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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Virtual Keep of the Judea Ledger 12 18 2010 PART I

The Virtual Keep of the Judea Ledger 12 18 2010 PART I
Jesus Christ said of John the Baptist, “The least of who are in heaven are better than John the Baptist.”  That is a not a direct quote but the meaning is the same.  John survived on locust, etc.
What was Jesus talking about?  The other day on television there was a young white man who had escaped from being held prisoner of some people down south.  He had black and blue bruises all over his body from where they beat him.  They were torturing him because it made them feel good.
There is a race of people who have the power and the will to mentally abuse people from a distance.  Their children become much smarter verbally very young because of this, as they learn from the ones that their parents have sacrificed for them.  As the Bible defines Satan- they learn to “read men’s minds” and they become psychic from this.
They will tell their children they are learning from that particular mind because it is evil, that is not the case.  Just as the Pharisees were the falsely righteous in the Bible, so are they today.
Why are they falsely righteous?  Because it is not part of their mental framework to believe they are wrong about something.  If you think about if Satan can read men’s minds, and he can, he would indeed think he was better or superior.  He would not have experiential knowledge.  He would have what we can only consider satanic knowledge.  He would be able to know what you were going to think and say and do before you did because this is how he was raised.  He was indeed raised to anticipate what someone was going to so that he could indeed ruin it by causing some distraction.  When Satan ruins something that you do and you are very angry you have partially lost your mind and cannot think, Satan has then stolen your soul.  Satan indeed thrives on the ruin of others.  So therefore Satan ruins things because it makes it feel good like a person.
What Satan never wants to admit though is that he is what can only be termed of “dependent mind.”  The scary thing is that those who were raised of dependent mind do hold political power today.
Bottom line, “If you have a neighbor that never invites you into their house, you might not ever want to go there.”  As they might “KEEP” you there.
The KEEP was a place in the English Castle where they did just that.  It was a deep cold brick lined pit you couldn’t get out of.  Satan teaches their children how to read men’s minds by torturing people in their “KEEP”.  The mother is the power structure in this as was seen in the in-keep-er movie Psycho.  The movie “Silence of the Lambs” had a keep, as did “RAMBO”.  In Rambo the MIA emerged from the KEEP.  The movie SAW was also an allegory to the KEEP, in this case those who thought they were Doctors were the antagonists.  In the movie “2010 Space Odyssey” the whole space ship the protagonist was on that was his home on the voyage was also a “KEEP”. And I could go on and on with other examples that modern culture has capitalized on.  You have to ask yourself whose KEEP did they base these movies on and who was KEPT?  Give me a free ticket to the movies and I will tell you what’s what.
One might even go so far as to say the Crucifix was a KEEP.  Like the stockades of our time it was a public KEEP all could use to torment the KEPT.  The “Concentration Camps” of WWII were also “KEEPS”.  I might be so bold as to say the “KEPT” might have turned the Keys on the “KEEPERS”?????
The source of mental illness today is people who have metaphorical “KEEPS”.  With our modern technology today nonlethal weapons are used to facilitate “Virtual Keeps”.  What they have been able to create are virtual KEEPS and they use them to victimize the innocent.  Just as Gypsies would wait until someone was alone before they would case them and murder and loot them, so do those who operate VIRTUAL KEEPS.  The KEEPERS thrive by consuming the lost, lonely and innocent.
Because Satan is of dependent mind he is actually of feeble mind. 
And those in heaven who were much greater than John the Baptist who Jesus is talking about are indeed those who suffered and died in “KEEPS”.
Missing persons, those who are abused in foster homes, and were not aborted for lack or responsible care they are all the most likely tortured in symbolic KEEPS or VIRTUAL KEEPS.
Like the mother cat who trains its kittens by wounding a mouse for it to play with the mother of the gypsy, the dependent intellect teaches her children how to become smarter by KEEPING a real live person in a VIRTUAL KEEP.
Just like the ancients and their bloody sacrifices, these people “soak” up and live off the soul energy of those they traumatize.
They wait until their victims are of a certain age and then when they are traumatized it is such a shock to them they lose all their coherent ability to think.  Their soul has indeed been scared out of them.
Those from the “circle” of the “VIRTUAL KEEP” cannot stand it when their victims show the slightest sign of happiness or accomplishment.  It burns them up because they feel in great delusion they actually possess the intellect and skill of those from the “VIRTUAL KEEP”.  All throughout history they never have been as good in any way as the KEPT.  They have always been feeble dependent minded.
They have strong verbal skills but their intellect is a façade.  What are they really then?  They are just like the cold dense wall of a KEEP.  And do not forget that a KEEP also has a hollow center and so do they.  The hollow center of a KEEP is indeed the metaphorical equivalent in our transformational learning of why SATAN has no soul.  He indeed lost it when he was raised to look down in the KEEP.
If what they would term “illness” runs in your family do not leave home for college or for work transfer alone or relocate with someone suspect.
You might find yourself in a “VIRTUAL KEEP”.
Do they “KEEP” a “JUDEA LEDGER” of those families’ lines best to farm people for their “KEEPSAKES” when they get older?  I have not a doubt in my mind that they do.  When you were young before there were the ancestry.coms of the world they would have known what your lineage was.  This was indeed the theme of a horror movie also as tractor is seen dragging a “KEEPSAKE” from out of its roots as it is buried up to its neck.  The character NEO was kept in a KEEP until he woke up and clawed his way out of the slimy egg kept in.  Newt in the movie “ALIEN” can also have been one who survived the coldness of the monster mothers KEEP.  The author of this movie script thinks they are as horrid as I do.  Here the Alien Queen mother is seen as omnipotent.
If you are indeed plagued by those who have the LAZURUS syndrome they will try and KEEP you much longer wherever you go shopping at.
Do lawyers know how to read the JUDEA LEDGER?  Are lawyers very good at knowing who is related to whom in family histories?  Yes they are, it is part of inheritance research.
Do lawyers know how to maintain a JUDEA LEDGER of those good for a VIRTUAL KEEP?  Yes, and it a sick reality that they do. Judas was an accountant.
Now I would like to write a book with this as theme but I want you to be aware of it because, “Once one is in a KEEP or VIRTUAL KEEP they really do not know themselves how long they have to live.
A fictionalized mixed metaphor from Groucho Marx, “I would not want to go in someone’s house where many people come and go but I was never sincerely invited to.”
It is indeed those of the KEEP or Satan’s way of life whom Jesus was referring to when he downplayed the status of John the Baptist.
And another thing, what happens when the leaders of countries do business with foreign countries that are not up to our speed in terms of intelligence?  We end up going to war with them so that they can have some of our good American Boy’s for their “KEEP”.  This is how they go up to speed with our culture.  This was not the case with China however, they went the prison labor camps and nonlethal weapons route to steal souls.  Japan started using them long ago, if they had them then other Asian countries also use them now to prop up the feeble minded with some good ole fresh VIRTUAL KEEP.  This is why I kind of like John McCain, however anyone who has been tortured in a KEEP is highly subject to the influence of subtle demonic possession.  This betrays the thinking and hearts of many MEN.

God Bless Those Who Think For Themselves
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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