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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Soulgate 10 19 2011

The movie and television series Stargate created metaphor out of the effects of having a cathode ray television in your house.

In the television series the characters “dialed up” another world with the Stargate control panel.  After they dialed another world an ion like field, much like that generated in front of a television set when it is turned on, radiated forward from the Stargate about a distance of ten feet.  It was almost like a red carpet was just rolled out.  Only this red carpet always led to conflict and trouble.  Do our television set roll out the same red carpet of trouble when we turn them on.

The otherworldly crime fighters then walked forward and were enveloped in the field and transported to other worlds.  This is the metaphor created when one sits in front of the television and longer feels like themselves?  And of course the Star-naughts were dematerialized and rematerialized on the other world.

When we sit in front of the television are our own personalities dematerialized?  What do we become?  And if the development of our personalities is thwarted by the cathartic effects of the television what do we become?  Complacent feeling as if we are the personalities on television? (I am not going to give you the false idol speech again)

As you watch the television, ask yourself who you are becoming complacent with?  Are you becoming complacent with aspects of yourself you would like to change?

And what do the dark energy radiated light rays actively do to the soul of a person from a scientific perspective?  With all our modern medicine claims to be this is something they claim cannot be quantified and measure.  And what is the actual physiological effect of television on the human body and nervous system?  How much evidence do we need to prove something we empirically know to be true on a broad scale.  What is empirical evidence; it is something those with intelligence and common sense are able to confidently and accurately observe!  There is very little of it today as we have been denied our belief in it!

Do you know what I think would be the best way to reform criminals, just deny them the ability to have a television set.  Make it a breach of probation for them to have a television set.  I bet their personalities would return to be true to themselves.

Jimmy Hendrix, the former musician is quoted as saying something like this, people could be controlled if a message is given to them at a key time.

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