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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fraudulent Alcohol Lies Perpetrated by the U.S. Government 09 13 2015

Fraudulent Alcohol Lies Perpetrated by the U.S. Government 09 13 2015

If a person is mild mannered and kind ALL the time; but when they drink alcohol they become something else does that mean their inhibition decreased? No! Inhibition is the wrong word because it implies something that isn't true => “That the bad behavior was part of them wanting to get out!”

And I believe that is the terminology used on the warning label for alcohol, “may decrease inhibition.”

It means they were oxygen deprived to the point of mental defect, perhaps species regression and perhaps demonic possession.

Inhibition would be the willful and self serving wording of the devil. To assert that was really that person all the time!

They didn't let the responsibility for it fall squarely on one shoulders did they! Between the BATF (who can sell it) and the FDA (why it is bad for someone!) That is wrong!

Here is more proof to flush false belief systems or to prove the influence of the satanic and demonic possession upon human thought!

“If you wouldn't even do it when you were drunk “decreased inhibition” is not the proper terminology to express what is going on there with alcohol. If you sometimes think it but when put to the test would not even do it when you are drunk it means alcohol didn't decrease your inhibition.

So “Whose thought was that?”

Contrast this misnomer. To not do it when you are drunk versus the decreased inhibition of allowing something to be done to you while you are drunk. A narcotic is defined as anything that makes you sleepy. To allow something to be done to you when you are drunk is really coersion. So the label should be changed to reflect that truth. “Alcohol may facilitate you being coerced into doing something you do not want allowed to be done to you.” Or “Alcohol may facilitate something being done to you through coercion.” Perhaps this is best, “Drinking alcohol might cause you to be more easily coerced.”

Do you see how not even the Surgeon General, believed to be the highest ranking medical official in the nation got this one right? We might call his efforts a well needed baby step!!!! He might have been assassinated like Kennedy or Lincoln had he had used stronger language. Isn't that a worldwide shame? Also one of the greatest threats to your Constitutional Right to free speech. If I say or do what that good person did look what will happen to me!!!

Also the label should state this, “Your human mind may be weakened, even to the point of a regressive species.”

Let's add a little of Jesus Christ, the good Jew's fight to it. “Alcohol might cause you to yield to temptation.” Temptation is the more accurate and precise wording. It implies more than one involved!

And this is why it is called the Devils Urine. I believe that Jesus Christ word for Retard was indeed Satan. So how is satan created? Because women are coerced to be impregnated when drunk! Alcohol being the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere. Not only does misery love company it loves it so much it seeks to create it! I am going to broad brush it and classify it as one genetic poison that could be responsible for every genetic birth defect there is! Tobacco would be another. And some of those genetic birth defects then become hereditary? Whereby the mother passes it down? Is that indeed why some race/religion is stated to be matriarchal based in their DNA? The lineage follows the mother and not the father?

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You won't get a better Sunday sermon, homily or gospel than that in any church in the world!

I wish I could tell you the full content of an talk I had with a Jehovah's Witness this past week while I was in line waiting for chicken at Popeye's Chicken on Capital drive; because it was a good one!

I said to her, “So you believe that the Bible is the word of God.”


Then I said this. “How were those people in the Bible inspired to write the word of God?”

She mentioned that some saw visions. But she didn't say that some heard voices! Even though the Bible states that!

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