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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Finite Level of Pollution 12 29 2011

Finite Level of Pollution 12 29 2011

Can I get the close minded to agree that there is a finite level of pollution that the earth is capable of withstanding before it no longer supports human life?  I would like to know the name of everyone who would answer “No” to this.  All Republican candidates should be asked this question.  Simple question isn’t it.

 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Pollution Avenger painting on T shirt:

What is the Conservative Response to fish contaminated with Mercury 12 29 2011

What is the Conservative Response to fish contaminated with Mercury 12 29 2011

You'll love this one.  A conservative will tell you that do not keep fish because there are so few of them left.

They never address the issue of why there are so few of them left; the reason being that our water is contaminated.

They never address the issue that fish are not safe to eat anymore because they have high levels of Mercury.

They just say they don't keep them because their are so few of them left.

This is the most irresponsible logic a person can have!

What are they going to say when there aren't anymore?  "I didn't keep any?"

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Why Republicans have been anti environment 12 29 2011

Why Republicans have been anti-environment 12 29 2011

Republicans have been anti EPA and environment because as children they were taught not to go outside and play.

Why were they taught not to go outside and play by themselves?  Because they earn a living by stealing souls!  In effect they are evil and because they are evil they are afraid their children will be exposed to people who are evil just like them.

This is why they care little for the environment- it is an outdoors place where they were taught not to go because they would be harmed by those like themselves!  They live sheltered untrusting lives because they can’t be trusted.  The market for video games also catered to a generation that cares little about the natural world that supports our very existence.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Anti Zombie Notes 12 29 2011

Anti-zombie Notes 12 29 2011

Are women demonic possessing using the iron in your body as a substitute for what was lost in their menses? If you think this is true wave your fingers like they are a Japanese fan and you will momentarily defeat them- stuff like this irks them!

Technologies to consider:  A motorized spinning chair- they can’t synchronize with your mind as well when you spin around like that.  They get idiot dizzy and have accidents!  (When you spin or do stuff that would put others off balance but not yourself.)

They have also created a synthetic telepathy wave that is constant and of newer zero amplitude- it is like a magnetic pulse wave blanketing technology!

One of the first signs of demonic possession is a ringing in your ears and a dry scalp.

Demonic possession is a superimposed energy body.

How to defeat it:

1.      Ground yourself by touching metal plumbing- this helps dissipate the superimposed energy body.

2.      Use an electro: stimulating type product:  Hulda Clark’s works the best.

3.      Anti EMF bed sheets that are grounded, just buy fabric to length.  I will tell you how to ground it very easily by email but don’t have time now.

4.      The herb rue works.

5.      Plug your ears so you can hear yourself breath and then breath through your nose and imagine the sound it makes as a sound that erases the mind of the Generalized Demonic Possessor (GDP?)

Dependent minded like war because it is the perfect opportunity for him/her to torture others from their souls!

Countermeasure:  Work while listening to the radio or television and it forces them to synchronize with you working or use active denial systems so get you to turn the channel!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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How can I be so sure that Modern Schizophrenia is not a disease but instead a torment by the satanic

How can I be so sure that Modern Schizophrenia is not a disease but instead a torment by the satanic?

1.       Colonel John Alexander- said the United States had developed synthetic telepathy in 1991.

2.      I have measured the rising and falling electromagnetic wave patterns of the voices and they voice coincides with the rise and pattern of the magnetic reading.

3.      I have found a way to defeat hearing the voices and cancel them out! (And it is not some pill the doctor gives you!)

*** Do you realize what the implications of this are in terms of the world economy?  The implications are monumental!!!  It is the greatest holocaust in World History!

Here is what I figured out; synthetic telepathy had to be based on electrical transmission based particle/wave technology!  Knowing this I asked myself how could one defeat a radio type wave technology that interacts with the molecular structure of the human body?  The answer was very simple; if the synthetic telepathy were designed to be received by the human body then the way you redirect a radio type wave in order to negate it would have to be based on current radio reception technology!

Synthetic telepathy victims are vulnerable in the auditory cortex and the neck.  These are the prime places that are affected by the transmission technologies, because they are key to the central nervous system and perception.

***In order to defeat synthetic telepathy you need a radio wave “Sink.”  That is something that attracts a radio wave or diffuses it impact.  What is the basic technology of radio wave reception?  It is a magnetic coil that has been attenuated to the radio wave.  Basically a wire wrapped around a ferrite coil!

***Solution:  Here is what works!

1.      A. Purchase 3/16” in diameter by ~1/2” high power cylinder type magnets.  They cost less than $5.00 and interesting enough they are often made in China.  B. Coil the magnets with three winds of hair like diameter copper wire.  C. Glue the wire in place to the magnets (I think they are neodymium magnets) using a product called wire glue.  D. Optional step: paint this with Anti EMF paint (Black stuff cost about $80 a pint)  E. Wait until all that dries and carefully seal it all together with 100% silicon window type caulk.

2.      Buy a 1/8” thick by 1” diameter magnet and use surgical tape to tape it on a sore spot in your neck.  Not only does it prevent neck aches it also helps you concentrate.  Why?  It has to be defeating this same technology.  It will also keep you from becoming paralyzed as it prevents resonating based inflammation in the neck.

3.      Rub Zinc Oxide on your neck.  Zinc is a metal that creates what is called a Faraday Shield.  That is shield that prevents radio and other spectrum frequency waves from penetrating.

4.      Create a faraday cage hair gel very easily by using a mortar and pestle to grind zinc and calcium supplement pills into a fine powder.  (Can also add copper but not too much.)  Put a dab of vasa line or olive oil in the palm or your hand and add a teaspoon or so of water and then some of this fine powder.  Stir it around with the fingers from your other hand and rub it in your hair!  No one will notice because it doesn’t look any different than hair gel; the metals dissolve in the water.  It defeats synthetic telepathy (rich satanic spoiled brat mouth based telepathy!)

5.      This is why Jewish MEN wore yamakas (sp?), the way they phrased it was we wear them to show that there is a separation from us and God.  If those Yamakas (sp?) have silver thread in them you have a much better chance!  Silver thread is anti EMF and has Faraday protection properties.  And if you know of a Jewish business selling silver thread based Yamaka’s I want to buy one ASAP!

God Bless

Thomas Paul Murphy


Also wear normal looking anti EMF clothing and you will defeat the demonic possession that is paired with synthetic telepathy and normal telepathy.

And don’t go on a shooting spree, because you will be shot and Satan will win when he makes a criminal out of victim.

Also do not blame me for any misuse or damage caused by this!  You are responsible for yourself and your actions!

PS II:  Parapsychology has witnessed some Russian woman have the ability to move metal objects with their minds.  They videos show them getting that kooky look on their face and moving their arms around.  That look is on par with the abject look of horror in the movies.  How can I describe it?  A coldness with regard to human beings seen on the face.  Newt Gingrich looks this way to me.  The eyes look into the camera like whatever it is that is out there watching the television is meaningless!!!!

Our government discovered this in WWII.  Naval radio operators gone mad!  The satanic murdered Kennedy and every President since him has been satanic with the exclusion of Jimmy Carter.

My technology is not designed to overthrow the U.S. Government.  The U.S. government was already overthrown the first time this was used against innocent U.S. citizens.

Anyone who has been stigmatized with schizophrenia is capable of greater works and achievements than the dependent minded of his soul.  And it is the dependent minded (means the same as satanic) who would actively prevent you from having pride in your own accomplishments!  Question:  Are Tommy Thompson’s human implants particle wave based attenuated?

This is all free information.  You might like to see my artwork.

If you buy something and display it you are creating a better world of love.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wall Streets Voodoo Thief Minds 12 28 2011

Wall Street’s Voodoo Thief Minds 12 28 2011 Excerpt from an Investment book that will never be allowed to be published.

Some of the most successful minds on Wall Street are indeed illiterate.  More than twelve analysts and brokers sat at the large hardwood inlay conference table that was purchased as office surplus from a bankrupt law firm.  Someone handed out a two page single spaced article concerning a company that was under the realm of research coverage.

I read very slowly so that I could understand every detail develop and understanding and awareness of related details.  In other words I thought as I read.  The sales brokers were the first to finish reading and gave glib understandings of what they read.  Platitudes of meaning indicative of glossed over thinking.

Halfway through reading the article I noticed something while I was reading.  Someone else was reading at the same pace as I was.  It was indeed the President of the investment firm- Oliver Nicklin.  I decided to do the old trick I did in grade school to determine who was living off of my soul and I stopped reading and just stared blankly at the pieces of paper in front of me, then I very discretely looked up at the face of Oliver Nicklin, without moving the angle of my head from looking down at the paper.  Old fur ears could not hide the grin on his face that formed just then as he was listening to me think as I read and not actually reading for himself.  Old fur ears was of dependent mind!  And he was the President and founder of First Analysis Corporation, then located on the 96th floor of what was then called “The Sears Tower.”

Thomas Paul Murphy

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PS There are many fur ears that hail from that time in Chicago 1992, and they did not achieve their wealth and power from their own intellects!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Kayaks on Autopilot Going Home for the Winter" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Thomas Murphy | RedBubble

"Kayaks on Autopilot Going Home for the Winter" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Thomas Murphy RedBubble:

Key Tenets like the Founding Fathers and Great minds in U.S. History 12 27 2011

Key Tenets like the Founding Fathers and Great minds in U.S. History 12 27 2011

“Give me Liberty or give me death.”  They’d want to medicate you and lock you up if you started saying that publicly today!

“All men are created equal!” and “One nation under God.”  The race dominated by women would disagree with the first part and the snake like mind of an atheist would want to label you delusional for believing in God!  They would say you have no proof in your belief so you should be locked up as you are a risk to society (just the opposite is true!)

“No genius is free from the teachings of madness,” If you said this about yourself they would claim you had delusions of grandeur and are really mentally ill and need to be medicated.

“We come here seeking freedom from religion,” again if you said that you believed in one nation under God they would try and heavily tax you for having that belief.  They would say the most common delusion a schizophrenic has is the belief in Jesus Christ.

What is my point?  All these strong philosophies that formed this country are ones we are not supposed to have today!

The nonworking class and those in political power have used these kinds of beliefs to define what they would term schizophrenic!  “These philosophies are Schizophrenic,” they would say!

Why are there no good men in the United States today?  They have all been disempowered by the Satanic and labeled schizophrenic.  Their intellects and souls have been capitalized on.  The Satanic can be considered a race of women, and men who think like women.

Satanic Dependent minded; there is nothing wrong with being dependent minded, as long as you do not seek to demonize the minds you are dependent to!  For when the dependent minded rule over the great thinkers you have deterioration in the foundation of greatness.

We all might be dependent minded, so for one person or group to latch onto one great mind and bring it down to feed on it is indeed a crime against humanity.  And this crime has been legitimized by the United States Government. 

Maybe it is a play on words- the illegitimate legitimize what can make them wealthy?  The illegitimate have legitimized a soul crime!  If you hear it, you are of the same greatness as the person whom you hear it from, and you are also subject to being demonized because of it later in life.

It is kind of like- those who had their souls immaculately conceived also have the power of Immaculate Conception.  And what does it mean to be immaculately conceived?  It means you were given a starter soul by God and it is a pretty good one!  What do the race of dependent minded do?  They track that starter soul back to you and latch onto it and won’t let go because it is so much better.  That is why you hear voices- they do not want to ever lose their connection to you!

What’s wrong with this country and the world today is that this is the machination whereby the great minds are labeled insane!

How does this happen?  Those who have heard you all their lives need to perpetrate and keep the illusion alive that they are you!  And they cannot do this with your mind actively thinking!  And the United States Government has created technologies that prevent great thinkers from actively thinking for themselves.  Why?  So that those in power and chosen to be in power can maintain a delusion of greatness!

Those who cannot create and where breastfed with your soul want to say, “Mine, Mine, Mine.” With regard to everything you think and do!

It kind of reminds me of the lyrics from an 80’s song, “The grabbing hands grab all they can, everything counts in large amounts!”  The grabbing hands are also a theme from a Picasso painting.  Most artists are said to have tormented minds, is it the minds of those who would call themselves scientists; who have observed, tormented and then defined them.  Why would they torment them?  Because they were raised to hear them!  And are unable to sever the connection any other way other than to scientifically label them with a stigma.  Then the process works that they ritualistically poison their minds and bodies, with scientifically proven “humane” treatments!

First Satan poisons you so that he/she can then say you need to take his poison- a poison you have to take and one that he charges you to take and one that you are mandated to take!  What is this?  This is Satan creating an unnatural archetype of creation so that he can feel he is something he isn’t!  It is him creating an odd an sick analogy for himself/herself that mimics the starter soul of creation he couldn’t wean himself/herself from in any other way!  (The hidden archetype in the movie “Drop Dead Fred!”)

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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"Pollution Avenger" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Thomas Murphy | RedBubble

"Pollution Avenger" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Thomas Murphy RedBubble:

Banks 12 27 2011


1.      First they send the paper statements late in the mail.

2.      Then they make it cheaper by relative comparison – you have to pay for what was free (paper statements) if you do not sign up for electronic delivery.

3.      Then we find out the paperless statements aren’t really sent out to our emails at all.

4.      Then because of 2 and 3 we are late and have to pay fee’s, penalties and interest.

5.      Then they reduce our credit rating and borrowing capacity because of something that was their fault.  They made it harder to pay on time so they could book the fee’s, penalties and interest as income for shareholders.  These companies loan government money!

6.      They because they did not have the intelligence to make loans that benefited the future of this country they went broke and the taxpayer – you and me, who paid the penalties, fee’s and interest then paid again to restore the BANKS back to financial health.

7.      Bankers cannot create or invent so they should not be publicly owned companies or privately owned.  This should be a function of our government.  What would our government then do?  They would sit a back and determine if a war is economically feasible in terms of assets or asset rights that can be acquired.  (When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor young U.S. men and women lined up at the enlistment offices.  We did not see that happen with 911.  It was almost like someone wanted to orchestrate second Pearl Harbor.  That is what the parent in me thinks! (I don’t have children.)

Banks of the United States should all be nationalized.  And whether the current management and corporate officers of a bank in a region is allowed to stay in those jobs should be dependent upon the measures of scholastic aptitude tests in those respective regions and also on the health of all of those in those societies.  For example, if even one person is driven crazy and labeled that they have lost their soul in those regions- those banks employees need to look for other work!

The machinations of the Banks have taken their toll on the American Public via the undo stress they have created.  Okay so I am wrong the bankers and financial industry did create something- undo stress!  (That is not really creation though, they would claim it is though.)  What was the only safe bet for a dependent minded banker?  Profit from stealing the souls of good United States Citizens.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Bad Mail 12 26 2011

Bad Mail 12 26 2011

Porn in your email inbox is like a flaming bag of pooh repeatedly being prevented from being delivered to your front door step by the United States Government.

Why would those who have assumed authority and power in our Government not seek to prevent porn from being sent to our inboxes?  Because the result of it is that it is fuel for the weak minded who are in power.  It creates weak minds and the more weak minds that are created the smarter the weak minds on television look by comparison.  In effect it helps mask the identity of the dependent minded in our society.

The burden of proof should not be on the United States Citizen to prove that they did not request the porn; the burden should be on the Government to prevent it from being delivered to us.   The smaller government of Newt Gingrich is one that does not want to account for actions like this.  What does the smaller government of Newt Gingrich really create?  The lack of oversight creates attractive nuisances like this.  Newt Gingrich was adopted it would seem to me that there was an attractive nuisance somewhere in his biological lineage or a propensity.  Our Government should not put United States Citizens at risk by allowing attractive nuisances.  Speaking of which, I find New Gingrich to be a nuisance to our government.  And those who he would attract to vote for him to be of dependent mind that want to hide their identity and forsake any responsibility for their actions in life onto others.

A United States Citizen should not be found guilty because they repeatedly failed to walk outside and stomp out a flaming bag of pooh that was delivered to their house.  That good citizen might not be home on a particular day and the resultant house fire might spread to your house as well, (Think The Great Chicago Fire.)

While I am on the subject of Mail.  What would be wrong if we said that taxes collected from UPS and FEDEX went directly to support operations of the United States Post Office?  They are both competitors of the Post Office and have led to its decline.  The Post Office was doing a lot better when they didn’t have as much junk mail to deliver either, but no one seems to want to recognize the load burden this creates.  We don’t receive junk mail from UPS and FEDEX. 

Direct Tax allocation:  Taxes on Tobacco companies directly to support lung cancer victims.

Direct Tax Allocation:  Taxes on Oil companies directly to support our clean environment.

Direct Tax Allocation: Taxes on Food makers producing high sugar foods to support Diabetes.

If we are able to hear our voice heard about the cause we might be able to solve the problem.  Direct Tax Allocation would be the first step, before everyone added up the fact that the taxes collected did not support the burden these companies put on our society and therefore they should lose their corporate status altogether.  When we look at all the harm they caused we readily realize that they should not have been granted the limited liability of corporate status in the first place.

There was only one Tea Party in the history of this country, the movement we saw recently is blasphemy!

Can we have common stock without the companies having the limited liability of corporate status?  That sounds like the future to me.

Bottom line, you cannot give me something that I did not ask for, nor do I care for, and then say that I am guilty of receiving it.  The post office can’t deliver flaming bags of pooh and your email host should not be able to deliver any porn to your inbox, whether legal or not!  You cannot even put the burden on me to look at it to try and discern.  To do so would be fuel for the weak minded false righteous in this country.  Do not be tempted to “dis-semen-nate!”   Satan is a reality as told to us from the Bible and he/she feeds on this soul!  Believe it!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Dumbbell Algebra " by Thomas Murphy | RedBubble

"Dumbbell Algebra " by Thomas Murphy RedBubble:

Dumbbell Algebra Story 12 24 2011
Add a framed image of this to your High
School locker room, shop class, fitness center or weight room to put forth an
understanding of Algebra. Algebra is one
of the hardest math skills to master and it is the failing point of many
students. This image teaches algebra
through humor. In this image the painful
skull trying to learn algebra and make the equation balance drills out 10
pounds from the left underside (A) of a 110 lb. Dumbbell to get his equation to
match. And B does indeed therefore equal
You either get this or you don’t.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

"Dumbbell Algebra" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Thomas Murphy | RedBubble

"Dumbbell Algebra" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Thomas Murphy RedBubble:

Dumbbell Algebra 12 24 2011

I will be refining this image and using this concept to make a better graphic image on a T-shrit so don't try and dupe it!

How to Disable an Evil Law Firm 12 24 2011

How To Disable an Evil Law Firm 12 24 2011

There was some mention in the news the other day of a law firm providing free legal support to a judge somewhere and how this negatively influenced public policy and in effect made our government a function of the whimsical thoughts of a head law partner.  Well maybe this wasn’t all in the news at all, maybe I just inferred it from something I read or heard.

What did the Movie “The Firm” imply? 

Lawyers have made a mockery of our constitution by appealing to anomalous emotion and circumstance.  And applying the results more broadly.

The circumstance to challenge the law were also likely spawn through the machination of witchcraft.

Lawyers- not a one of them is not satanic!

They do not contribute to our country, they detract from it!  The do not invent or create they steal, extract and extort.

Not only should that Judge be disbarred but every lawyer in that firm past and present should be disbarred in every state it does business in or has offices in.

Much of what is patented is known only by the men of satanic mind and the creator of the inventions, and the creator gets neither monetary reward nor credit. Inventions stolen from independent minds are doled out to, “Who likely could have thought of this?” via satanic brokers.

Lawyers and scribes are indeed given equal weight by Shakespeare.

Lawyer’s minds are Satanic because they couldn’t be raised with their own souls.

His mother sang the song to him when he was a boy, “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never ever let it go!”

The only ones who could orchestrate such evil throughout history are the satanic of the legal “profession.”  The haulocost in Germany and the machinations of the Irish Genocide were them as was Mussolini’s wrath in Italy.

Crooked crime money all supported by them.

HOW TO DISABLE AN EVIL LAW FIRM:  IF ONE PARTNER IS DISBARRED ALL PARTNERS ARE DISBARRED.  This would come under a provision that is similar to the antiracketeering provisions used to fight organized crime.  Lawyers do not work as one, they work as a team!  Only this filth can be held responsible for the decline of modern society!

“His wife married a rich lawyer and she is still not happy!”

They get their hooks in Politicians and influence them via peer pressure of being one of the affluent money culture.

They are the source of all evil deeds.

Limit the shield of the corporate structure and what would happen to them?  Would they implode via their own evil minds?  Most likely they would.

You can’t have drug trafficking, crime lords and deterioration of societal structures and government function without legal support!

More and more people are now becoming Satanic minded, not of choice but because living standards do not support anything better.  The dependent mind is the mind of desperation!  It is the mind of poverty of thought, an idle mind, that attaches itself to another’s soul!

If there were to be another civil war it would be incited by the overpopulation of the criminal mind in the ranks of our legal system and society.  It would be incited by the acts and failure of justice in our legal system.  “Old fur ears heard that one he did!”

Polluted water, air and land were all legalized by them!  They were indeed paid to legalize the pollution of water, air and land below the threshold of human understanding and it has accumulated into problem of a scope that does not have a viable solution.  What this pollution has created is more of the weak dependent mind.  And this new wave of weak dependent minded were not created by anyone’s choice as lawyers often are!

Rephrase, “Legalized pollution at a threshold level below human understanding that has accumulated in our environment and now limits the ability of humans to understand.”  Sounds like a metaphorical vortex!

Soul theft has been legalized by attorneys!  Why?  So they can be comfortable with a false view of reality and self!

Nothing could impress me less than someone telling me their son or husband is a lawyer!  What does it really mean?  It means they don’t have their own soul!

And what is a doctor today?  A DOCTOR IS SOMEONE WHO CAN ONLY DO WHAT A LAWYER TELLS HIM HE CAN!!!  Would you want your lawyer to be your doctor?  Ha-Ha, he is already!

We can’t get anything done in this country except give the lawyers more money!

Laws are based on case law because judges cannot be trusted to think and render a common sense and fair opinion!  Why not?  Because they did not learn to think for themselves, they learned from a stolen soul in a world of hatred created for them by their parents!

I was standing in line yesterday at a sporting goods store and an odd looking mentally challenged young man was pushed by me in a wheel chair.  He had hillbilly teeth.  But his eyes were the bluest of blue.  Is he a burden to society I asked myself and then thought, “You would like to say the same thing about me.  You would like to define me in the same way!”  They would label and stigmatize me as mentally ill so that could not recuse them of being dependent minded is the conclusion that I have come to.  And it is not just me they would do this to they would do this to 2.5% of our population.  The number only used to be 1% somehow now it has doubled.  Does anyone other than me see any corollaries between this and every negative trend in our world that benefits the non-working class at the expense of everyone they would like to say is lower than them?

The legal profession has defined the source of all their knowledge as being mentally ill so that they cannot be defined as being dependent minded (means the same thing as Satanic).

I believe that metabolic insult, poor nutrition and nurtured evil lead to idled minds that have a physical based aversion to work!

Do you want to know what the entire undercurrent of the meaning in the Bible is, as it relates to modern religion?  “Satan who is not a god but one of dependent mind would hide his nature from the world via juxtapositioning one group or religion against another.”  This is indeed why Satan who is not God destroyed the Tower of Babble!  He could not stand all that cooperation and thinking.  To him all that higher learning and knowledge was just babble.  That is indeed the power of Satan if his existence is denied to the world.  And the world Satan is indeed plural.  Don’t ask me to explain that now I have in past articles how that is true!

The corporate structure is one that benefits those who are irresponsible and cannot think for themselves; hence the limited liability!  What has the legal structure sought to do?  Create and education system that is of the same vein and profit from it.

You teach children by getting them to listen.  Refer to the three causes of the satanic mind mentioned in this article as to why they can’t listen.  There are more causes to the satanic mind than those but that is all I mentioned right now.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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