10 2018

Let's say we get into an every man needed War with China or Russia.  10 10 2018

What do we do about those who were dishonorably discharged from the military?  Are we expected to fight FOR them?  Are we expected to serve along side them even though they have already been deemed unfit to serve in the Military?

Having an army in times of peace requires more responsibility than our current national leaders are capable of.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Now lets get into a correlation of databases.  Lets say that you had someone commit a crime and was convicted of it.  Had they committed that crime while in the military they would have been dishonorably discharged.

Because we have limited liability Corporations in the United States it means that a right was granted.  The public ought to be able to view a database of every corporate officer that lists any crimes they were accused of, convicted of or charged with.  Why?  The same reasons as above. It is something that takes more responsibility to manage so that our country isn't ruined from it.

I would greatly resent being sent to the front line in a foreign country while any and all of the above sit home back in the states drinking a 6 pack of beer everyday.  You know it isn't right and I know it isn't right.  So when your brain kicks in the right way like that we need legislation to back up the good concepts like that.

Should a teenager be able to sell pot, get busted and then use that as an excuse to evade military service?

You legalize pot, and it gets even worse in the military,  It affects depth perception, how are we going to be able to shoot accurately at anything.

You put that all together and what do you realize?  Our current leadership knows without a shadow of a doubt we are never going to war again.  We gave the foreign countries what they wanted already?  We sold the souls of our nation to them.  They only rattle the sabers in order to feed the wealthy in the money pit of defense contractor status.

But could China attack us?  Depends entirely on how they compare themselves to us.  Depends entirely on if they believe our nation is going in the opposite direction than communism doesn't it!  If we start to look too democratic again those lard belly nations will join forces and come after us.  And our own leadership will indeed sell us out.  You see it already with Bernie Sanders propagandizing Socialism and Donald Trump making veiled attacks at this Constitutional Right or that one.

When you see a Republican touting Tax Cuts what does that really amount to?  Them telling Communist Nations that the wealthy are still in power in the United States just as they are in Communist Nations.

So what is the Standing Army in Times of Peace really used for today?  Feed your kids dope and make sure no one complains about it?   Communists will NEVER attack a country like that!

Humor Some flax seed in your salad 10 10 2018

Humor Some flax seed in your salad 10 10 2018

"Some flax seed in your salad would be good for your chicken soup soul."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

I Do believe Facebook is targeting individuals and using fake peoples names.

I Do believe Facebook is targeting individuals and using fake peoples names.

Whereby groups of evil people post as if they are one person and engage a United States Citizen.

If Facebook isn't doing this then they know it is being done!  Because their software tracking would be able to tell!

It amounts to criminal racketering.

But Trump doesn't have this type of BACKBONE to go after something that protects the actual American public.  That isn't the type of guy he is.

The graphics certain individuals are using are unique and high quality.  No one person would have the time or money to make those.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Humor: A reason a man drinks is 10 09 2018

Humor: A reason a man drinks is 10 09 2018

"A reason a man drinks is because neither he nor his wife can cook?"

 © 2018 Thomas Murphy

What if data from all of those telemarketing calls was being collated 10 09 2018

What if data from all of those telemarketing calls was being collated 10 09 2018

The net effect being that they would know from the data when people would not be at home, in order to rob their house?

It would take Department of Defense logistics software in order to handle that feet?  Which would make that treason.


But what about the Department of Defense and Drug Dealing?

It would indeed take Department of Defense Level Logistics in order to run a drug ring operation?

So how do I know it is true?  Because I was told drugs were rampant in the Military.  Because it was a General who wanted to farm pot in the United States and make the profits taxable.  You can't be more dishonorable than that! So it is working out just that way isn't it.  I will say without a doubt there are certain very successful people in this country who should be holding their head down in shame when they go out in public.  But it doesn't happen.  Why have they no shame?  Likely they have female DNA in their brain anatomy.

Which would make having an Army in times of Peace Treason.

Do we really need an Army in Times of peace?  Why do we have one?  In order to protect business interests in foreign countries!  In order to protect joint citizenship families who are operating businesses in foreign countries by not abiding to the U.S. Constitution and our laws.  So real simple.  No we don't need one.  And if there is a faction of U.S. Citizens that would cause trouble here and attempt to overthrow our Democracy if we didn't have one they would have to be dealt with by an An Act of Congress.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Monday, October 8, 2018

Is there a correlation between violence and pot use? 10 08 2018

Is there a correlation between violence and pot use?  10 08 2018

Of course there is!  Why?  It is a false reward!  One jackass is falsely rewarding himself and he is confronted by another jackass that is falsely rewarding himself?  Can't tell me that isn't a cause of violence!

And compare the violence in the inner city to that in the suburbs?  Is pot used more in the inner city where there is more violence?  I believe statistics would prove that to be true.

So is that detrimental effect going to happen to the suburbs when pot gets legalized in Wisconsin?  Of course it is.  Why will it get legalized?  Because that rotten no good spoiled will that falsely rewards itself is going to get its way.

Can you name one person that didn't use pot, who had a Polish mother?  I doubt it.


Is it the Jews who want Pot legalized in the United States?  Bernie Sanders pushed for it and he is one.  There was Civil War literature that stated the Jews used it in Religious practices.

I bet the LGBTQ faction also wanted it legalized.  Why?  The false reward supports their abnormal lifestyle.

Who else likely wants it legalized?  Those with learning disabilities.  Why?  It gives them a false reward.  People like that crave it.


Was Tammy under the influence of Pot in tonight's debate?  Why can't I ask that?

Decriminalize pot to raise revenue?  You are going to end up with lowlifes everywhere!  Revenue is going to tank.  However funny money profits will increase.  Why?  Because the lowlifes will raise prices on everything.  Why?  Because they will be stoned and therefore not working as hard hence they will need to get the same amount of money by doing less work.

Who else wants it legalized?  Organized crime!  They want it to be legal to give it to your white boy!  Screw them up and give them a learning disability.  It makes my blood boil!  So much so that I believe anyone with pot in their blood should get the death penalty.

I also believe that anyone who forced a white woman into Prostitution should get the death penalty.

I believe that any woman who chooses Prostitution of her own volition and choice should be sterilized.  Why?  I don't see how a woman like that can raise a son to be a man that respects men.  If you disagree with me please articulate your disagreement.  I know that some people read this.  If you had to read this because you are part of a faction that was monitoring me because you didn't like me from the get go then by reading this you would likely go insane!  Because I keep chugging along!

Donald Trump doesn't write his speeches.  How do I know?  I can tell by the way he reads them.  There is a hint of, "I am not sure if I agree with the emotion of what I am reading." in his voice.  He can't hide it.  And he isn't the kind of guy who is going to practice reading a speech for two weeks before giving it.  So you will always be able to tell.  What a low life.  You can also tell he didn't write it because the pitch of his voice changes as he reads something in the speech and see's how it corresponds with what he is reading next.  So again you will always be able to tell.  So who writes that crap?  Pot users no less.  Hairlip dyslexic autistic pot users.  The other reason they use pot is because they don't have a human soul.  So why in the hell would our Government sponsor the happiness of that?  Because it has been infiltrated, by all the above.

"Hey look Johnny Jackass just got an A in History Class.  I got a C in History Class.  Johnny Jackass uses pot and I don't."

Reconcile that.  You can't.  And that is the source or your angst, frustration and directed hatred.  Smoke up and die of cancer already.

Oh wait bonus item.  Scott Walker legalized medical marijauna and then is Father Lewellen just died of unstated medical problems!  Put two and two together if you can.

Good going you lifetime loser!

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

I like Tammy Baldwins Plan of eliminating Health Care Insurance and making it a gov program 10 08 2018

I like Tammy Baldwins Plan of eliminating Health Care Insurance and making it a gov program   10 08 2018

Leah Vukmir made Tammy Baldwin look good by giving us the details of Tammy's plan!

How do we pay for it?  We mandate what costs should be.  And that is fair.

So someone isn't going to be wealthy by being a Doctor anymore?  But more to the point a legitimate American Citizen isn't going to be bankrupt and homeless from health care costs.

Tammy got it right.

Why should we have to pay Health Insurance?  That is white collar organized crime that infiltrated our nation.

I didn't hear any more of the debate than that first part.  And that is all I really needed to hear.  That someone in our nation had the courage to step up and say how things should be.  I give Tammy credit for that.

I don't know if I even like Tammy.  But that really doesn't matter.  I like what she stands for on this issue.  That is what matters.  Who you vote for shouldn't be like who you are awarding a personality award to?  It should be based on what they stand for.  But I know that there are some issues that Tammy and I don't agree on.  So it brings up the point again.  Why can't we have people promoted to candidates who represent all of the interests of the American people.  So we have to settle for this person and accept all their other bad ideas?  To me that is manipulation of the Unite States Government by the two Political Parties.  And we need to end that in some way.

They take a sound stance on an issue like this and the American public is automatically propagandized to believe that they must therefore agree with all of the other ideas such a politician has.  That is plain rotten.  It erodes your Constitutional rights over time.

All together when you have one candidate not representing the Constitution on two issues and another Candidate opposing them not representing the Constitution on another two different issues it is a tag team destruction of our Democracy.  It should not be happening.

Sure we can have free Health Care per Bernie Sanders Constituency base however they want to take away your guns and legalize pot at the same time.  Tell me what good is free health care if they take away your guns?  It is meaningless and treason.  The stories you read in the newspaper about some surgeon amputating the wrong leg being fired and then quickly hired in another state.  That Second Amendment gives the American Public the backbone it needs to say "No!"  And it means exactly what it means!  The point being is that you should never have Doctors like that in Health Care!  So whatever machination gets people like that in place and keeps them there needs to be removed from our Democratic Country.  Force them to abide and what happens?  They just weasel another way somehow to erode the system and abuse your rights.  It is illegitimacy! And most people that read this will have no idea what I am talking about.

Are we for the American People or are we for a Quackery?
Are we for the American People or are we for extortionist Financial and Religious Organizations?
Are we for the American People or are we for Corporate welfare to the Military Industrial Complex so that they can arm our enemies to be?  But wait they contribute to the yearly revenue.  What a minute?  What is the cost of war to our nation?  We are still bearing horrific costs to our nation associated with WW2.  That is how lasting and evil those costs are!

Leah Vukmir didn't seem legitimate to me.  She seemed condescending.  She seemed like she fell of her broom.  And to be fair all women in politics seem that way to me.  They were not allowed to vote which means the Founding Fathers considered them to be less than 3/5's persons?  Believe it or not there are some women out there who know exactly what I mean and agree with me; however they would never admit it nor vote that way at the polls.  And there are men impersonators that have the same minds as those mamma substitutes?  Think I am talking delusional smack?  The Bible tells of satanic men that all sleep with the same women and have the exact same mind as her.  And you do see it in the biting temperament of certain races.

So there I said it all again.  It is considered completely meaningless and absolutely no one cares!

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

It's funny that the newspapers can't even get the cause of Scott Walkers Fathers death right 10 08 2018

It's funny that the newspapers can't even get the cause of Scott Walkers Fathers death right 10 08 2018

"It's not important how people die because they are reunited with Jesus Christ when they do?"

Why put a band-aid on a cut ever in your life!

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Why would the United States allow people who take delight in human suffering adopt children? 10 08 2018

Why would the United States allow people who take delight in human suffering adopt children?  10 08 2018

A projection of self pity?  They thought it might be the one thing that could make them happy?  Or an attempt by the adult to live the life of a child again the way they think a child should live?

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

The wealthy parent considers it an act of charity?  And the dot gov agrees with it?

Sunday, October 7, 2018

When confronted with an Alcohol Dependent sore loser 10 07 2018

When confronted with an Alcohol Dependent sore loser with the croaky mean FAS voice 10 07 2018

"Why don't you get the tattoo of the three tears coming out of the corner of your eye and down your cheek."

It just seems to fit so well doesn't it!

FAS= Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Very Interesting 10 07 2018

Very Interesting  10 07 2018

Never heard of "Boy's Nation"

Also a very interesting Bible Quote I wasn't familiar with.

Bible book 2 Corinthians: "We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord."


What is the agenda at a Boy's Nation event?  What other Politicians were selected by Boy's Nation?

Thomas Murphy

Humor 10 07 2018

Humor 10 07 2018

"I thought I was getting my wife for free!"

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

There is no such thing as Free? 10 07 2018

There is no such thing as Free?  10 07 2018

Ever hear some jackass say that to you?

So then what does that same jackass think of obtaining a "Sale Price?"  A sale price being a degree of free?

Does the jackass go to the store clerk and say, "I would like to pay the regular price and not the sale price?  Because I believe that nothing is free."

And what does he tell his wife when he has less money?

"The reason we have less money than everyone else is because I believe that nothing is free."

But the better question is how did someone like that get a wife in the first place?

And the answer to that is specific to him isn't it.  The reason that he believes nothing is free is inherent in that?  Its not a marriage of love?  Hence the jaded concept regarding value?

It is representative of a lifetime perpetual state of misery?

© 2018 Thomas Murphy