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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How National Languages are Influenced by Alcohol 09 30 2015

How National Languages are Influenced by alcohol.

That is one thing that they will never teach you in school. How a nations language is influenced in diction and dialect, or rather the gestalt sound of it from an apparent a brain birth defect related to alcohol.

Both France and Russia plane out slurred speech. As if the words form slowly in turmoil and then flow out on a curled back tongue. There isn't the time or brain capacity for the fine diction using the tip of the tongue. We also see many Italians talk this way. As if they are circumventing a very important part of the brain and therefore stretched out. Vodka has a very high alcohol percentage and Wine is many times greater than beer. So is it any wonder there are no real good singers on talent shows today?

Germany the biting temper of someone with a hangover who is therefore inept. As in, “The machine is broken and I am panicking because I don't know how to fix it.” The temper flares because of a hangover? And some people there were just born with that same brain defect effect because of alcohol.

China a cautious weedling and deedling. Plenty of discussion before action? And hence that is why the United States was needed to spur their manufacturing cycle! They don't know how much thanks they owe us for that!

The former Confederate South? That is high pitched like a mouse happy to be swimming and drinking in a barrel of wine. And also alcohol retard castration anxiety from living in a monkey community like that. This is why it bothers me so much when I hear that country music infiltrating the North! They don't realize how crass it sounds and the cause of it!

England is not perfect English either! It is the sound of a Lantern Jaw full of caramel trying to bullocks out the words. That and the female version is full of the sound of sexual innuendo. You can thank your lucky stars you weren't born to parents like that! It is like vacant head utterances and howlings. It is the attempt to pull the lower teeth of that regressive dinosaur jaw back behind the upper without putting their body off balance or seeming to wear dentures since birth.

Spanish is a clucking chicken with little proper vocabulary words to articulate without being error prone the discernment of fine details.

I wanted to take Latin in High School for my foreign language credits but they wouldn't allow that language to qualify! I believe that was Very Very WRONG! Latin has a strong base in root words and therefore the meaning and origin of things; knowledge! The reason they wouldn't allow credit for it? Knowledge is power!

India women seem to fall into one of two categories. Big round eyed unduly optimistic speech with alluring sexual connotation and fatalist shrill hag like voices.

The God Allah would NEVER approve of Heroin or recreational opiate use or sale. Keep that in mind as things continue in turmoil in the Middle East.

And what did my High School Humanities Teacher admit to? There was one thing he could never tell his wife.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Humor 09 29 2015

Humor 09 29 2015

"It ought to be easy enough to makes that falls rights here."

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Releasing a 35 5 inch musky

So you think you are going to harass people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia wherever they go? 09 28 2015

So you think you are going to harass people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia wherever they go?  09 28 2015

You think you are going to get smart with them?  You think that is cute and no one will ever find out?  You think you will always have a sound family business to fall back on?  You think that somehow religions money will always bail you out?

We may not be able to euthanize you for being a mean and obnoxious brat all your life but there is something we can very effectively do for you!

I've got some news for you that you aren't going to like!  It is called SELECTIVE SERVICE!

And you will end up forfeiting your life to save the very human beings and proud Americans that you hate!

That means you are out of here for good 5417 kid!

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Cheese Whore Humor 09 28 2015

Cheese Whore Humor 09 28 2015

"What do you like most about your life?"

"I like the feeling I get when I have a smoke or a drink," the young woman replied.


Bonus Logic:  Having a Down's Syndrome baby is proof positive you were sterile.

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

What did we learn from John Boehner that the biggest bullies are also the biggest cry baby sissies 09 27 2015

What did we learn from John Boehner that the biggest bullies are also the biggest cry baby sissies 09 27 2015

How many times did he threaten to shut down the government?  Isn't that bullying?
Closing down Planned Parenthood?  Isn't that bullying?
Ruining Obamacare which is a step towards free healthcare.  Isn't that bullying?

And if there were issues he knew of as to why these ideas were bad he surely didn't inform or articulate it to the American public.  It is as if we are to believe that for some reason they have secret information as to why public programs are bad and we are to have faith in that as a reason for their bad motives?  If that were true they would be obligated to tell the American public, so it isn't.

And how many times did we see him bawling as he sat behind Barack Obama or even more recently the Pope while they were speaking?

What was he doing here?  Was he a spy for a foreign Government?

Now I have to talk about Donald Trump a bit.  What did he say?  That Obama wouldn't defend him so why should he defend Obama?  Apparently Donald doesn't know about competition!  Which means that he got to where he was without having to compete?  When you compete do you expect your clear cut opponent, who has goals for the people and that is opposite you, to help you?  That is the most infantile statement he has made so far!!!  It is laughable!

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Trademarks are meant to preserve quality; not disposable and toxic polluting Chinese Imports09 27 2015

Saturday, September 26, 2015

This Pope does not fear God 09 26 2015

This Pope does not fear God 09 26 2015

Anyone who believes in God also fears hell! Hell being the damnation God sends you to for leading a horrific life. This Pope does not even believe in hell! Another word for someone like that is Psycho! And we saw that during his first speech before congress! The rolling eyes and the voice of a Spanish hag is what I saw.

If you don't fear hell because you don't believe in it then you also do not believe in God! It also means that you don't believe you should be accountable for any of your actions in life! Don't worry this Pope covered that too! He doesn't believe anyone should ever be executed!!! That is how a mentally defective person thinks! It is also that same Ugly Divine Right the United States of America fought the Revolutionary War over!

To not fear hell and therefore not believe in God what is that? That isn't religion at all is it!

So at the very least what does the idea of hell serve to do? Help a young person develop a human soul which is comprised of human reason and human conscience. So we just wave our hand and wash that idea away? A human conscience something that prevents you from engaging in criminal behavior? This Pope doesn't really understand how poverty is created does he? He speaks out against it but doesn't understand how it was created! It is created by people who do not believe in hell.

It was a national shame to see him speaking before congress! What about equal time speaking before congress? How about a head of the Jewish religion being allowed to? Oh wait they already populate the media and some are billionaire casino operators. What about a Protestant? Next Obama will invite the Queen of England to come over hear and lecture us!

I have not been following what the Pope said while he was over here. But I would sure like to read the verbatim transcripts because I would have a lot more commentary on it! You would think some monk somewhere would have taken them down and published them on a Catholic website.

Oh on Poverty. The other day I looked in a Magazine and saw a film festival was sponsored by a Catholic Church. So indeed the Pope could have had that money spent to feed people but he didn't. He took an expensive trip to the United States?

So John Boehner weeps as he sits behind the Pope who is giving his speech, who doesn't believe in God, and then resigns from Congress the very next day!

If you don't fear God you don't believe in God. Isn't it great to have to explain a persons own belief system to them? None of us should ever be put to that test! People who don't even know what they are saying! They don't think that you do either do they! It is the child's game of “You can't see me!”

I have a big problem with someone like this getting a Charitable Deduction for his organizations activities!  That is big big money that could have been allocated by the United States Government to feed and house the poor!  So indeed the Pope is the cause of poverty! Big Big money for an organization that just declared it doesn't believe in God!

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Media Monopolies created by family members of Oil Monopolies- That has to be broken up!!! 09 26 2015

How many non-smokers have had Heart Attacks upon being exposed to Second Hand Smoke?? 09 26 2015

Are we in the Oil Middle east to support U.S. Corporate Tea Party profits of oil plastic products that end up being disposable when they should be made to last? 09 26 2015

Are we in the Oil Middle east to support U.S. Corporate Tea Party profits of oil plastic products that end up being disposable when they should be made to last?  09 26 2015

Who profits from this?  The wealthy who are socialite drinkers and give birth to Down's Syndrome equivalent children?  Enough of that!  That poison cycle needs to be broken!

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Properly defining a same sex child molester 09 26 2015

Properly defining a same sex child molester 09 26 2015

"You can't do what you do and not be a homosexual."

Thomas Paul Murphy

Friday, September 25, 2015

Breast Cancer equals BATF~ Breast Alcohol Tobacco Failure 09 25 2015

  Breast Cancer equals BATF~ Breast Alcohol Tobacco Failure 09 25 2015

We already know that both alcohol and tobacco independently cause breast cancer.  The BATF was created to regulate them both.  However that regulation was spit with the FDA.

So people at the BATF have absolutely no conscience that the products they scheduled to regulate cause breast cancer?  Apparently not!  They just defer to the FDA.  But there is not one man at the BATF that has a human conscience concerning it like a man should?  And there has not been one there since the mid 1970's when we first learned this?

So you want to put pink ribbons everywhere for Breast Cancer?  We already know what causes it!  What is the purpose?  You presume to be highly educated, you picked your poison and for some reason we need to establish all kinds of charities and charitable events for you? 

Are you really begging that you should not have been able to consume those products?  I never hear anyone say that.  So what is the point.  It should be labeled "Pity us because we were spoiled and willful?"  I don't!  And there is something else you don't have related to cognition that you don't want anyone to know about either.  How will that get you into trouble?

Just to make a philosophical observation.  You sought these products as a matter of escapism; and you ended up with part of your human body excised from you because of it?  You would have been better off if you had been forced to struggle and peacefully adapt and transform into a mature adult in relation to your problems?  Couldn't do that for some reason could you?  Perhaps the reason being that you were tainted at birth by those very same products?

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The Giving Your Daughter Away in Marriage Standard 09 25 2015

The Giving Your Daughter Away in Marriage Standard 09 25 2015

If you would not want to be the son of that man then you should never approve of him marrying your daughter!!!

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

35.5 Musky caught and released

Who is God? The answer is in the Hail Mary Prayer 09 24 2015

Who is God? The answer is in the Hail Mary Prayer 09 24 2015

Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee;
blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

God was the son of a graceful woman!
God was Jesus Christ!
God is not a prochoice son it is the son of the mother who raises him womb!
Ever see a hag or whore have graceful manners at the same time?  Very rare isn't it!

And what is grace?  It is evidence of natural happiness isn't it!  Can you be genetically defective and have natural happiness?  I doubt it!  Can you have a defect to the serotonin receptive gene and also be naturally happy?  I doubt it!  And it has been scientifically correlated to homosexuality.  And is directly implied in criminal behavior? 

God wasn't a supernatural element in the sky!  He was defined as the son of a graceful woman! Were their other Gods at the time of Jesus Christ!  Yes!  They called themselves Roman Emperors and ruled by creating horror!  They believed themselves to be church and state in one, hence Gods!  To rule by divine right rather than written law is defining oneself to be a God although a devil one.  And per my memory the Devil was defined to be a God too?  I was never square with that.  I don't believe a Devil of a person can be a God!  Even though they can distract and influence you they are not Gods!  They are more or less mentally bankrupt and hence receptive and therefore insight disruption in order to have something to receive.

When you pray that Hail Mary prayer in your head the devil both male and female knows exactly what it means!  It separates the wheat from the chaff!  It is purifying!  Do it in order to combat the voices that afflict and taunt you!  It puts them in their place!  They cannot deny what it means!  They know what the comparison is telling them!

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How to maintain a Satanic Criminal Media Empire 09 24 2015

How to maintain a Satanic Criminal Media Empire 09 24 2015
  1. Only hire people you know are guilty of something!


A. You already know that they have lapsed conscience and therefore will be looking to do anything you tell them for money!

B. It makes you seem like a great person because you are giving them what seem's to be a second chance.

  1. You know that they can be manipulated because honest people would never hire them.

  1. How many crimes are ever prosecuted based on what was said or denied on television? Next to none! And Barack Obama's Supreme Court fostered that with their decision on lying.
E.  If you know that they have done one bad thing then you can use that against them to do many other bad things that initially are not of that same degree!  That bad thing might be that you know they performed cunnilingus, fellatio or sodomy at a college party?  You might know that they had a fixation on a former boyfriend or girlfriend and stalked and harassed them?

So you need that criminal media empire in place and then you can control every aspect of civilization. Why? It has to do with who has the power of credibility. Who has the ability to feed and maintain false information to the public.

When you control the public’s emotion you control everything. Religion, the court system, the labor market, the police force, the health care industry, the education system, whose children will have drugs pushed to them, who will run away into your brother pimps arms, who will be legally and illegally victimized, who will not find gainful employment. And who will be discredited for hearing curses in their head. Do you think that our television media has access to synthetic telepathy broadcasting equipment? Without a doubt! Did our Government fail to protect us? Without a doubt!

If you use the Milwaukee County Court System free lookup service you might find some very interesting things about the media people living in your neighborhood, perhaps on your own block!

So how do you break that up? You legally attack it on every single front possible! You hold every single one of those people directly accountable for everything they say every single moment that they have a chance. If per chance you see them out in public, question them on everything you don't like about them. They have the ability to stalk you but it isn't the other way around. So never let them be comfortable with who they are. People like this did not earn their success it was given to them by criminals.

And once the criminals are sold on an elevated sense of personality for themselves they are very easy to control in broadcasting positions. They don't want to give up that high they get from being something they are not and do not deserve to be. A criminal or inhuman nature to every addiction?

It makes it even easier to maintain if you hire people with very strong verbal manipulative ability and low IQ! So is there a way you can spot a verbal manipulator with low IQ? Do they put unneeded emotion in everything they say? Does it really seem appropriate? Do they not want to hear another persons viewpoint when they know it discredits their own? Do they speak bluntly about things that are not blunt topics? Do they pretend that any concern you have about anything is unjustified? Do they shift the focus away from constructive ideas? Do they offer veiled insults to attempt to show those who differ in opinions are really weak people when in fact they are the strongest intellectuals in our society? It all amounts to modified spoiled temper tantrums? You can see it in their eyes and faces! How they would really like to have a spoiled temper tantrum? And that is an indication of a mental defect relating to the ability to listen, learn and comprehend. Is nothing ever positive accomplished because they were granted careers? No progress on anything! Do the women revert to nuances of sexual subservience when challenged? Is that how they wiggle out of accountability for ineptitude? Or rather take the point of view that everyone is as dumb as you concerning an issue? And that is a self fulfilling criminal minded prophecy/fallacy isn't it! Pander to the emotions of those you know are weak minded?

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Fellatio?  Why does it start with FELL?  Every hear one of those people sexually abused by a priest say that they lost their soul (FELL) after it?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Seattle Seahawk's 17 at Green Bay Packers 27 09/20/2015

Seattle Seahawk's 17 at Green Bay Packers 27 09/20/2015

Green Bay Packers win.

Almost every play an example of who didn't play by the rules in school and became highly successful because of it. What a negative image this sets for the American youth! These the kids who should have frequently gotten bawled out until it made a positive difference in their lives. This isn't professional football so they do not deserve higher than Professional Salaries.

What did I see?

Finding the video camera in the sky and glaring at it! They have absolutely no idea how good that they have it; they take it way too much for granted! Making it seem a lot more serious than it is! It is a game and it is entertainment! This might explain why we have a military today and why conflicts are created for them? What else do we do with the sore losers who didn't make it in academia world? And what do they believe? “I will spend a few years hiking around in the Himalayas and when I come home I will retire just as if I was a Professional football player!”

Tackling by the neck.

Hands shoved in the face masks.

Tackling so that you have no concern for injury of the other player;~ trapping their foot as you bring them down. The son's of men do not play that way.

The long hair! They ought to make a special type of scissors that prunes that off in one swipe! Do you know why they don't? Because that long haired animal would become psychotic if he had to conform and not wear his hair like his momma! Shear that hair off and stuff it in the crematorium in between roll ins.

I don't know if I like the fair catch rule either. Why don't you just not kick the ball at all and say the other team gets it on the 20 yard line every change in possession? What am I getting at? Wouldn't that emphasize running speed and fair tackling; if they were not allowed to call a fair catch and had to play it out as it happened?

A driving a head face down into the turf on the tackle with your hand to the back of the head. Who in there right mind would ever allow a kid like that in their recreational games? What happens is that no one would ever want to play the game with a cheater like that, so whatever league you had going would dissolve while that 5417 kid rises to the top like slag; not cream! And what does the player who has his face pounded into the turf look like? That he has to accept that helplessness!

So what does that do to a man when he has to compete with this type of ilk? First it rattles his nerves. Then it makes him apathetic anytime he see's it happen on the field himself. Hence the game has been heathenized! I have a big problem to heathens and cretins being elevated to the highest earning status in a nation based on freedom!

If it was a Sunday game you would see a game commentator with the expressions of Sybil, twisting face, eye's that don't like seeing out of the head they are seeing out of, frothing drool spitting out of the mouth. While he then blurts out the insult schizophrenic! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. If someone that crazy were running around in your neighborhood your father would tell you to get the shotgun! Wait a minute it is Sunday Night! Let's see what happens at Half Time!

And all the false machismo. Do you know what the Army Drill Instructor says about the High School Athletes? That they are crying sissies who drop out of boot camp. That you tell them to do something and you practically have to beg them because they think they should have to take orders in life.

#89 his Ass was on the out of bounds white before he had tuck in possession. To me it looked like, “I will sit my ass on the white here out of bounds and this is how I will catch the ball so they can't say booh!” Yeap it was ruled incomplete pass. “I told you so!” I yelled at the TV as if I was the Bubble Boy! So GB fans don't like me? If you can't win fairly I have to respect for you! I would hate to think that the whole state has effeminated thinking on the issue!

Lot of hands and arms being deflected upon catches and missing the catches. ADVICE? They need to practice catching the ball while little TV imps or elves if you will, beat at their arms with aluminum umbrella poles filled with foam!

Ooooh! Ooooh! Oooh! Did anyone see what I just saw? The video cameraman man using a Hitchcock movie effect on Crosby's (?) psychotic mannerism after he kicked a field goal? Zooming in to catch what amounts to a pagan thieves expression? What a horrible example that sets for young Americans! No wonder why so many are unhappy and wine for legalized drug use! He needs to make the game seem higher than it is in order to put up a false barrier to entry into the business?

How much you want to be that cameraman is a marijuana user?

How many of these adult males were classroom distractions? If so they should never have been rewarded in life.

Continued play commentary.

Twisting of the ankle after the torso of the body has already been tackled to the ground. This is not professional football! About 1 minute left in the third quarter.

I have ZERO respect for management that would hire and promote people like that! ZERO! But I am not representative of the Wisconsin public! And I am not represented in United States Government either. A lawyer in one fights tooth and nail to be successful at some issue. Then the wife of a lawyer in a different area of chosen profit's wife dies because of it? And neither lawyer is really different from the other!

Pulling the body off the pile by the ankle! You could have a problem walking and pain all your life from that! That is neither human nature nor the nature of a real man! This is pure n1993r; white and black both!

And another lie that the NFL tells us! That you have to be tough to play in the NFL! How do we know this isn't true? Look how many times the game stops because of injury related to the above behavior? To me toughness is when you get banged around quite a bit but it never phases you! It isn't true one bit of these team members or there would not be so many stoppages to attend to the guy sitting on his ass in the middle of the field. Toughness also means that 1. You know how to avoid personal injury in the game. 2. Even though you are avoiding personal injury you are still taking your team forward in winning in the game. 3. And here is the crux right here! You cannot be tough in the game and also play like is described above! So in effect there is no standard maintained. Let me try and articulate a little bit better. You don't want your ankle twisted and your knee ruined so you don't do that to someone else.

I saw another head driven into the ground by the mask of the helmet with 6 minutes and 42 seconds into the game! This is like watching a prison fight!!! Who wants to see this? 50 ejected from the game? He should be out of the league! Maybe deported out of the country too with quite a few others! In any other setting if someone attempted to do that to you and you had a gun on you I believe that you have the right to instantly kill them! But that is just me. Don't take my advice! It is like a paraphrase of what Jesus said, “Many of you will end up in jail for believing in me!” You know what? That is probably common behavior in black inner city schools!!! When you read those gun violence statistics don't opt for gun control! Think of big mommas boy who had no respect for other people in a conflict with the exact same. There is nothing we need to do about it! We don't need to preach how gun control would save lives! What kind of a hippie mentality do you have to believe something like that? The Second Amendment protects the academic from the monster!

They just said there will be a heavyweight title fight on NBC on Saturday. I wonder if we actually will get to see that. Some of those things tend to get canceled due to wuss outs. And will the Hitchcock Camera man be there to cover it? You know that they can do all that! But when it comes to showing the right frame of the field at the time of play they are re-missed. Out of perspective, out of frames, fish eye effects. Although I don't know if I noticed as much of that tonight! So someone is breaking through to the block heads? A lot of showing of faces! And that showing of unsportsmanlike and sore loser faces does not do the game or the American public any good! What is that? Bad example of manhood! Would I be any different out there in terms of game face?

“A lot of great players know how to carry a chip with them and it serves them well?” said Chris Collinsworth of Rogers (sp's?) The other day I was thinking of just what that means when someone say's you have a chip on your shoulder. It is in reference to the Roman/Italian believe that, “You break the mold once you create a statue so no one else can make on like that?” It means someone who has a chip on their shoulder has received part of the holy spirit of someone they were trying to break the mold of? You have to be bombarded by hag voices to know what that means. And maybe I know what it is like to be the one with the chip on my shoulder. But I was very young when I was cognizant of that. But I have a trace memory of that. Somehow by the grace of God I was freed? I believe it had to do with personal willpower, prayer and the fact that I just couldn't accept being that. Perhaps I said this to God, “I am not going to put up with this!” :) And perhaps we are all born with a starter soul. Perhaps it comes from our biological fathers. In some cases perhaps it doesn't. Who knows. And a good father perhaps is the key to not being that way. A good father can snap you out of it? I believe that is true and highly relevant! Perhaps I was seeing my own future life at a young age. And the principle of “God helps those who help themselves applies. I can remember holding out my hand in my imagination to help a man who was being hoosegowed or cursed by a coven. Perhaps that is what freed me. Perhaps indeed I was tested at a young age and because I was not a sponge, I was freed from it.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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My Analysis of Diabetes based on my reading of an article in the October 2015 “Discover” Magazine 09 20 2015

My Analysis of Diabetes based on my reading of an article in the October 2015 “Discover” Magazine.

They laid out a string of premises with some intentional gaps.

  1. Sugar causes weight gain. (The article doesn't directly say that sugar causes fat.)
  2. Fat cells grow larger when we gain weight.
  3. The larger the fat cells get the less sensitive to the hormone insulin they are.
  4. Insulin causes cells to take up glucose from the bloodstream.
  5. Fat cells don't take up blood sugar so it stays in your blood at a high level after a meal.
  6. If your blood sugar climbs high enough you have diabetes.

Basically this is a disease of those who cannot discipline themselves and stop eating too much? Not so fast on that!

So what this brings up are many questions. They will never hate you in any profession and force you out faster than if you ask the hard questions.

A. Is fat stored sugar? That is what the canned explanation implies without directly saying.

B. Is fat really an inflammatory type response? The cell increases in size because of an inflammatory response? It is very well known that animal protein is harder to digest than vegetable protein because in laymen's terms =>the DNA has to be broken down into nonviral influencing protein? So could fat indeed really be your bodies cells reacting to ingested non human animal protein? Now I am going to stick this next bit of knowledge her. On public radio we heard how bad white blood cells can be blamed for many diseases!!

C. So one asks himself what causes that cell to become insensitive to the hormone insulin? Could it be that it expanded so big that the transmission from the membrane to the nucleus becomes lost after the cell ballooned to a high enough level? The nucleus essentially being lost within its own sphere of fat?

Perhaps what answers that best is something I read or heard by either Hulda Clark or the founder of Roex Vitamins that rings true with me. Your body stores toxins in fat cells! That is why it is so hard to lose weight because you just feel sicker and sicker when you try. (There are way's to do it though that take little effort!!!)

D. How fat can a fat cell get before it becomes insensitive to the hormone insulin? How big in diameter as compared to normal cells does it get before that cell becomes insensitive to insulin?


F. Are we to believe that a person who weighs 900 pounds has increased weight just because his fat cells kept taking on more and more sugar as glucose into them? So does the body convert the sugar to an oil? We know that fat is oil. Fry it in a pan and it is greasy oil! It doesn't become caramelized sugar when you fry it?

G. How come one doesn't become less hungry when their fat cells can no longer take in sugar?

H. Does a ballooned fat cell have decreased permeability on the surface and that being the reason why it isn't receptive to the hormone insulin. Some of this is indeed your bodies way of protecting itself.

But the crux here is; what if those bad white blood cells in your body that don't belong there are really protecting themselves?

My mother was very thin until one of our neighbors h3ll hound dogs bit her in the leg. Those neighbors where chain smokers. The walls of that brick house were indeed covered brown from the cigarette smoke. I knew their dogs were blood thirsty and I begged her to never go over there! They say people who think like I do suffer from paranoia. I was right about those dogs! One did bite her! And she gained weight afterwards.  Dogs are known to have teeth covered in germs and dog DNA?  They swab the inside of your cheeks to get a DNA sample don't they!  "Beware the leaven (yeast, fungus, mold, candida) of the Pharisees!"  Jesus scolded right in their face!

So why don't our scientists put all the various and diverse bits of scientific information together in order to draw meaningful and beneficial conclusions for the American public? I think many suffer from hard to detect mental defect to the hippocampus that does makes synthesis of information very hard for them. In fact if you demonstrate synthesis, collection sorting of relevant information in your mind, they become emotionally disturbed towards you. They can't comprehend it at first explanation hence the react and go on abusive attack of your personality. While you stand dumbfounded at what appears to be irrational behavior that indicates they should have never been successful at anything in life! Rather than allowing you to rationally explain they insult you. And they are not on the same wavelength of synthesis as you are. Synthesis being the apex of analysis. It is a human concern, a way of thinking that humans have the capacity for, hence it has no place in the false world of limited liability business.

Must be an easy way for them to believe they can consume all of your knowledge and stigmatize you with a label of schizophrenia at the same time??? Does it relate to bad human white blood cells not of your person?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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I don't proof read any of this stuff.  It comes out like it was typed on a mechanical typewriter with a shortage of paper.  If I were to attempt to edit it I would have a stroke as the voices gang banged my consciousness.  To be more fair to myself, I have never read ANY book and not found an error in it somewhere!

Is your neighbor really a professional 09 20 2015

Is your neighbor really a professional?

What can they help you do in your daily life as relates to their profession?

Very little. In fact most help they attempt to provide is detrimental!!!

Can an auditor give you year end finance advice! No!

Can a person who works for an investment firm give you profitable advice? Never!

What can a Corporate manager do for you as a neighbor? Very little!

How about a lawyer? They ever meaningfully help you with anything?

These are very high salary making people. However in terms of the hierarchy of how one develops from a boy to manhood a lot is missing in there lives. Somehow they leapfrogged what for you were all developmental rights of passage that you were always eager to learn and attain knowledge of.

What can they do? Let their dogs out to terrorize and chase your children. Blow smoke in your face. Cause noise disturbances? Somehow ruin everything you do right after you get down talking to them?

Transmit all their germs to you and make you sick?

Have their kids distract you while you are working with power tools?

Tempt you with cancer causing alcohol?

Ask you dumb and insulting questions?

Run to the window when you come outside and stare at you? How come their father never told them not to do that?

Do people like that foster the ideal image of American Communities?

Be there to glare at you when you come out of the front door when you think something like this?

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Schizophrenic you are the best form of Gun Control in the history of the world!!!! 09 18 2015

Schizophrenic you are the best form of Gun Control in the history of the world!!!!  09 18 2015


Because every time you fire your gun at the range "they" cannot fire theirs!  (They can if they want to but that isn't the point.)  The point is that your concentration ruins "activity" for them.

Their minds work differently.  They operate on direct real time imprinting! (SPONGE!)  Which means they can't do anything while you are doing it because their minds eye is always with yours!

In effect you could likely stop a World War!  How?  You don't have to do anything but go to the range, concentrate, aim and fire!  All those who are dependent minded to you lose complete confidence in themselves as their concentration is focused with you!

The "people of the voice" hate that!  Why?  Because it is something they know that they cannot safely imprint!!  It is where the line of safety is drawn in their minds!  It is "delusion of self gone now" for them!

One more point about the "people of the voice."  They are not as strong as you think they are and they want you to believe!  If they were really strong you would never have to take medicine to silence your mind as to negative things you think about certain people!!!!  In effect it is the tail trying to wag the dog!  It imposes a false reality on the world that is destructive!  They can't help acting so that they do not initiate negative impressions about them, so for that reason those who recognize their misfit behavior and actions should take medicine to negate your higher mind?

But the paradox is that they live by inciting hatred or fury towards them.  That is how they inverse imprint their minds.  But after a while of that the person they imprinted from must be put on medicine?  Why?  Because they don't like the persons who incited fury or hatred of them and never will like them.  So in effect a second person consciousness eventually defeats itself  because it is formed through negativity?  But it attempts to change that reality by putting those people it inverse imprinted on on medicine to negate their higher mind capability.  The mental defect being that at some age they realize they could have done it all on their own had they had tried hard enough?  So that gives them justification to put others on medicine as if those others had attempted to trick them into believing independent and responsible human thought was harder than it was.  So indeed what needed to happen was that they were disciplined from causing fury towards them?  So that doomed world of limited liability and irresponsibility was not allowed to rise to support them?

Perhaps Jesus Christ stated it best,  "You can hate me all you want, but if you hate the Holy Spirit, you are doomed for all eternity."  Jesus was implying that what was going on in their heads (fixation) had nothing to do with his intent even though it was related to him?  One more comment about the Holy Spirit related to this from the Bible where Jesus stated something of the meaning like this, "Even if you had sex with her only in your mind she believes you really did."

And I know very well that some people reading this have no idea what I am talking about.

Do you notice who never succeeds in politics, corporate America or Finance?  It is the person who asks the hard questions!  They don't want someone like that around but that is exactly the type of person who should have those types of careers!  And in effect they are offended most by questions that originate from human conscience!  And questions that originate from human reason confuse them in about the same manner!


Off topic again.  So how did the Irish defeat a race of women?  That is what we are facing today with gay marriage.  But we will never know how the Irish defeated a race of women that they were confronted with because the English burnt all of those books!  Tells you who the race of women is?

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Humor 09 18 2015

Humor 09 18 2015

"I like the (shopping) cart with the wadded up Kleenex in it."

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War as a means of displacing family ownership of businesses 09 18 2015

War as a means of displacing family ownership of businesses 09 18 2015

1. No demand for your products because of a War, hence the owner has to sell the business.
(And it was a terrible shame that many sought defense contractor status because of this!)

2.  Next generation of family members drafted and killed.  Hence a forced sale.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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How to Avoid Alcohol in Social Settings and be looked at for more of a man for doing so 09 18 2015

How to Avoid Alcohol in Social Settings and be looked at for more of a man for doing so 09 18 2015

"Tom do you want a beer?"

"You know it causes cancer; don't you?"


Your body metabolizes it into carcinogens!  These carcinogens are

In addition to the cancers it causes you can add prostate.

But what is the mechanism of action of alcohol causing cancer?  It has to be oxygen deprivation to the cell during cell replication.  Which means it can cause any cancer.

Does a smart aleck blow hard really want to tempt fate by challenging your reply, "You know it causes cancer; don't you?"

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On Immigration Who the H3LL wants to pay Welfare to Cheech and Chong??? 09 18 2015

On Immigration Who the H3LL wants to pay Welfare to Cheech and Chong???  09 18 2015

Who wants the value of their tax dollars going to support a drug habit of either Mexican Immigrants or Illegal Mexican immigrants?

Is that really what your Democratic and Republican Parties want to foster in the United States?  Aren't we better than that?  Don't you want us to be better than that?

Can you imagine how many birth defects a drug user will sire?  Things like retardation and deafness, etc.??

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

So what does a black boy think about school choice and integration 09 17 2015

So what does a black boy think about school choice and integration 09 17 2015

Does he think that he has greater athletic ability and it will impress the father of a white girl?

Does he think that if he gets that girl pregnant that she won't leave him and he is set?

What does the bad white kid think about school choice? That there is a black boy who I can get to deal my drugs for me!

What does the Catholic Priest think about it? “That black boy will do the sexual molestations so that I don't have to?”

And what did we read about Barack Obama? That he stated he used drugs in high school so that he could forget about who he was?

If a black boy doesn't want to marry a black girl isn't he a racist against his own race?  But we don't even have the proper term for it do we!

So this is School Choice and we are paying for whether we like it or not thanks to Scott Walker.

Tell me how emphasizing athletic performance over academia is good for the country? Isn't that how good neighborhoods go bad? And at Whitefish Bay High School about the time I was there the athletes were the drug dealers! And they also used them! Whatever it is about themselves that they didn't like they were not able to run it off were they. Every drug user is a dealer in my book!

What about Carly Fiorina (spelling?) who lost a son to drug addiction? She was a Corporate Career woman! She chose that field. I have worked for Corporations and it takes up most of your day! I want to say that she made that choice and wasn't there for him. Some wealthy have a derelict raise their children for them. So who did Carly Fiorinas son think he was? I want to research him. Was he targeted because he had his own soul and fur ears the drug dealer wanted to screw him up?

But I think the drug problem is like this. Some cannot form a human conscience and reason and seek to drug those that can. To them drugs are a false reward system. I will reward myself for being someone else? I will reward myself for what? Athletic achievement? If you reward yourself for academic achievement with drugs you don't further one single profession in life do you!  The druggy takes drugs because he doesn't have his own human soul and can't stand that reality!  Now that isn't some norm in the human species is it!  That is the hidden belief that isn't true!

So you wait for some bright eyed kid to go to college so that you can haze their mind from them? As happened at Barrack College?(Spelling?)

But she is right on Donald Trump going bankrupt. And she is right about something needing to be done about the drug problem? She is right that the drugs today are more addictive. Per my memory she went bankrupt with Hewlett Packard too. But if she said that drug dealers should be executed I would be with her on that!

So Donald Trump would bankrupt the entire country and when it happens he would deny he did because of legalize or nomenclature? How can you not make money with a Casino? Because your employees don't respect you and pilfer? So what kind of a national leader in terms of jobs would he be? It would be a joke like his apprentice show! Bring in all the successful freaks who had facial plastic surgery and watch how emotionally disturbed they become when they have to cooperate with another human being! Yeah he'll claim he has great personal resources.

Do you trust a woman to be a mother of your country when she could not even be a mother of her son? If you can't blame a parent for their own bad kid who can you blame for anything?

You would think that I hate Donald and Carly (sp?) But I don't! I can't understand what they are doing here. They are so insignificant to me that I don't even check the proper spelling of their names!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My new CD "Music Therapy" MP3's are now available!!!!!!

My new CD "Music Therapy" MP3's are now available!!!!!!

Album Notes

Music Therapy notes

These are songs I played on my Cigar Box Guitar. A guitar that has a Cigar Box where the traditional round back part would be.

Track Notes

1 'He Get's It' The song is titled that because that is what the guitar pick screeching on the strings sounded like it was saying when I listened to it. Like it was mocking me, “He get's it!” The voices also have mocked me with those words. Call it biofeedback to the voices? Playing something over and over until that behavior is modified?

2 'Monroe Interjects'  In the high strings I here a very fussy woman interjecting into the life of a man. She likes him; but more to the point; likes to challenge him because he believes in himself? Perhaps the term is “grousing?” I play by ear. I had heart as I was playing and decided to give her the last word at the end of the song.

3 'Bezerker Blitz'  The name say's it all. It is HIGH ENERGY

4 '30 MM Turbine' It just had that “rolling” sound to it. Like I am in a Tank Killer plane shredding armor vehicles with a powerful gun on a low flying pass. It has that sense of Bravado to it.

5 'Zeppelin Swooning'  I imagine myself in an old biplane. The machine gun mounted in front of me and designed with a timing chain so that it doesn't shoot off it's own propeller. I am hunting a war blimp down and firing at it! The song also has a country dance feel to it. I also hear a little the Cure and Lead Zeppelin in it. Also I hear some morocco in it; however all these songs are done on a single pass of my 3 string Cigar Box Guitar!!!

6 'Sinking Interference' Those are the words that came to mind to describe the beat of this song. A little industrial sound to it.

7 'Western' The hoofs of a horse clanking on the rocks in a slow ride through dessert. A regrouping or road trip song. A time for insight.

8 'Ready Set Charger' This one feels like a cross between a slam dance and marching band gone wild After our horse regrouped it is off to the races again.

9 'Fat Lip' This song sounds like a man with a “fat lip” complaining to everyone.

10 'Adrenalin' This reminds me of the old crime shows. Where the V8 powered car was flying over the hills of San Francisco. I also hear a little Jimmy Hendrix and The Cure in this one.

11 'A Parade of Poobahs' I imagine a bunch of men with “horns” competing to see who is the leader of the parade; while they are marching in the parade. One stepping in front of the other as if no one see's how rude they are to each other?

13 ' What it sounds like to me'  Just doesn't sound like a complete album without some vocals. Hence some “Scat”

You can find the tracks here!

>>>    <<<

The cover:

This was a building at the Lake Mendota Mental Health Complex on Governors Island Madison Wisconsin. I used this picture to show how society views and accommodates those diagnosed with mental illness; as if they are a Lizards prey. The sign on the rusting barracks type building read “MUSIC THERAPY”

Thomas Paul Murphy

Schizophrenia is your fight for your individuality 09 16 2015

Schizophrenia is your fight for your individuality 09 16 2015

That makes you likely to be the only human beings left on earth!

That is something to be EXTREMELY proud of!

What would cause 98% of the population to have a mental defect and not you?  A simple brain birth defect related to the poison of alcohol.

You are cursed with voices because you have a normal human mind!  This is what you should use your mental voice to say to the voices.

"Hey fat ear!  What was like heaven to you is my thinking!  And it isn't going away!"

Thomas Paul Murphy
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This Evil Old Geezer is scaring me even more 09 16 2015

This Evil Old Geezer is scaring me even more 09 16 2015

Here is what the Pope stated about hell and Adam and Eve.

“Through humility, soul searching, and prayerful contemplation we have gained a new understanding of certain dogmas. The church no longer believes in a literal hell where people suffer. This doctrine is incompatible with the infinite love of God. God is not a judge but a friend and a lover of humanity. God seeks not to condemn but only to embrace. Like the fable of Adam and Eve, we see hell as a literary device. Hell is merely a metaphor for the isolated soul, which like all souls ultimately will be united in love with God.” - See more at:

It is a this is what I want to do so this is what I have to say logic?


So according to the Pope there is no hell. 

So if you are a bad person, let's say you are a Catholic Priest who sexually molested children, your highest religious authority just told you that you are not going to hell if you kill yourself; because there is no hell!

I actually believe that the only way a bad person gets to heaven is by realizing how bad and inhuman that they are, and when they determine they are not one of us and never will be that God grants them to heaven because they were doing the right thing with regard to themselves.

In terms of the Gun violence statistics mainly being suicides.  That doesn't bother me either.  Say someone read what I wrote yesterday about the woman who had the naked retard down on the ground and was coarsely scrubbing his groin with a disinfectant towel.  If anyone who thought that was funny killed themselves it would not bother me!  You can't tell me that a lot of those who killed themselves didn't have evil mental constructs like that going on all the time?

But how does the Pope know there isn't a hell?  What did he base his "Verdict" on?  Certainly Jesus Christ believed in heaven and hell?  But maybe not, as he went willingly to his death and that is suicide which puts you in hell per his belief.  So what is the Popes reason?  They want to make money from the death suicide business.  They have not executed the Priests who molested children. 


You won't go to hell for aborting a mentally retarded child.  Why not?  Because there is not hell!

You won't go to hell for remarrying after divorce.  Why not?  There is no hell!  So what was the motivation for that controlling philosophy?  Perhaps if a woman remarried and found out the man she married was just as mentally retarded as the first one she would be suicidality depressed?  Perhaps their were Italian women in the Roman society that they knew no one would ever want to marry!  So they married them out of pity and then divorced them?  They knew no one else would ever want to marry them so they gave them a reason not to think and stew about it?  So that they didn't lose hope.  For if his sister lost hope he would become depressed too?

So if a woman remarries she was going to go to hell which really means that she will have an isolated soul?  No just the opposite is true; her soul is no longer isolated- she is with, hopefully, a good man!  She has learned her lesson about the bad!  So it was indeed a controlling mechanism!

Perhaps they didn't want that woman to end up marrying a better man!!!!!!!  There it is!

I wonder how many women would feel victimized by the church in retrospect for that controlling philosophy the Pope just revealed was bunk?  Will they start to take mallets to the churches just like the Berlin Wall came down?  All Churches should have their denominations defaced.  They can make great community centers.  If your low priced table saw burns out you should be able to go down there and use theirs.  Need to workout?  They should have free services.  That will keep good clergy busy. Perhaps the stations of the cross should be of those children who were sexually molested there!

You end homelessness you end poverty.  But what about the homeless that are just bad people?  I always assumed they were good people that played by the rules and lost because of it.  That might not be entirely true?  Given the first opportunity they use drugs and sexually victimize someone? 

People don't seem to believe in the sanctity of the human soul and how brain birth defect causing alcohol should not be in our communities.  The Catholic Church promotes it!  Although the Pope stated NO DRUGS!  Not any!  So he is a good man.  But saying one thing and allowing something else to happen betrays ones honor and courage to not be that?


So if there is no hell then it essentially negates any consideration from the ill fate of implied religious punishment for bad deeds and crimes committed.  It takes away religious interference from the court system!!!  (Hopefully!)

So if you weren't confirmed to be a Catholic, essentially taking a sworn oath to drink the highly addictive and mental retardation causing church wine every week, then you are not going to hell!  Who knew?  I knew!  Why?  Because my core personality is naturally happy.  I can see right through all this.

So you take Adam and Eve out of the mix and then on Bible talk radio you no longer here any of that creationism argument!  How did the human race really form?  By natural selection and also natural "pruning."  "Junior over there still has monkey ears.  Anyone want to marry him? One final call?  Wait a minute I don't want anyone to marry him and have children that look like that terrorizing my tribe!"  "Eva doesn't know enough not to eat the wormy rotten apples that are fermented on the ground.  Anyone want to marry Eva?  I have told her repeatedly not to but she can't listen and understand?"

But how do we know that there really is a hell?  Because some of us hear the voices (curses) of those who were born into it!

After reading the full context of that I have more to say about it as ideas are forming.

Why do I call him Evil?  Because he wants those of us who hear voices to have no fear of suicide and going to hell because the funeral operations would make money for the family business.  It is starting to read like organized crime to me!  Controlling belief systems, threats, extortion....  He might not know what the finality of his actions will be?  How can a person who is horrible transform something to their bad purpose and will?  What spirits are guiding him?  Are they likely the same hags that jeered at Jesus Christ as he carried his cross?  Are they many steps ahead of him in his thinking?  To the point whereby he has set something up just the way that they want it and steps 95 through 100 will be completed by them?  That is the way evil tends to operate!  By willful misinterpretation of someone else's good intent!  We see it everywhere today in U.S. law and politics!

I want the horror of that Roman Empire completely gone from the United States!

An isolated soul, like all souls, ultimately uniting with God?  The inference is through death isn't it?  But what is his philosophy there?  It has to have more to it.  I think I see a flaw in it although I don't know what it is.  "Uniting with God"  That is a oneness principle that is essentially communism!  In oneness the cream is not allowed to rise to the top to lead in meritocracy, hence it is species regressive!

So why do I call him evil?  Because I know some of those nuns drive people insane!  Essentially hell?

And I do like this Pope!  I do. Just so he knows.  :)

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Day in the Life 09 15 2015

A day in the life 09 15 2015

So I am fishing from a pier.  In the shade under a Gazebo is a boy who has a mental defect.  He is moaning in misery.  He has his pair of shoes in his hands.  The strings are tied together and he is bouncing them up and down nervously. 

I have to wonder if his mother didn't adopt him because of the retardation in order to receive $80,000.00 a year from Governor Scott Walker.

After I am done fishing I drive by where he was. 

He is laying one the ground.  He is skinny and perhaps 12 years old.  A blonde haired women who looks like a bar fly is doing something to him. 

In broad daylight he is naked from the waist down lying on the grass.  She has an antiseptic wipe in her hand and rather coarsely she is rubbing around his groin with it.

Somehow she knows who I am or rather what I don't like?  I hear her say, "This is my meal ticket."

Try and get the image of that our of your mind!  And there are indeed political groups who do just this kind of machination.

Could a politician be controlled in their thinking after having been exposed to a scene like that?  I believe so!

All true stories.


I have to ask myself what kind of sick people find fun in human misery?  And that is depressing.

 As I drive into the pizza restaurant parking lot, a boy pulls out of the lot in a modified BMW.

Then I am waiting for a Pizza.  I stand near the front window to look outside as I wait 20 minutes.

What looks very similar to the first young man drives up in a modified Audi.

He is sitting at the table outside with a girl.  They each have a pack of cigarettes.  Everyone seems to be smoking them wherever I go!

I have my dark sunglasses on so they don't see where my eyes are looking as I watch them.  They make a cigarette exchange.  He gives her two and she gives him two.  They put them in their paper cartons as if they are new.

Why would they do that?  Then I asked myself what if two of those were really well rolled up "joints!"

That makes for the perfect drug deal doesn't it!  No one would ever suspect it to go down like that.

I look at her.  She is very thin.  How many women develop breast cancer from that.

I think in order to stop the spread of marijuana Cigarettes have to be banned.  Beside them facilitating a drug trade they are also a gateway drug to worse drugs like heroin.


Then I start thinking again.  How was the drug trade fostered in the United States?  What about the movie business?  Was it used to launder drug money?  Look at the costs a movie producer pays out for?  It is the perfect money laundering operation isn't it!

Then I wonder, what movies were produced in drug producing nations that would more readily facilitate such a drug trade?  Big Private planes coming in with big boxes of gear.  Was it ever checked for drugs?

What drug or chemical caused that boy's birth defect?  Does anyone care?

And women get ovarian cancer from warts.  They call it the papilloma virus.  Wouldn't it be a lot better if they just used the term warts in the vagina?  Would that facilitate better hygiene and less promiscuity?

Do you remember when they used to say someone who thought like I do was a germaphobic?  Wasn't that a great disservice to our nation?  Don't call it warts that cause ovarian cancer because the germaphobics are proven right?


I don't own a dog, but today I figured out that a dog dish sitting outside the library is a community dog dish!  I always thought those were just for one persons dog or something.  It never occurred to me that all dogs would drink out of the same dish?  So a kid is sick at home.  They feed the dog his table scraps.  The dog licks its butt too.  Another dog drinks out of the same water dish.  I might just say isn't that how diseases could be spread?  That second dog licks your child's face?

Then after awhile that child needs a joint?  Right?  So you better make it legal?

The day before that I am parked by the river with my mother.  We are eating fried chicken.  This is the place where we sometimes see queers arrive for what looks to be meetups.  It would be a good place to cast a line.  But even I don't want to do that because of the queers I have seen there.  Nor do I want to leave my mother alone in the car if I do.  And she had a little fear to.  I just have to ask, what is wrong with a sign that reads, "No homosexual loitering."  I can remember when I was a boy in Ester Brook Park.  We were walking through the woods when a naked black man who was sunbathing with a white woman got up and started to run around like he was going to chase us. 

So who are the people that don't like you to be free, mobile and adventurous?  Who is it that is that insecure among us?  Who would tell us the earth is flat so that we don't try and colonize a new country? 

Holy Family used to have a picnic in that same park every year.  It was a lot of fun.  We would run through the paths in the forest!  Until not to many years into it one girl from the Church was sexually molested in the woods by a black man.  The Church never held one there again.  That had to have been around the mid 1970's.  Today that area is where you hear gunfire from at night?  Drugs are sold.  Day care operations where children are sexually abused?

So a man is in the woods and going to sexually molest someone.  If he is molesting a boy I would classify him as a homosexual for that sick desire.  But it likely wouldn't make any difference who he molested.  So in effect the connotation of the term homosexual would seem to have a broader context than it does.  And I don't like to harp it, but recent 2014 scientific evidence links homosexuality to a defect in the gene that regulates serotonin.  So that would seem to me to be the all encompassing smoking gun there?

Had the person who sexually molested that girl been executed for that crime wouldn't racial integration be a lot different today?  Better?

They would like people like me who hear voices to be force medicated.  So that we can no longer express ourselves in this manner?  To me that is a crime against humanity.  I want any and all who would institute that as part of a religious law to be evicted from the United States.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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To change the focus of manhood 09 15 2015

To change the focus of manhood  09 15 2015

From "How can I benefit my village (or greater community) to how much money can I suck out of a Free Democracy with the help of my tribe!

So why would you do that?  Because you can't compete fairly among men!  Because you have no respect for men?  Because you needed to change reality in order to fit the reality of your mental defect?  And limited liability allows you to pretend to be something you are not!

That latter doesn't view humans as one of them does it?

The wealthy did not have the better genes!  Just one generation of those with fetal alcohol syndrome or Wilsons Syndrome ruined that!  Empirical evidence tells us that we would have none of the problems we do today if that was not true!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Why Italian American Organized Crime was Antiprohibition 09 15 2015

Why Italian American Organized Crime was Antiprohibition 09 15 2015

Who is going to marry a runted little Italian man without alcohol involved?

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Humor 09 13 2015

Humor 09 13 2015

“She has Dutch wooden shoe feet.”


A guy sees a long and straight hardwood tree branch and he thinks. “That is my spear to be!”

Gives a new poetic meaning to Shakespeare “To be or not to be.”

Copyright 2015 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Fraudulent Alcohol Lies Perpetrated by the U.S. Government 09 13 2015

Fraudulent Alcohol Lies Perpetrated by the U.S. Government 09 13 2015

If a person is mild mannered and kind ALL the time; but when they drink alcohol they become something else does that mean their inhibition decreased? No! Inhibition is the wrong word because it implies something that isn't true => “That the bad behavior was part of them wanting to get out!”

And I believe that is the terminology used on the warning label for alcohol, “may decrease inhibition.”

It means they were oxygen deprived to the point of mental defect, perhaps species regression and perhaps demonic possession.

Inhibition would be the willful and self serving wording of the devil. To assert that was really that person all the time!

They didn't let the responsibility for it fall squarely on one shoulders did they! Between the BATF (who can sell it) and the FDA (why it is bad for someone!) That is wrong!

Here is more proof to flush false belief systems or to prove the influence of the satanic and demonic possession upon human thought!

“If you wouldn't even do it when you were drunk “decreased inhibition” is not the proper terminology to express what is going on there with alcohol. If you sometimes think it but when put to the test would not even do it when you are drunk it means alcohol didn't decrease your inhibition.

So “Whose thought was that?”

Contrast this misnomer. To not do it when you are drunk versus the decreased inhibition of allowing something to be done to you while you are drunk. A narcotic is defined as anything that makes you sleepy. To allow something to be done to you when you are drunk is really coersion. So the label should be changed to reflect that truth. “Alcohol may facilitate you being coerced into doing something you do not want allowed to be done to you.” Or “Alcohol may facilitate something being done to you through coercion.” Perhaps this is best, “Drinking alcohol might cause you to be more easily coerced.”

Do you see how not even the Surgeon General, believed to be the highest ranking medical official in the nation got this one right? We might call his efforts a well needed baby step!!!! He might have been assassinated like Kennedy or Lincoln had he had used stronger language. Isn't that a worldwide shame? Also one of the greatest threats to your Constitutional Right to free speech. If I say or do what that good person did look what will happen to me!!!

Also the label should state this, “Your human mind may be weakened, even to the point of a regressive species.”

Let's add a little of Jesus Christ, the good Jew's fight to it. “Alcohol might cause you to yield to temptation.” Temptation is the more accurate and precise wording. It implies more than one involved!

And this is why it is called the Devils Urine. I believe that Jesus Christ word for Retard was indeed Satan. So how is satan created? Because women are coerced to be impregnated when drunk! Alcohol being the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere. Not only does misery love company it loves it so much it seeks to create it! I am going to broad brush it and classify it as one genetic poison that could be responsible for every genetic birth defect there is! Tobacco would be another. And some of those genetic birth defects then become hereditary? Whereby the mother passes it down? Is that indeed why some race/religion is stated to be matriarchal based in their DNA? The lineage follows the mother and not the father?

Copyright 2015 Thomas Paul Murphy
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You won't get a better Sunday sermon, homily or gospel than that in any church in the world!

I wish I could tell you the full content of an talk I had with a Jehovah's Witness this past week while I was in line waiting for chicken at Popeye's Chicken on Capital drive; because it was a good one!

I said to her, “So you believe that the Bible is the word of God.”


Then I said this. “How were those people in the Bible inspired to write the word of God?”

She mentioned that some saw visions. But she didn't say that some heard voices! Even though the Bible states that!

Errant Belief System 09 13 2015

Errant Belief System 09 13 2015

The mentally defective believe that chanting to you is far more beneficial to their health than any form or amount of physical exercise would be!

It isn't true!

Now let's say that they do have brain defect, couldn't that recovery from exercise period help to transform or normalize that physical brain defect? Why would this be true? Because the recovery period forces them to think about what they just did! In effect you are forming human memory in them! And hence it is part of human conscience and human reason formation too!

When you hear voices doesn't it really mean that some forms of people have a fixation on you?
And when they do they don't really think about themselves and they either get fat like a baked up cake or dwindle to nothing.

It isn't fair to say that people who are traumatized have a fixation on the person who did it to them. That is indeed self serving devil language. Did that someone actually physically hurt you or are you just an emotionally immature baby?

Fixation might be a way of determining a metabolic germ or genetic defect; in the person who has the fixation. So indeed when one of us hears voices it is because another of us has a fixation; likely caused by a genetic defect?

That genetic defect might indeed be transformed to go away through physical activity. Indeed genes can transform from what you were born with to something better through life activity? If you sleep deprive someone they can develop schizophrenia which is genetically different? No! That sounds like fraud to me or self serving devil terminology again! The schizophrenic likely always had those pure human genes.

Can a person be disciplined enough so that they develop self discipline and their behavior changes their genealogy to be a better person. I doubt it, but be hopeful if you are that way.

Narcotics (defined as something that makes you sleepy) will NEVER do that! They are a form of escapism which prevents you from self discipline required to change and be a better person! Instead of self disciplining yourself you rewarded yourself with the escapism from reality that the narcotic provided to you.

So when you hear a voice you can determine that someone has a fixation on you? And that fixation needs physical activity treatment and healing foods!!!

Again the more that they are allowed to fixate the sicker they will get! Even die from it!

So what is the big deal you say if you do not have your own cognition. “A bad one fixates on you and a more mature and older one more positively fixates on you.” It should not be that way! You should not have been born into fixation. Here we can make the equivalent of being born into fixation as being born into perdition. Why shouldn't it be that way? Because the good one suffers needlessly!

Let's add medical fraud and a non human consumed parasite to the mix.

Let's say that a person fixates on your energy body. Lets say that you have a tapeworm in your belly that the Doctors won't acknowledge because they are genocidal like those nurses in Belgium in recent news. So that person fixates on you, how do you know that they are not receiving more of the energy body of that tapeworm? So here a co-dependence is being created? And I know that this is so far out that very few of you will comprehend it. But some might.

But one more point they fixate on you because they believe in your mind over theirs! Much like the goal of the Sikh religion is to join with a higher consciousness termed God. Doesn't that really imply that those who fixate do not have the genetic basis for normal human development of consciousness? In terms of the mind body Hindu ? belief system. (Which might have arisen to combat this errant belief system. ) They seek to adjoin to your mind rather than do the work to develop their own mind and body. It isn't really a way of complementing yourself if you practice it is it! It is as if you are labeled yourself with a dunce hat everywhere you go. Perhaps I should sell dunce hat shirt pins?

So perhaps a bad person physically hurt someone and that person cursed them for it. Does the person who is cursing them have a fixation upon them? No the person that was violent is the one in the wrong and justice should have been able to discipline them from that behavior. But what I am getting at is a spoiled person that nothing is required from. Having the desire to harm people so that their consciousness is indeed fragments of those who curse them. That would be how Jesus defined satan or I define the mentally defective or criminal minded.

So what happens next? Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Why form your own human mind when you can steal the souls of human beings instead? Why do your own intelectual work when you can sit back and fur ears sponge everything in from humanity? It allow belongs to you because you are nothing and not one of us?

Lets all drink to our hearts content, have mentally retarded children and curse family lines by causing them to hear voices. No one will notice. We will only do it to skipped generations. We will just ruin the credibility of the people we do it to. Who believes a homeless person? After we are done with that humans mind' they will be incoherent! Fun, fun fun we will have. And that is the theme of the Judea Ledger. We will attain great wealth from that and thereby control the human race; so noone will ever be successful in their protest against us. The only way I can prove you are wrong is that you have no human conscience and the chemical waste laden in our water and air is going to kill all of us. But you will be the last to go because you have borrowed human conscience so it doesn't really matter to you until that last end. I hope you end up in eternal damnation or purgatory after that! Screaming in pain and agony in a black hole forever where no one will ever hear you! That is indeed how God's poetic justice works! It is infallible!

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And perhaps with this article I have given new meaning to a brand new philosophy of "Determinism"

We can't have people who will kill you if you don't believe what they do 09 13 2015

We can't have people who will kill you if you don't believe what they do 09 13 2015

That is what I hear a lot of military types say.  Here is just one of the problems I have with it.  Do I believe in someone who could not go to college telling me what to do? Not a chance in h3ll.  When I am with a person like that it is often like babysitting a child who wants to run willy-nilly around the house and wreck stuff.  You have to watch them so that they don't hurt themselves and blame it on you!

Who is one person who would use deadly force to suppress the belief system of another person.

This is the way I explained it to one of these Afgan Veterans.  "We can kill someone if they are a danger to us."  He didn't like that!  Amen!

When your freedom to practice religion violates someone else's rights?
1. When it becomes something that isn't personal to you?  A belief system pertaining to a group versus an individual?  You have already defined yourself to be less than one!
2. When it amounts to organized crime.
3. When you want to suppress a persons belief in themselves.
4. When you want them to believe something you know isn't true.
5.  When it allows you to violently express your inhibited cognition with regard to the human race.

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Thomas Paul Murphy
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Television Fosters Non-Representation of the American Public and is therefore a threat to human freedom 09 13 2015

Television Fosters Non-Representation of the American Public and is therefore a threat to human freedom  09 13 2015

That is what I thought of when I glimpsed Bernie Sanders on television this AM.  You cannot be President if you preclude yourself from solving problems by using the framework of the United States Constitution.  I am talking about your right to have a gun and your right to believe what you want to; which is freedom of religion and more to the point your right to believe in yourself!  I tried to create a petition yesterday that creates a Constitutional amendment guaranteeing you the right to think yesterday but it was prevented from being published by an "internet hacker!"

Sure Bernie sounds tough on Wall Street.  But he is the guarantied "fall guy" candidate; he will never go tough enough to make a meaningful difference in the long term (4 years?)

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Organized Crime First Established With Guns and then Maintained Through GUN CONTROL 09 12 2015

Organized Crime First Established With Guns and then Maintained Through GUN CONTROL 09 12 2015

That is exactly what the Second Amendment is there to PREVENT!!!!!

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How to end the medical Fraud of Schizophrenia 09 12 2015

How to end the medical Fraud of Schizophrenia  09 12 2015

It might be worthwhile to note and study how Mussolini got the Mafia out of Italy.  Someone like that would be a hero to me today in the United States!

Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  During Prohibition hundreds of bars stayed open in Chicago.  And Al Capone is believed to have raked in $60 million alone from alcohol sales in 1927.  (Alphonso Capone;  A different Fonzie is so popular in Milwaukee that they built a statue of him here)

Anyone see a link to Franklin Roosevelt being bankrolled to U.S. President?  His family money came from the opiate trade with China.

The Jews also had a mafia based in Detroit called The Purple Gang.  It was formed by problem kids who were placed in a special school.  When I read that I think of Scott Walker's private school initiative.

Al Capone even feared expanding his organized crime operation into Detroit because it was controlled by the Purple Gang!!!!!

So what were the surnames of those members?  What were the surnames of the hundreds of bar owners who stayed open in Chicago in the 1920's in defiance of the U.S. law?   Some of the surnames there were Bernstein and Shapiro.  I can tell you they are still active today!  When you look at how horrific that Jewish gang was in Detroit, Al Capone even feared them.  To me it puts our involvement in WWII into a different context.

Don't forget that the entire United States banking and therefore finance industry participated in the recent mortgage fraud.  The slogan should read, "The Banking Fraud; WE WILL NOT FORGET!" or "Psychiatry, the Crime Against Humanity; WE WILL NOT FORGET!"

Any Surname that is affiliated with a Brewery has an element of organized crime in it; today!  It is an infallible indicator.

Schizophrenia is a mentally retarded person listening to you think; but at some point they become miserable because they realize how dumb they are in comparison to you.  It is a misnomer to say you hear voices in your head because of this; you hear curses in your head because of this!  She was born to live a life of scorn among normal human beings; it wasn't your fault.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Patent Law Nonsense 09 08 2015

Patent Law Nonsense 09 08 2015

So you patent something.

I improve it by creating what is termed a logical extension to it. Something that was obvious. However you were never going to think of it because after you made all your money from your patent you spent it on alcohol.

I build that new device that is indeed much better than yours and I end up getting sued out of house and home.

    That isn't fair is it! I have a big problem with things that are not fair being indoctrinated into United States law.

    Does that sound like a principle from a commonwealth or something that is diametrically opposed to it?

Did we indeed get this from Einstein's influence on the patent office?

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Northern Pike

You won't see pictures of famous athletes on my website.  But you will see something from a different sport that is far more beautiful!!

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Humor 09 10 2015

Humor  09 10 2015

"Where is my lunch?"
"Because of equal rights we had to allow the fat kid to eat yours again today."

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