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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Seattle Seahawk's 17 at Green Bay Packers 27 09/20/2015

Seattle Seahawk's 17 at Green Bay Packers 27 09/20/2015

Green Bay Packers win.

Almost every play an example of who didn't play by the rules in school and became highly successful because of it. What a negative image this sets for the American youth! These the kids who should have frequently gotten bawled out until it made a positive difference in their lives. This isn't professional football so they do not deserve higher than Professional Salaries.

What did I see?

Finding the video camera in the sky and glaring at it! They have absolutely no idea how good that they have it; they take it way too much for granted! Making it seem a lot more serious than it is! It is a game and it is entertainment! This might explain why we have a military today and why conflicts are created for them? What else do we do with the sore losers who didn't make it in academia world? And what do they believe? “I will spend a few years hiking around in the Himalayas and when I come home I will retire just as if I was a Professional football player!”

Tackling by the neck.

Hands shoved in the face masks.

Tackling so that you have no concern for injury of the other player;~ trapping their foot as you bring them down. The son's of men do not play that way.

The long hair! They ought to make a special type of scissors that prunes that off in one swipe! Do you know why they don't? Because that long haired animal would become psychotic if he had to conform and not wear his hair like his momma! Shear that hair off and stuff it in the crematorium in between roll ins.

I don't know if I like the fair catch rule either. Why don't you just not kick the ball at all and say the other team gets it on the 20 yard line every change in possession? What am I getting at? Wouldn't that emphasize running speed and fair tackling; if they were not allowed to call a fair catch and had to play it out as it happened?

A driving a head face down into the turf on the tackle with your hand to the back of the head. Who in there right mind would ever allow a kid like that in their recreational games? What happens is that no one would ever want to play the game with a cheater like that, so whatever league you had going would dissolve while that 5417 kid rises to the top like slag; not cream! And what does the player who has his face pounded into the turf look like? That he has to accept that helplessness!

So what does that do to a man when he has to compete with this type of ilk? First it rattles his nerves. Then it makes him apathetic anytime he see's it happen on the field himself. Hence the game has been heathenized! I have a big problem to heathens and cretins being elevated to the highest earning status in a nation based on freedom!

If it was a Sunday game you would see a game commentator with the expressions of Sybil, twisting face, eye's that don't like seeing out of the head they are seeing out of, frothing drool spitting out of the mouth. While he then blurts out the insult schizophrenic! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. If someone that crazy were running around in your neighborhood your father would tell you to get the shotgun! Wait a minute it is Sunday Night! Let's see what happens at Half Time!

And all the false machismo. Do you know what the Army Drill Instructor says about the High School Athletes? That they are crying sissies who drop out of boot camp. That you tell them to do something and you practically have to beg them because they think they should have to take orders in life.

#89 his Ass was on the out of bounds white before he had tuck in possession. To me it looked like, “I will sit my ass on the white here out of bounds and this is how I will catch the ball so they can't say booh!” Yeap it was ruled incomplete pass. “I told you so!” I yelled at the TV as if I was the Bubble Boy! So GB fans don't like me? If you can't win fairly I have to respect for you! I would hate to think that the whole state has effeminated thinking on the issue!

Lot of hands and arms being deflected upon catches and missing the catches. ADVICE? They need to practice catching the ball while little TV imps or elves if you will, beat at their arms with aluminum umbrella poles filled with foam!

Ooooh! Ooooh! Oooh! Did anyone see what I just saw? The video cameraman man using a Hitchcock movie effect on Crosby's (?) psychotic mannerism after he kicked a field goal? Zooming in to catch what amounts to a pagan thieves expression? What a horrible example that sets for young Americans! No wonder why so many are unhappy and wine for legalized drug use! He needs to make the game seem higher than it is in order to put up a false barrier to entry into the business?

How much you want to be that cameraman is a marijuana user?

How many of these adult males were classroom distractions? If so they should never have been rewarded in life.

Continued play commentary.

Twisting of the ankle after the torso of the body has already been tackled to the ground. This is not professional football! About 1 minute left in the third quarter.

I have ZERO respect for management that would hire and promote people like that! ZERO! But I am not representative of the Wisconsin public! And I am not represented in United States Government either. A lawyer in one fights tooth and nail to be successful at some issue. Then the wife of a lawyer in a different area of chosen profit's wife dies because of it? And neither lawyer is really different from the other!

Pulling the body off the pile by the ankle! You could have a problem walking and pain all your life from that! That is neither human nature nor the nature of a real man! This is pure n1993r; white and black both!

And another lie that the NFL tells us! That you have to be tough to play in the NFL! How do we know this isn't true? Look how many times the game stops because of injury related to the above behavior? To me toughness is when you get banged around quite a bit but it never phases you! It isn't true one bit of these team members or there would not be so many stoppages to attend to the guy sitting on his ass in the middle of the field. Toughness also means that 1. You know how to avoid personal injury in the game. 2. Even though you are avoiding personal injury you are still taking your team forward in winning in the game. 3. And here is the crux right here! You cannot be tough in the game and also play like is described above! So in effect there is no standard maintained. Let me try and articulate a little bit better. You don't want your ankle twisted and your knee ruined so you don't do that to someone else.

I saw another head driven into the ground by the mask of the helmet with 6 minutes and 42 seconds into the game! This is like watching a prison fight!!! Who wants to see this? 50 ejected from the game? He should be out of the league! Maybe deported out of the country too with quite a few others! In any other setting if someone attempted to do that to you and you had a gun on you I believe that you have the right to instantly kill them! But that is just me. Don't take my advice! It is like a paraphrase of what Jesus said, “Many of you will end up in jail for believing in me!” You know what? That is probably common behavior in black inner city schools!!! When you read those gun violence statistics don't opt for gun control! Think of big mommas boy who had no respect for other people in a conflict with the exact same. There is nothing we need to do about it! We don't need to preach how gun control would save lives! What kind of a hippie mentality do you have to believe something like that? The Second Amendment protects the academic from the monster!

They just said there will be a heavyweight title fight on NBC on Saturday. I wonder if we actually will get to see that. Some of those things tend to get canceled due to wuss outs. And will the Hitchcock Camera man be there to cover it? You know that they can do all that! But when it comes to showing the right frame of the field at the time of play they are re-missed. Out of perspective, out of frames, fish eye effects. Although I don't know if I noticed as much of that tonight! So someone is breaking through to the block heads? A lot of showing of faces! And that showing of unsportsmanlike and sore loser faces does not do the game or the American public any good! What is that? Bad example of manhood! Would I be any different out there in terms of game face?

“A lot of great players know how to carry a chip with them and it serves them well?” said Chris Collinsworth of Rogers (sp's?) The other day I was thinking of just what that means when someone say's you have a chip on your shoulder. It is in reference to the Roman/Italian believe that, “You break the mold once you create a statue so no one else can make on like that?” It means someone who has a chip on their shoulder has received part of the holy spirit of someone they were trying to break the mold of? You have to be bombarded by hag voices to know what that means. And maybe I know what it is like to be the one with the chip on my shoulder. But I was very young when I was cognizant of that. But I have a trace memory of that. Somehow by the grace of God I was freed? I believe it had to do with personal willpower, prayer and the fact that I just couldn't accept being that. Perhaps I said this to God, “I am not going to put up with this!” :) And perhaps we are all born with a starter soul. Perhaps it comes from our biological fathers. In some cases perhaps it doesn't. Who knows. And a good father perhaps is the key to not being that way. A good father can snap you out of it? I believe that is true and highly relevant! Perhaps I was seeing my own future life at a young age. And the principle of “God helps those who help themselves applies. I can remember holding out my hand in my imagination to help a man who was being hoosegowed or cursed by a coven. Perhaps that is what freed me. Perhaps indeed I was tested at a young age and because I was not a sponge, I was freed from it.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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