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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Graphite Polymer High Tech Shoulder Yoke only $99.99.

The Graphite Polymer High Tech Shoulder Yoke only $99.99.

For the Pretentiously Defined Non-Working Class.

And you know what I am going to do with those that have wrongly defined themselves as non-working class- you’ll get to carry something called a slop bucket!

You want American manufacturing back?  Start making comfortable fitting shoulder yokes for carrying a pair of slop buckets!

It is funny how all you that say that you are so concerned with the fate of third world countries never thought of making a comfortable double bucket holder shoulder mounted yoke for human beings.   Very ironic and telling that all those making seven figure salaries, working for government think tanks, and being paid with US taxpayer dollars never thought of this.

Here is why you say you have not made them yet, “Let them buy an oxen to do that!”  It is kind of like, “Let them eat cake.”  They would spend money so that you could travel abroad and see a dirt thin farmer hand tilling his field and you would say, “He should have an oxen to do that.”  That would be the logic of you sugar pie stuffing mouth.

I just thought of that business opportunity, just as I also know I have thought of many of the patentable inventions you have capitalized from my soul since I have been alive.  If you think those that sacrifice to make the rain for farmers are bad you have not lived in the big city.

The comfortable shoulder yoke, available in many sizes.

The could not be a better exercise for you pizza belly Italians of idea stealing lard butt Jews.  Oh and Jews it is okay for you to okay the comfortable yoke idea too!!!

Good high tech graphite construction and nice padding, you know, like that fancy “country” club sports gear you like.

It will be a national and then world law that you will be on slop bucket duty until all that evil is gone; from your fatted asses.

You claim you are depressed and that is why you eat too much?  Slop bucket duty will cure that.  Oh and you like to screw the Mexican landscapers?  There will be some nice muscle strapped farm boys to quench your evil desire!

The graphite polymer high tech shoulder yoke for $99.99.

It is funny that you conservative farmers didn’t like Jimmy Carter, a farmer just like you!

The Graphite Polymer High Tech Shoulder Yoke for $99.99 guaranteed to bring “balance” back to America and the world.

After that there will be non-ownership of anything.  And every American will get to do the job of another, you will be able to shift jobs.  You say that you worked hard on that farm and it shouldn’t be made into non-ownership.  No you didn’t and we both dam well know it, you had the stolen souls of some Americans right along side you.

And to those of you who say this is racism?  No, it isn’t, it exposes the worst form of racism there is, capitalization of the human soul for profit.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS I know that I was the muse for the original Bad News Bears, so “Take that trophy and shove it up your …”

on 10 17 2011 by Thomas Paul Murphy

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