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Monday, September 7, 2015

I want those nuclear submarines and ships out of the water worldwide 09 07 2015

I want those nuclear submarines and ships out of the water worldwide 09 07 2015

We can't sink another countries because the radiation leach will cause an ecological chain reaction that kills us all.

And nor can ours take the risk of being sunk for the same reason.

A weapon that is highly likely to kill you when you use it is a suicidal and in this case human species genocidal weapon.

No man would have ever let one of those things to be launched! So that indeed tells you what the true nature of our Worldwide Government leadership is; effeminated thinking. In a word; 'queers.” No and its not like that hippie eighth grade Catholic School wants to blame you; “If you only didn't think of them as queers the world would be a better place.” It just doesn't work that way. The responsibility for bad behavior doesn't rest on everyone else's shoulders and human minds. My thinking has nothing to do with the reality of someone else being mentally defective and thinking like a queer.

Build a wheel base for them. Either trailer them onto it or hoist them out and put them on them. Then cart them out to the middle of the dessert somewhere.

To use fight with weapons that if destroyed in the combat of war would kill every single one of us is indicative of hatred of mankind.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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I can hear the Devils advocate stating oh “They are highly sealed, we can retrieve those weapons.” After a nuclear war? Who is going to do that? Same people who looked the other way when the oil was spewing out of the cleaved underwater oil well in the gulf of Mexico? You don't get it. You have already potentiated a problem that could kill us all.

You want war? I will tell you what the Founding Fathers believed. We are not going to go out and meddle with foreign nations. Everyone of us has a weapon. And if our homeland is attacked we will kill you. Our Founding Fathers only believed in defending our Homeland. Our Founding Fathers only believed in Wars on our Homeland. You don't like it but it's true!

You know it would be really nice if I wasn't the only one in the world capable of rational and conscience based thought.

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