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Friday, September 4, 2015

Her mother had to have wanted better for her than that. 09 04 2015

Her mother had to have wanted better for her than that. 09 04 2015

So I was at a restaurant that also had a bar. There sitting was a young girl either Italian or Mexican. She was with three older men.

Immediately I thought, “Her mother had to have wanted better for her than that.”

Some women, who served as her mother, had to have changed her diapers. She had to have cleaned and cooked for her. Perhaps reviewed her homework for school.

And that is what she turns out to be? Sitting at a bar with three men drinking at noon on a weekday?

Her mother had to have wanted better for her than that.

Was she an illegal immigrant? And that is how she found her “place” in this country?

Her mother had to have wanted better for her than that.

She reminded me a lot of an Italian girl I saw a few times at a bar back in the 1990's. She looked like her. She was wearing a top whereby two strands of clothe draped around the back of her neck and then down over her breasts and then tucked in the waist at what would be the belt buckle. Her gang of men back then was coming up behind her and fondling her breasts underneath that top.

And you know how they are? They look at you with false eyes of desire as all this is going on? As if they are attempting to evoke your life's potential from you?

Was that her some 25 years later sitting on a bar stool with those three men?

Her mother had to have wanted better for her than that?

I could be wrong. Perhaps she is exactly like her mother.

We deserve better than this in the United States.

And for all I know that woman was adopted as a baby. Did the mother who gave her up intend for her to be lead into a life like that? Is that what a woman considers to be a better life?

I have to assume that a mother gives up a child for economic reasons. Is that the type of life that her biological mother wanted her to have? I have to assume that the mother who gave birth to her really loved the man that conceived her with her. That they had big plans in life. They were going to own a home. She was going to attend a nice school. That they were not going to use drugs or alcohol at the time they conceived her and while the mother was pregnant, because they wanted her to be born healthy and able.

Does a mother really want her daughter to be sitting at a bar drinking?

A mother has to want better for her daughter than that.

Oh and you say there are no real health risks from it? Just look in every days paper and see who is dying young!

You know perhaps her mother didn't want better for her than that. What if I were to say that I want better for her than that?

But who am I to talk and judge like that?  I wanted much better for myself in life. However at age 24 I started to hear voices which have prevented me from achieving at my college degree educated level.  I wanted better for myself than that.  So who am I to judge.


So I hear voices that sometimes sound like cat calls. Do you know what I think of them? They have everything people like that need in prison or detention camps! Am I right? Matching the class with the place where that class is most common?


I am very predictable with how I think. It might be termed righteous?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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