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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What are Milwaukee’s Riverbeds Like

What are Milwaukee’s Riverbeds Like?

I think of them as the old lead plumbing in some homes.  Old lead plumbing leaches the toxic and brain deforming metal into the water you drink.  So it is irresponsible to have it in your house or not have a water filter.

The river beds of the Milwaukee, Kinnickinnic and Menomonee are very shallow from being filled with toxic muck and run off.  So what would be the responsible thing to do?  Dredge them.  How could this be done?  And how could the rivers be kept clean?  Very few of our states dams are hydroelectric.  It seems those systems just broke down after a while and were never repaired or renewed.  So most of our dams just serve to regulate the level of water!  How about we install filters at our damn sites that clean the water?  They could be box steal type.  They would have to be easy to replace even when the water level is high.

One source of runoff pollution: we are producing far too much food already and it is of unhealthy variety.  Another source of runoff pollution: we’ll call it “tire sands.”

Or better yet! How about we install hydroelectric powered mechanical water separators that would clean the water using a centrifuge type technology.  And wait I am not done yet.  We could install solar arrays near bottleneck sites in rivers such as dams so that the water flowing through could be treated based on methods that used electricity, such as ultraviolet lights or an electrolytic method.

A dam would seem to be the opportune place to filter water.  Oh but we tried multiuse of dams before and it didn’t work.  That means what we need is accountability!!!  Where has accountability gone in government?  It got crooked out didn’t it.

Do you want to know what I think is going to happen?  If we don’t start acting like this planet is ours to take care of God will take it from us, rivers too.

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