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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Skyscraper design that should be Mandated

A Statue of Liberty, Freedom or the Leaning Tower of Pisa?  You decide what this country should be!

As I sat and watched the CNN news this morning the thought occurred to me that I have not seen new building to go up in place of the twin towers.

And after I watched the neighbor lady who had the first short hair cut that I have seen her have in her life supervise her husband as he screwed in a new light bulb for this porch I got this idea.

The top of this building has cylinder like fan blades that turn electrically producing turbines below to produce electricity.  The Chambers are full of air in this case and this is symbolic in more than two ways.

1.  Over the last fifty years we have gunning down our environment to the point whereby at some point in the future it might not be capable of sustaining human life.  The bullet chambers are now empty and this gun should not be refilled with more ammo.

2.  Our fight in the United States must now be to preserve the environment, water, air and ground.  That is why the gun is pointed to the ground.

3.  The United States has pointed its gun against foreign nations for far to many years.  I now what you are going to say, that we have every right to pursue economic interests with foreign nations.  But after awhile no one likes those people who elbow their way around everywhere.  Sooner or later we just wish those "guests" were gone. Our fight is now at home and that is where this empty gun is pointed.

4.  The empty chambers of this "Gun" are wind turbines, this states the United States ability to roll with the changes and indeed change for the better.  The United States needs to roll with the changes.

I have actually seen these types of turbines are commercially available and produced by a company.

Notes to diagram:
Windmill skyscraper
Electricity producing turbines
Clean energy leading to less war
Fan blades symbolically cooling off the situation in the world.
If the leaning tower of Pisa was of this architecture would it have leaned?
The chambers are like those of a thirty eight special handgun, if we put on of these up in New York it will be symbolic for all New Yorkers to turn in their hand guns to a dispensary and live in peace.
This Gun is Pointed in the safest direction.
The symbolism is indeed in more than two ways and therefore it is MULTIPLICITOUS,  (new word with meaning  of revelation?)

This architecture is feasible, sound and should be mandated on all new skyscraper constructions in the United States.

God Bless Those Who are Given a Second Chance and Make the Most of It

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Note to Public School Teachers 12 19 2010

A Note to Public School Teachers 12 19 2010
You were targeted for retirement without a pension.
Our financial system is fluidic, that means the volume of money does not change it just flows to other places opportunistically.
Many of the pensions of teachers were drained to near zero during the last financial crisis.
Two things facilitated this.
1.       Opportunistic thieves who legally try and hide their white collar crimes by making them seem very complicated and then hiding the many trails.
2.      Derivative investments follow that built machinations of profit off the short sale rule.

The short sale rule was the one thing that should have been addressed in the Securities and Exchange Acts of 1933 and 1934.  It was the cause of the Great Depression and not the margin percent.  Without the short sale their would be no margin percent whatsoever so it is an irrelevant distraction to the heart of the problem.

Stock exchanges have never been regulated adequately to prevent them from shorting common stock.
They say they need to do this, sell short, in order to maintain a market in common stocks. This is not true, the real reason is that this machination is the siphoning source of all their wealth and profits.
The people who run these trading desks are not as educated or intelligent as your might think.  They more or less have the xxxxxx   xxxxx of a carnival barking gypsy who can easily guess your age.
If you have a child who completes a test in the same manner as a student that sits next to them whose paper is covered this is them too.
I am not going to get into their origin in this article.  I will say this, they have assured that their livelihood is independent of our economy, if it fails.  In doing so they have intentionally or not siphoned the education system of this country.  The reason they targeted it is because they do not learn in the same manner as tradition dictates and school is an insult to their egotistic being.
Bottom line- we need a financial system that does not allow for the anti-American shorting of common stock.
The so called “Experts” will pull your teeth to fight this, they might even try and stand up and fling the checker board and pieces of our financial system into and air of chaos.  But it is not as complicated as they would make it seem.
We need to go to the system of reserve shares I outlined in an article on my politics website.
Those who do not truly have the same high standards and values as you are indeed the same ones who would limit your freedom so that you are not a competitor of theirs.

And the stock brokerages should not be free to decrease the stock market value of corporate America to the point where it  ( a company or a country as a whole) no longer has the collateral to borrow when needed.
Do not let the financial system of this country also compromise its collateral and that is our good teachers.  If a teacher, superintendent or school board member seems to fit this negative profile above do not be afraid to raise a stink and write a report about them.
Evil exists when not only good men but good women fail to act.

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Thomas Paul Murphy
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Good Teachers A Platform for Teaching 12 19 2010

Good Teachers- A Platform for Teaching 12 19 2010
You will find that those who wear the masks of class, wealth and status are nowhere near as smart as a good teacher of any level.  Do not be afraid to ask questions as thrive when you stop doing so.
Bad students, you cannot make them wear a dunce hat but you can try and encourage understanding and thinking by trying to relate to their home life.  But seek not to do this in what might promote bad behavior, in other words do not glamorize bad situations.  In a word they are raised irresponsibly or neglected.
So you can teach from this point of view of understanding but they are only a small percentage, so do not teach them to the detriment of the rest of the class, but be cognizant of how things are understood at their level. In doing so you might find a way whereby all in the class learn faster.
Acting and intent tasks in life culminate in whether a country is a leader or a worldly antagonist.
Because a child is a child, but a bully is indeed a bully no matter what age.  It is out of desperation they become this way.  Defeat the older ones and there are fewer younger ones.
Evil likes to skew the checkerboard or fair playing field of competition .  Maintain high standards for yourself and lead by example.
Do not be afraid to say an adult is causing a distraction to the learning and education system. 
Once in a country you are of that nationality.  Immigrants to Ireland before the potato famine were then classified as Irish.  We are all Americans.  The failure of the education system would be the first step that would lead to a genocide of………….Americans.
Thomas Paul Murphy

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Virtual Keep of the Judea Ledger 12 18 2010 PART I

The Virtual Keep of the Judea Ledger 12 18 2010 PART I
Jesus Christ said of John the Baptist, “The least of who are in heaven are better than John the Baptist.”  That is a not a direct quote but the meaning is the same.  John survived on locust, etc.
What was Jesus talking about?  The other day on television there was a young white man who had escaped from being held prisoner of some people down south.  He had black and blue bruises all over his body from where they beat him.  They were torturing him because it made them feel good.
There is a race of people who have the power and the will to mentally abuse people from a distance.  Their children become much smarter verbally very young because of this, as they learn from the ones that their parents have sacrificed for them.  As the Bible defines Satan- they learn to “read men’s minds” and they become psychic from this.
They will tell their children they are learning from that particular mind because it is evil, that is not the case.  Just as the Pharisees were the falsely righteous in the Bible, so are they today.
Why are they falsely righteous?  Because it is not part of their mental framework to believe they are wrong about something.  If you think about if Satan can read men’s minds, and he can, he would indeed think he was better or superior.  He would not have experiential knowledge.  He would have what we can only consider satanic knowledge.  He would be able to know what you were going to think and say and do before you did because this is how he was raised.  He was indeed raised to anticipate what someone was going to so that he could indeed ruin it by causing some distraction.  When Satan ruins something that you do and you are very angry you have partially lost your mind and cannot think, Satan has then stolen your soul.  Satan indeed thrives on the ruin of others.  So therefore Satan ruins things because it makes it feel good like a person.
What Satan never wants to admit though is that he is what can only be termed of “dependent mind.”  The scary thing is that those who were raised of dependent mind do hold political power today.
Bottom line, “If you have a neighbor that never invites you into their house, you might not ever want to go there.”  As they might “KEEP” you there.
The KEEP was a place in the English Castle where they did just that.  It was a deep cold brick lined pit you couldn’t get out of.  Satan teaches their children how to read men’s minds by torturing people in their “KEEP”.  The mother is the power structure in this as was seen in the in-keep-er movie Psycho.  The movie “Silence of the Lambs” had a keep, as did “RAMBO”.  In Rambo the MIA emerged from the KEEP.  The movie SAW was also an allegory to the KEEP, in this case those who thought they were Doctors were the antagonists.  In the movie “2010 Space Odyssey” the whole space ship the protagonist was on that was his home on the voyage was also a “KEEP”. And I could go on and on with other examples that modern culture has capitalized on.  You have to ask yourself whose KEEP did they base these movies on and who was KEPT?  Give me a free ticket to the movies and I will tell you what’s what.
One might even go so far as to say the Crucifix was a KEEP.  Like the stockades of our time it was a public KEEP all could use to torment the KEPT.  The “Concentration Camps” of WWII were also “KEEPS”.  I might be so bold as to say the “KEPT” might have turned the Keys on the “KEEPERS”?????
The source of mental illness today is people who have metaphorical “KEEPS”.  With our modern technology today nonlethal weapons are used to facilitate “Virtual Keeps”.  What they have been able to create are virtual KEEPS and they use them to victimize the innocent.  Just as Gypsies would wait until someone was alone before they would case them and murder and loot them, so do those who operate VIRTUAL KEEPS.  The KEEPERS thrive by consuming the lost, lonely and innocent.
Because Satan is of dependent mind he is actually of feeble mind. 
And those in heaven who were much greater than John the Baptist who Jesus is talking about are indeed those who suffered and died in “KEEPS”.
Missing persons, those who are abused in foster homes, and were not aborted for lack or responsible care they are all the most likely tortured in symbolic KEEPS or VIRTUAL KEEPS.
Like the mother cat who trains its kittens by wounding a mouse for it to play with the mother of the gypsy, the dependent intellect teaches her children how to become smarter by KEEPING a real live person in a VIRTUAL KEEP.
Just like the ancients and their bloody sacrifices, these people “soak” up and live off the soul energy of those they traumatize.
They wait until their victims are of a certain age and then when they are traumatized it is such a shock to them they lose all their coherent ability to think.  Their soul has indeed been scared out of them.
Those from the “circle” of the “VIRTUAL KEEP” cannot stand it when their victims show the slightest sign of happiness or accomplishment.  It burns them up because they feel in great delusion they actually possess the intellect and skill of those from the “VIRTUAL KEEP”.  All throughout history they never have been as good in any way as the KEPT.  They have always been feeble dependent minded.
They have strong verbal skills but their intellect is a façade.  What are they really then?  They are just like the cold dense wall of a KEEP.  And do not forget that a KEEP also has a hollow center and so do they.  The hollow center of a KEEP is indeed the metaphorical equivalent in our transformational learning of why SATAN has no soul.  He indeed lost it when he was raised to look down in the KEEP.
If what they would term “illness” runs in your family do not leave home for college or for work transfer alone or relocate with someone suspect.
You might find yourself in a “VIRTUAL KEEP”.
Do they “KEEP” a “JUDEA LEDGER” of those families’ lines best to farm people for their “KEEPSAKES” when they get older?  I have not a doubt in my mind that they do.  When you were young before there were the ancestry.coms of the world they would have known what your lineage was.  This was indeed the theme of a horror movie also as tractor is seen dragging a “KEEPSAKE” from out of its roots as it is buried up to its neck.  The character NEO was kept in a KEEP until he woke up and clawed his way out of the slimy egg kept in.  Newt in the movie “ALIEN” can also have been one who survived the coldness of the monster mothers KEEP.  The author of this movie script thinks they are as horrid as I do.  Here the Alien Queen mother is seen as omnipotent.
If you are indeed plagued by those who have the LAZURUS syndrome they will try and KEEP you much longer wherever you go shopping at.
Do lawyers know how to read the JUDEA LEDGER?  Are lawyers very good at knowing who is related to whom in family histories?  Yes they are, it is part of inheritance research.
Do lawyers know how to maintain a JUDEA LEDGER of those good for a VIRTUAL KEEP?  Yes, and it a sick reality that they do. Judas was an accountant.
Now I would like to write a book with this as theme but I want you to be aware of it because, “Once one is in a KEEP or VIRTUAL KEEP they really do not know themselves how long they have to live.
A fictionalized mixed metaphor from Groucho Marx, “I would not want to go in someone’s house where many people come and go but I was never sincerely invited to.”
It is indeed those of the KEEP or Satan’s way of life whom Jesus was referring to when he downplayed the status of John the Baptist.
And another thing, what happens when the leaders of countries do business with foreign countries that are not up to our speed in terms of intelligence?  We end up going to war with them so that they can have some of our good American Boy’s for their “KEEP”.  This is how they go up to speed with our culture.  This was not the case with China however, they went the prison labor camps and nonlethal weapons route to steal souls.  Japan started using them long ago, if they had them then other Asian countries also use them now to prop up the feeble minded with some good ole fresh VIRTUAL KEEP.  This is why I kind of like John McCain, however anyone who has been tortured in a KEEP is highly subject to the influence of subtle demonic possession.  This betrays the thinking and hearts of many MEN.

God Bless Those Who Think For Themselves
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Train We Missed With Scott Walker 12 15 2010

The Train We Missed With Scott Walker 12 15 2010 Article#2
The state of the Wisconsin lost $870 million. Why? Because Scott Walker wanted to spite the current Democratic administration.
The stated reasons are different than this of course. He said that we didn't need it. He also said it would cost too much to operate in the future. I don't know about you but with $870 million I would find out a way to make that project come in under budget so that the excess could have funded some of the operating costs into the future. If you don't know about interest rates, $870 million would earn the state $21.6 million annually assuming we get the money up front and were able to invest at 3% while we're determining an implementation plan to effectively and feasibly build that rail system.
Funds have always been scarce to states from the federal government. Anyone who makes it to the position of Governor ought to have the competency to do this. You would think every small business owner that he placates to would also understand this. Scott would seem to be a man who bases his decisions on how things sound. In other words if he can make it sound like he is taking a strong tough stance he will then use blunt “sound” logic to appeal to his blunt constituency.
The first railroads in place across the country did not take the highest skilled labor. Was it an important job to do correctly? Yes it was as People's lives depended on it. Just like they did in the parking structure by Summerfest grounds that caved in and kill someone. Is this the real reason he denied us the rail money? He did not want to be responsible for another fiasco construction death?  Maybe we needed as Governor a strong minded person to oversee such a project and didn't get one.  Does Scott Walker not trust construction companies that most likely helped vote him into office to do such a job?  It takes great oversight to manage such accomplishments. A hierarchy of competency and trust has to be created before such projects are undertaken.  It doesn't speak well for the how the next four years Wisconsin will be managed.
Does Wisconsin have an influx of low skilled labor who poured into this country from the state our infamous George Bush governed while he governed it and while he was President United States of America? Yes it does.  Would they have benefited from small unskilled jobs in such a project, rather than otherwise contribute to our demise.  And Scott what do you have to say about illegal immigrants.  Do they not pay taxes and yet work and are paid money.  Might our economy be doing better if legal taxpaying American Citizen’s were being paid to do those jobs. Or would that hurt a certain constituency of yours that might rely on under the table labor to build parking structures and other jobs.
It would seem to me every policy Republicans profess only serves to dissolve our nation. Rather than build frameworks and infrastructures to support it. Does Scott see our universities are corrupt and therefore does not support the value of an education? Did he himself not finish college and therefore does not know the value of a higher education?
According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services there were 5,679,639 people of all ages living in Wisconsin as of July 1st 2009.  $870,000,000.00 divided by 5,679,639 equals $153.18 per person.  When you look at it that way it does not seem like a lot of money.  Out of a fifty two week work year, that is maybe half a week’s paycheck for the average low skilled worker.  That is not a lot of money.
The reason he said we could not afford the project was because the operating cost would be too high in the future.  Well if we assume that the operating costs are $15,000,000.00 (that reads 15 million for those who are not numbers savvy) and we divide that number by the population of Wisconsin we get a yearly operating cost per person of $2.64.  That number seems even smaller to me.  Doesn’t that number also seem small to you.  Now $870,000,000.00 (that reads 870 million dollars) that seems rather large to me.  Two dollars and sixty four cents per year that seems rather small to me.  Anybody noticing a difference here?
I’ll pay my $2.64 yearly operating cost right away.  You don’t even have to add it to a percentage on our sales tax like you did the Milwaukee County Stadium Tax.
I am going to change the topic a little bit but bear with me.  That Stadium, that we paid for, also tried to cut costs.  And the resultant aftermath is similar to what happened in the parking lot structure project that was under Scott Walker's management.  “In this case un-benounced to no one.”  I mean absolutely no one knew about it, human waste from the toilet system was dumped directly into the source of the water we drink.  A good glass of that does wonders for the feeble minded now doesn’t it.  If the current tea party members got a drink of that they would shut up for a good long while, in fact we would most likely never hear from them again.  That would be "just desserts" for making a mockery or our countries history and of the need for taxation.
We are still paying that Stadium Sales Tax long after it was built.  Why?  Because somehow we have elevated professional athletes to a deity status!  Some make two hundred and forty times the salary of the President of the United States.  And many are indeed found guilty of criminal conduct.  It sends a terrible message to block headed jocks in this world, and that is, “To just be good in sports and not educate yourself.And those who do not make it as professional athletes always have a chip on their shoulder because of this.  They feel they are just as good as athletes that are paid that much.  And I already know what you are going to say, “That stadium tax is now used for other purposes.”  In Finance we would call that opportunity cost.  We need to take a long reflection of what we just lost by not accepting the $870,000,000.00.  What opportunity did we just miss?  I elucidated why the train would be beneficial to the state in a prior article.
The answer to the professional athlete pay issue is not to pay the President more.  Why?  Because the position of President would attract even more bad role models for this country!  And it is bad enough as it is.
And where were the good coaches to weed out those bad players who did bad things but still made the team, and then made it into professional sports?  I’ll tell you.  The coach who self pitied "himself" transferred that pity to the players.  This is the nature of poor sportsmanship and what has lead to the downfall of our education system in this country.
So the answer here is to pay the players less.  I have read enough of the biographies of the greatest players in the history of baseball to know that there are men of high moral conduct that would be willing to take a salary commensurate with that of the President of the United States and make a pledge to stay with a team if they started to win.  I am willing to bet that a team like this could take every baseball team in the league.  People do not stand up to competition from those who are truly good and righteous.  I had a friend once justify them, he said, “They say hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things in sports to do.”  Is it worth $60 million to a community to find a player to do this?  Is it worth the message it says to those who are having a hard time learning in school that all they have to do is be good in sports.  And what happens when such an uneducated person than has the money to seek political power?  Might our education system then suffer because of this?  You bet it would.  Why? Because as leaders they would never have this as a priority!  How could they, it was something they never understood or respected.
Can we expect that Scott Walker will not be willing to spend a dime of our taxes to the benefit of Wisconsin?   Yes we can.  Why?  Because there is a corollary in business when a business thinks it cannot find a good use of its cash it often gives it back to the shareholder in the form of dividends.  This is also often the hallmark of stallwart management.  This will be one of the first things Scott Walker seeks to do as Governor, cut taxes.  We might even see a rebate on our tax return.  Here is what it won’t say, “Here is $153.18 we could have used to build the train system if I had cooperated.”  It will be in the same amount as that but it will say, “I don’t know where we got the money to pay this back to our Wisconsin residents as we are in debt already.”  Is anybody else still asking themselves why he should become Governor?  Should Scott Walker be impeached before he serves a day as Governor? 
Wisconsin should stand for preserving the beauty of our lakes and rivers not baseball. 
Batter up.
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Thomas Paul Murphy
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Originally published at The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News on 12 15 2010:

Does the Milwaukee Police Department have a Political Agenda

Article #1
Does the Milwaukee Police Department have a Political Agenda?
Milwaukee has one of the worst education records in the country. The Country is also now one of the lowest in rankings with other nations. Why?
Children cannot learn if they do not feel safe in schools. Safe from bullies. Safe from crime. Clearly the Milwaukee Police Department has failed the community of Milwaukee in this regard.
Does our chief of police thin have a political agenda? Flynn himself is a criminal in that he committed adultery. What else has been done wrong? What else is he guilty of? Does not the high crime rate in Milwaukee also mean he is guilty? Is he guilty of conspiracy not to protect and serve our communities?
 If officers are afraid to go after drug dealers does this also imply they could be on the take? There are more than one ways to be on the take. Sometimes gangs have respect for other gangs and do not seek to go on a no others turf. As I Milwaukee Police Department following its own code respect regarding allowing what it internally considers “other gangs” to thrive?
The other day in Milwaukee we saw a movie or six or seven vehicles pulled over a stolen Ford SUV. One man and one woman were caught. Why are we not seeing the Milwaukee Police Department going after gangs and drug lords with this “good stuff” equipment? It would appear as if they have an unstoppable force if they were to utilizing it to fight crime. When we watched the movie the Police Department said his primary goal was officer safety. Should not the primary goal be community safety? Is that not telling us something?’If fighting crime involves risking our lives we don't do it.”This is just the opposite what police officer paid to do. Like it or not to “protect and serve” is dangerous duty just like the military. I would even go so far as to say that in today's day and age it is more important than our military.
When you sign up to protect and serve you are not doing it for easy guaranteed pension promised you by a political party. So what does that now mean to “protect and serve”?  It made you signed up like crime. That means drug dealers and pimps of organized crime! That means all forms of corruption in our government. That does not mean imaginary criminals you believe are guilty through demonization. That does not mean you take pity on those you identify with to the detriment of other citizens.
That child was getting bullied in school and being distracted from learning is not a criminal and will not likely be one when he grows up. The worst criminals are created when the Police Department's are afraid to fight true criminals.
Is our chief the police and Irishman really an English Wiccan would take the community books away and prevent them from reading? What was the first thing he did when he came to Milwaukee? He abused the law and the community that hired him by committing the crime of adultery. What other crimes as he committed that we don't know about? I looked up his background it appears he was originally hired or given accolades by Mitt Romney from Massachusetts. Salem and a while used to be the little loci points for Wiccanry in the United States. What is Wiccanry? It is witchcraft. What is witchcraft? It is the inability to cope with problems in a rational and responsible manner. Witchcraft is indeed evil black magic whereby practitioners thrive off the souls of others. If this sounds a lot like the end result of Republican policies to you it does to me too. If this sounds like the diametric opposite of what this country was created to be a does to me too.
The ultimate success of our Police Department will be seen when those of the inner-city get out and vote. When those in the poor areas get out and vote. And vote for the party that benefits them. The Democratic Party.
Scott Walker is Republican and Milwaukee County executive. We do not see any increase of the motor pulls under his leadership or Flynn’s, or Sheriff Clarke's, why? Because if crime was fought none of them would be in office, because the streets would be safe and they would be proud to vote. Because the communities were safe and they thought their vote mattered.
Milwaukee Police Department who your job in fighting crime do not serve as a distraction to learning in our schools or honest and moral businessmen trying to earn a living.  A less of you means you are on complacency take and not being a benefit to your community.
If you would like to promote a political agenda it should be that everyone is proud to live in their community and seeks to vote to keep it that way.
Our police chief needs to stand the highest standards of conduct. And if they are police officers who are corrupt they indeed only serve to place other police officers in greater harm’s way. In effect lessens the whole function of the Police Department to that of mediocrity.
As police officers you will have to put yourself in harm's way and risk your life for the goodness of the community. If you are corrupt you old not have God on your side and will not be able to do this.

Is it not common sense to question questionable conduct?  Feeble minds do not and cannot compete on the standard of fairness. They are the basis of all injustice in this world. The mediocrity of abuse that sponsor from an inability to cope is formed. Why can't people cope? Because they are conflicted. Wire they conflicted? Because things are not straightforward. Is corruption a part of this? Corruption in this case is when doing the right thing get you in trouble.
We need officers who can rely on their objective common sense when they truly make the right decision with regard to protect and serve. Not will my actions create conflict with regard to the rich of a community or those in power. Why might an officer be afraid to do the right thing? Because all that has to be done is a few strings are pulled by “money that walks” and they are easily this franchise and discredited.
I talked to retired police did take it and upon further questions he told me he did no some bad guys in the department. We need honest and courageous Police Department to weed these out.
The mayor of Milwaukee could clarify this by conducting just one simple and honest poll of all police officers. Just one simple question. “Would you feel safe reporting a coworker for corruption?” These letters would be mailed to all police officers and contain self-addressed stamped envelopes addressed to the mayor himself. And the mayor himself would receive the mail and review it himself. If the mayor received just one no it would mean something needs to change.  My Irish ears hear the response from the devil already. “We'd all say yes.” If the mayor received all yes’s I would think the whole department is corrupt. Why? Because we still have large drug and education problem in our community.
Scott Walker is Republican and Milwaukee County executive. We did not see any significant increase in the voters at the polls under his leadership, Flynns or Clarkes. And while I am on the subject did anyone see the coincidence in how after Sheriff Clarke and Police Chief Flynn came into office how quickly Scott Walker road the rail to Governor of Wisconsin?
If the Police Department does not maintain a standard of conduct the officers to suffer from it in the decline of the communities they too live in. Lower standards are then accepted and propagated. Does that sound like the United States? It should. Because on competitive standards of education we are so far down on the list you would swear we were third world country.
They greatest failure of a Police Department is when all citizens are not proud enough in their communities to vote. In apathy they feel it makes no difference. Who creates this apathy?  In effect is it our Police Department. What political agenda does this support? The Republican agenda with its wealth preservation structure!
And I don't need to mention that George Bush won his last election because corrupt police officers were actively discouraging blacks from voting using a failed and daunting form of duress.
To our Milwaukee police force, now you have that military armored vehicle, we all saw it on TV. Do not be afraid to use it for its intended purpose. Do not be afraid to take it in harm’s way. The corruption free and storm the gates of hell and use it. And again if there is corruption God will not be on your side.
I talked to her type police detective and upon further questioning he told me he didn't know of some bag guys in the department. We need an honest and courageous department weed these out.
The occult has been an evil force in our world that has led to the decline of many countries. It is a power that maintains the wealth and their status quo. The case of Lawrencia Bambenick seems to me like there was something odd about it the remained unsolved. I believe at the time two police officers were implicated or connected to it.  Lawrencia Bembenek also looked to be mentally ill to me. Was she a victim of the occult?  The occult can be said to have been the cause of WWII, The Irish Potato Famine, The fall of Rome, and the Assassination of President Kennedy.  The practices of the occult have been legitimized in this country through its adoption of psychiatry.  This form has been the means of political censorship to by those who seek to siphon and then preserve wealth for themselves.  This is why our Republican Party has been able to control our government to our detriment over the last forty years. The occult has no place in our Police Department and subverts the whole department to wasteful façade and stands in the way of progress and learning in our community and country. It is really the only thing I can think of that has stood in the way of Milwaukee's standards. Is Milwaukee indeed the victim of the influence from the occult present in Chicago or organized crime?
Genetics tell us we are all the same. So therefore let's not raise the community of the feeble dependent mind. It only leads to the decline and fall of what was established to be the greatest nation on earth.
When crime is eliminated a sense of fairness is established. A sense of fairness established then propagates less crime and better communities. A businessman should not have any fear if he wanted to open a healthy snack store vacant front on eastern sections of Burleigh or North Avenues us but West to the expressway.   I mention these because I saw the boarded-up businesses when I was out and about. Any boarded up store front in Milwaukee deserves the same consideration.
And no business owner should be allowed to “pedal” drugs as an aside to their income. Like it or not babies from drug abusing parents even secondhand smoke from tobacco and alcohol are more likely to be feeble minded. Why? Because of the environmental insult to the mother’s metabolism during regnant see leads to a less healthy fetus. No amount of statistic should convince you otherwise. Believe me when I draw you a graphic example. There's nothing good feeding a placenta a glass of wine through a tube will do for the developing fetus. You don't have to think too hard about it to know it's true.
These words are too strong for the Milwaukee Journal to publish because it might offend, and maybe they are part of the problem too. Standing up for this country and fighting crime is not a subjective matter.
We live here.  It is your job to make the place crime free and safe.  Hold yourself up to highest standards of conduct and you will have God on your side when you enter harm’s way.  Otherwise what are we paying you for?  To be complacent with crime?  This is indeed the worst form of corruption a community could ever face.  And this feeble mindedness only leads to entire populations of feeble minded.  Set a good example for citizens by re framing from drinking and smoking.  Set a good example of an officer that is fit to stop crime by staying in good healthy shape and not having a protruding belly.  That protruding belly puts a lot of “weight” on your squad car partner.  He could be killed because of you.  And we could all be put in harm’s way because of your lack of self care.
In summary we do not switch our rollers on and drive seventy miles per hour down Greenfield Avenue because we are late for our daughter’s wedding as she is marrying into a prominent family.

God Bless Those Who Think for Themselves.
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Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally Published at “The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News” on 12 15 2010