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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yowsabouts 10 29 2011

Yowsabouts 10 29 2011

It was always to make me forget who Yowsabouts was.  A distraction created her and there, by the same character troupes.  Each character troupe seemed to have their own distinct grouping of members.  Yowsabouts had to be either mentally deficient, a prisoner to reform or an evil gang member being indoctrinated.  I do not know who all the Yowsabouts are and I never will.

All this distraction is designed so that you will forget who Yowsabouts is when and after you see them.

Yowsabouts never looked in good shape, though. Other than that I can’t remember much about Yowsabouts because of the distraction.  Other than to say Yowsabouts looked kind of forlorned or washed out.

If I saw through the distraction and looked directly at a Yowsabouts, it would grit its teeth and hiss at me. 

It would seem like this is Yowsabouts Indian brave indoctrination into manhood, but not by spearing a bear, but to be shown to me and stand its ground.  It would also seem like Yowsabouts have been prepared for their viewing of me with a quiver full of insults and personal attacks that sometimes accompany Yowsabouts gritting teeth and hissing.

It is always like a dance of roller skating nuns when Yowsabouts briefly appears.  Yowsabouts will look at you from around a corner as you are doing something.   Sometimes Yowsabouts wear a hooded sweatshirt so you cannot look at for too long; they can turn and hide their face in the shadow of their hood.  As if it is done to see that I don’t remember what Yowsabouts looks like.  I was being shown to Yowsabouts in person, but with no formal introduction other than Yowsabouts gritting its teeth and hissing at me. Next time I see a Yowsabouts I will take their picture!  But when I think to take a picture of Yowsabouts the rooms clear and Yowsabouts is nowhere to be found.  It has been transported back to where it came from, by the character troupe.

I've got it! I will point at Yowsabouts when I first see a Yowsabouts and before Yowsabouts is able to disapear I will say, "Yowsabouts!"
Thomas Paul Murphy
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Thomas Paul Murphy

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Nations Health Care Problem 10 28 2011

Our Nation’s Health Care Problem 10 28 2011

This country does not have the discipline to say this is what we should eat.  Discipline requires intelligence.  If we had the discipline we would be a lot more physically and mentally healthy.

Instead we favor capitalized diets.   When you go to the grocery store your good choices of what to put in the cart are outnumbered by more than 11 to 1.  And most people do not know that in order to eat the good choices you have to learn to cook for yourself from basic ingredients that are healthy.  Going to the grocery store is like only being able to choose between two friends; and both are drug dealers.

And what if you do not do the grocery shopping in your family but someone who is addicted to unhealthy foods and cannot discern the good on grocery shelves forces an unhealthy diet on you.  They have the jury on their side in the argument about what they brought home.  And the jury is represented by a factor of 11 to 1 unhealthy versus healthy foods on the grocery store shelves.  You are drawn into sickness with every other American.  Unless you argue and then you live the life of solitude of a hermit bum.

America no longer has the integrity or moral strength of leadership to address problems like this.  Problems like this that have gone on too long and fester our populous.

It is a joke to watch television and listen to them argue about health care costs.

Oh we can’t say that which is good for us, is good for us because it… a one sided conversation between a bright eyed young journalism recruit and a network executive….

“What you said is contrary to our sponsors who are paying for you to sit there and smile and tell America what to do at our next commercial break.  Now if I have to tell you again you are fired!  And I will get someone in hear who believes that the United States consumer can make decisions for himself.  That is the right of the United States consumer to make decisions for himself!  And you better believe that and say what we tell you to!  And you smile when you say it!  I am not paying you to lose sponsors!  You can go work on a public broadcasting station, if you are lucky.  But I will see to it you never work in this industry again!”

Does that sound like someone you can’t stand talking?  It does to me to.  And it is what is controlling us!  And this same we don’t want to offend the “coin fingers” attitude, is present in your daily newspaper.  This is a blight of capitalism.

My point is that things that are good for us cannot be said on television.  And we are not allowed to hear what is not good for us on television either.  It is always negated by the influence of sponsorship.

Buy one of these today.  Makes a great holiday gift for the one you love.

You can quickly and inexpensively make a bottle of soda; in less than one minute! It allows you to be vigilant and gain an awareness of how much sugar is in your soda.  And you will translate this learning into all of your dietary choices.  I have owned one of these for about a year.  It is made by an Isreali company and I believe that it will become the new health conscience fad.  You can also add your own ingredients to the soda after it is carbonated.

 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Obfuscated Cross

‘The Obfuscated Cross’

From my Original Painting on Canvas

‘The Obfuscated Cross’, it is a little known archetype of creation and can be thought of in many different ways.  The obfuscated cross looks like the pattern of a Tornado.  Tornadoes are often thought of as acts of God.  So in reality the obfuscated cross is indeed a supernatural symbol that is obfuscated; and obfuscated means somewhat hidden from view.  So the obfuscated cross has a depth of meaning in many ways.  It is a fun symbol to think about.  The man in your life will love this.

I created my obfuscated cross using oil color on canvas.  And the color pattern represents the lineage of creation.  On the bottom first I have black, and then the yellow symbolizes a sun, the orange is then the fiery volcanic formation of a planet. The bottom layers of brown represent the depth of earth and various layers of soil, the top layer being golden harvest.  Layers of green represent vibrant new growth and life.  The top layers of blue represent the water and sky of the earth.  And then it transitions to volcano, sunlight and darkness again.

The shape can also be viewed as the form of a man with a hat.  And of course the cross was what our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified on.  And one cannot deny that god created the universe and everything. 

I like to think of my obfuscated cross as Gods love for the earth; the natural world that he gave us to live on.  And that is why my cross is made up of the elements of the earth and creation in one.  Or alternatively God’s presence on earth; were you might not expect it to be.  God where you might not expect to see him!  My ‘Obfuscated Cross’ also has elements of Native American culture in the imagery as well as flowery elements.  And there are many layers of meaning, interpretation and philosophy present in my “Obfuscated Cross.”

It is a stack of table plates, coins or barbell plates.  It is also the mark Satan gives to others.  It is a barcode that has been rendered by being cut away from.  It is graphical representation of density layers.  It is also the graphical representation of a sound wave.  It is the reflection of a tree on ripples of water.  It has greater relevance that the French Curve.  It is the apparition of the Holy Spirit.  It is the mark of the “blessed ones.”  It is the force of God!  It is percussive aftermath.  It is a striped sock. It is a multi-flavored hard candy.

It is a scale of light.  It represents a different dimension.  It is the painting of a seer.  It is my painting!

It is a temperature gradient.  It is a representation of the miserable ones who are still with us.  It is a staircase.  It is a ladder.  It is the evolution of time.  It is static, fleeting and ephemeral.  It is the measured force vector of a knock-out punch.  It is the spiking pain of childbirth.  It is a locomotive force.

It is a spring in motion.  It is the ripple of water and the reflection of that near it.  It is balance.  It is someone taking a stand.  It is a crossing guard motioning, “Do not cross!”  It is an offensive lineman in a football game doing the same.  It is a representation of both movement and inertia.  It is a form of measure.  It is uniform and yet represents change.

It is punctuated.  It is the formation of a name.  It is power in beauty.  It is beauty in power.  It is quickness.  It is a coded message.  Something came from nothing.  So there must be something in nothing!  But only if that nothing is something!  And that nothing could only be something if it brought nothing with it; so it brought nothing with it.  But not for its own sake, for the sake of the nothing that wasn’t.  And that is the nature of love.  It brought nothing with it so that nothing could see what it too could be; if it chose love.

So there you have my, ‘Obfuscated Cross.’

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Photographic Images and Prints of my PAINTINGS now available:

Photographic Images and Prints of my PAINTINGS now available:
I painted so many things that I made in my life, things like you see on my American Ingenuity website and Curbwood Art website that I decided that I would try painting as an art form this year.

I have taken many art classes in my life, starting at about age 7, but have never painted on canvas until now.

Below you can find some of my paintings from this summer.

Thomas Paul Murphy

What are Milwaukee’s Riverbeds Like

What are Milwaukee’s Riverbeds Like?

I think of them as the old lead plumbing in some homes.  Old lead plumbing leaches the toxic and brain deforming metal into the water you drink.  So it is irresponsible to have it in your house or not have a water filter.

The river beds of the Milwaukee, Kinnickinnic and Menomonee are very shallow from being filled with toxic muck and run off.  So what would be the responsible thing to do?  Dredge them.  How could this be done?  And how could the rivers be kept clean?  Very few of our states dams are hydroelectric.  It seems those systems just broke down after a while and were never repaired or renewed.  So most of our dams just serve to regulate the level of water!  How about we install filters at our damn sites that clean the water?  They could be box steal type.  They would have to be easy to replace even when the water level is high.

One source of runoff pollution: we are producing far too much food already and it is of unhealthy variety.  Another source of runoff pollution: we’ll call it “tire sands.”

Or better yet! How about we install hydroelectric powered mechanical water separators that would clean the water using a centrifuge type technology.  And wait I am not done yet.  We could install solar arrays near bottleneck sites in rivers such as dams so that the water flowing through could be treated based on methods that used electricity, such as ultraviolet lights or an electrolytic method.

A dam would seem to be the opportune place to filter water.  Oh but we tried multiuse of dams before and it didn’t work.  That means what we need is accountability!!!  Where has accountability gone in government?  It got crooked out didn’t it.

Do you want to know what I think is going to happen?  If we don’t start acting like this planet is ours to take care of God will take it from us, rivers too.

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Soulgate 10 19 2011

The movie and television series Stargate created metaphor out of the effects of having a cathode ray television in your house.

In the television series the characters “dialed up” another world with the Stargate control panel.  After they dialed another world an ion like field, much like that generated in front of a television set when it is turned on, radiated forward from the Stargate about a distance of ten feet.  It was almost like a red carpet was just rolled out.  Only this red carpet always led to conflict and trouble.  Do our television set roll out the same red carpet of trouble when we turn them on.

The otherworldly crime fighters then walked forward and were enveloped in the field and transported to other worlds.  This is the metaphor created when one sits in front of the television and longer feels like themselves?  And of course the Star-naughts were dematerialized and rematerialized on the other world.

When we sit in front of the television are our own personalities dematerialized?  What do we become?  And if the development of our personalities is thwarted by the cathartic effects of the television what do we become?  Complacent feeling as if we are the personalities on television? (I am not going to give you the false idol speech again)

As you watch the television, ask yourself who you are becoming complacent with?  Are you becoming complacent with aspects of yourself you would like to change?

And what do the dark energy radiated light rays actively do to the soul of a person from a scientific perspective?  With all our modern medicine claims to be this is something they claim cannot be quantified and measure.  And what is the actual physiological effect of television on the human body and nervous system?  How much evidence do we need to prove something we empirically know to be true on a broad scale.  What is empirical evidence; it is something those with intelligence and common sense are able to confidently and accurately observe!  There is very little of it today as we have been denied our belief in it!

Do you know what I think would be the best way to reform criminals, just deny them the ability to have a television set.  Make it a breach of probation for them to have a television set.  I bet their personalities would return to be true to themselves.

Jimmy Hendrix, the former musician is quoted as saying something like this, people could be controlled if a message is given to them at a key time.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Graphite Polymer High Tech Shoulder Yoke only $99.99.

The Graphite Polymer High Tech Shoulder Yoke only $99.99.

For the Pretentiously Defined Non-Working Class.

And you know what I am going to do with those that have wrongly defined themselves as non-working class- you’ll get to carry something called a slop bucket!

You want American manufacturing back?  Start making comfortable fitting shoulder yokes for carrying a pair of slop buckets!

It is funny how all you that say that you are so concerned with the fate of third world countries never thought of making a comfortable double bucket holder shoulder mounted yoke for human beings.   Very ironic and telling that all those making seven figure salaries, working for government think tanks, and being paid with US taxpayer dollars never thought of this.

Here is why you say you have not made them yet, “Let them buy an oxen to do that!”  It is kind of like, “Let them eat cake.”  They would spend money so that you could travel abroad and see a dirt thin farmer hand tilling his field and you would say, “He should have an oxen to do that.”  That would be the logic of you sugar pie stuffing mouth.

I just thought of that business opportunity, just as I also know I have thought of many of the patentable inventions you have capitalized from my soul since I have been alive.  If you think those that sacrifice to make the rain for farmers are bad you have not lived in the big city.

The comfortable shoulder yoke, available in many sizes.

The could not be a better exercise for you pizza belly Italians of idea stealing lard butt Jews.  Oh and Jews it is okay for you to okay the comfortable yoke idea too!!!

Good high tech graphite construction and nice padding, you know, like that fancy “country” club sports gear you like.

It will be a national and then world law that you will be on slop bucket duty until all that evil is gone; from your fatted asses.

You claim you are depressed and that is why you eat too much?  Slop bucket duty will cure that.  Oh and you like to screw the Mexican landscapers?  There will be some nice muscle strapped farm boys to quench your evil desire!

The graphite polymer high tech shoulder yoke for $99.99.

It is funny that you conservative farmers didn’t like Jimmy Carter, a farmer just like you!

The Graphite Polymer High Tech Shoulder Yoke for $99.99 guaranteed to bring “balance” back to America and the world.

After that there will be non-ownership of anything.  And every American will get to do the job of another, you will be able to shift jobs.  You say that you worked hard on that farm and it shouldn’t be made into non-ownership.  No you didn’t and we both dam well know it, you had the stolen souls of some Americans right along side you.

And to those of you who say this is racism?  No, it isn’t, it exposes the worst form of racism there is, capitalization of the human soul for profit.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS I know that I was the muse for the original Bad News Bears, so “Take that trophy and shove it up your …”

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Occupy Farm Street 10 17 2011

Occupy Farm Street

Be prepared, once occupy Wall Street is done cleansing our financial system of corruption, the farmers are likely to balk at working for our country.  That will be the case so you farmers better build us a nice house next to yours on the farm; with many rooms, because we’ll be coming.

We’ll be coming to help you farm!

We know the oil companies can’t make their “crops” without the commodity markets!  So we’ll be coming to help you farm!  And it will all be organic farming too.

And all those farmers that did not know what to do with all those daughters, so they sent them to the cities to bother us?  We’ll be coming to marry some of them too!  And those we find to be retarded, like they were sired from beastiality- we’ll give them to the evil of the commodity firms for their alternative sacrifice, right?  Once they get their evil kicks by sacrificing them our educational standards will skyrocket again.  Why?  Who needs those diseased monosyllabic minds chanting to us all through the night; can’t be conducive to learning.

And who cares about New York, Chicago or California!  All their profits are driven by stealing souls.  And they are filthy places to live.

And if you farmers want some high priced vacations like the commodity firm/seed firms give you, we’ll give you a ticket to Mexico.  Where you like to go to and you can farm there.  There should be plenty of land, because they all came here to live off the stolen souls like you also do.  I’ve been to enough of your hoe dungs to know what you are about.  You did not respect the earth or people and that is why everything will be taken from you.  But that is okay because you did not respect your fellow small farmer either, when everything was taken from him.

Why the Mentally Challenged are made to be heard.

They are used like door stops to keep the minds of those they are stealing propped open.  Without that doorway kept propped open they don’t understand anything in life or have the capacity to do so.  And just as people are made mentally ill from being exposed to those who keep the doorways propped open so are the mentally challenged created in another step of this process.  So the mentally challenged are indeed used to create more like themselves- mentally challenged.

That is why Hitler denied his roots, there were some that were mentally challenged in them.  He did not understand where they fit into the whole process or he would not have been ashamed of them, he would have been sympathetic to them.

The famers used to sacrifice people on the farms to “make it rain.”  But today they rely on the evil of the commodity trading firms to sacrifice souls for them.  And why do farmers need to sacrifice souls?  Because it makes them feel better about themselves to do so?  Because otherwise without being evil they were too lazy to do the work they needed to?   Farmers had to blame someone when their crops don’t come in?  And they also need the soul of another with them to get their work done?

Slop Trough Headed Retards

So those who were subject to sacrifice in farm country went to the cities to avoid sacrificial persecution.  But what they did not realize was that the city has its evil soul sacrificing of the commodity and financial firms.  And the commodity firms with ties to the farmers as they also produce and sell them seed caught up with those who were facing persecution in sacrifice of soul “to make it rain.”  And there souls are sacrificed in the cities for many forms of “rain.”

You don’t like farming that food for the rest of us when you can’t hurt city folk, you say?  You need a little spark?  How about we enslave you!  Shouldn’t be a big deal.  You liked farming anyway right!  Well now you get to farm every day and not have to worry about money.  We’ll give you everything you need, but you aren’t allowed to harm any city folk.

To be fair about it, I’ll even give you those with the equivalent of an eighth grade education that somehow made it through college.  They will make great farm hands.  This is what you will have to do when oil is denied to the United States.  Job’s?  I’ll create jobs.  The uneducated filth of this world can come and work for your evil lazy ass.  Thanks to Conservatives we have young blacks who roam the city with guns strapped to their waists.  Okay you blacks, you think you are Cowboy’s?  You get to go work on the farm because that is cowboy like.

What is a retard about the equivalent of?  A farm animal!  And you think it is funny for us city folk to hear their howlings all through the night?  Like it was our fault they were created?  You want a stronger economy?  Everyone of you that sired one can take it and leave!

Those who live on the souls of others are not resurrected, because there is no soul to resurrect!  Do the world a favor and if you do not have a soul, do not have children!

And what do we have to do for you farmers today?  We have to clean the water from your shit creeks, rivers and great lakes and give it back to you!  Why?  To make your life easier and you richer!  Is it fair to say that there is no real cause for draught today and because there is no real cause for draught then that, you no longer need to steal souls to make it rain?  Wait there might be massive draughts in the future from the hole burning through the ozone that is created from your false “conservative” stance.  Polluted lakes, Rivers  and Oceans; millionaire farmers we live in the byproduct of your filth and that of the commodity trading firms.  Who not only also trade oil but souls for you!

And to those of you who say this is racism?  No, it isn’t, it exposes the worst form of racism there is, capitalization of the human soul for profit.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

You have to ask yourself why there is no manual internet switch for your computer

You have to ask yourself why there is no manual internet switch for your computer?
Why has noone made one of these?  It could be a small boxt with a switch on top that turned on and off your internet connection.  The ones that do this today are very large and made of metal and really to use one to turn off your internet you are switching to a different network socket whether you have one connected or not.

So why has noone made one?

Because it would make your computer more secure is why!! And they want to be able to snoop in there and steal your intelectual property when you leave your computer.  It does not say alot of good about the United States Computer industry!!!

It is too cumbersome to just plug in and out the network cable; because it is not something one thinks of doing.  And the switches available today are bulky.

This would address this issue:  Your computer is never secure when that network cable is plugged in!!!!NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone should make a dependable one, it would be 2"x2"x1" and have a toggle switch on top.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Archetype of an Evil Race 10 14 2011

The Archetype of an Evil Race 10 14 2011

In one of the Stark Trek television series there was an evil race.  They were called the BORG.  All of the members of the BORG took their orders from an evil woman who controlled them.  She was called the BORG Queen and she ruled from her Vinculum.  I will use the terms BORG Queen and Vinculum interchangeably in this article.  The primary objective of the BORG was just to make more BORG.  The BORG did not think for themselves.  They killed human beings and reanimated some of their bodily parts with Robot parts.  This made them very strong.  Their faces were always cadaver grey.

What is the BORG Vinculum woman the archetype of?  She is the archetype of the phrase from the Bible that is paraphrased like this; those that sleep with the same woman are of one mind.  It is also the archetype of the Harvest Witch in this country.  As well as many other little known archetypes throughout history.  The most relevant point being, is that what was told to us in the Bible was not fiction.

What did the Vinculum woman of the BORG do whenever she heard some type of interesting behavior going on, some interesting thinking?  The series did not say that she heard thinking going on and tried to stop it in order to maintain her idyllic delusion of reality but the meaning is the same, The Vinculum controlled the mindless to make more mindless.

What did Jesus Christ say in the Bible, “Lord forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  That is indeed the BORG as they did not know what they did.

But what else is it and why was it such a relevant archetype as to make it so prominent in the series?  It is the real life archetype we face in our nation today with regards to those who are given the stigmatic label of Schizophrenic.  Those who are labeled this are indeed those who the evil woman seek to destroy and make soulless.  She just wakes up in the morning hating the same people for no reason.  This is the same archetype woman in the Bible as the one who wanted the man to be, “Less than human.”  The Bible was not fiction.

Why does the archetype of the Vinculum do this?  Because she wants to be what she is not and cannot be.  If your thoughts are heard by others from the day you were born that is an act of God.  She cannot stand this!

What does the word BORG really mean?  It is a truncated word formed from combining the word Bad with Organization.  Bad Organization!  You may have thought you made things up that were original, but God was there with you every time, coaxing your imagination to reveal the truth of your own reality.  Oh sure they might state it really means something like Bio Regenerative. Organ G… but it really means Bad Organization.  Sometimes the meanings that fit are the ones that hold the truth.

Here our modern culture has revealed to us the hidden secret of wealth creation again.  You cannot hide these things or try and give different interpretations in explanation because the truth always shines through.

So indeed if you are plagued by those who would seek to steal your mind or soul you are indeed plagued by a Bad Organization of one form or another.  And those of the BORG archetype can try and stack the cards one way or another, but the reality is in every aspect of our world waiting to be exposed, it doesn’t hide.  The Bible also tells of the apocalypse, the revelation and the Parakeet (Sp.) 

I am telling you all things now!

You have to ask yourself, “What did she do with the soul her father gave her?”

And why did Jesus want them to be forgiven, because he knew the complete terror for all of eternity God could render upon them!  No lie. 

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Usury has many forms 10 13 2011

You know, from what I still know, usury is illegal!

So what is usury?  I will define it very simply as any form of interest more than 12.99%.  Whether it is a combination of fees or whatever.  Our government officers ought to be able to look at their own credit card receipts and figure how to define it so that there are no loopholes.

What else is illegal is calling someone with regard to their past due debts and they do this too.

They charge that high and interest rate and they still cannot keep the country out of an economic crisis?  Because of that they should not be able to charge any interest or accrue it until the government say’s the economic crisis is over. That is right, you bankers get laid off!

The consumer just pays what he can and any accrued interest is erased.

And another thing, if you harassed a consumer in their homes so that they could not manage their finances that consumer does not have to pay any amount owed and it does not affect their credit rating.  As a matter of fact it should increase their credit rating under the honest American Who Came Forth Law!

The banks are always the ones that put us in an economic depression.  Why?  Because they are responsible for allocation and loaning of American Capital!  And economic depression means that they failed to do so.  So if the banks failed to keep us out of an economic downturn what can we do about them?  Can we give the officers a one way ticket to the country of their choice with loss of citizenship?  How about we say that every banking officer that there is, is no longer allowed to be in the banking business.

If I were President of the United States I would want to start out with very young people, people who thought in honest terms.  Young people with honest ideas!  Young people with good hearts!  Young people who believed in things the way they should be and are repulsed by the sight of corruption!  Young people who were raised to be independent thinkers.

What is usury?  It is the kings religion!  And that is where the king can do whatever he wants to you.  What did I hear on the news tonight that they were thinking about changing English law so that female children that became women could rule before men.  Forget about it.  If I become President England either England shapes up or we all chase those gauntly faced princes through the streets with whips.  We wouldn’t actually whip them, but just create a good scene so to speak.

What did England do for the United States?  Those great English Bankers who were said to sacrifice children have come to the United States.  And what do we have because of them?  Those of the Jewish religion that believe they can have their own virtual keeps like those that English Kings did.  What do they keep in those keeps?  The souls of those they labeled schizophrenic! It is a horror and the worst crime against humanity that history has ever known.  Some of those of great wealth living in Germany were said to be untouched by WWII.  You have to ask yourself, who is it that discriminates in such fashion when our nation is at war not to go after them too?  It is those from the big money network that stole souls.  The only thing that we can honestly say about them is that they were part of the cause of it.  It goes back to the point I made earlier today. Osama Bin Laden made Saudi Arabia more money than any other members of the royal family could have, is it any wonder we could not find him for so long?  And how does Saudi Arabia spend its money?  I would think that because they are the source of practically all the pollution in the world that some day they would turn a green leaf and use their money to be the greatest cleaners of the environment the world has ever known.  I would think they would set an example for the rest of the world and use that money in a positive way.  Otherwise as far as I can see it, it was one of them that bombed the United States, and they got some paying up to do!  How about they pay for all our economic crisis costs since 911?  How about they give the rest of the world the difference in the price of oil from before 911 to today multiplied by the number of barrels they sold.  That sounds fair to me. 

The Saudi Royal family?  There is nothing royal about them.  We never see a Saudi official taking the podium and speaking like they are royalty.  I would think that to call yourself royalty you would have a strong intellect, class and a vision for the people and the future of the people.  Otherwise you are not royalty but just one of the Dark Age rulers who liked to spend their time by tossing people in their keep and torturing their souls from them.

Makes you wonder if we will see an occupy Saudi Arabia movement soon?

But getting back to the point of the proposed new English law, what is it saying?  That England does not trust its males to rule!  That the English man who is royalty has no more sense in any way than a women.  Okay I agree with that.  Jesus Christ would too.  

But how can a let them eat cake type make practical decisions for a populous when they cannot relate to a populous because they do not live a life anywhere near that of the common man.

Okay so you have a parliament that makes decisions too.  So don’t even call them King and Queens anymore.  Something like royal pomposity's would be more appropriate.  Or maybe a term like the Pretentiousities.  Or how about, those from a blood line that tortured people in keeps!  I like that one the best.  Or maybe pale puffy faced relics of the dark ages that look like they have lived since the dark ages already. What else could we call them, the Bible tells us of the behavior of Kings.  What did they do in the Bible?  They sacrificed brother after brother until they felt satisfied.  And then the brother-less Jew spoke up to him and said, “You will not be resurrected!”  And I am with the brother-less Jew on those types.

The President should be able to provide red line closed caption commentary on over the screen of any television program there is!  That way the American people can see a balanced opinion.  And of course I am assuming that the world stays the way it is. Because who would need or want to see what a Sarah Palin had type to say.

I might like to say, “This person you see on television now did not earn their money and stole a soul to get there.”  Wait I say that about everyone on the false idolatry box.  A box of stooges for stooges.  A box of stooges that makes stooges out of those who had greater potential- honest Americans.  Just look at them talk and you will realize that they have no practical knowledge to impart to the public.  And what happens.  You sit there and watch them impart us to nothing until they then walk backwards and show a current scene of bombs dropping somewhere in the world.  Enough is enough!

I would call torturing someone in a virtual keep another form of usury.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 10 13 2011 at: