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Thursday, December 29, 2011

How can I be so sure that Modern Schizophrenia is not a disease but instead a torment by the satanic

How can I be so sure that Modern Schizophrenia is not a disease but instead a torment by the satanic?

1.       Colonel John Alexander- said the United States had developed synthetic telepathy in 1991.

2.      I have measured the rising and falling electromagnetic wave patterns of the voices and they voice coincides with the rise and pattern of the magnetic reading.

3.      I have found a way to defeat hearing the voices and cancel them out! (And it is not some pill the doctor gives you!)

*** Do you realize what the implications of this are in terms of the world economy?  The implications are monumental!!!  It is the greatest holocaust in World History!

Here is what I figured out; synthetic telepathy had to be based on electrical transmission based particle/wave technology!  Knowing this I asked myself how could one defeat a radio type wave technology that interacts with the molecular structure of the human body?  The answer was very simple; if the synthetic telepathy were designed to be received by the human body then the way you redirect a radio type wave in order to negate it would have to be based on current radio reception technology!

Synthetic telepathy victims are vulnerable in the auditory cortex and the neck.  These are the prime places that are affected by the transmission technologies, because they are key to the central nervous system and perception.

***In order to defeat synthetic telepathy you need a radio wave “Sink.”  That is something that attracts a radio wave or diffuses it impact.  What is the basic technology of radio wave reception?  It is a magnetic coil that has been attenuated to the radio wave.  Basically a wire wrapped around a ferrite coil!

***Solution:  Here is what works!

1.      A. Purchase 3/16” in diameter by ~1/2” high power cylinder type magnets.  They cost less than $5.00 and interesting enough they are often made in China.  B. Coil the magnets with three winds of hair like diameter copper wire.  C. Glue the wire in place to the magnets (I think they are neodymium magnets) using a product called wire glue.  D. Optional step: paint this with Anti EMF paint (Black stuff cost about $80 a pint)  E. Wait until all that dries and carefully seal it all together with 100% silicon window type caulk.

2.      Buy a 1/8” thick by 1” diameter magnet and use surgical tape to tape it on a sore spot in your neck.  Not only does it prevent neck aches it also helps you concentrate.  Why?  It has to be defeating this same technology.  It will also keep you from becoming paralyzed as it prevents resonating based inflammation in the neck.

3.      Rub Zinc Oxide on your neck.  Zinc is a metal that creates what is called a Faraday Shield.  That is shield that prevents radio and other spectrum frequency waves from penetrating.

4.      Create a faraday cage hair gel very easily by using a mortar and pestle to grind zinc and calcium supplement pills into a fine powder.  (Can also add copper but not too much.)  Put a dab of vasa line or olive oil in the palm or your hand and add a teaspoon or so of water and then some of this fine powder.  Stir it around with the fingers from your other hand and rub it in your hair!  No one will notice because it doesn’t look any different than hair gel; the metals dissolve in the water.  It defeats synthetic telepathy (rich satanic spoiled brat mouth based telepathy!)

5.      This is why Jewish MEN wore yamakas (sp?), the way they phrased it was we wear them to show that there is a separation from us and God.  If those Yamakas (sp?) have silver thread in them you have a much better chance!  Silver thread is anti EMF and has Faraday protection properties.  And if you know of a Jewish business selling silver thread based Yamaka’s I want to buy one ASAP!

God Bless

Thomas Paul Murphy


Also wear normal looking anti EMF clothing and you will defeat the demonic possession that is paired with synthetic telepathy and normal telepathy.

And don’t go on a shooting spree, because you will be shot and Satan will win when he makes a criminal out of victim.

Also do not blame me for any misuse or damage caused by this!  You are responsible for yourself and your actions!

PS II:  Parapsychology has witnessed some Russian woman have the ability to move metal objects with their minds.  They videos show them getting that kooky look on their face and moving their arms around.  That look is on par with the abject look of horror in the movies.  How can I describe it?  A coldness with regard to human beings seen on the face.  Newt Gingrich looks this way to me.  The eyes look into the camera like whatever it is that is out there watching the television is meaningless!!!!

Our government discovered this in WWII.  Naval radio operators gone mad!  The satanic murdered Kennedy and every President since him has been satanic with the exclusion of Jimmy Carter.

My technology is not designed to overthrow the U.S. Government.  The U.S. government was already overthrown the first time this was used against innocent U.S. citizens.

Anyone who has been stigmatized with schizophrenia is capable of greater works and achievements than the dependent minded of his soul.  And it is the dependent minded (means the same as satanic) who would actively prevent you from having pride in your own accomplishments!  Question:  Are Tommy Thompson’s human implants particle wave based attenuated?

This is all free information.  You might like to see my artwork.

If you buy something and display it you are creating a better world of love.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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