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Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Great Lakes 01 31 2019

The Great Lakes 01 31 2019

So if the Great Lakes completely freeze over on top does that mean that there might be more downward pressure on the tectonic plates below?  More likely to be an earthquake?  From gravitational forces of the moon?

Meaning that the force on the water cannot be dissipated by waves but instead is forced downwards into the tectonic plates?

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Pizza Humor 01 31 2019

Pizza Humor 01 31 2019

"Aren't all Pizza's about the same; they are all bad for you only some taste good."

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Humorous Phrase 01 30 2019

Humorous Phrase 01 30 2019

"Don't expect them to be gone for good; it is too much to ask for."

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Monday, January 28, 2019

Did Jesus Christ have a Sword? 01 28 2019

Did Jesus Christ have a Sword? 01 28 2019

He would not have advocating having one if he did not believe in having one himself and indeed had one?

Or perhaps he knew what the Romans were going to do to them and he could not put that on his disciples but could put it on himself?  No that doesn't make sense.

 No another passage in the Bible talks about something of the Roman invasion.  Jesus told them something like, "You fools for how long have I been telling you to come out in the courtyard and learn."

But if Jesus had a sword what did it look like?

And what would religion be like today if instead of the phrase "Blood of Christ," the phrase is, "Sword of Christ!"

"Sword of Christ,"  is a much stronger statement isn't it?

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Looks like there is actually ministry called "Sword of Christ."

Dating Show Humor 01 28 2019

Dating Show Humor 01 28 2019

What would happen when if it came time to hand out the flowers for who you wanted to go on your next date you forget their names?

"Excuse me, you there in the red dress, will you accept this flower?"

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Who among us believes themselves to be 01 28 2019

Who among us believes themselves to be 01 28 2019

"Who among us believes themselves to be the Lord God; that their behavior and actions may never be questioned?"

It has a lot to do with your First Amendment RIGHT to FREEDOM OF SPEECH!


"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Saturday, January 26, 2019

I believe in a Society free of Alcoholic/Drugees! 01 26 2019

I believe in a Society free of Alcoholic/Drugees! 01 26 2019

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

What I would like to see Tony Evers Do 01 26 2019

What I would like to see Tony Evers Do 01 26 2019

So if Scott Walker can pick and choose college curriculum that will no longer be taught at University of Wisconsin Colleges then Tony Evers can very well come along and say, "We are not going to allow the Athletic Department to run our University of Wisconsin System anymore.  As of this moment the Athletic Department, our College Sports teams will be shut down."

It makes complete sense to me.

So as a Governor how do you implement something like that?  You have to Blitzkrieg the idea!  In other words you include it along with a whole bunch of other ideas the drunken low life drug using  class isn't going to like!  Which indeed lends each individual idea more credibility.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

So now that I wrote this do you know what happens next?  There will be  video clip on television where a media person asks Tony what team he likes best and all a glitter and all aglow he will mention a team he likes best.

I have been studying covfefe behavior a long time!

And then perhaps you might see some Governors of other States find it to be an idea that has merit and implement similar policies.

Human Beings Learn by Comparison 01 26 2019

Human Beings Learn by Comparison 01 26 2019

There are MODELING CAREERS and there are Pornography Careers.

There are Entertainers and there are Prostitutes.

There are Professionals and there are Imposters!

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Alleged Wisconsin Kidnapper Patterson 01 26 2019

Alleged Wisconsin Kidnapper Patterson 01 26 2019

The first thing I thought when I saw his photograph mug shot was;  "Where is he keeping a METH LAB."

So I started to think about that.  What is meth?  Isn't it really about the same thing as the Ritalin George Bush promoted that Learning Disability people should take?

Why do you want someone with an abnormal brain cavity hopped up on something so that they can think as quickly as a normal person I ask?

But the better question is.  How many people that have meth labs and meth addictions where treated with Ritalin for a learning disability?

And here indeed is where all the money blown for Ivy League Level Educations has completely failed the United States of America.  Why wasn't that question ever prominently asked?

You can add up all the problems in the United States and to me it is like most of them were caused by something a Republican did while in office.

And you get these hot aired blow heads in public office and what does the good public prayer for?  Just like that hyperactive meth kid in the classroom they prey they are transferred out for some reason so that they can learn and live in peace again.

NEVER do they catch a criminal who did something bad like that and make the brain scans public!  Do you know why?  Because people with learning disabilities are the most mentally and emotionally fragile among us?

Off topic.

So marijuana is becoming legalized.  Is it a narcotic?  Forget about what you read about it for a second and decide for yourself as I present the picture of it.  A narcotic was originally defined as something that makes you sleepy.

Ever look a person who is high on pot?  They look so sleepy it looks like they are the living dead that is how sleepy they look.

What about at the wheel of the car?  It causes distortions in depth perception.  Again they are so sleepy that they can't judge distances.

Off topic.

So what do those large construction company worker salaries amount to?  How much we have to pay so and so so they don't drink boo's for awhile so that they can do the job right and retire a millionaire for their contribution to our country?  What will building the wall with Mexico be like?  How much you pay either rednecks or Mexicans not to fall asleep in the dessert sand while working with a bottle of Tequila in their hand?

What am I getting at?  What are we ponying up all that money for?


So you give someone born with a brain defect prescription speed marketed under an official name and what have you created?  Have you created a happy worker?  Or have you created a horror movie monster waiting to debut?

And the answer to all of this isn't one that you can accept.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Both marijuana and alcohol cause delayed development in the teenage brain.  Our Covfefe medical community changed the terminology to that a long time ago because of the reason stated somewhere above.   What does it really mean?  It means that pot and or alcohol make a retard out of your teenage son or daughter.  When you state it that way isn't it more meaningful in terms of what the solution should be?

Trump the Investor and the cost of his Wall 01 26 2019

Trump the Investor and the cost of his Wall  01 26 2019

Look at the photographs of the Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys.  What an engineering feet that had to have been!  How much material was needed and had to be properly position in the water!

It was Constructed in 1982 for a Cost of $45 Million Dollars.

So it spanned 6.765 miles.

Pardon me, but Donald Trump per my last hearing of the matter wanted a wall with Mexico and didn't I hear it was only supposed to be 50 miles long, because they just needed it in that one place?

Lets do the math and assume that it costs as much per mile to build a wall as it does a high rise bridge over the ocean, per mile.

$45 mil divided by 6.765 miles = $6.651 million dollars per mile.

So at 50 miles a wall would cost 50*6.651= $332.6 million and not $5 billion Trump is asking for.

Is there Organized Crime in the United States Construction Industry and in the bid reception process of it?  I believe that there is.

If a high rise sea bearing bridge cost $6.6 million per mile how much should a lowly wall cost?  One would think a fraction of that.  Why?  You don't need the highly skilled labor to make sure it isn't going to fall down into the Ocean because it is on land.  And what does road construction look like today?  How is it done?  Don't they just grind up the old asphalt right there and reuse it to remake the same road?  The point being, use the sand or stone right there to make it?  Perhaps make it easy.  Lay down railroad tracks to the U.S. side of where the wall will be and use concrete coming in on rail cars to make it.  I would believe you could build one very fast.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

So you say, why haven't you forward adjusted this for inflation?  Have you seen the minimum wage increase in that amount of time?  I would argue that with Mexican Immigrants the price of labor to build something like a wall is even less.  And that the primary cost of the wall is labor.

Which brings up another point.  Inflation hasn't gone up because of cheap goods from China?  But what would happen if you somehow adjusted the inflation number to factor in the increase in the national debt as part of inflation?  Or the increase in the interest on the national debt as part of inflation?  It doesn't matter you say? Wait a minute isn't a conflict over a budget item that just shut down our government?


If you look at the cost of recent Construction in Milwaukee, was it a Billion or Two Billion  and you compare it to that $45 million spent to build a 7 mile sea bridge in the Florida Keys, what conclusion do you come up with regard to Scott Walker who was Governor during that time?

If I were in Government I would find out who the Construction Company for that 7 Mile Bridge was and I would either contract with them or have them serve as a cost advisor.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Say what you want about Donald Trump but 01 25 2019

Say what you want about Donald Trump but 01 25 2019

Say what you want about Donald Trump but he is virtually the only one in this country in a high position of Political Power that is saying drugs are bad for you!

And he is saying it in relation to the need to build a wall with Mexico.

What do the Democrats say in return?  They say that isn't how the drugs come in the country anyway.  They are not saying they are bad for you!  They are more or less saying it doesn't matter.  Can't do anything about it.

Perfect reason to keep the Government shut down.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Monday, January 21, 2019

5417 Kid Type Humor 01 21 2019

5417 Kid Type Humor  01 21 2019

"They like to have you feel important for no reason at all!"

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

How would you like to have to hear that being said to you ad infinitum?

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Disclaimer 01 19 2019

Disclaimer  01 19 2019

If you don't like some of the things that you read here ...I would not write what I write if I wasn't being tormented by if you don't like what you read here you and I are in the same boat.  In other words are problem is with the exact same people.  Get it?

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Good God how hard would it be? 01 19 2019

Good God how hard would it be? 01 19 2019

To make a life preserver coat that looks like a normal coat but is filled with high impact eva foam pieces/ peanuts?

In fact one would believe that if you calculated the buoyancy displacement of a foam workshop mat then you matched it to your own weight on the scale...then you took a standard puff jacket you could buy after Christmas for $14.  Make a slide on the side where the seam is pull that stuff out, pack it with the EVA high impact foam.  Discretely sew up that seam again and not only would you have a winter jacket but you would have a life preserver jacket.

Sure it wouldn't be U.S. Coast Gaurd Approved because it didn't go through that process.  But the point being is that you should always have the appropriate amount of USCGA jackets in your boat anyway.

And indeed make that fabric of a high enough strength and give it a few buckle straps on the front in addition to the zipper and it would likely be coast guard approved to sell if you submitted it for such a study on a commercial scale.  And to be honest I don't know what the criteria are for that.

But it would just seem like a good all around idea.  The foam in there would stop the wind completely!  Such a jacket could even have a small layer of the foam as a wind stopper and the rest filled with those foam pieces?

And perhaps a company could make foam inserts that look exactly how how a layer on a puff jacket puffs out?

Another point being that foam is so cheap it would make a great winter jacket?

Have kids that play around a river or lake or ocean or swimming pool?  Wearing that jacket as an everyday jacket might save their life?

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Only a no brainer idiot would seek to discredit the source or great ideas.

Interesting Disambiguated Currency 01 19 2019

Interesting Disambiguated Currency 01 19 2019

Are the words Shackle and Shekel disambiguated from the same word?


© 2019 Thomas Murphy

So what do I have in it?  I have Celtic roots and the celtics used to have a salt mining meritocracy.  Whereby how much salt you carried equaled how much money you made.

And when I think of the story of Lazarus I wonder if some meritocracies were defeated by a horrific attack and enslavement of them in shekels in the name of making money currency from their work in place of your own?

"Let's all harness one mind and use its ideas as if they are our own.  No one will ever be able to figure out because once we get inside that mind we can destroy it with the teachings of madness."

In doing so by definition the many do not consider themselves equal to the one.

To grow the faction of the many against the one to the point whereby the individual of the many does not consider themselves to be even their representative fraction of the many with regard to the one.

Did our Founding Fathers view it as Impossible to Make a Racist Statement in the United States 01 19 2019

Did our Founding Fathers view it as Impossible to Make a Racist Statement in the United States 01 19 2019

If you believe that "All men are created equal"  then a racist statement can not be made, why not?  Because "all men are equal."

The problem is really caused by those who do not believe in Equality and Foster Inequality.

What happens if a faction from a foreign country attempted prove that all men are not created equal by fostering programs to that effect in the United States?

Well the bottom line is per our Constitution you have the Right of Freedom of Speech.

Look at how those two concepts balance out and support each other perfectly!  Isn't that beautiful!

Should racist statements be construed as meaning, "your faction in this country is not living up to our standards in many ways."  Hence it is really a "get with it" statement.  How else do you get through to some people?

Now lets look an issue concerning black people.  So there was a white man in the news recently who did something very bad.  I am not going to say who it was other than he shot two adults and kidnapped a girl.  I as a white person believed that if convicted he should get the death penalty.  Do black communities have a higher rate of horrific and violent crime?  I would assert the stats likely would prove that true.  But the issue becomes.  When a black person does something really bad how come the people in that community are not calling for the death penalty of them?   Do you get it?  From what I have heard the way it is viewed by the parents is, "Do what you want as long as you don't get caught."

Now you could look at the issue with regard to white collar crime.  I believe white people who commit some white collar crimes should get the death penalty.  Why?  Because it isn't fair to me that people like that get ahead in life at the expense of the honest public.  Now let say that color x not white had a member of their race commit a white collar crime.  What would be the likelihood they would never say that person should get the death penalty?  I say that is highly likely.  But look at the gestalt of this.  Races really competing against the white race in the United States and not have the same standards of justice as the white race (as per how I stated it should be.)  So what does that amount to?  Those races do not believe in equality?  Because of the unfair competition and the lack of wanting to prosecute members of their own race it is really... well I could view it to conquer those who established freedom.

It is like freedom wasn't good enough for you.  You had to come here and compete unfairly.  You had to ruin it for everyone.  That is completely rotten!

But ask yourself which is a man and which isn't?  The person of color x who seeks justice for color x or the person of color y who wants the court system to be very lenient on color y?  Color x in this case believes all men are created equal, color y doesn't!

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

How is it that Donald Trump can contradict himself left and right and yet 01 19 2019

How is it that Donald Trump can contradict himself left and right and yet 01 19 2019

"How is it that Donald Trump can contradict himself left and right and yet the perception of him being an imbecile doesn't stick to him?"

So how come you and I are not like that and don't strive to be like that in life?  Is it because we have something called a human CONSCIENCE that prevents us from being like that?  In other words every time we have contradicted ourselves in life that human conscience learned from it and advanced our personal development in the process.  But look Donald Trump is the most successful in our nation how can I say that his personal developed was not somehow advanced?

Someone think about that and try and explain this issue to me.  What is it that I fail to understand here?  Where is the defect in my thinking on this?  There is something very important with regard to the above that I am unable to learn?

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

The Ice Cream Man 01 19 2019

The Ice Cream Man 01 19 2019

So you hear that bass sound coming from a car audio system.  It really isn't music at all and doesn't seem to be the part of any melody.  What is it?

1.  Is it really a drug dealer attempting to defeat both of these Constitutional provisions:  a. "insure domestic Tranquility" and b. "promote the general welfare"  In other words can it be legally construed that it is a drug dealers intent to disturb a neighborhood and thereby drive members of that neighborhood to seek the use of its drug products?  Interrupt the peaceful state of a neighborhood.  Drive them out of their mind a little bit.  So that you can more easily manipulate them into drug purchases from you.  Drive them out of their relaxed mind of study in order to get them hooked on a substitute for happiness from personal achievement your drugs?

And good God don't we see that on television a lot,  you are watching a science fiction movie and along comes a beer made from sweet apples commercial targeting the exact viewing audience of that program?  Adolescents (and you also.)  Where are the righteous adults who would stand up against that in our country?  What happened to them?  They were all made to feel unimportant and therefore lose confidence in themselves and personal resolve.

Do drug advertisements on television promote the General Welfare of the American People?  No!

How would a luddite interpret the provision to "Insure Domestic Tranquility?"  I'll tell you how.  He would run around like a nut case and put everyone who was reading a technical manual on psychiatric medicine.  That would be his interpretation.

How would an ape among us "Insure Domestic Tranquility."  If there was a child in school who could learn more easily than him, he might seek to cause that person to have delayed development.  Can you hear his evil mind being so happy that he brought down an A student with drugs.  All the other children love him for being such a schadenfreude!  So is there a term in psychology for someone that would victimized those more evolved than themselves in an effort to pander to those less evolved (or mentally retarded) like themselves?  For all the money poured into the University System in our Country you would think there would be a term to describe a devil like that.

2.  Or is it that drug dealers way of signaling to users that he is in town with some drugs to sell you just like the ice cream man would sell your children ice cream and play that hokey music.  The drug dealer targeting adolescents in that same marketing manner.

Can I say that I hate that?  According to George Bush I should not make hateful statements like that.  Am I the only American who asks the question, "Where did he come from?"

Is attempting to thwart the United States Constitution treason?  To me the above which goes directly against the Constitution makes it an attempt to overthrow the U.S. Gov which is based on the Constitution.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Are there some drug dealers who are in allegiance to Great Britain?

"That these united Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States, that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved;"    

And what really is Skull and Bones 01 19 2019

And what really is Skull and Bones 01 19 2019

Symbolism that is an allegiance to the Queens Pirate Mercenaries?

Again our Declaration of Independence implies that any instance of that in the United States is to be:::

"...that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved;"

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

The Problem with Guns isn't with Guns 01 19 2019

The Problem with Guns isn't with Guns 01 19 2019

Good people own guns and there is never an issue with that!  And that is why it is in our Constitution.

When bad people own guns there is always a problem with it!

The problem isn't guns the problem is the existence of  "BAD PEOPLE!"

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Updated: Our Court System would consider "The British are Coming" to be a Racist Statement today!!! 01 19 2019

Our Court System would consider "The British are Coming" to be a Racist Statement today!!!  01 19 2019

If you are a Federal Employee and can't figure out why you are not working lately maybe you have something to think about?

Photo's of Modern African Warships

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Now let's say an African Warship was headed to the United States and I yelled out, "The Africans are coming!  The Africans are coming!  The Africans are coming!"  Would that be a racist statement?  Again read just a little bit about United States History.

Now what if in all the fear and anxiety of the situation all I would be able to say in warning was, "The blacks are coming!  The blacks are coming!  The blacks are coming!"

I don't believe that would be a racist statement either.  Just as I don't believe "The British are Coming" was a racist statement.

What if I were to say, "The Shekels are coming! The  Shekels are coming!  The Shekels are coming!"  No I don't believe that to be a racist statement either.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

To Promote a Bad Person and then 01 17 2019

To Promote a Bad Person and then 01 17 2019

"To promote a bad person and then tell everyone on earth the reason they are not successful is because they are not as good as that bad person."

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

What if how much tax you paid on a Retail Purchase of Alcohol was based on 01 17 2019 updated

What if how much tax you paid on a Retail Purchase of Alcohol was based on 01 17 2019

1.  A personal history of drunken driving violations?
2.  How many mentally defective from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome were in your family?  (Doesn't matter if they are already dead for calculation.)
3.  Your yearly income?
4.  The total value of your personal assets?
5.  Any history of mental illness in your family?  (Doesn't matter if they are already dead for calculation.)
6.  A history of bad decision making in Corporate America that lead to bankruptcies or untenable environmental disasters.
7.  And how about this one?  Your status of citizenship in the United States!!!
8.  Perhaps if you have a genealogical history of Organized Crime in the United States or proven elsewhere?

Now that would make sense.  But our nation isn't really about addressing problems it is about promoting who makes the best Ronnie McDonald (attempt at being cryptic.)

The people we have in the justice system today could not even begin to comprehend how our Founding Fathers wanted the intent of laws to be made.  For example they did not want people to drink too much because they wanted them to be able to write and read and therefore know how to obey laws.  We don't have that today.  There is a path to greatness and there is a bath to cannibalistic post apocalypse horror.

I will assert that alcohol completely alienates fathers from sons and mothers from daughters.

Look at the lasting message of Jesus Christ?  What did he do?  He made himself the symbol of alcohol  didn't he!  ~"This wine is my blood!"  Then what else did he say, ~"I have come to turn fathers against sons."

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Remember what I said earlier?  They wanted you to be able to understand.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Humor 01 16 2019

Humor   01 16 2019

"Wouldn't it be funny if a car parked on your street and out of the passenger side door a little monkey got out and started walking around like it had a human agenda?"

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Can Alzheimer's really be defined as Learning...01 16 2019

Can Alzheimer's really be defined as Learning...01 16 2019

"Can Alzheimer's really be defined as learning that you really never knew a damn thing in your entire life?"

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Here is something you never read in a collegiate level textbook 01 16 2019

Here is something you never read in a collegiate level textbook 01 16 2019

"The drug user has a natural grudge against those who do not use drugs."

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

If a Legal Sentencing can be made more lenient after the fact...01 16 2019

If a Legal Sentencing can be made more lenient after the fact...01 16 2019

If a Legal Sentencing can be made more lenient after the fact as in parole can it not also be made more strict after the fact, as in the death penalty?

The sentencing made more lenient because of good behavior in prison or new evidence brought to a new trial.

The sentencing made more strict because of bad behavior in prison consistent with the criminal behavior of the sentencing or new evidence brought to a new trial.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Again per the Declaration of Independence I believe that the English have illegally changed out laws to not be what they should be.  With regard to Limited Liability really being Divine Right.  As a result of that what are most people who likely have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome with  no outward signs doing in our economy?  Misrepresenting themselves, our nation and the human race.

Not only do we need a wall we need a wall capable of stopping cold dead... 01 16 2019

Not only do we need a wall we need a wall capable of stopping cold dead... 01 16  2019

Not only do we need a wall we need a wall capable of stopping cold dead a Blitzkrieging Tank Armada (BTA.)


Bringing drugs over the border?  Other countries execute foreign citizens that come in their country with drugs, China, Malaysia, Singapore?

But what is true about the drug user?  The problem with the drug user is not only do they not care for their own lives (for valid reasons?); they don't care about your life either.


Great Britain and Russia were accused of colluding against Germany.

Russia was looking to help Cuba and put nuclear missiles on that Island targeting the United States in the Bay of Pigs.

England (GB) Banks were accused of laundering drug money coming into the U.S. from Mexico.

The U.S. has fought wars against Mexico.

Great Britain has likely helped every single country that the United States has ever gone to war with.

Whether it be educating the Saudi Royal family.  Or helping the slave owning Confederate South.  Or bolstering the Native Americans who we did define for their savage behavior.  Did they also create the conditions that fomented WW1?

All you have to do is read our Declaration of Independence to see that a lot of it happening was what we had an irreconcilable problem with then.

Is there a Lamanite presence in the United States originating from Great Britain that are drug users and dealers?  I believe that to be true.  I also believe that those who use drugs have a NATURAL GRUDGE against those who do not!

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Again per the Declaration of Independence I believe that the English have illegally changed out laws to not be what they should be.  With regard to Limited Liability really being Divine Right.  As a result of that what are most people who likely have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome with  no outward signs doing in our economy?  Misrepresenting themselves, our nation and the human race.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Eighty Percent of Chinese are Taoist?

Eighty Percent of Chinese are Taoist?

What is Taoism or a Taoist?

Worship of the belief system of Tau?  The Tau were indeed highly respected.;postID=746697727442192712

So I read that description and I still don't get it?  The best synopsis I can come away with is:

"Living in harmony with everything that exists?"

So if 80% are of that religion why are they acting diametrically opposed to it by polluting?

That is the definition of scatterbrain or hypocrite?

So indeed their actions prove them to be hypocrites.

Does that mean that they could turn on the U.S. some day and be a major major threat to us?  Isn't that exactly what a hypocrite is?

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

"Living in harmony with everything."  What in fact does that equate to on an individual personal level in China?  Passivity.  It really means passivity.

So what happens when they have problems over there?  Whatever national anger arises it will be directed at the U.S.?  When the steam blows the boiler head off of that passivity?

Do you get the real form of Government?

1.  Oppress the people for a very long time.
2.  When you can no longer oppress them blame their problems on a foreign nation and send them off to war.
3.  Why?  In the name of nationalism.  Which really means maintaining the status of the oppressive regime.

Lets say that there is a worldwide nuclear holocaust.

What religion are we all going to be practicing by default?  "Living in harmony with everything?"  Because there wouldn't be very much of anything good left?


So a Chinese woman smokes cigarettes like a fiend.  She ends up losing her breasts to breast cancer.  She is already of the right religion for that isn't she?  Living in harmony with everything she has left?

If your religion is living in harmony with everything then by definition you would not be a smoker?  Because you would already be in harmony with everything you wouldn't need to smoke.

So there is the contradiction that is also the answer.  Because you weren't really living in harmony because you smoked it means that you were not truly believing in your very own religion.

So what is the errant belief system there?  That no matter what I do in life it is naturally made to be in harmony with me?

It is one of those top down concepts that doesn't work for the person on the lowest ladder rung of it.  Which is the 80% that worship as Taoist.

It works great for the person preaching it but is less than meaningless in terms of the people who believe in it without questioning what it means to believe in it.

To not only be told to believe in something but also be mal-informed with what it really means to have that belief system.  In is another guised incarnation of rule by Divine Right.

Enslaved and conquered by China 01 15 2019

Enslaved and conquered by China 01 15 2019

So I get the feeling that absolutely everything we make in the United States China attempts to mass produce and make cheaper.

But if you are leader of China why didn't you just plant agricultural crops in order to feed your people?  Why pollute and employ at low wages and very low human rights?

Because you want to impose that on the of the world?  Create that two class system?

How long will it be before absolutely nothing is made in the United States?

Guess what happens then?  The argument will no longer be:

"We are too dependent on foreign OIL."

It will be:


A process of see who has the brains in the United States, sell them short and then label them a schizo.

So and so doesn't want to work on the factory floor they are much better at being a manager because they are naturally antisocial, deceptive and flawed.

And it is like go outside everyday and all your neighbors will be autistic.

Tell me this, who in our country even recognizes that as a problem?

It is like a vacuum.

The middle class will be hurt by it if not even eliminated.


So Donald Trump feeds some successful basketball players fast food.  He could have fired up a grill and bought hamburger by the pound.  Can Donald even grill his own food?

To me the seen of those basketball players eating that food would fit well right into a seen from a Godfather movie somewhere involving "props" from professional sports?  Somehow.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Working for people like that is like working for someone that angrily say's this to you, "Where is my bib?"

Sardine Can Humor 01 15 2019

Sardine Can Humor 01 15 2019

Who in their right mind would ever think that you could:

1.  Put small fish in a metal can.
2.  Seal that can shut with a metal lid.
3.  Put that can on your shelf.
4.  Open that can at a later time and eat those fish.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Monday, January 14, 2019

Experts, Experts, what? 01 14 2019

Experts, Experts, what?  01 14 2019

Did anyone on that washing machine repair video I might have watched the other day say that that washing machine had a 4 second capacitor charge in it after you unplug it?

That is right.

 1. Unplug that machine.
2.  Then press the button that turns the washing machine on.
3.  It will come on for four seconds after it has been unplugged.

Is that enough to kill you?  Probably.

But the truth be told if you had to pay repairmen for all the repairs needed on shoddy products made today that would likely kill by making you unable to afford your mortgage, homeless and death from exposure.


"Oh sure. dumber and dumber, charge up that capacitor on the intake manifold of your old Dodge and throw it to the person you don't like that is working in the shop to catch.  He is young enough that he is not likely to have a heart attack upon discharge."   Our country never needed that.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

We are going to need a strong Constitutional Amendment with regard to addictive drugs. 01 14 2019

We are going to need a strong Constitutional Amendment with regard to addictive drugs.  01 14 2019

We are also going to need one that defines prostitution as slavery.  And pornography as prostitution.

And how many people when they become addicted to one substance mal adapt by switching or also using a second addictive and destructive substance.  In other words one addictive substance leads to another addictive substance.  And perhaps that is stronger statement than calling it a gateway drug.

One addictive substance is so dangerous that.

1.  The person can't quit that very substance.
2.  The person looses their ability to recognize any dangers they might have been able to recognize with regard to other addictive substances.
3.  The sanctity of the human brain is altered in the process.
4.  It is a death spiral just like a drunk drive going off the road.
5.  So what is it about addiction that prevents the addict from realizing they are addicted? It has altered the human mind with the gift of a false reward.

Now look at the gestalt of that.  When was the last time you heard a drunk drinking a beer and saying "I am falsely rewarding myself."  The heroin addict found dead with the needle in his/her arm they came to that realization at the end of the process?

But if you are a non drinker isn't that a great way to think about the bolstering drinker?  That boisterous drunk is really making the statement, "I am falsely rewarding myself."  Is it not really a cry for help?  But instead what happens when they get close to you?  They attempt to drag you into that same hole.

What is the statement they are making to you when they say you should have a beer too?  Isn't it really this, "You should falsely reward  yourself too."

Not really a fair or nice thing to say to someone is it.

Your internal response is, "I wish you didn't think so little of me as you do yourself?"

But here is what I really think.  Don't you want to know what I really think?  Don't you like when I am able to identify what I really think.

"I think that you are better than someone who falsely rewards themselves.  I liked the good person I knew you to be."

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

And there is a little more to this.  A person takes first place in something and immediately someone hands them a drink to celebrate.  Isn't the effect of that to really lessen the natural high that person got from their own achievement?  And in doing so it doesn't reinforce the achievement but lessens the probability of it occurring again? It numbs one to their own happiness?  It substitutes or negates ones own happiness and therefore it is a slight against human potential.  It almost seems to be motivated to be from that which could be considered not one of us.  So what I am saying is that when I see a person that has honestly and fairly achieved I like to see them realize the happiness from just that and not be slighted in the manner I described.

So ask yourself this.  Many people live and relish the memories of successes as children; that is where their mind dwells.  That was a time when there were no drugs involved as reward systems?  That notion would seem to support my assertion.

So here is the crux of it.  Why would someone really use a substance to "celebrate" achievement?  Because they believe or know they didn't really achieve it fairly and don't deserve it.  In effect it blurs the means to the achievement doesn't it.  As if they are just here to cheat the human race out of evolution?

Pretty dark statement.  "I am really just here to cheat the human race out of evolution."  continued, "By the way that is my Down's Syndrome daughter over there, don't say nothing bad about her when she sh1t heels your wood floor."

Should Facebook be allowed to profit from Illegal drug usage propaganda? 01 14 2019

Should Facebook be allowed to profit from Illegal drug usage propaganda?  01 14 2019

Because I see an awful lot that on Facebook!  It is indeed a United States Corporation.  And those who place personal content on Facebook don't profit from it.

So indeed looks at how those two seesaws lean the exact same way.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

You call into a radio talk show program 01 14 2019

You call into a radio talk show program 01 14 2019

The host attempts to insult the credibility of your intelligence, in response over the air waves you call them a touchy nut case.

I am willing to bet that you made at least the day of one person riding home from their long day work in sardine can traffic.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

How many women try to...01 14 2019

How many women try to...01 14 2019

"How many women try to emulate what they consider to be their fathers strengths and come out of it being perceived as a touchy nut case?"

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

In that same vein are there female judges in the United States who would paint a U.S. Citizen with how they feel about themselves; in an attempt ….so that they no longer feel that way about themselves?

A power hungry woman painting a man in weakness so that she can feed a delusion of power concerning herself?

Humor 01 14 2019

Humor   01 14 2019

"Get your little troll sized shovel and go back to work at the Construction site."

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Humor 01 13 2019

Humor 01 13 2019

A funny name for a movie would be "STINKYLAND"

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Saturday, January 12, 2019

How to Avoid Email Scams 01 12 2019

How to Avoid Email Scams  01 12 2019

It is usually very simple.  The email claims to be from some official place, us gov or company however what you need to do is look at the address of the email address.

For example an email from the U.S. Government saying it is from the FBI wanting to pay you money for scams isn't going to have you respond to a guy named Steve at a Yahoo email address.

The email address of an official email will not have an odd junk like address.

If you see one with an odd junk like address do not even open that email!  Delete it and empty your deleted items folder.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Thursday, January 10, 2019

I have to wonder if founding members of occult compounds 01 20 2019

I have to wonder if founding members of occult compounds 01 20 2019

Take out life insurance policies on their worker/residents?

Because companies can take out life insurance policies on employees?

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Republican Strategy has been 01 10 2019

Republican Strategy has been  01 10 2019

Tell the public that something that isn't really the answer is the answer (to their question.)  And that is definitively the answer.  And that is the only answer they are going to get.

It is add odds with reality and personal responsibility isn't it?

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

But what does it come from?  It comes from a dumb parents frustration with raising a child and that being their every response to them?  And that is therefore what the person became when they "grew up."

"Oh mi mamma.  Oh mi mamma.  I can't bear his thinking anymore."

Does your new car have less than sticker MPG (miles per gallon) because of...01 10 2019

Does your new car have less than sticker MPG (miles per gallon) because of...01 10 2019

Does your new car have less than sticker MPG (miles per gallon) because of bad wheel bearings?

But if that were try would would it be true?

1.  Just a bad batch were installed or a good batch installed incorrectly (torque not spec.)

or this

2.  Could it be the way that new car came off the transport vehicle from Canada or Mexico?  Or perhaps on the assembly line?  Or even when the car jack at the auto repair shop was lowered?  In all above cases in this section 2, occurring because of a hard/blunt landing on pavement?

I think that number 2 could have some truth to it?

Yeah sure.  And someone who hasn't ever worked with tools would read this and say he doesn't know what he is talking about. 

You know I have had about enough of that.  Whoever that is they need to move on with their lives.  Seek a new career where they are NEVER at a high enough level to be CHALLENGED.  Or stated better; always at a low enough level where they are NEVER challenged.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Betrayel of Public Trust 01 09 2019

Betrayel of Public Trust 01 09 2019

I believe that members of law enforcement and the judicial system should have mandatorily stricter sentences in comparison to members of the general public who committed those crimes.

Ask yourself this.  You are a man.  You are on the Police Force.  You went into the job to conduct yourself with integrity.  Do you really appreciate it when a fellow member drags you down into that?  Has you cover for them?

And why do they have you cover for them and what type of person would cover for them?  One that should have never been hired to do the job in the first place?

And it isn't or shouldn't be the issue of this person stepped up to do the job because nobody else would.  Hence the false justification that they have a right to break the law and get away with a little bit.  Why not?  Why shouldn't it be that way?  Because that is the very reason that keeps good men that should be joining the Police Force from joining the Police Force in the first place.

Oh and we don't all get to rise to the level of success and then compare ourselves to the others who are successful and say  "hee hee hee we broke the rules in this way and they broke the rules in that way, but we are all the same because of it, greatness, oh lets party together."

What man would ever tell his son.  "That is just the way life works.  That is why I did it."

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Internet Routing Preference Rights 01 09 2019

Internet Routing Preference Rights 01 09 2019

Let's say that a man uses a search engine.  A search engine which is embedded into his browser.

And he locates an item of research using it.

Then someone comes along and sues him.

However because of Internet Companies giving Routing Preferences to certain companies and websites he is not able to find that same item of research.

To me that should have made that illegal for the Internet search engines to do.

But for some reason it isn't, per the best of my knowledge?

What it amounts to is American Citizens lives being monetarily ruined via court judgements and possible prison sentences in some cases??  because the Internet company found a shifty way to make money?

When are we as a nation going to squeeze the corruption out of the business model?

Should the (court?) victim even need to prove that the shifting of data flow was intentional?  No.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

And indeed this is the item of research I was unable to find again a few times.

What should pizza cheese be thought of as 01 09 2019

What should pizza cheese be thought of as  01 09 2019

I don't really think of fat as fat anymore.  We tend to think of fat as being like the fat on prime rib.  A better way to think of it is a non digestible fiber of animal dna, that establishes itself past the digestive system in your body and clogs the arteries and attracts bacteria and viruses to it.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

What Jobs did Scott Walker create in the State of Wisconsin 01 09 2019

What Jobs did Scott Walker create in the State of Wisconsin 01 09 2019

It looks to me like the number of Craft Breweries more than doubled from about 85 in 2011 to about 216 today (including big breweries?)

What good does that do the State of Wisconsin?  More drunk driving accident deaths, more freaks born.

At the same time he did that he took away teachers rights to collective bargain.  And then he effectively preached that they should get jobs.

I have stated before that the administration that comes after Walkers needs to audit every single thing that he did.

Did he also create Canibus Oil Businesses?

Are you tempted to take a few steps back and ask yourself, "What country is he really from?  Is he some sort of spy that infiltrated our democracy?"  Some odd sect of a Satanic religion that worships the Devil (ie freak)?

While creating all of those freaks he also made sure that a new highway interchange was made leading directly to the Milwaukee Medical Complex.  Got to make money from those freaks!

The Island of Doctor No Morals.

He preached jobs jobs jobs.  How often did we hear his croaky chimp voice.  But did he get a job now that he is no longer Governor?  No.  Instead he said he will travel the country and campaign for Donald Trump.  That isn't a job that is him putting you nose up to the butt of someone all the way up to his dead left eye.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

So he has a religious background?  According to the Book of Leviticus no one who is walleyed is supposed to even go near the altar!

Does that also mean that someone who is walleyed can not be served communion?

And what does all this mean in terms of being supplied a school voucher to pay for a private religious school?

Gave vouchers to the walleyed didn't he!

It was a violation of the United States Constitution!  And there are a great many of them.  In fact if you add up all the violations to the U.S. Constitution that have been put in place you would come up with exactly what is wrong with our country today!

And what can I say?  That voice that is with me likes to put a little discrediting kicker at the end of everything I write?  Take ownership of human works by ruining them.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

On Trumps Speech Part 2 01 08 2019

On Trumps Speech Part 2   01 08 2019

So why did we have to take Spanish and couldn't take Latin in High School?  I speculate it has to do with original religious texts being written in Latin?  And the learning of latin making one more proficient in English because of many of the root words being latin?  In addition to the current agenda I described in the last article.

But could it be this?  Could this be the issue?  Trump is a Real Estate Investor.  How are we going to get Mexico to pay for that wall? 

What if we were to put that wall 10 miles South of the border with the U.S.?  Would any American know that that was being done if it were being done?

Perhaps it should be done.

But let's speculate that it could be done without Americans know it is happening  Then what would the real motivation of it being done be?  Oil rights?

That dirty word!  Consistant with Trump not believing in global warming and slashing environmental regulations.

Oil money is evil!  It is actually what JFK killed.  Three oil company executives from Texas threatened his life two weeks before he was shot.  Do we see the details of that connection?  No they sealed all of that.  And likely deleted it.  Shredded.  Just like do all those emails and etc.  Here one of the greatest investigations in United States history regarding the assassination of a U.S. President and for some reason never adequately explained to us we didn't get to know?  It has to do with organized crime establishing itself?  And we are starting to go around in circles with this.  But that is okay because going around in circles often ...the answers get flushed out.


Do you know what else is wrong here?  That drug problem of the drugs coming up from Mexico is only what it is today because we didn't have the death penalty for drug dealers and members of organized crime in place already.  So it results from a failed justice system policy?  Get it?  If we couldn't contain our own drug problem how would we be able to contain one that comes from Mexico?

When you went to High School was the High School drug dealer a low life son of a Doctor?

Drug dealers have been untouchable in the United States since the Purple Gang.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

On Trumps speech tonight 01 08 2019

It used to be when a Republican President or Politician spoke I would be able to find a whole lot of fault with what they were saying.  That isn't the case with Trump.

I saw what was going on with Mexico a very long time ago.  It had to do with not being able to take Latin as a foreign language in High School.  Spanish.  Can't stand the sound of it!  It is like it has been part of a covfefe or Globalist agenda.  And also when I worked at an investment firm in 1991 when NAFTA was being discussed.  They were all for it whereas I saw no reason for it.  How was it going to benefit our nation?

What did I see here?  I saw a class of people in the United States that doesn't want to do the only work they are capable of doing.  And thereby they bring in the immigrants so that they don't have to lose their socioeconomic status?  That is what I believe.  Part of a delusion of superiority that has been created for them?  Do you know what happens when you talk to one of them and assert yourself?  They consider it blasphemy!  Why?  Because no one has ever talked to them that way.  And is it part of the single parent and adoption network demographic?  Yes.  Is it caused by spoiled pro life children growing up to believe that if they want anything that they can just have it?  Want to be a man and have a human soul just ape one for awhile and take it?

Foreign Policy?  The truth is that we should not be having this border problem.  It has to do with a corrupt Mexican Government?

What do you think a Mexican Drug dealer bringing drugs into the U.S. thinks about us?  He thinks that the only lives that will be ruined by them are those that are not in the "loop."  Yeah it does get my blood boiling.  Hence when he brings them in he is part of that loop!  Another name for it would be "made man" of organized crime.

Do you know how far it seems to make us want to bend over backwards?  The next thing the liberals would say would be that if we just paid the Mexicans welfare to stay in Mexico it would benefit our nation.  That is how contorted the issue is.

One of the issues here is how do you curb the demand for drugs?  You can't because that class above is so miserable that drugs are the only way that they can reach an equilibrium of happiness with normal people.

No we shouldn't have to put up a wall.  But you know what?  We have gone to War with Mexico before in our nations history.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Sissy Boy Whiskey 01 08 2019

Sissy Boy Whiskey 01 08 2019

Okay I am going to purposefully misspell things here.

Did you ever notice that the names of whiskey bottles are all given manly names?  As if the person using them becomes more manly because he is using them when he is using them?  When indeed the opposite is what is true.

For example look at how at what seems to be the strongest names are the most profitable?

Jeck Denials

Captain Morgun

James Been


Do you know what I saw on the shelf of manliness the other day that made me cringe.  Again this will be a misspelling but it isn't too far off.

Moont Gay

What do all those names amount to?  They are a crutch being marketed to boys.  And also horse voiced women who like to fill the roles of men in our economy.  And indeed boss guys around.  Would it bother me if a woman, their brains are on average 10% smaller and their hippocampus is not wired like the mind of man; a hunter...would it bother me if a woman was a (my) commanding officer on the battlefield in War?  That should never be!  That should never happen.  And because of that very valid reason it also means that a woman should never be Commander in Chief Ie President of the U.S.  And that is exactly how the U.S. Constitution is written.

Back to that last label.  Look what was horrifically normalized and commercially promoted!

So what if the title of a bottle of Whiskey was really "Sissy Boy Whiskey"  Would you buy it?

How about "Homeless Orphan Whiskey"  "Crucifixion Hill Wine."  "Special Education Six Pack"

"Mean old Nun with Penis Envy Vodka."

What am I getting at?  Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  Some new stats say that 17 out of 100 children have it.

Off topic?  Can I tell you something?  Look at the personals on the websites for women.  What are you going to notice about the woman who has posted a photograph of herself with a drink in her hand?   It is going to say, "Yes.  I have children and they sometimes live at home."

So indeed why not market directly to her with a label?

I am a single mom and....the label being,  "Have children and they sometimes live at home Tequila"

What am I most proud of in life?  Is it passing the CPA exam the first time I took it?  Is it catching a 45" Musky on a lure I made myself?  It is surviving being tormented by voices for 27 years and being med free?  Is it my college degree?  Is it having worked on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower? 

I think it is that I gave up drinking.  Made my life a lot better and put all the problems into their own ugly portal perspective.

Here are some other popular brand names and how they denote delusions of grandeur?

Cruwn Ruyal

Jamies Son

Juanie Walker


Chevus Rigal


Again what is my point?

These are names that market to boys and girls that want to become men.  As if drinking the product makes them more like men.  When the exact opposite is the truth.  As this next label illustrates.

Daddy Long Gone Ripple

Okay one more:

Prostate Cancer Whiskey

© 2019 Thomas Murphy


Monday, January 7, 2019

Updated Twice: Should a Woman who sells her own body for Sex be legally labeled as a Sex Offender of Herself? 01 07 2019

Should a Woman who sells her own body for Sex be legally labeled as a Sex Offender of Herself?  01 07 2019

And placed on a sexual offender website?

I do believe that all those who purchased sex probably belong on such websites too.

So why hasn't that happened?

The rich drink the wine and scoff at the poor.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Now lets say your liberal false righteous argument is that if you placed such a woman on a sex offender site for that she would just get more business from people living in her neighborhood?

Always thinking of the rights to the criminal and never the rights to the law abiding citizen.  Why?  What motivates you to always think of the rights to the criminal and never the law abiding citizen?  Such a negative view you must have of humanity as a whole.  Something to be capitalized.  Something to turn into money.

So you put her photo on a sex offender site and she ends up getting more business?  From your point of view what is the difference, you don't think she did anything wrong anyway!

Besides look at how many women are making that offer online anyway.  It is sickening.

Perhaps some of us good use a good laugh if you put her image online?  Perhaps some of us would cry at the situation in life she was placed in.

But more to the point perhaps the issue would be publicized so that it could be defeated?  But again you don't think she did anything wrong anyway.

"Dat's your savvy momma isn't it!"


And why aren't pimps listed on sexual offender websites?  (perhaps they are I didn't check)  But lets just say I assert they are favored by the legal system? Why aren't they listed?  Because rat bastards would be selling their daughters to them.

Perhaps the same reason prostitutes are listed?  Because a pimp would come after her and beat her for her money.

And the Institution of Psychiatry would label her mentally ill and she would not be able to have a gun?  And if she shot a pimp that came after her,,, perhaps he claimed to be a trick, then he beat her and took her money....and if she shot him she would end up in jail.  My personal opinion which isn't worth anything and you should never follow it because it would get you in jail in this Religious Government is that she did nothing wrong.  In fact I believe that if a pimp comes after a woman and she uses deadly force to defend herself that she should be declared a hero.  Be given a medal.  But again you never heard such crazy ideas as that before.  I can't figure out where the h3ll you came from and you can't figure out where the h3ll I came from!


An interesting point is that it is just the cops who know who "She" is?  Can it be said that when it is just the cops who know who "She" is that has somehow proliferated the industry?

Can you see that short little Italian man that has the same face and temper as his ugly mother charging straight at me with fat red mean cheeks and eyes of rage.

Whereby if Two Things are True you get the .....01 07 2019

Whereby if Two Things are True you get the .....01 07 2019

So there was a very high profile case in the media not too long ago.  It got me thinking;  How many pimps have law degrees?  And how many attorneys really function as pimps?

To me that is a betrayal of public trust.  It is a stacking of our legal system with organized crime.

Which brings me to the next legal concept.  "Whereby if Two Things are True you get the Death Penalty."

Such as a pimp is also a lawyer.

I could think of some more.  But I pay a really heavy price for what I write; years and years stripped away from my life expectancy!

Why isn't our legal system structured like this for high crimes?

I mean sure we have the no guns and drugs issue.  And I don't believe that is Constitutional.  I mean you either free that person and give them back their guns rights per the Constitution or they stay in prison their entire life or they get the death penalty.  No way to be cutesy about it and serve a democracy.  None of this my wife could make some money be counseling people like that.

And I know what you don't want me to write.  You don't want me to say if a person has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and they commit such and such a crime they get the death penalty.

Off Topic:

Which brings me to the next point.  How many cases of autism can be linked to tobacco; even second hand smoke?  The last definitive research on it stated it was caused by an abnormal fold in the placenta that didn't allow blood flow to the fetus for proper neural tube development?

Do you know what that amounts to?  Whitewash and hide the research because you or a family member are already that way and you don't want to bear that stigma!  You don't want to own up to your own defects and flaws; like a country of men would.


Will human history end very soon because of global warming?  Because the faction in that above paragraph took control of everything in the world when they shouldn't have been in control of anything?  When the polar ice caps melt will the axis of the earth shift, continents sink into the ocean as tectonics plates re-balance?  Try putting a little weight on one side of a spinning top and see how well it spins, if at all.  Will the great melting pot of the world have caused the earth to be the great mixing pot?  And to be fair a lot of the problem comes from legal concepts that were brought over from England as a result of FDR's Presidency.

It really amazes me that we don't have honest minded judges in this country that can just take a look at one thing and know it is wrong; like Look at how many American lives have been ruined by cancer from smoking; it really means we need legal mandates.  To me that is evidence of weakness at the highest levels.  But they don't see it that way.  To them granting completely undeserved favors to the wealthy and thumbing your nose at the rest of us is what it means to be a strong leader.  Remind you of anyone?

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Do you know what it amounts to?  In order to be successful in our Democracy today you can't be deserving of success!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Government Shutdown?? 01 06 2018

Government Shutdown??  01 06 2018

To me it looks like Trumps media squibs are scripted by the same writers that write for someone like Jimmy Camal  (spelling intentionally slaughtered wrong). 

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

So you build a Wall on the Border of Mexico, then what? 01 06 2018

So you build a Wall on the Border of Mexico, then what?  01 06 2018

1.  What happens if a Mexican blows a hole through it?  Are you going to shoot them?  Are you going to claim it is the same as if they were shooting one of us, shooting that wall?

2.  Are you going to arm that wall with gun stations and kill anyone that comes near it?  If so then it would seem you already have made the justification to kill people crossing it now?

Is it going to be like a military zone between north and south korea?

And what about the river?  Does the border still follow that river?  Are you going to make the wall on this side of it or that side of it?

How close do you allow someone to get to the wall?

Are you going to make policing of it automated?  Use drones?

And yeah they did put up a wall in China to manage what was called "The Magog."  Somehow the magog won didn't they?

What is a magog?  Is it the same as a person born sick with a learning disability?

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

I was for the wall.  But every once in a while someone reads me something negative about Trump that reminds me why I never liked people like that.  Written in clear and logical terms.  Not like what you read in the papers or see spoken on television.  And I didn't believe I could be easily swayed.

So what does it amount to?  That Republican Class making their problems our problems when they weren't?  Make me believe that my problems are really caused by whatever you say it bothering you and concerning you, when in reality my problem is just you?  And your problem is you.

The fact being you were born sick?

Flip side.  Would the wall address the homeless problem?  By making more homes available?  I haven't seen it work that way yet.  Somehow it just means more real estate profits and much higher vacancy rates!

And lets flip back to the cold hearted Republican way again.  Who wants to give free housing to a drunk?  or Drug user?  That doesn't do us any good.  If you like to manage drunks and drug users and profit from that I think there is something wrong with you.  Like you have a superiority god complex?  As if it is what you were meant to be?  To help the drug users and drunks?  But you of course only have a glass of wine with dinner?

Saturday, January 5, 2019

On Newspaper Journalists 01 05 2019

On Newspaper Journalists 01 05 2019

"They are not writing how "it" was said they are writing how they want you to believe "it" was said."

And perhaps a little bit of how they willfully interpreted "it" to be said.  And that is the scary part.  Indicative of someone not being able to listen and understand something with application of a human conscience.  And again someone like that being granted success.

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Pitiful is: 01 03 2019

Pitiful is:    01 03 2019

"The person who waits for every new movie to come out so that they can add what they think are key phrases to their tavern league vocabulary." 

© 2019 Thomas Murphy

The Drunken Driver 01 03 2018

The Drunken Driver 01 03 2018

So they want to make a first offense for drunken driving a crime, possibly a felony.

I also heard someone say that you should put a breathalyzer lock on the car if they drove drunk.  That is completely nuts.  Can you see the drunk paying someone to breath in that for him?

So what should be done?  Should the drunken driver even be held liable?  No.  Strict liability should be applied to who sold them the alcohol and who produced the alcohol.  That is the only way to solve this problem.

I also believe that it should be illegal to sell, market or give alcohol to anyone who has had a family history of schizophrenia and or perhaps other mental illnesses.  Why?  I am asserting it is used as a tool for soul theft by the satanic.  Yeah, and I know this paragraph here completely weakened my argument and discredited it with you.  I could care less.

Alcohol it is addictive.  It is very hard to stop.  I have heard people say it is worse to get off alcohol then it is heroin.

And you go to grade school, you go to high school, you go to college.  Do you know who they are naturally targeting with alcohol and drug use?  The child who came from a normal family.  And who is targeting them?  Those who were born with a brain defect due to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  Statistics say that 17 out of 100 children today might have mental retardation because of it.  That is a high number that is never mentioned by your mealy mouthed bobble head talking media.

"Only a man can hold his liquor."  I have been around a long time and can tell you it is just the opposite of that.  Only a man can abstain from drinking.

So why not ban it or make it hard to get?  Because it affects revenue.  Let me ask you this, do we really need money from sinful criminal sources that breed mental retardation????  What good does it do us?  We get people in office who are bred by it and they say we can't afford anything.  It did us no good.


So a white woman with a baby and a black man were supposedly corralled into a one way dead end street and driven into the Kinnikinnick River.  Nobody said it that way on television, did they?  The chief of police stated they can't know who is in a car when that car has been involved in a crime.  And that is very true.  And they were believed to be suspects in armed robbery.  Do I actually believe that 2 year old would have grown up not to be a burden to society.  No.  Did that man like have a premeditated plan to drive that way?  Probably.

Off topic.  Why aren't there more boat ramps?  Whatever we need to do to make those rivers clean we need to do it.  It has to do with the responsibility of man!

Back on topic.  So we have a welfare system to take care of the needs of young couples?  Was she screwed up on drugs or him?  Robbing a bank (or whatever it was)?  Where did they get that idea, the g@d damned movies or television.  Get the money to pay for drugs.  It is really sad.

One would think that the officers would not have pursued at high speed once a car enters a dead end street?  But who am I to say on the issue.  I can't say that they did the wrong thing.  Because before I sat down and started typing I didn't believe they did.

Some things we just can't legistlate away.  We can't be the people that attempt to put a bandaid on every pigeonhole in a boat.  But what we can do is broadly address the issues and the causes of the issues.

So why isn't the issue of alcohol legality challenged?  Because I will assert that anyone who drinks it at all is an alcoholic.  The church promotes it.  Oh and Jesus Christ said to.  And perhaps I do take the Jews side on Jesus Christ some times.

The reason it isn't challenged is because it is the only source of personal happiness to the miserable.

I say you either let that addict go free of charges or you ban it for him.  What is the problem with an alcohol ID card?  Why not require every Wisconsin Drivers license to say whether the person can buy alcohol or not?  Oh I can hear that chain smoking 8th grade teacher already at Catholic School coming up with all kinds of excuses and squirm outs.

I think all of humanities problems are right there!

And another reason why the alcohol issue isn't touched?  Because it creates the wealthy.  That ethnic grocery store not a mile from your house likely makes 90% of its profit margins from the sale of it.

That money is power and it is hard to beat.

Our Court System won't touch the issue either just like they would not touch the Purple Gang who defeated our 18th Constitutional Amendment.  They were a group of Russian Jewish immigrant bootleggers with learning disabilities that ruled by horrific actions in the U.S.

So there you have it.  We have come full circle.  Those who defeated it were the lifetime victims of it.

Was it part of the cause of WWII and the subversive New World Order that came with it?  I will assert that.

Why?  Because those with a lot of money got extremely nervous among the up and coming normal learning class.  "Does he see my hair-lip?"  "Mom,  can anyone tell that I have a speech defect?"  "How important is it for me to be able to read in life?"  "I don't do well in school, perhaps I am better than everyone else because I could be a Professional Athlete."  "I don't have to work on the factory floor like everyone else do I mommy?"  "Norm, we will just keep that defective kid out of the public eye and collect Social Security for it."  "Anybody looks funny at me and I will deck em!"

"You there, what you looking at?"

Don't tell me you don't know the type.  If you don't find it insufferable you are blessed with patience and blessed by not having a concern of how to pay for room and board.  Good for you.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

What else do I see?  UW buildings going up all over the place?  But little meaningfully being done with regard to the public benefiting from college degrees from them.  So what can that be stated to be?  A money versus application of education dilemma? 

And I'll stop right there.

It seems to me that mothers don't have that concerned reaction to...01 03 2018

It seems to me that mothers don't have that concerned reaction to...01 03 2018

It seems to me that mothers don't have that concerned reaction to their very young sons and daughters coughing strongly in public.

Do you know what I think when I hear it?  I think that mother probably stinks up the whole house by smoking a pack of cigarettes at night while she drinks her whisky and thinks of how she can pretend to be a tough and strong man the next day?

And I am serious.

What is the best prescription for a child that has a cough?  Part of it should be that that parent can't smoke and drink in the house.

Some people call this utopian thinking that is not reasonable.  To me those are people who think in loser terms.

How many adults live in their childhood?  Have immature emotions and thoughts?  And does it seem like their maturity doesn't make it past high school?  I think we need to be better than that.

And of course on the other side of the tracks you have the mother that views her home and family like she is managing a dollhouse as an adult.  And those of you who like to write short stories and don't have petualant brats mysteriously molesting your mind; go to it on that concept~ the fully grown woman who considers her home and family as if she is managing a dollhouse.

The potential for satire there is unparalleled. 

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Humor 01 02 2018

Humor 01 02 2018

"As an adult you just thought you could say you were right and you would be right just like how your mi mama was right."

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Did Donald Trump really shut down the Government or is he really giving Federal Employees a paid vacation 1 1 2018

Did Donald Trump really shut down the Government or is he really giving Federal Employees a paid vacation 1 1 2018

Did Donald Trump really shut down the Government or is he really giving Federal Employees a paid vacation for as long as the shut down lasts?

Will we ever know the truth?

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Talent isn't being developed in the United States; it's being buried! 1 1 2018

Talent isn't being developed in the United States; it's being buried!  1 1 2018

"Talent isn't being developed in the United States; it's being buried!"

© 2018 Thomas Murphy