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Thursday, September 24, 2015

How to maintain a Satanic Criminal Media Empire 09 24 2015

How to maintain a Satanic Criminal Media Empire 09 24 2015
  1. Only hire people you know are guilty of something!


A. You already know that they have lapsed conscience and therefore will be looking to do anything you tell them for money!

B. It makes you seem like a great person because you are giving them what seem's to be a second chance.

  1. You know that they can be manipulated because honest people would never hire them.

  1. How many crimes are ever prosecuted based on what was said or denied on television? Next to none! And Barack Obama's Supreme Court fostered that with their decision on lying.
E.  If you know that they have done one bad thing then you can use that against them to do many other bad things that initially are not of that same degree!  That bad thing might be that you know they performed cunnilingus, fellatio or sodomy at a college party?  You might know that they had a fixation on a former boyfriend or girlfriend and stalked and harassed them?

So you need that criminal media empire in place and then you can control every aspect of civilization. Why? It has to do with who has the power of credibility. Who has the ability to feed and maintain false information to the public.

When you control the public’s emotion you control everything. Religion, the court system, the labor market, the police force, the health care industry, the education system, whose children will have drugs pushed to them, who will run away into your brother pimps arms, who will be legally and illegally victimized, who will not find gainful employment. And who will be discredited for hearing curses in their head. Do you think that our television media has access to synthetic telepathy broadcasting equipment? Without a doubt! Did our Government fail to protect us? Without a doubt!

If you use the Milwaukee County Court System free lookup service you might find some very interesting things about the media people living in your neighborhood, perhaps on your own block!

So how do you break that up? You legally attack it on every single front possible! You hold every single one of those people directly accountable for everything they say every single moment that they have a chance. If per chance you see them out in public, question them on everything you don't like about them. They have the ability to stalk you but it isn't the other way around. So never let them be comfortable with who they are. People like this did not earn their success it was given to them by criminals.

And once the criminals are sold on an elevated sense of personality for themselves they are very easy to control in broadcasting positions. They don't want to give up that high they get from being something they are not and do not deserve to be. A criminal or inhuman nature to every addiction?

It makes it even easier to maintain if you hire people with very strong verbal manipulative ability and low IQ! So is there a way you can spot a verbal manipulator with low IQ? Do they put unneeded emotion in everything they say? Does it really seem appropriate? Do they not want to hear another persons viewpoint when they know it discredits their own? Do they speak bluntly about things that are not blunt topics? Do they pretend that any concern you have about anything is unjustified? Do they shift the focus away from constructive ideas? Do they offer veiled insults to attempt to show those who differ in opinions are really weak people when in fact they are the strongest intellectuals in our society? It all amounts to modified spoiled temper tantrums? You can see it in their eyes and faces! How they would really like to have a spoiled temper tantrum? And that is an indication of a mental defect relating to the ability to listen, learn and comprehend. Is nothing ever positive accomplished because they were granted careers? No progress on anything! Do the women revert to nuances of sexual subservience when challenged? Is that how they wiggle out of accountability for ineptitude? Or rather take the point of view that everyone is as dumb as you concerning an issue? And that is a self fulfilling criminal minded prophecy/fallacy isn't it! Pander to the emotions of those you know are weak minded?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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Fellatio?  Why does it start with FELL?  Every hear one of those people sexually abused by a priest say that they lost their soul (FELL) after it?

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