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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

To change the focus of manhood 09 15 2015

To change the focus of manhood  09 15 2015

From "How can I benefit my village (or greater community) to how much money can I suck out of a Free Democracy with the help of my tribe!

So why would you do that?  Because you can't compete fairly among men!  Because you have no respect for men?  Because you needed to change reality in order to fit the reality of your mental defect?  And limited liability allows you to pretend to be something you are not!

That latter doesn't view humans as one of them does it?

The wealthy did not have the better genes!  Just one generation of those with fetal alcohol syndrome or Wilsons Syndrome ruined that!  Empirical evidence tells us that we would have none of the problems we do today if that was not true!

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