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Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Analysis of Diabetes based on my reading of an article in the October 2015 “Discover” Magazine 09 20 2015

My Analysis of Diabetes based on my reading of an article in the October 2015 “Discover” Magazine.

They laid out a string of premises with some intentional gaps.

  1. Sugar causes weight gain. (The article doesn't directly say that sugar causes fat.)
  2. Fat cells grow larger when we gain weight.
  3. The larger the fat cells get the less sensitive to the hormone insulin they are.
  4. Insulin causes cells to take up glucose from the bloodstream.
  5. Fat cells don't take up blood sugar so it stays in your blood at a high level after a meal.
  6. If your blood sugar climbs high enough you have diabetes.

Basically this is a disease of those who cannot discipline themselves and stop eating too much? Not so fast on that!

So what this brings up are many questions. They will never hate you in any profession and force you out faster than if you ask the hard questions.

A. Is fat stored sugar? That is what the canned explanation implies without directly saying.

B. Is fat really an inflammatory type response? The cell increases in size because of an inflammatory response? It is very well known that animal protein is harder to digest than vegetable protein because in laymen's terms =>the DNA has to be broken down into nonviral influencing protein? So could fat indeed really be your bodies cells reacting to ingested non human animal protein? Now I am going to stick this next bit of knowledge her. On public radio we heard how bad white blood cells can be blamed for many diseases!!

C. So one asks himself what causes that cell to become insensitive to the hormone insulin? Could it be that it expanded so big that the transmission from the membrane to the nucleus becomes lost after the cell ballooned to a high enough level? The nucleus essentially being lost within its own sphere of fat?

Perhaps what answers that best is something I read or heard by either Hulda Clark or the founder of Roex Vitamins that rings true with me. Your body stores toxins in fat cells! That is why it is so hard to lose weight because you just feel sicker and sicker when you try. (There are way's to do it though that take little effort!!!)

D. How fat can a fat cell get before it becomes insensitive to the hormone insulin? How big in diameter as compared to normal cells does it get before that cell becomes insensitive to insulin?


F. Are we to believe that a person who weighs 900 pounds has increased weight just because his fat cells kept taking on more and more sugar as glucose into them? So does the body convert the sugar to an oil? We know that fat is oil. Fry it in a pan and it is greasy oil! It doesn't become caramelized sugar when you fry it?

G. How come one doesn't become less hungry when their fat cells can no longer take in sugar?

H. Does a ballooned fat cell have decreased permeability on the surface and that being the reason why it isn't receptive to the hormone insulin. Some of this is indeed your bodies way of protecting itself.

But the crux here is; what if those bad white blood cells in your body that don't belong there are really protecting themselves?

My mother was very thin until one of our neighbors h3ll hound dogs bit her in the leg. Those neighbors where chain smokers. The walls of that brick house were indeed covered brown from the cigarette smoke. I knew their dogs were blood thirsty and I begged her to never go over there! They say people who think like I do suffer from paranoia. I was right about those dogs! One did bite her! And she gained weight afterwards.  Dogs are known to have teeth covered in germs and dog DNA?  They swab the inside of your cheeks to get a DNA sample don't they!  "Beware the leaven (yeast, fungus, mold, candida) of the Pharisees!"  Jesus scolded right in their face!

So why don't our scientists put all the various and diverse bits of scientific information together in order to draw meaningful and beneficial conclusions for the American public? I think many suffer from hard to detect mental defect to the hippocampus that does makes synthesis of information very hard for them. In fact if you demonstrate synthesis, collection sorting of relevant information in your mind, they become emotionally disturbed towards you. They can't comprehend it at first explanation hence the react and go on abusive attack of your personality. While you stand dumbfounded at what appears to be irrational behavior that indicates they should have never been successful at anything in life! Rather than allowing you to rationally explain they insult you. And they are not on the same wavelength of synthesis as you are. Synthesis being the apex of analysis. It is a human concern, a way of thinking that humans have the capacity for, hence it has no place in the false world of limited liability business.

Must be an easy way for them to believe they can consume all of your knowledge and stigmatize you with a label of schizophrenia at the same time??? Does it relate to bad human white blood cells not of your person?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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I don't proof read any of this stuff.  It comes out like it was typed on a mechanical typewriter with a shortage of paper.  If I were to attempt to edit it I would have a stroke as the voices gang banged my consciousness.  To be more fair to myself, I have never read ANY book and not found an error in it somewhere!

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